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Written By Glynis
Pictures by Amanda

Paloma is with Simone and Jessica helping to get rid of the evidence that proves Jessica to be a murderer. Paloma has just stepped off a plane and canít believe that she is doing this instead of heading home to be with her parents. Simone knows how she feels but they have to help their friend get up from under this. Simone has thought of everything to save her friend. She stripped the room of all the items that could lead to Jessica, and she even buried the knife that was used in the murder. Now all that they have to do is hide all trace of their having been a fire out back of the house. Then they should be scott free. The girls stand over their friend as Jessica tries to get to sleep.

Jessicaís main concern is Spike and how he is going to deal with this when he finds out what she has done. Simone is surprised to find that Jessica isnít sleeping. She canít. She canít get her mind off the dead guy. Paloma knows that in time that will all go away and she will not worry about it as much as she does now. Simone assures Jessica that that everything has been taken care of. All the clothes have been burned and the knife has been buried. Jessica is glad to hear that. She canít be found out to be a murderer.

Sam is in the yard and he finds smoke. He can see that something is up. "Why would there be smoke? What the hell?" he says.

Sheridan is waiting to hear news about Luis. She even fantasizes about Marty coming home with his father.

Chris comes to Sheridan, telling her that James is fine with the sitter and has fallen asleep now. Chris tells Sheridan that he knows that she wants Luis to return soon but the reality is that he hadnít found Marty yet. Sheridan just wants Luis to return home soon. Theresa needs his help. Sheridan is still angry with Luis over losing Marty but she wants him home now as soon as possible. This is important.

The staff come forward to Alistair and Theresa and introduce themselves, offering up their best wishes for their marriage. They bow and curtsy and go on an on about how they are looking forward to working for her. Theresa is impressed with the perfect manners of the staff, but she sees no need for them to bow or curtsy for her. Alistair reminds her who she is now and how her station in life has changed. This is the way that she should be treated and so she needs to get used to that. Theresa is asked to approve the menu for the following day, but she sees no need to do that. She is sure that the chef knows what he is doing. She is informed that all the linens have been changed and that everything is up to standard for her in the house. Theresa thanks the staff for that. The staff is excused now, and Alistair gives the order that Little Ethan is to be put to bed now. The nanny asks if Jane is to be put to bed as well. She has just had her bottle and is very tired.

Gwen is deeply offended that the nanny ignored her about Janeís care and went over her head, in front of her face to ask Alistair and Theresa about Janeís care. "Ethan and I are Janeís parents and we are the ones to consult with when it comes to Janeís care!" Gwen spouts. Alistair tells her to quiet up. "You are Ethan are just guests in my home and you had better remember that. Theresa is here as my wife and she will see her son and daughter any time that she likes. If that is not suitable to you, then you can move out," Alistair informs Gwen roughly.

A man approaches Chris and angrily tells him that he needs to get out of there right now. Sheridan tells the man to leave Chris alone. Chris seems to know the man but Sheridan is afraid and threatens to call the police to get this person out of there and away from Chris. Chris offers to explain to the man what he has been up to. He tells Sheridan that calling the police will not be necessary. The man pestering Chris warns strongly against it. Sheridan isnít afraid of him. She will do what she wants. Chris tells Sheridan to settle down and listen to him. He has this under control he says and he wants her to listen. The man says that the cops getting involved in this would be a big mistake for all of them. He can tell that Sheridan is confused by what is going on. Chris tells her that this man is with the FBI. "This is Agent Hall." The man extends his hand to Sheridan. "Glad to meet you maíam," the agent says to her.

Sam has come home now with Ivy and he finds smoke coming out a planter in the backyard. He finds a garment in there and it is smoking.

Jessica is in her house with Paloma and Simone and she thanks them for being there for her and helping to hide the evidence that she killed a man that night. Simone and Paloma are happy that they could be there to help their friend. They know that she would have done the same for them.

Ivy and Noah walk into the house and are surprised to find Jessica there. Noah asks her what she is doing there. Who cares? Sam will be happy and that is all that matters. Noah tells Jessica that they are all happy to find her home where she belongs. Ivy sees Simone there and remarks that she must be happy to have heard that her mother was let off the charges; but unhappy to hear that her aunt may be charged with attempted murder. Paloma is very uncomfortable with this discussion about charges and asks that the topic be changed to something else. Ivy realizes that Paloma probably hasnít met Noah yet, and so she introduces the two who are very glad to meet. Noah is surprised that Paloma wasnít with her family at the Seascape that night. Paloma tells how she just returned home from a trip and hasnít made it home yet. Ivy can see then that Paloma really has no idea what has just happened. Ivy tells how Theresa got married that night. Simone is surprised too to hear this. Paloma automatically thinks that her sister married Ethan, but wait! How could she marry Ethan when he is already married to Gwen? Noah tells that Theresa married Alistair and not Ethan as she would have preferred. All that Paloma can think of to say on the matter is, "Dios mio".

Gwen is very disturbed. Theresa has only been married now a few hours and she has already caused trouble for Gwen. Edie overlooked Gwen and asked Alistair and Theresa for instructions on the care of Jane. Gwen can see that this is just the tip of the iceberg. They are really going to suffer under this regime. Ethan feels that Edie might have just been trying to get on Theresaís good side by asking her about Jane instead of her court-appointed parents. Gwen knows better. This isnít good. Ethan begs Gwen to take it easy and relax. Gwen will do no such thing. She wants Ethan to get upstairs with her so that they can pack and get the hell out of the house with Jane.

Theresa hears Gwen ordering Ethan to get them out of the house. Theresa tells Gwen that is not going to happen. "My children will stay here where I can be near them," Theresa says. Alistair warns Gwen to hold her tongue. He declares that Theresa will be in charge of her children from now on and she will decide what happens to them and where they will go. Gwen canít have that. "We are the parents now Alistair!" Gwen says. Alistair says that she is only a temporary parent, and he warns that the clock is ticking. "Oh Theresa!" Alistair calls out. "Do you hear the clock ticking?" Alistair asks her. Theresa smiles saying that she does. Alistair makes himself very clear. "And if Ethan wants to work ever again, he will settle down and stop trying to cause all these problems.

Gwen turns to Ethan now. This is her worst nightmare. Theresa is trying to take Jane from her and she is going to succeed. Gwen canít have another child taken from her. It will kill her.

Alistair welcomes his wife home to her castle now. He can hardly wait to get his hands on her. "Get ready to make love to me Theresa!" he taunts. She tells him that she really doesnít feel like it but he couldnít care less what she wants. It has been stipulated in the agreement that she would put out several times a month and if she plays her cards right then this night could count for 2 or 3 nights to come.

Gwen know that Theresa would continue trying to ruin her marriage and life as a mother but she never expected the woman to come at her as Alistairís wife. That makes her unstoppable now. Gwen blames Ethan for this happening. He canít understand how she can blame him for this. Gwen tells that repeatedly she has predicted the psychotic behavior of Theresa and Ethan is always there to tell her that she is crazy or that things will go another way. Every time he has been wrong and now they are going to suffer for his bad judgment. Ethan still feels that Theresa has been pushed along by Alistair and that this last trick was something that was out of her control. Gwen will not listen to what he has to say about this. He has been wrong ever time and she knows that after they have lost everything else, they will still be bowing and scraping to make Theresa happy. Ethan sees that his wife is out of control now and he begs her to control herself. Ethan worries that Gwen is looking a little unstable. "We are still going to be together arenít we Gwen?" Ethan asks. She tells him Ďnoí as she knows that Theresa is going to keep going until their marriage is ruined.

Alistair is ready for the honeymoon to start. Theresa panics. This is the part that she really isnít sure that she can deal with. "Why donít you go up ahead of my Alistair?" Theresa suggests. He will but he will be waiting for her impatiently.

Sheridan finds it hard to believe that this man that she has found with Chris is an agent. He seemed threatening to Chris just now when she found them together. Chris confirms that the man is in fact who he says that he is. He is there because he had to find Chris. Chris jeopardized a whole Witness Protection Program setup. Chris felt that he had to find his son and make sure that he was alright, but Agent Hall disagrees. He feels that James would have been just fine without Chris having come to find him. Chris couldnít live with himself if he hadnít found his son. That is his child for heavenís sake. Chris feels that Agent Hall must not have any children or he wouldnít be talking the way that he is. Agent Hall threatens to drag Chris into headquarters and lock him up for what he has done by taking off this way.

Sheridan hears that Chris could be in trouble for jeopardizing his Witness Protection arrangement and she begs Agent Hall not to get him in any trouble. "He was just trying to help me!" Sheridan says.

Paloma is just learning that her sister has married the man that has been ruining her familyís life for years. "Why would she do something like that?" Paloma asks. Noah has no idea, and Ivy is just sorry that she had to find out this way. Noah tells how Theresa married Alistair in some weird quest to be closer to her daughter. That makes sense to Paloma. "Theresa would do anything to be closer to her daughter." Paloma knows that her family must be suffering over this. They are. Pilar canít stop crying and Martin is very upset. Simone remarks that so much has been happening this night. It sure has Noah agrees. He looks at his sister. He is so happy to have his sister there. He knows that their father will be thrilled to see her home. Ivy knows that Sam thought that Jessica only wanted to be with Spike and not her family.

Someone knocks on the door.

Paloma and Simone say that they bumped into Jessica at a nightclub and convinced her to come home and that is why she is there. Noah doesn't care why she is there, only that she is. Paloma and Simone say that they are a little tired and would like to go off to bed now. They urge Jessica to come upstairs to her room with them. Jessica hopes that it is okay for her friends to stay over. Paloma says that she will call her family from upstairs to let them know where she is. Simone says that she will call her family from upstairs too.

Sam enters the house and is glad to see Jessica there. Ivy can see that he is upset about something but what? Sam says that a friend from the force called him over to tell him about a man that got killed that night and he is disturbed by the details. Jessica and Paloma fake surprise at the news that a man was murdered that night. Sam tells that there was a lead or two about the killer. Noah asks who it was that was killed. Sam tells how a john was killed at a motel. He asks Jessica if she knows anything about this. Simone jumps in to answer for her friend but Sam doesn't want to hear from Simone. He wants his answer from Jessica. Jessica says that she can't believe that her father is asking her about a murder. "Of course I wouldnít do anything like that. Donít you believe me? Donít you want me to stay?" She asks her father. Sam loves that she is in the house, but why tonight? "I thought that you didnít want anything to do with your family anymore. Why did you come here?" Sam asks. Jessica says that if her father doesnít want her there she can leave. Noah jumps in to cool the situation. "Hey things are getting a little out of control," he says. Sam wishes actually that Jessica had never left the house in the first place. She has to admit that she wishes that too. Paloma says again that they should get to bed now. Simone agrees and they try to get Jessica to the stairs. Ivy shouts goodnight to the girls. Jessica heads to the stairs with her friends and leaves.

Noah and Ivy ask Sam why he is treating Jessica so badly when they all should be glad that she is home. Sam says that he really feels that there is a chance that Jessica killed a man.

Ethan sees that Gwen is having some trouble believing that he is not leaving her. He wants her to stop this. "No matter what, I am not leaving you for Theresa. Stop being so paranoid." Gwen will not stop being paranoid. She knows how this is going to end. Theresa will push until she gets her way. Gwen wishes that she were sick in the head. She would take some medication and get over it but this is different and it is never going to stop. Gwen knows that Ethan will get weak one day and that will be it. Theresa will win him over. Ethan denies that. He sees that Gwen is having some trouble calming down and so he offers to go down to the kitchen and get her some warm milk with cinnamon in it.

After Ethan is gone, Gwen tells herself that she really doesn't want to lose him. She really doesn't.

Sheridan asks Agent Hall to stop making such a ruckus. Someone could hear them. Agent Hall will stop the noise but he is really very unhappy with Chris and the way that he has handled things. Chris knows that he went against the rules but he had to in order to help Sheridan. Sheridan realizes now what the problem is. Chris has risked everything in order to help her out with her problem with Luis and he could have jeopardized everything. Sheridan didnít mean for him to do that. Chris is glad that the tried to help her. She is so caring and she was willing to sacrifice her feelings so that Theresa could have her brother back with her during this time. How could Chris not help her? Sheridan will deal with her feelings when Luis returns. She will manage she says.

Ethan finds Theresa in the kitchen. He tries to reach her yet again. "You know that you donít want this man raising your child. Why donít you stop this?" She has to admit that she hates the arrangement that she has put herself in. Everything about him is disgusting. And when he takes her to bedÖ Ewww. Ethan wants to hear nothing about that. Theresa is crying now. "He is too rough with me. Can you help me Ethan? Can you take me away from here?" Ethan tries to quiet Theresa down with her crying. She begs him to take her and her children out of there and away from Alistair where he can never find her. She seems to think that Ethan is the key to saving her from this marriage but the truth is that he has no power over her. She is making it seem that way. She says that Ethan is the reason why she married this man and turned her family into the mess that it is in now. "You are doing this to me Ethan!" She shouts at him. Ethan will not take the blame for this. "It is you Theresa! You were the one that ignored everyone and did this thing to yourself." Theresa canít worry about spilled milk at this point. "Tell me how to fix this Ethan. Help me figure this out so that I can escape this man." Ethan decides that he will find a solution for her to get out of this mess. "Oh thank you! Thank you!" Theresa shouts at Ethan through tear stained eyes.

Sheridan thanks Chris for risking everything to help her get Luis back home. Chris wanted to do this for her and he will accept no thanks from her for doing this. Agent Hall is looming over them and the tells Chris that he has to get packing. He has to get out of there as soon as possible due to the compromise of their mission in Harmony. Sheridan doesnít see why Chris and James have to leave town. "What about Jamesís christening?" she asks. Chris tells Sheridan that he has to go now. That is standard procedure. Sheridan will get more security for them to be safe. Agent Hall canít have that. He wants Chris and James to leave and they will. Chris feels that now that Luis is coming home, he should leave now. Sheridan will not have time for Chris or James when Luis returns. Sheridan denies that. She will have time for all of them. Agent Hall tells Chris and Sheridan that they really have to get going now. Chris wants Sheridan to be okay with his leaving. She helped him out a lot and so getting Luis back home is the least that he could do for her. Sheridan wanted Chris to meet Luis but that isnít going to happen. Agent Hall has news. "There is something that you need to know about Luis maíam," Agent Hall tells Sheridan.

Paloma is suspicious of the way that Sam questioned Jessica just now. It was like he was testing her. Simone doesn't care about that. She only knows that if they all stick to their stories, they will be okay. "The story is that we all met at a nightclub and Paloma and I convinced you to come home with us Jessica," Simone says. Jessica can tell that her father doesnít believe a word that she says. She has seen this look in his eye before and she knows that if he feels that he is on to something he will not stop until he gets to the bottom of what is going on. Simone is sure that whatever Chief Bennett throws at them they will handle.

Sam shocks Ivy and Noah when he says that he really believes that Jessica killed a man that night. Sam tells how he was called from the Seascape to discuss Jessicaís possible involvement in a murder that took place that night. There are people that say that someone that looked like Jessica was at the motel where the murder took place. Sam shows the earring that he has found at the murder scene. "This makes Jessica a possible suspect," he tells Ivy and Noah.

"This is one of the earrings that Grace and I gave Jessica on her 16th birthday as a present." Sam is positive of this. Sure girls shares clothes and things but Sam knows that Jessica was so proud of these earrings that she wouldnít lend them out to anyone. Ivy and Noah feel that the old Jessica might not lend out her things due to sentimentality, but this new Jessica hasnít been acting like the old Jessica at all. Sam next produces a white garment for Noah and Ivy to look at. "This is the other reason why I think that Jessica has been up to no good," Sam says. The garment has blood on it and everyone can see it clearly. Sam says that the garment was it the backyard and someone had tried to burn it. Sam stopped the item from completely burning when he saw the smoke and put out the fire. Noah says that this isnít right for some reason. Noah knows that even if Jessica did kill a man then she must have done it in self-defense. Ivy agrees. Jessica just isnít a killer. Noah knows that Jessica wouldnít and couldnít do such a thing as they are discussing. Spike has her head all messed up but she isnít a hardened hooker who would kill a guy like that. Sam really feels that the only thing that he can do at this point is to turn Jessica in.

Sheridan canít wait anymore for information on Luis. "Where is he?" She asks. Luis was in search of his son and ended up in Morocco. He isnít there now. Something has happened.

Ethan has offered to help Theresa but he hasnít really given her a plan yet. She assumes that he will run with her. He tries to explain what the idea is that he has. He wants her to understand first of all that he does love her and the kids but that he will not run off with her. He will help her but that is all. He will not leave Gwen. He will only help her escape Alistair. He tells her to pack her things and get Little Ethan ready so that he can get them out of them. Theresa worries about Jane. Ethan will keep Jane. The court has ordered that she stay with Ethan and Gwen. Theresa will have to accept that and save Little Ethan and herself. That is the only chance that Theresa will have to save her family and herself.

Alistair knows that Theresa is scheming to escape her marriage to him and he will not have it.

Theresa fights the choice that Ethan gives her, but she knows that what he is saying is the best deal that she can get at this point.

Gwen is alone in her room waiting or Ethan to return to the room. She doesnít care what Ethan says. They are in big trouble because of Theresa and the trouble that she has brought to their lives.

Gwen sees that Ethan has returned to the room now. "What took you so long?" She asks. Ethan says that he bumped into Theresa in the kitchen. Gwen should have guessed. Theresa will be doing anything that she can now to bump into Ethan and she should expect this all the time. Ethan tells how Theresa has asked him to help her escape Alistair and his torture. She wants to get out of the house. Ethan tells that Theresa has realized that she has made a terrible mistake marrying Alistair and she wants to change all that. Theresa will be packing to move out of the house with Little Ethan that very night.

Theresa has packed the bare essentials to run off into the night with her son. She has to get out of that house before Alistair finds out what she is trying to do. She is in her room thinking to herself on how she can make this work for her.

Theresa hears humming and turns to find Alistair standing behind her. She jumps in shock. "Donít you knock?" Theresa asks. He finds no reason why he should knock. This is his house and this is his wife. He has every right to barge in there. She knows that she is his wife now, but she just finds him pushing his way into wherever she is to be rude. He doesnít care about that now. What he wants to know is if she is ready for his pleasure tonight. Theresa pushes the bile back down her throat. She tells Alistair that she needs some time to get ready. He will not wait. "Timeís up! You are ready for me now Theresa!"

Jessica doesnít remember killing the john but what if she really did do it? Simone is sure that her friend isnít a killer. This has to be Alistair being his evil self and trying to trick everyone into thinking that Jessica did this. Simone assures Jessica that she and Paloma took care of everything and that there is no evidence left. "Everything has been burned and destroyed."

Noah is appalled that his father could even think of turning Jessica in for this murder. He knows that she needs support more than anything else. Sam would like to believe Jessica but he just canít. She has changed too much and Sam has found evidence now that makes her seem guilty. Sam feels that turning Jessica in may be for her own good. Sam goes over all the things that Jessica has been doing over the last little while and he feels that murdering this man is just a stoneís throw from all the other things that Jessica had been up to before this. Sam will try to get Jessica to tell the truth and turn herself in, but if she doesnít confess, then he will turn her in. If she lies and is found guilty later, the DA will throw the book at her, but if she comes in on her own then something may be done to help her. Noah says Ďnoí. This is something a hard killer would do, not his sister.

Sheridan can see that something has happened. Chris and Agent Hall are looking at her strangely and not answering her questions about what happened to Luis and when he will be back in town. Chris tells Agent Hall to tell Sheridan what she needs to know. Agent Hall tells Sheridan that Luis is dead and will not be returning back to Harmony alive. "What?" Sheridan asks. "Luis is dead?"

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