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Written By Glynis
Pictures by Amanda

Noah can’t believe that Jessica just confessed that she killed a man. Paloma and Simone tell Jessica to take this all back. Jessica says that it was her. “I did it. I did it.”

Martin picks up the phone to make a call but then changes his mind and stops dialing.

Pilar finds him with the phone in his hand. “You were going to call her weren’t you?” Martin says that he just wanted to check to see if he could figure out a way to see if he could help Sheridan out with all this. All the samples that they gave the FBI will soon tell them the truth. They will have to deal with this together. Martin wants to call Katherine because Katherine needs to be there to support her daughter. He begs Pilar to let Katherine come over.

Sheridan is by the fireplace looking at a picture of Luis blaming herself for him being possibly hurt.

The agent is telling Chris that he has to get his child and leave Harmony right away.

Sheridan overhears them talking. “You can’t leave Chris. If you leave then I will have lost everyone.”

Ethan still tries to get Gwen to see things his way. He has a plan to make everyone happy he feels.

Gwen pulls out a hidden flask and takes a drink. Ethan is shocked. Gwen tells him that she got that from her mother. It helps her dull the pain. Gwen has tried everything. Ethan promises Gwen repeatedly that Theresa is leaving but she never really actually goes.

Theresa tells Alistair that she will be leaving with her son right now. Alistair will have her detained. The moment that Theresa married Alistair, she agreed to the terms of the prenuptial agreement. Theresa doesn’t remember reading that. Alistair has no idea why people never read contracts before signing them. The contract that Theresa signed was very generous. It makes Theresa very powerful and it makes Little Ethan Alistair’s son. She will not listen to this. “I am leaving,” Theresa says. Alistair tells her to go ahead, but she will be leaving Little Ethan and never seeing him again.

Gwen knows that this is a typical Theresa trick. She is trying to get Ethan to be with her and she is making everyone else jump through hoops to get him. Ethan will get Theresa away from her and hidden but he promises to be back with his wife after he gets Theresa settled. Gwen loves Little Ethan and she would like to have him there but Theresa knows that having Little Ethan around means having Theresa around as well and Gwen just can’t tolerate that anymore. Theresa even uses her child to show how she can have children while Gwen can’t. Theresa is a robot to Gwen. Her one purpose is to take Ethan from her anyway that she can. Ethan promises that after this night, all this turmoil will be over and he will be able to live a normal life with Gwen.

Alistair laughs. “My will is stronger than yours Theresa. I can do whatever I want. I am a god on this planet. I give you everything that you want here. You have billions of dollars at your disposal now. You are close to Ethan and your children while you are here. You can have what you have if you are my wife. This is what you asked for. Your son is going to start school this morning and he will become a powerful man surrounded by the best when he is through with his schooling. He can do what he wants and all he has to do is keep Crane Industries at the top of all business in the world. When I die, you get all this and so will your children. You can have that or walk out that door and lose everything. The choice is yours.” Theresa finds that is no choice to make. She still feels trapped. “Do I leave Little Ethan forever, or let him be raised by evil man?” SMACK! Alistair slaps Theresa so hard; she falls to the floor. He had warned her before to watch her mouth with him.

Sam wants more details about the killing but Simone and Paloma tell her to be quiet.

Sam talks to Ivy alone. “This is very strange. A girl that looks like Jessica was seen in the area. She was drugged, I know it… There is an explanation for this and I will find it.”

Sam asks Jessica if this was Spike who set this up and covered Jessica’s tracks. Jessica tells him no.

Jessica remembers Simone covering her friend’s tracks at the scene of the crime. Jessica had a shower while Simone took all the incriminating evidence out of there. It wasn’t Spike who helped her with this it was Simone. Simone waits to hear what Jessica is going to tell her father about this.

Martin feels eventually that he is asking to much of Pilar by wanting to have Katherine there to be with Sheridan. Pilar tells him to call Katherine. “She has a good heart. Seems that with everything that I have been through with Katherine, you are still here. Maybe we can have the family that we want to have. Call Katherine. I will make some coffee. This is going to be a long wait for the results.”

Once alone, Martin calls Katherine. He tells her that the FBI was there and that they think that Luis is dead. Katherine is shocked. Katherine knows that Sheridan will need her. Katherine will come if Pilar lets her. It is okay. Katherine will be on her way.

Martin hangs up and says to himself that he can’t stop thinking about Katherine although he tries.

Pilar has come into the kitchen and she hears Martin confessing that he still thinks about Katherine.

Sheridan is in the living room with Chris and Agent Hall. Agent Hall is telling Chris that he has to take his son and leave but Sheridan begs him not to. “If you leave me, I will not be able to stand it. Don’t leave. I don‘t know what I will do!” Sheridan says.

Simone tells Sam that Jessica wasn’t guilty of murder. “Jessica was with me all night Mr. Bennett.” Sam feels that maybe Simone helped Jessica with this somehow and that is aiding and abetting and that is a crime. She has a lot to say about this.

Chris wants to stay with Sheridan in Harmony. “She needs me and I will not leave her.” Sheridan is happy to hear that. Chris sends her off to get some coffee to relax.

The agent is upset. Chris and his son are in danger if they stay there. Doesn’t matter to Chris. Sheridan needs him and he will stay even if there is danger.

Theresa picks herself up off the floor after having been slapped by Alistair. She can’t leave. “I would be abandoning everything that I hold dear. I can’t leave.” Alistair tells Theresa that she has everything to gain here and she will only have to give him a couple of nights here or there. He grabs Theresa.

Katherine is walking down the hall when she hears screaming coming from the Theresa’s bedroom. She hears Theresa pleading for Alistair o get off her and leave her alone. He laughs in response. Katherine knows what must be happening in there. Katherine rushes to the door flinging it open in an attempt to help.

Alistair has Theresa in a corner and he is groping her. He is telling her that she is his wife now and she has to do things that he tells her to. Theresa screams.

Alistair looks up and is angry to see that Katherine is standing in his doorway. “What are you doing here Katherine? You lost your rights to this bedroom a long time ago!” Katherine runs past him when he makes a grab for her. She runs to Theresa offering to help her.

Alistair grabs Katherine and physically tosses her out of the room.

Katherine sees that she can’t help to stop what is going to happy. “I have to tell Ethan about this.” She goes barreling down the hall.

Alistair turns to his wife. Theresa orders Alistair to stay away. “Don’t touch me! Don’t touch me. You are sick and you will hurt Little Ethan.” Alistair assures her that nothing will happen to Little Ethan if Theresa holds up her end of the bargain.

Gwen is in bed sleeping.

Ethan comes to the bed and tells his sleeping wife that she needn’t worry. “Soon, Theresa will be gone.”

Ethan hears knocking at the door. He finds Katherine there. “I need to speak to you.”

Ethan goes into the all with Katherine. She tells how Alistair is forcing himself on Theresa right now.

Chris finds Sheridan alone in a room in the Lopez-Fitzgerald’s house. He tells her that she should get something to eat. She can’t eat. All she can think about is Luis not being alive. Chris and Sheridan hug.

The agent finds the couple in the room and shakes his head when he finds them hugging.

Pilar is sad now. She says that she only has one child left who isn’t living a life in turmoil.

Paloma is alone in a room in the Bennett’s house. “Did you deliver the drugs okay? Good. Be careful. You could get in a lot of trouble.”

After hanging up, Paloma goes back into the living room and hears that Simone and Jessica are still getting queried. Simone sets things up nicely. All that Jessica has to do is say that she is not guilty. Jessica is quiet. Simone presses her. “Go ahead, tell them that you are no guilty Jessica!”

Jessica still says nothing. Simone feeds Jessica the lines to say but Jessica says nothing. Sam can see through all of this. Jessica had blood all over her clothes and she was trying to burn the evidence. Simone admits that she knew what happened and she tried to hide the evidence. She lies saying that Jessica has been cutting herself again and things got out of control now. That makes sense to Noah. Spike is the cause of the turmoil in Jessica’s life. That makes sense.

Paloma knows that no one is going to believe what Simone is saying.

Simone pushes her lie as far as she can. Noah buys it but Sam doesn’t yet. “Is any of this true? Is this blood on the fabric yours?” Jessica says that it is. Sam hopes that Jessica is telling the truth. He looks at her arms. “I knew it. If this blood on the fabric is yours, then you should have some fresh cuts. I will tell you what I think. You and Simone are guilty of murder,” Sam says.

Katherine can’t stay with Ethan to sort out this thing with Theresa. She has to go and be with Sheridan. Ethan rushes off save Theresa.

Katherine hates Alistair. This house is a temple to his evil.

Theresa is laying under Alistair’s old wrinkled body telling herself that she can do this.

Alistair gets angry. “Come on… Theresa this is boring. Do something. Say something!” Theresa tries. “Oh you are the best that I ever had,” Theresa lies. It isn’t the sexiest talk that he has ever heard but it will have to do. “Go on! Tell me more!”

Ethan is making his way down the hall.

He gets to the door where Theresa sleeps. He listens.

“Oh Alistair you are so good… Oh I like it!” Theresa says. Alistair shouts,” Yes!" That is the way that I like it. That was good! That was good! Tell me more…”

Ethan can see that his wife was right. Theresa wasn’t going to leave that night. She is happy with what is happening to her. She sounds like she might be even enjoying it.

Alistair is finished with Theresa. He does up his robe to head to his room and be alone. He loved it, but she hated it. She feels like a whore. He likens her to Jessica who is a whore. He tells Theresa that she should start enjoying the lovemaking. Maybe she could fantasize like Katherine used to in order to get through their lovemaking. He tells her to fantasize about Ethan. He knows that she will never get close to Ethan. Alistair leaves the room laughing aloud.

Theresa raises her head from the bed to look at Ethan’s picture. “Oh Ethan… Please forgive me…”

Katherine arrives at the Lopez-Fitzgeralds’ house. Sheridan tells her mother that they are waiting for news about Luis.

Chris enters the room and Sheridan explains that he has been helping her. Sheridan tells how Luis was in a bar in Tangier when all this went wrong.

The agent pulls Chris aside. “Your cover is blown and you have to get out of here. The longer you stay here, the more danger you are in and the child too. Bystanders can get hurt or killed. You could bring death straight to Sheridan’s door.”

Sam gets angry now. “Where are all your cuts? If the blood is yours, then where are the cuts?” Jessica shows her stomach. It is all cut up.

Sam stands back in horror. Ivy tells Sam that she has to be innocent. Jessica is crying now. Simone asks Sam if he believes her now. She was trying to keep this secret and that is the only reason that she wouldn’t talk.

Noah apologizes to Jessica for doubting her.

Paloma is shocked. She wonders how they could lie that well.

Sam says nothing. Simone and Paloma start taking Jessica upstairs but Sam stop them.

“Wait!” Sam says. “How do you explain one of the earrings that I gave you for your 16th birthday showing up at the scene of the crime?”

Ethan goes to the kitchen in the dark. “Why did Theresa lie to me?” he asks himself.

Theresa shows up. “What are you doing down her Ethan” Theresa asks. Ethan asks her what she is doing in the house. “I heard you making love to Alistair. I heard you. Gwen was right. I am never going to believe anything that you say ever again,” Ethan says.

Sheridan tells everyone that she knows that Luis isn’t dead. “We have a connection that reaches through space and time.”

The agent’s phone rings. “I got it… Thanks…”

The agent hangs up. Sheridan demands to know the answer. “It isn’t Luis that they found is it?”

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