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Written By Glynis
Pictures by Amanda

Tabitha is laughing as she holds Endora looking into the big blue pot. Sheridan is devastated as she has just heard that Luis is dead. Theresa is devastated that she has to stay married to Alistair and Gwen is upset thinking that she is losing everything. Pilar too is upset seeing that her husband can’t get over Katherine. “Look who is next? Poor Kay and Fox. Kay could have a great life if only she would stick to the dark side, but ‘no’. She has decided to live a rough life after all.”

Fox is working at the computer. Kay comes in and drops their drinks all over his work. He has been working on this all night. He is angry with her. Everything is ruined.

Martin and Pilar are devastated realizing that Alistair has ruined their children and that he is picking them off one by one. Why is their family so cursed?

Theresa tells Ethan that she is a fool. Everyone told her that she shouldn’t be with Alistair but she wouldn’t listen. Ethan knows that Theresa should have seen this coming. “Alistair is evil. He has disinherited everyone else and has chosen Little Ethan as someone to throw his energy into.” That is not a good thing for the boy. Theresa thanks Ethan for listening and she hugs him.

Gwen comes into the kitchen and finds Theresa hugging her husband. “Theresa! Do you ever stop? I know that you want Ethan but do you ever give it a rest?”

Chris is packing and the agent comes in to tell Chris to hurry up. Agent Hall thinks that maybe there could be something between Chris and Sheridan. Chris says that nothing could be between them. Sheridan loves Luis.

Sheridan enters the room. “Chris! I am so glad that you are still here. I can’t let you leave…” She hugs Chris.

Pilar hasn’t told Miguel the news yet. She will have to find him and tell him the news. They have to find Paloma as well. She was at Simone’s house but not now.

Martin tells Katherine that Pilar really doesn't deserve this happening to her. Katherine knows that. Pilar is a good woman. Katherine is ready to go now but Martin wants her there. Katherine isn’t comfortable being alone with Martin, but he wants her to stay with him. He is sure that Pilar will be fine with that. Martin blames himself for Luis’s death. Alistair should have been the one that was in that coffin instead of Rachel. There are so many regrets now. Katherine can only hope that Sheridan never finds out that she killed her aunt. That would surely destroy her.

Chris asks Sheridan what she is doing there. They have already said goodbye. Sheridan really needed to see Chris and James again. She washed and ironed James’s clothes and he will need them. Sheridan will help him pack so that he can get going.

Sheridan goes to James on the bed and talks briefly to the child. Sheridan then leaves to get James’s things.

Agent Hall was worried that Sheridan was going to ask to come with Chris. That just can’t happen.

Fox says that he is sorry that he got angry with Kay for ruining his report. He can just reprint his work. She feels like she is not helpful to him at all. Fox tells her that he does need her. Kay hates that he has lost everything in his life. Fox has to keep working hard to be at the top of his game because Alistair is so evil. He can fire anyone whenever he wants. Fox sounds worried. He is a bit. He has never had to worry about money before. Kay knows that he is smart and talented and she knows that he will be working at the top of Crane Industries one day. Fox likes her saying that but that also means that he has to get back to work.

Tabitha watches via the big blue pot. “Kay… You silly girl. Let’s see what is going on at the Crane mansion…”

Zap! “Look Endora! Gwen is still giving it to Theresa!”

Gwen attacks Theresa on every level. “You are trying to get my marriage and Jane too. Why is she still here Ethan? You said that she was going to be out of our lives for good.” Ethan tells that Alistair wouldn’t let her go without her son. Gwen isn’t buying this. Theresa tells Gwen that Ethan does want to be with her and eventually he will realize it and it will be so. Gwen has had enough. She lunges for Theresa and lays on her back, banging her head repeatedly on the tile floor. Ethan sees that this only means trouble and he runs over to stop the fighting.

Katherine brings up the day in the church when she overheard Martin talking to Father Lonnigan. Martin couldn’t renounce their relationship as he was asked to do. He has to do this to renew his vows with Pilar. Martin will not do that. “As bad as it was for Pilar and the children, he thought that he was protecting his family and that wasn’t wrong. He will not renounce all that. Martin would do that all over again if he had to. Right now. They hug.

Pilar reenters the room and sees Martin and Katherine hugging. She just watches without saying anything.

Kay asks Fox to take a break from his work so that they can relax. She knows that if he lost his job at Crane Industries, he will be able to get one somewhere else. Fox tells her that he won’t be allowed to work anywhere else. Kay would be happy being with him anywhere, even if they were broke. Fox peeks into his future while Kay listens. The future for Fox means having a wife and that wife would have a child for him. Kay is happy to hear this. Fox says that his problem is that he always assumed that he would have the protection of the family money and now he doesn’t. He needs to figure out a way to work. He is sorry now that he brought her to Crane Industries. He worries that she feels that she has ended up in a dead end situation because of him. She has confidence in him. She knows that he can do anything. He wants to get back to work now. She will let him but just for now.

Kay thinks to herself that she has a way for Fox to succeed. She runs off to make it happen.

Ethan drags Gwen off Theresa. He orders Theresa to go to her room and Gwen to go to hers. Theresa says that she will go but first she would like to thank him for believing in her. She knows that when Ethan is ready he will be with her. Ethan tells Theresa again that he is not leaving his wife. “I will stay with Gwen. Will you get that through your head! I will be with Gwen forever!”

Tabitha looks down at her sleeping little child in her pen. Tabitha starts coughing. “The boys in the basement are giving off sulfur again.”

“All right Endora! Off to bed!” Tabitha says. She waves her hands and Endora rises in the pen into the air before disappearing.

Kay arrives in the kitchen angry that Tabitha is doing magic when Fox could walk in at any minute. Tabitha is sorry for that. Kay asks her to do a favor. “I want you to do a spell for me that is pretty important. A spell that makes Fox head of Crane Industries…”

Ethan says it again so that Theresa really hears him. “I will not be with you ever Theresa. It is never going to happen. I am staying with my wife!”

Theresa walks off clearly upset. Gwen thanks her husband for standing up for her for once. She tries to hug him but he will not let her touch him. “I am very disappointed in you Gwen! Very disappointed in the way that you have been acting.” He walks off.

Agent Hall and Chris argue. Chris wants to stay with Sheridan but Agent Hall again stresses how important that it is that Chris and his son get out of Harmony tonight. They should have been gone already. “You will die here Chris,” Agent Hall says.

Sheridan has returned to the room with the clothes. “What? I can’t let you die Chris,” Sheridan says. “What does Agent Hall mean?”

Tabitha can't believe her ears. Kay wants her to make Fox a success at Crane Industries. “What is your motivation Kay?” Tabitha asks. Kay says that she wants this for Fox and not for her. Fox is afraid that he isn’t going to make it. “He will have to do things on his own now. After what Alistair did to him by making Little Ethan his heir how can Fox win? Theresa clearly had something to do with that and Kay will pay careful attention to Theresa from now on. She is not to be trusted. Fox is afraid that he will not get a job anywhere else if he is kicked out of Crane Industries. Alistair is a monster and will see to it that he suffers if he leaves the company. I need this favor Tabitha Kay begs.” Tabitha will do this but there are things that she has to know about this kind of spell. “This spell is going to make both Tabitha and Kay tired. “This is a very powerful spell. It comes with a price. A horrible price. Are you willing to pay that price Kay?” Tabitha asks.

Sheridan has guilt about Luis being dead and her being responsible for him being in harms way. Chris tells her again that Luis being dead isn’t her fault.

Pilar watches and listens quietly as Martin talks to Katherine. Katherine tells Martin that he has to get on with his life with Pilar. Martin can’t do it. He would be betraying the love that he shared and the life that he shared with Katherine and he will not do that. He will not leave Pilar. Martin will stay with Pilar but he will not renounce his love for Katherine.

Pilar enters the room. Katherine knows that Pilar has heard them talking. Katherine tells Pilar tat she is so sorry for this.

Kay begs Tabitha to do this for her. Tabitha can’t do this in all good conscience. Kay says that if Tabitha will not help her, she will tell everyone that she is a witch. Tabitha looks at Kay hurt. “I took you in Kay and I took in your baby when no one else would. You would do this to me?” Kay is firm on this. “I will out you to everyone. You are not going to get me off this. Do this spell or I will tell the world that you are a witch.” Tabitha will do it but she doesn’t want Kay to cry about this when it goes all wrong. Kay will deal with whatever comes her way then. Tabitha tells Kay that she has to get Fox in bed to make this work and make him sleep.

Kay rushes off to get started on her part of this. Tabitha knows that Kay is going to be really sorry that she didn’t check to see what the price of this was going to be.

Ethan and Gwen discuss Theresa and the wedding. Gwen feels that Theresa set this all up to get Ethan and she will not stop.

Chris says that Luis did what he had to do for his child. Whether Sheridan wanted him to go or not, Chris believes that Luis would have gone off and searched for his son. “This has nothing to do with you Sheridan. Stop taking things so personally.” Agent Hall has heard enough. The line that Chris used to call the FBI was not a secured line and so Chris and James are in real danger.

Sheridan goes to James and says goodbye to him.

Agent Hall has had enough of this. “You all said goodbye before and you don’t need to do it again. Now please we really have to go.” Chris begs the agent to just let Sheridan have this time to say goodbye to James. She has lost her son forever.

Pilar tells Martin that she has left a message for Paloma who she couldn’t find about her brother being dead. “Our family is breaking apart Martin,” Pilar says. Martin holds her. “We are still a family Pilar. You and I are still a family.” He hugs her.

Sheridan will miss Chris a lot. Chris will miss her too.

The agent tells Chris that they have to get going now.

Chris gets James out of bed. The agent’s phone rings.

He answers. “What? Luis’s body?” Sheridan hears what Agent Hall says. She has a question. “What about Luis’s body?”

Fox is hard at work.

Kay comes out into the room with a hot pink negligée on. She starts kissing neck. He wants to be with her but he has a couple of emails to send out. Kay will not let him send them. She wants him to come to bed now. She sends him up to the room first.

Kay goes to the laptop to shut it down for now.

Tabitha wonders what is happening with Kay and Fox now.

She goes to the big blue pot and peeks in on them. Fox and Kay and kissing.

Tabitha throws her hands up. “Fox has to be sleeping for this to work. You are going to be sorry but it will be all your doing…”

Next Tabitha checks in on Theresa.

She is looking at Theresa through the big blue pot.

“Theresa! You are something else. You don’t need me to make your life a living hell.”

ZAP! Next Tabitha looks in on Ethan and Gwen.

Gwen knows that the only thing that is going to stop Theresa is death.

Tabitha sees that Gwen is on the right track. She hopes that Gwen can stay focus.

The spirits in the basement like what Gwen is thinking. “That is something that they can really get their teeth into…”

Theresa hears thunder and wonders where it is coming from.

Ethan and Gwen hear thunder and wonder what that noise is.

Chris and Sheridan know that there is no storm out, so what can that noise be?

Martin and Pilar hear the thunder, and so does Katherine. “What is that?”

Fox and Kay are in Kay’s room and they hear the thunder. Fox knows that it isn’t them making the noise. They haven’t even started their lovemaking yet.

Kay has a sneaky feeling that Tabitha is the one that is causing this thundering sound around them.

Tabitha laughs. “Of course I am the one that is doing this Kay! Who else?”

Ethan and Gwen are a little confused by the sounds of a storm coming. Ethan had no idea that a storm was coming.

Tabitha sees them in the big blue pot. “There is a storm coming. It is the tidal wave of pain that is to come on all the citizens in Harmony!” Tabitha laughs now. She really laughs like the cackling being she really is.

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