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Written By Glynis
Pictures by Amanda

Sheridan tells Chris’s contact with the authorities that Luis isn’t dead. She will not believe that under any circumstances. He has just given her the news that Luis is gone, but Sheridan can’t accept that. The FBI has to be wrong. That is the news that the authorities have about Luis though. If they are not working for Alistair, then they have no reason to lie do they? They know that Luis was following Beth, but ended up getting stabbed to death in the process of tracking her. Sheridan shouts, ‘no’! In her heart and her soul, she knows that this can’t be so. She has a connection to Luis that transcends all time.

Jessica is in her room with Simone and Paloma. They are trying to help her get over feeling bad about killing the john. For her to get through this, she will have to toughen up and say the right things. Jessica is upset that Spike will be angry with her for what has happened. Simone and Paloma can’t believe that this is all that Jessica cares about. She is in much bigger trouble than Spike could ever visit on her. Simone doesn't care what Spike thinks and he should be the last of Jessica’s concerns. “Forget about Spike and get a grip Jessica!”

Sam tells Noah and Ivy that his daughter has to be involved in that john’s murder. Ivy and Noah feel that this might have to do with self-defense which would allow Jessica to get off lightly. Sam knows that Jessica is guilty. She has been doing all kinds of things that he never thought that she would. He can feel it in his bones and the feeling is a bad one. He caught Jessica and her friends burning clothes and evidence outside the house. That is very strange behavior indeed. Noah knows that Jessica may be involved in the murder but if she is turned in, she might wind up worse. That is Noah’s fear. Sam feels that he has to turn Jessica in for this, even if he doesn’t have the answers that he needs. She can’t be trusted lately. She hasn’t even been living home until now. “I love her with all my heart but I have to protect her. As much as this kills me, I feel that this is the best thing for Jessica and I have to turn her in to save her.” Ivy knows that Sam means well, but this is his daughter… His baby. He can’t possibly turn her in. That is very harsh she finds.

Ethan has a plan to get things normal again for Theresa and Gwen and everyone involved. They will get Theresa and Little Ethan out of the mansion before Alistair finds out. Ethan will send her away somewhere safe where she can’t be found and she will stay hidden. “Theresa will have to leave her family and friends to get out of here. Alistair’s help has too high a price for Theresa to pay. What is right is to help Little Ethan and Theresa get away from Alistair.”

Pilar can’t believe that her baby girl has married Alistair. Martin can’t believe that either. The couple sit in their living room contemplating what the future holds for Theresa now. Martin says that soon they will have Theresa back at home where they can take care of her. He has to hold on to that hope. Pilar knows that Alistair will never let Theresa go.

Alistair pounces on his wife to have sex with her. He just jumps on her pinning her to the bed. She pushes him off quickly. She isn’t ready for him she says. She will say anything to stall this happening and he knows it. He tells her that she is in fact ready. She jumps up from under him to get away. He pulls his robe tightly around himself. He tells her that she is ready. “You are firm, ripe… Ready for me…” He takes a firm hold of Theresa’s dress and tears it open to get at her flesh. She can’t fight him off.

This is the last straw for Gwen. She really can’t take it anymore. It isn’t Ethan’s job to take care of Theresa and make sure that she is going to be fine so why does he keep doing it? When Ethan has saved Theresa, then they will have to pay with Alistair being angry with them. Even getting her out of the picture will bring trouble to their lives. Why should they bother she has to wonder. Gwen doesn’t care what happens to Theresa anymore. Gwen is close to ripping out Ethan’s throat for putting them through this. Ethan reminds her that she was the one that wanted to get Theresa gone and now it is happening so he isn’t sure why she is complaining the way that she is. Ethan will find a way to get Jane to her mother from time to time, so that they can spend time together and visit. Gwen finds this ridiculous. She will have to put up with Ethan visiting Theresa after she is gone? Gwen if at the end of her rope with this. The way that Ethan talks right now makes Gwen feel that he should leave with Theresa right away. His commitment to her is unbearable.

While wrestling with Theresa in the room, Alistair finds Theresa’s suitcase partially hidden under the bed. “What is this Theresa? You are leaving? Are you going somewhere?” Alistair asks. Theresa stares up into Alistair’s face, not sure how he will react to what she is about to say to him.

Sheridan feels that Chris’s contact is a man that works for Alistair and she doesn’t trust him or anything that he says to her. Agent Hall denies that he works for Alistair or even knows the man. He says that he is really an FBI agent and he is not lying when he says that Luis is dead. Sheridan knows that her father can make these lies sound true when he wants to. He is famous for that. He does it all the time, and he could be doing it again to confuse her and end her relationship with Luis once and for all. Her father is capable of anything. She will need proof though if this man expects her to believe what he is saying about Luis having died abroad. Good solid proof will allow her to accept this news and nothing else. Dental tests or DNA can prove that they have the right person the agent suggests. He will be glad to run some tests to put her mind at rest about the whole issue. They will need some of Luis’s personal items to do the comparison tests on the body that they have found. Sheridan will be in contact with the Lopez-Fitzgeralds to get something of Luis’s that they can use for testing.

The 3 girls think that even if Sam turns them in, he will have to prove that they are all lying to make the courts believe his story. They can see that he is still suspicious of them and their story that they had nothing to do with the dead john downtown in his room. Jessica is very uncomfortable with all this. She seems reluctant to lie to her father. She believes that she did in fact kill this man. Her friends don’t realize that there is another dead man out there as well who Jessica feels that she has killed.

Noah leaves his father with Ivy to figure out what he should do about Jessica. He goes to pour himself a drink and think about how they should deal with this issue over Jessica’s ordeal. He can’t fathom that his father is thinking of turning Jessica in. She is their family and they should be shielding her from this although she has willingly gotten herself into a bad position by living and working on the streets with Spike. He feels that they should be supporting her more than ever.

Sam sees that Jessica is only going to get worse if he lets her get off with this crime. He has been going along with everything in the hopes that she would come home and change her ways, but that hasn’t worked. She has moved farther away from the family and gotten ore entrenched in her street life instead. Sam has a very difficult decision to make here. If he turns her in, at least she will be away from Spike.

Sam goes to the phone and dials a number that he knows off by heart and has known for most of his working life. Sam and Noah stand by and watch to see what it is that Sam will do now to make things work out. Sam speaks. “Hello, it is Sam Bennett. Is this the police station? I have some information that I need to give to the police regarding a…” Sam is stopped short in his sentence. He doesn’t get to finish what he is saying. Noah has grabbed the phone from him.

“Dad… No!” he shouts. He hangs up the phone as he looks determinedly into his father’s face. Ivy too is stunned at what Sam was about to do. Turning Jessica over to the authorities could make it hard for her in the long run. She feels that maybe they need some advice before doing anything. Just handing Jessica over to the cops without all the information is not the answer. Noah and Ivy manage to get Sam to admit that he should get as much information first before calling the police, if he even calls at all.

Simone and Paloma try to get Jessica to go to sleep but she can’t do it. They stand over her in the dark, trying to convince her that it is okay to close her eyes and sleep, but she won’t close her eyes. She is afraid to have bad dreams about what has gone on this night. This has happened to Paloma when she had been raped but she learned techniques to get over her fears and get back to a normal life. She advises Jessica the best way that she can. “Just tell yourself that you will be okay and that nothing can hurt you,” she says. Jessica will try that.

Noah stops his father from making the call to the police. “We are Jessica’s family and we need to protect her from Alistair.” Noah is sure that Alistair is the one that has been doing this and orchestrating everything to get the Bennetts in trouble. Sam says that he has tried to do things the right way but it doesn’t work anymore. In spite of what Noah thinks, he will have to try another tactic to get Jessica to behave and save her own life. He can’t risk hr going back out on the streets and getting in more trouble than she is in now. “If I protect Jessica this time, then what? More drugs? More murders? More prostitution? Saving her from the law is not the answer this time. I am sure of it.” Noah only knows that they have all been screwed by Alistair and this could be happening again. He wants Jessica to get the benefit of the doubt this time in case Alistair has something in mind to trip up Jessica and ruin her life. Ivy has to agree.

Sam goes to the stairs determined to get to the bottom of this. Jessica has managed to evade his questioning before, but Sam is going to be harsher with her this time and get the information that he so desperately needs in order to make a proper decision about Jessica. He can’t hide his anger regarding this issue. “Jessica get down here right now!”

Jessica hears her father calling for her. She is in her room upstairs with her 2 good friends discussing what is going to happen now, and how they can best protect themselves from Alistair and Sam finding out that Jessica did in fact kill a man that night. Jessica jumps out of bed suddenly afraid, “Oh no!” He really sounds angry with her this time. No more Mr. Nice guy. Sam is trying his best to get to the bottom of this. He was the police chief and can tell when something is up. She is afraid to face him now.

Chris, James, Sheridan and Agent Hall arrive at Martin and Pilar’s house to update her on Luis’s situation. Sheridan explains how they tried to track Luis down and bring him home so that he could help protect Theresa from Alistair and stop her marriage. She tells that Luis isn’t okay and that there is news to report. The news is not good though. Martin and Pilar brace themselves. “The FBI thinks that Luis is dead,” Sheridan says. Pilar immediately starts crying.

Ethan tells Gwen that he loves her and isn’t going to leave her no matter what happens with Theresa. He knows that this is her secret fear. She feels that everything that Theresa has done in the past leads up to getting her hands on Ethan somehow, and she knows that this time nothing is different. To Gwen it is only a matter of time now. Gwen hears Ethan but looks at the things that Theresa has done to her in the past and can’t agree with him on how things are. Ethan seems to always find the good in Theresa and seems blinded by the manipulative side of her. Ethan still helps her every time no matter what. He uses the excuse that Theresa is the mother of his child and that is why he has to support her, but Gwen feels that there is more to it than that. She suspects that he feels something for Theresa. She can’t understand how he can feel anything for Theresa after all that the woman has done to her in the past. Ethan tells Gwen that her reality is different from his. To him, Theresa does things with good intentions in mind, but instead things always turn out badly.

Alistair sees that Theresa is packed to move out of the house. She even admits it to him. “We don’t love each other Alistair, and I can’t give you what you want, so I am sorry. I am going to my mother’s house and this is going to end Alistair right now. Are you okay with me leaving Alistair? Are you going to fight me on this?” Alistair tells her that she is free to go anywhere she wants. He really is quite nice about the whole thing. He even walks her suitcase to the door. She can’t believe that he is taking this so well. She really expected something different to have occurred. He tells her that he gets where she is coming from and understands why she wants to go. She says that the next time that someone calls him a heartless monster, she will enlighten them and let them know what a really great person he can be . “Thanks Alistair. I will just get my son then, and leave the house now,” Theresa says. Alistair tells her ‘no’. “He is my son Theresa, my heir. He stays in this house and goes nowhere. I told you that you can leave but not the boy,” Alistair says.

Gwen hates that her husband wants to help Theresa with Little Ethan. It isn’t even his son. Can’t he see how bent she really is? She even named her son after Ethan because of her obsession. If Ethan thinks that she is going to sit idly by and watch as he risks everything that they have together he is wrong. They could lose Jane, their lifestyle and Ethan could lose his job over all this. Alistair will not be happy with them and surely he will make them pay for working against him. Ethan also says that he will be taking Jane to see Theresa wherever she ends up after he is done hiding her. That is just crazy for him to think that Gwen would let him run back and forth with Jane to visit Theresa. Alistair would eventually find out where Theresa was anyway. The whole idea is ridiculous. Ethan feels obligated to help Theresa in spite of how his plans to free her from Alistair sounds. He can’t just forget about her and go on with his life. He can’t be happy at the cost of someone else’s misery.

Alistair tells Theresa that she will leave Little Ethan with him if she leaves the mansion. That was the deal. He will let her out of her marriage but she will not get the boy back. She will have to share him. “When I adopt Little Ethan, he will be my son and I will he his father legally.” She tells him that he can’t adopt Little Ethan if she leaves the house. The adoption hasn’t happened yet, and so she feels that if she leaves now, she will retain all her rights to her son. Alistair tells her differently.

He gets the prenuptial and shows it to Theresa. He just happens to have it handy to show her how things are really going to be. That is her signature on the bottom of the document and her initials all through the document beside ever paragraph. She agreed in the prenuptial agreement that she would allow Alistair to have Little Ethan adopted. She reads the paragraph and sees that she did in fact agree to all of this. She says that she changed her mind and that the prenuptial doesn't matter now. The marriage is over and so she figures that this agreement will be over too. Alistair obviously knows the details of how this works better than Theresa does it seems. He enlightens her. The agreement has been signed and initialed by the both of them. That puts the document in effect the moment that the marriage takes place. So whether the events described in the prenuptial agreement hasn’t happened or not, the marriage puts the clauses in the document in action immediately. Little Ethan isn’t going anywhere Theresa soon realizes.

Pilar realizes that two of her children are dead now. First Antonio and now Luis. She can’t take it. Her whole family is slowly being ruined. Sheridan tells Pilar that she still feels connected to Luis and so he has to be alive. She explains what it is that they need to prove the dead body isn’t Luis. They need his fingerprints and dental records if Pilar can get that for the FBI.

The agent opens his briefcase and gets to work as the others watch. He has everything that he will need to get the evidence that he will need to prove that the corpse is the body of Luis Lopez-Fitzgerald. Sheridan watches carefully as the man does his work. Pilar rushes off to find items in the house that will have Luis’s fingerprints on them, and she will arrange for his dental records to be available as well. All this will take place in the hopes that it will be proven that Luis will still be alive out there.

Sam is ordering his daughter to the living room so that he can talk to her. He would like to believe her but he can’t until he gets a few things straight. She will have to explain some things to him that he just can’t understand. He will try to keep an open mind, but the way that things are now between Jessica and the family, he feels that she may have done this crime and that he might have to make her pay for it. He paces back and forth at the bottom of the stairs waiting for Jessica to arrive.

The girls are all behind Jessica and will support her no matter what her father says. They assure her one last time that she can beat this thing if she only keeps up the lie. They will all say the same thing and then no one will be able to say anything different to incriminate Jessica. Jessica nods her head. The girls head to the door. They all file out of the bedroom in a row.

Noah and Ivy ask Sam to go easy on Jessica.

Jessica arrives downstairs with Pilar and Simone. Sam asks Jessica if she really had nothing to do with the murder of the man downtown. Simone says that Jessica really had nothing to do with this. Jessica says very little as her friends jump in to speak for her.

Sam needs to know then why something of hers was found in the yard on fire. He produces an item in white fabric for her to explain the condition of it to him.

Jessica asks why she is being asked about the white fabric. “We have never seen that before,” Jessica says. Sam says that he found the fabric smoking and burning in a flowerpot out back when he arrived home. Jessica denies all this. “Maybe Ivy did it,” she suggests. The fabric looks like part of a skirt that Jessica used to wear. Jessica denies that.

At the Lopez-Fitzgeralds, the agent is at work collecting evidence and putting them into them plastic baggies for the lab.

Another FBI agent arrives to pick up the evidence and take it for testing. He is given clear instructions on where to go and what to do.

Sheridan feels nothing but guilt now. She feels that she is the reason why Luis was in harms way in the first place. She cries. Pilar soothes her.

Chris watches her from across the room.

Gwen sees that Ethan is willing to risk the security of his family to help Theresa and that is not right. Ethan really feels that it is wrong to cut Theresa off from her real daughter the way that Gwen is suggesting. “You will raise Jane, but Theresa will have access to her daughter. Theresa will always be her real mother Gwen. Gwen can you give this a chance and try this? Can we just get through tonight and agree that it is right to get Little Ethan away from Alistair?” Ethan begs.

Theresa threatens to fight Alistair with everything that she has. He tells her that he has control over everything and everyone in town. She sees now that she was a fool and still is. Alistair tells Theresa that she can leave and go to her mother’s house now if she wants. He will not stop her. “Just don’t disturb my son on the way out,” he cautions her.

Gwen is alone in her room pacing and worrying.

She remembers Theresa telling how things were going to be now that she had married Alistair. Theresa had her nose turned up and told Gwen that she will be with her children no matter what. Alistair was there too and he gave warning as well that Ethan and Gwen had better behave.

Ethan returns to the bedroom and sits with his wife. He knows that she is worried about Alistair coming after them but he tells her that she doesn’t have to worry.

She secretly thinks about what she has had to do to make this marriage last in the past. It is like Ethan is working against her without meaning to.

Ethan reminds Gwen that Theresa will be gone soon and then they can be a family like they always planned. He promises that there is no chance that Theresa will get him.

Alistair opens the door to the bedroom. “Go ahead Theresa! Get out of my house. Little Ethan stays here. He is my heir and you will never see him again…”

Martin and Pilar have to believe that the tests that are being done will prove that the dead man that has be found isn’t Luis. Sheridan has had feelings like this before so she could be right though. She believed that Marty was her son when no one else did and she was right.

Agent Hall tells Chris that he and James should come with him now. There is no reason for them to continue to stay there. Chris will not go. “Sheridan needs him.”

Chris looks over to see Sheridan hugging Martin and Pilar.

Sam demands to know why bloody clothes are being burned in the backyard the same night that a man has been murdered. Simone and Paloma jump to Jessica’s defense saying that they were with her all night and that she didn’t burn anything that night. Sam knows that these friends of Jessica’s would do anything to protect their friend, even lie. Jessica shouts out, “You are right! I did it! God help me! I did it!”

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