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Written By Glynis
Pictures by Amanda

Sam is waiting for an answer from his daughter about the murder of the john. Sam has found Jessica’s earring at the murder scene and he wants to know how it got there if she hadn’t been there as she and her friends say. He gave the earrings to her for her 16th birthday and that is how he knows that they belong to Jessica. Sam can’t seem to get an answer to his question. Paloma says that things were just a little complicated for them.

Theresa has found Ethan in the kitchen at the mansion. He feels like a sap for believing her about how Alistair has been treating her and that she didn’t like it. She says that she was telling the truth. Ethan has been defending her to Gwen and now he feels like a fool. He caught holy hell from Gwen for what he has done. “Let me tell you something about these walls Theresa. I heard every single moment of you making love to Alistair. I don’t need you to explain. I see that you are the gold digger that you profess not to be.” Theresa tries to explain but he won’t let her and she ends up slapping him.

Sheridan turns to Agent Hall. She knows that he has had a call from the lab. Sheridan asks if the body that the FBI has really is Luis as they said it was in the beginning. Martin and Pilar are standing by and waiting to hear what the agent has to say. Chris can’t stand the suspense anymore. “Tell her what she wants to know Agent Hall.”

Sam demands to have an answer now from either Jessica or her friends about the earring. Simone says that Jessica is feeling effects from the drugs that she had taken and can’t answer any questions right now. She isn’t herself. Simone asks him to stop treating them like criminals. Sam isn’t trying to pin a rap on the girls, he just wants to be sure that the girls really were not at the scene. Sam has another issue though. “The desk clerk describes a girl that looks just like Jessica having been at the building where the murder took place.” Jessica says that the girl that the man saw had to have been someone else. Noah knows that the man’s description could easily be thrown out of court. That happens all the time. Even so, how does Jessica’s earring end up in the room? Paloma says that she has the answer to that one.

Ethan reminds Theresa that she begged him to run off with her but the second his back was turned, she ran back to her sick husband and slept with him. Theresa denies that. “Alistair made me do it. I have to stay her because I can’t leave my son. I am trapped here with Alistair and my son is doomed to be with this monster for life.”

Agent Hall tells that the tests have all been done and the man that is dead is Luis. Everyone in the room is shocked. “Luis was supposed to come home with Marty. Now because I pushed him, I have lost my son. How could Luis be dead?” Sheridan questions. “Tell me this isn’t happening and that this is just a bad dream. I want to wake up from this and Luis will be right here with us back in Harmony… Please someone say something… Luis can’t be dead. Not Luis! Not Luis!” Sheridan cries.

Sheridan sits now on the couch. “We will never build another fire at the cottage. He will never surprise me again. he will never kiss me or hug me again. The last time that we made love was really the last time that we made love. We have been through so much and now he just dies so tragically and so senselessly and that doesn’t make any sense, and yet it is true that Luis is really gone.”

Pilar is living her own private hell. Martin is sure that Alistair must have had his hand in this. He must have lured Luis to his death. “Damn him for taking two of our sons. I will make Alistair pay. How can a man be responsible for so much evil.”

Theresa says that Alistair forced her to have sex with him. “The things that you heard Ethan, that I said to him in the bedroom… I acted that way because that is what he wanted me to say. I am a prisoner and I can’t leave Ethan…” Ethan tells her ‘no’. He promises to still get her out of the house and away from there. Theresa has to stay. Alistair told her that she was told that if she left she wouldn’t ever see her son again and she can’t risk that.

Sam turns to Paloma now. She says that she has an answer for him about all this and what happened. Sam is dying to hear her answer. Paloma tells that Jessica had her earrings stolen some time ago. “There was another prostitute who was trying to intimidate Jessica. She was jealous because Jessica had been taking a lot of her johns. This other prostitute waited for Jessica 2 weeks ago and she beat Jessica up and stole her earrings. Jessica couldn’t go to the cops because she was a hooker and that wouldn’t seem right. That slut threatened to kill her anyway. She even warned Jessica that she had better not tell Spike or she would be killed.” Jessica confirms that this is the truth. Simone too says that is how she heard it. Noah and Ivy can accept this story now. Jessica would really like to go to bed now, but Sam stops them. “What is this other prostitute’s name? What is her name? The cops will want to corroborate her story. So what is her name?”

Jessica can’t say what the other hooker’s name is. Noah asks his father to take a break for a minute.

He takes his father aside and tells him to take it easy on Jessica and just be glad to have Jessica home. Sam knows that she is lying and that her friends are too. “Look at her Noah… She is as guilty as sin.” They both look over at Jessica and her friends.

Theresa says that Alistair charged into her room earlier and he had nothing but a robe and a smile on. Ethan doesn’t want to hear about that. Theresa continues. “I tried to get away from him but he wanted to have sex with me right there, so I figured that if I did it, he wouldn’t suspect that I was leaving and he would leave me alone afterwards. Then he saw my suitcase and I admitted that I was leaving. He told me that I was free to go. he said then that I was to get out of there, but that if I did leave, he would keep my son and I wouldn’t be able to take him or see him ever again. I signed the prenuptial agreement and that is one of the clauses In it. I have to stay as Alistair threatened to take it out on Little Ethan if I left. Katherine came to the room and she heard Alistair say that to me. Katherine is a nice woman and I misjudged her.” Ethan asks Theresa again to let him help her now. She can’t do it. She will not do it. She is afraid that Alistair will take his anger out on her son if she leaves and he finds them.

Katherine goes to Martin and Pilar and tells them that she is so very sorry for what has happened. “Luis was an incredible man and I grew to love him as a son. He had your sense of right and wrong and nobility. He had your strength, and I know that you loved him dearly.” Pilar is crying now. Katherine offers to do something for them. She will do anything. Martin only thinks of how Alistair will pay for this.

Sheridan tells Chris that Luis was really a special man and now he is gone from her life forever. Sheridan can’t believe that it is over.

Pilar tells Sheridan that she will always be like a daughter to them no matter what happens. Luis is gone but that doesn't change their love for Sheridan.

Agent Hall comes to the living room, and tells that the FBI will be sending Luis’s body to Harmony soon and if they need help with the funeral arrangements there can be assistance for that as well. No one can talk about that right now.

Agent Hall leaves the room.

Chris follows the man out.

Agent Hall tells Chris that it is time for him to leave Harmony with his son. “You have to go and never look back. You can’t replace Luis and the son he had with Sheridan.” Chris has to agree with that. “I can’t ever see Sheridan again. It is true, I can’t replace Luis and I have to face that.”

Sheridan hears this last sentence as she comes up behind Agent Hall and Chris and panic comes to her face. “What did you say Chris? You can’t leave me Chris. Not after I have just lost Luis this way.”

Agent Hall asks Sheridan not to blow Chris’s cover by letting the others in the house know about Chris’s secret circumstances. “No one can know that Chris is undercover Sheridan or he will be open to danger.”

Katherine, Martin and Pilar come to the trio talking secretly near the front door, and when asked about what the group was talking about, Agent Hall lies saying that they were just talking about the transport of Luis’s body to Harmony.

Katherine takes Pilar and Martin aside and tells them that her heart breaks for their loss and what they are feeling right now.

Sheridan never thought that Luis wouldn’t’ ever come home. “It just seems so final. Luis is gone and now I will not see you and James anymore.” Chris tells Sheridan that she has meant so much to him in such a little time. And James will miss her too.

Theresa tells Ethan that she feels that he wants her to leave because he is afraid to go back to his wife and tell her that she is staying . “You don’t give a damn what happens to me or my little boy. you just don’t want to tell Gwen that I am not leaving and will be trying still to get back what was stolen from me!”

Simone tells Sam that Jessica didn’t know a lot about the other pro. They just know each other by sight. Sam wants to know then what the girl looked like. Jessica starts to answer but Simone jumps I and says that the girl who stole the earrings looks a lot like Jessica. She would have to in order to cause all this confusion. That could be a good explanation but Sam still wants to know why it took they girls so long to come up with the answer that they have just given him. “You know girls. When I was Police Chief… I would know if you girls were lying or not because what I would do is separate the three of you and question you then. Maybe we should do that here and get at the truth…”

Agent Hall tells Chris that he will be leaving Harmony by morning.

Chris goes to get James and brings the boy to Sheridan. “James will need to have a goodbye kiss from you.” Sheridan is so sad that all this is happening in one day. “With Luis gone, I will never see my son again, and I will now lose you and James. James… I will never forget how it was to take care of you. I will never get to hold you. Thank you for letting me take care of you both. Thanks for helping me with everything. The exploding washing machine… The breakfasts for the guests…” Chris says that he has the confidence now to be a good father and that is because of Sheridan. He had a home and a family that he could depend on and now he will have to start again.

Agent Hall tells Chris that time is running out.

Sheridan tells Chris that she will miss him as much as James.

Ethan admits that it is true that he doesn’t want to tell Gwen that Theresa will be staying but he would rather do that then have Theresa in danger. Ethan sees that maybe taking Little Ethan out of town isn’t so great of an idea like he thought. Theresa says that if she is stuck here she can be a positive influence on her son’s life, although she is unhappy in her marriage. That is a good point Ethan sees. Theresa wonders now what she must have been thinking. Ethan asks Theresa why it was that she didn’t come to him. She remembers him telling her that she wasn’t a good mother and that made her desperate. “I have lost my pride, I have lost my freedom. I have lost you and Jane and I will not lose everyone that I love. I just won’t!”

Sam turns to Jessica now and demands that she answer some of these questions instead of her friends answering for her. Noah feels that his father is too hard on the girls. What he has heard makes sense. Ivy has to agree too. Jessica look up at her father. “You do believe me dad don ‘t you?”

Jessica really needs to know if her father believes her or not. Sam hugs his girl. “I love you and I know that you couldn’t kill a man and lie to me about it,” Sam says.

Theresa can’t believe that she really felt that Alistair would have helped her get her daughter and Ethan. “I was too headstrong to stop and ask myself what everyone else was asking me and now I have lost my son to Alistair. You know, I am ruining my life and that is one thing, but ruining the life of an innocent boy is a sin. that is a sin as bad as murder. I have killed my son’s chance to have a happy and normal life. I am a monster. I am a monster like Alistair…” Ethan touches her hand on the counter.

Sheridan hugs Chris. they will never forget each other. She hopes that James will keep her in his heart. “And Chris… Please take care of yourself. Raise James with God’s love. You are a good man and a good father. Just know that you will be in my heart and my thoughts.” Chris and Sheridan hug.

Agent Hall comes to tell Chris that they need to leave now.

Sheridan hugs Chris and James just one more time. Then they walk to the door. Chris turns once to look at Sheridan before heading out into the darkness. He closes the door behind him.

Sheridan cries. “I have lost him forever… I have lost him forever… He is gone!” Katherine hugs her precious child.

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