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Written By Glynis
Pictures by Amanda

Sam arrives at the murder scene and an old friend from the police force is there waiting for him. The men greet each other. Eve is there with Sam to help with the details of the scene. Eve has been told of the murder and that Jessica was reported to have been the killer. Someone apparently saw her in the area going up to the room and reported it to the police. This officer is just telling Sam the details of what he knows first, so that he can do damage control in case it was in fact his daughter who did this murder. The desk clerk says that someone that looks like Jessica was reported there. The girl was a hooker and that is why the officer called Sam. He knows of the trouble that Sam has been having with Jessica and he really feels that it could be her that did this. The officer is smart enough to know that Alistair hates the Bennetts and would set up a thing like this to hurt Sam and his family. Eve understands that and agrees. Ben is glad that Eve has come as well. She can put some truth to all this before others get their hands on the details. Jessica wonít get a fairer shot than Eve helping her out.

Jessica is freaking out now. The realization of all that has happened has suddenly hit her. "I killed him. I killed a guy!" she says. Simone tells Jessica to calm down. She only thinks that she killed the guy. She isnít sure. They have to get moving and get out of the area. The cops will be looking for the murderer for sure, and they have to get this evidence out of there. They hurry to get to Palomaís car. There are sirens in the distance. Paloma panics but keeps her mouth shut. She worries that the police might be looking for her now. Her friend Roberto smuggled drugs into the country and she was a suspect for a brief moment. The cops could be after her!

The guard that had Paloma in his office at the airport makes a call to his superior to tell him that he had Paloma in his office and that he is sure that she is hiding something. He did search Paloma but he didnít find anything. The way that she ran out of the office was a telling sign to the officer though and now he is regretting letting her go. When the officer gets off the phone with his boss, he tells his associate who is waiting by quietly that the police will be out looking for Paloma now that he has called her in as suspicious. The associate shakes his head at his friend. "I really think that you are making a huge mistake with all this," he says. The officer doesnít care. He knows that when Paloma is caught, everyone will see that he was right all along.

Paloma is finding out exactly what Roberto did to get them off the search at the office in the airport. While getting Palomaís bag at the airport, the drugs fell out and so they were saved from getting caught by the officer. Paloma is terrified. She almost got busted and she still could.

Tabitha gushes on about the wedding and how wonderful it is to be there. Ivy is sick with the events of the wedding and never wants to attend another one like it ever again. Tabitha canít believe her ears she says. "First Alistair marries Theresa, then he announces that he is adopting Little Ethan and now he is giving all his treasures to the boy who will be his only heir. Ivy sees that Alistair has done his absolute worst act. Tabitha understands why Ivy is so unhappy. "You have lost all your money but the trust funds, Fox has already spent his trust fund so he is about broke right about now, Little Ethan gets everything in the end, and even those in Alistairís family lose everything." Ivy tells Tabitha that she is not making this any easier by talking about the details of it all. Tabitha knows that Ivy is not happy but she is sure that Theresa is. "She is marrying the richest man ever and Little Ethan will get everything that the family never would. You know Ivy, had Ethan never been outed as Samís son, he would have been in line for all that money too," Tabitha points out. Ivy is really sick now. She walks off to get herself another drink. Tabitha sits alone now with Endora beaming in the glow of all the trouble that Alistair has brought upon Harmony with his evil. He is almost as bad as Tabitha and her friends from the dark side.

Alistair addresses Little Ethan in front of the room of guests to his wedding. He tells the boy that he will be the new heir and he will learn all the secrets that Alistair has learned over the years of how to rule with an iron fist.

Tabitha snickers quietly. There is going to be enough unhappiness to go around once Alistair is finished with the town for sure.

Sam gets more details from the officer at the murder scene about who was around when the john was killed. Seems that there was a young woman who sounds just like Jessica in the area. The officer felt that it was Jessica when he heard the description and so he called Sam to alert him to the problem that he might have. The officer tells how he broke into the room and the culprits had run into the bathroom, locking the door behind them. Later they escaped out the window. Samís ears prick up when he hears the word Ďtheyí. The officer tells that he thought that he heard 2 female voices in the room before he broke in. He is sure that there were two girls in there.

The sound of police sirens sound out. Jessica panics. She is sure that the cops are onto her and looking for her even now. Paloma suggests that they hide in case that is the case. The cops cars drive by. The girls breathe a sigh of relief. The officers were not looking for them after all. Simone tells Jessica that she can relax now. They are safe. No one is looking for them, at least not yet.

The guard at the airport makes a call to the police to find out if Paloma has been picked up and if anything has been found on her. She is still at large it seems. The guard turns to his friend Larry who thinks that he is barking up the wrong tree and he tells them that Paloma hasnít been found yet. Larry really feels that his friend is making a big mistake and wasting time. "Come on. We have another flight coming in and we have to get ready for that." Leonard the suspicious guard tells himself that Paloma will be caught and that when she is caught he will finally learn what it is that she is hiding.

Fancy panics. What will she do without her inheritance? She needs that. She needs money. Noah reminds her that she has a trust fund that she can live on. Fancy doesn't care about that. She needs her inheritance! Noah has the answers to all Fancyís problems. He knows what she will do now to deal with her problem.

Julian gets close to Rebecca telling her that they have to talk about the agreement that she had him sign. He wants to have something done about it. Julian talks as if he was forced into signing this document but Rebecca remembers things very differently. Julian came to her asking what it is that she wanted from him. She asked him to sign a document blindly and he did that. All to save the wonderful Eve Russell from prison. Julian really wishes that Rebecca would reconsider holding him to this agreement. He had no idea what he was signing. There has to be a way out. Rebecca can see now why Alistair tossed him out of the company. Signing documents blindly isnít a good way to run oneís business. Rebecca sees that she has won. Julian has agreed to stay married to her forever, and with that said, Dr. Love will never truly get her hands on Julian like she thinks she will. It just can never happen.

Ivy catches up with Fox. "Honey how are you doing?" Fox is doing okay. He is trying to stay tough. At least he still has a job to go to. Alistair was kind enough to leave him with at least that. Kay feels that Fox has nothing to worry about as she knows that he has the drive to make it to the top where he belongs and she is going to see to it. Fox feels that his mother has nothing to worry about. Kay will be with him and that is all that he wants out of life. Fox and Kay walk off.

Ivy has other plans for her son. She only needs to get rid of Kay to make things work out right for her son.

Sheridan catches up with Chris. "Did you hear anything about Luis yet?" Sheridan asks. Chris tells that nothing has happened yet. Sheridan seems confused. Chris asks if she is sure that she wants this to happen. Does see rally want to have Luis back home? Sheridan isnít sure about her feelings for Luis but she knows that Theresa really needs her brother more than ever here.

Chad feels that he is being fired from his job but that is not Alistairís intention. He knows that Chad will need no help losing his job all on his own. Chad takes offense to what Alistair says to him. "You racist pig!" Chad grabs the man and holds him, getting ready to punch his lights out. Valerie jumps to the rescue. She knows that this is just what someone like Alistair would want, then he can make Chadís life a misery like he is doing to the Bennetts. Chad knows that she is telling the truth on that score. He lets Alistair go.

Chad and Valerie talk about Little Ethan and how his life will be ruined after Alistair is done raising him. They pity that little boy and what is going to be his life.

Gwen gets a hold of Ethan and asks him if he managed to get Theresa to turn her head around and decide to end this marriage. Ethan wasnít able to make any leeway with Theresa over the marriage issue. He canít see what else he can say to Theresa to get her to change her mind. Gwen panics. She can see the writing on the wall. Theresa is going to get everything and that means that Gwenís life is over. She will lose Jane and her husband eventually. Gwen wants Ethan to go and talk to Theresa again and point out what a terrible influence this will be on Little Ethan. Ethan will try again but he canít promise anything. Gwen will hope for the best as she waits.

Pilar asks her daughter what is happening to Little Ethan now? Martin will not have Alistair raising his grandson. Theresa really didnít know that all this was going to happen. Ethan interrupts. He wants to talk to Theresa again. Pilar hopes that he will be able to talk sense to Theresa as she surely canít. Pilar picks up Little Ethan and walks off with him. Martin follows them out of earshot. Ethan tells Theresa that she has to stop this." This is getting out of hand now. Alistair canít raise your son. Do you really want that?" Ethan asks. Theresa didnít know that Alistair was going to play tricks like this on her. Exactly! That is why Theresa shouldnít have gotten involved with the man in the first place.

Sam is running out of time to look at the crime scene before anyone else shows up. The officer there tells him that someone has manipulated the scene. All the sheets, pillowcases, and linen have been removed from the bed. The only thing that is still there is blood on and around the victim. The officer thought that maybe this was another attempt at ruining the Bennetts and if that were the case, then the officer wanted to let Sam have a shot at saving his kid. Sam appreciates that. There seems to have been two people at the scene besides the dead man. One of them probably did the clean up job after the murder. Eve can tell that the stab wounds that killed the man werenít very deep. That would lean to a killer that wasnít very strong, or maybe a woman. Eve figures that the killer was smaller than the dead man and maybe 5í5 or 5í6. That would be about Jessicaís size.

Jessica, Paloma and Simone are out by Palomaís car now getting ready to flee the area in case the copes are looking for them. They are about to get in the car, but Paloma drops her keys and get slide under the car. She gets on her stomach and gets them out. They are not sure where they should go now to get rid of the evidence that they have on them. Jessica says that they should go to Spikeís place. She is sure that he will help them. Simone gets angry with her friend for coming up with that idea. She orders Paloma to drive to the Bennettís house. Jessica doesnít want to go to her fatherís house, but the choice is she either goes there or to prison. They have to get rid of this stuff and they have to get rid of it now.

Noah indicated that he had an idea of what Fancy can do now that she has lost her entire fortune. She is curious to find out what Noahís bright idea is. Noahís bright idea is for her to get a job. She has never needed one before and she canít see herself working at on now.

Ivy talks with Valerie to find out how Chad has been holding up. Valerie says that he is fine. Ivy hopes that Valerie can help Chad stay fine, especially with Kay scheming to ruin Chad and drag Fox to the top. Valerie will be watching for Kay and her tricks.

Sheridan canít believe that her good friend Gwen is allowing her husband to be alone with Theresa. Gwen says that she will do anything to get Theresa to stop whatever it is that she has in mind to get Jane and Ethan from her. This marriage has to be stopped. Sheridan too is mystified as to the fact that Theresa would marry Alistair under any circumstances. Gwen knows that getting Ethan and Jane is reason enough for Theresa to do this. Sheridan finds that crazy but Gwen understands Theresaís way of thinking and knows that this is just what she plans.

Theresa admits to Ethan that she doesn't want Alistair to be her boyís father but she insists that is how things are going to turn out if Ethan will not be with her. Ethan gets angry with her for continuing this line of thinking. He will not be with her and he means it. She has to get that through her thick head. "Think about your son that you say that you love so much and what is best for him. Stop this before it is too late for him Theresa," Ethan begs. Theresa says that she does love her son. Then Ethan expects her to end this thing now before it is too late.

Eve and Sam start looking around the victimís room to see if there is evidence that they can find that might tie this crime to Jessica. They have to hurry. The forensics people and police will be arriving soon to take care of things and Eve and Sam canít be found there. Ben the friendly officer tells Sam to go ahead and see what he can find at the scene without disturbing anything. Sam will do his best to hide any involvement that his daughter might have with this murder.

The girls arrive at Jessicaís house. She doesnít want to be there. Simone and Paloma tell her to go to her room and get some sleep and they will get rid of the evidence for her somehow. They will either have to bury the evidence or burn it. Burning it would be better though. Jessica wants to help but the girls insist that she go upstairs. Simone tells her friend to get upstairs and take off her clothes. Then she needs to get some sleep. Jessica really isnít comfortable with all this.

Jessica walks off. Paloma and Simone look after Jessica as she walks into the house. They know that Alistair has to be behind this.

Alistair angers Martin when he asks for his son. Martin tells Alistair that his grandson will never be his son. Alistair takes the boyís hand leading him away from his grandfather. "I will make Little Ethan anything that I want. He is mine now. Come along son," Alistair says as he leads the little boy out.

Fancy can't believe that Noah expects her to work for a living now. She canít do that. Noah suggests that she work as a personal shopper. She is always bragging that she only knows how to shop. "You can do that." He tells her. She canít even do that. All of her friends would be laughing at her. She needs to be rich. That is all that she has ever been. Noah sarcastically tell her to go to Alistair and beg him to put her back in the will and give her back her money. She doesn't see that he is joking and she wonders if she could really do that. Noah says that Fancy could probably get her inheritance back if she promises Alistair that she will never see him again. She pauses at the thought of that. He tells her that if her money means more to her than he does, then she should go to Alistair and beg his forgiveness.

Julian doesnít care what the document is that he signed with Rebecca. He plans on divorcing Rebecca and marrying Eve. She laughs at him. That is not going to happen. Julian is hers forever. Rebecca knows that more than anything, Julian wants to have his precious Eve free from prison. If he divorces Rebecca then she feels that she will have no choice but to go to the courthouse and tell the judge that she lied about the whole thing.

Gwen and Sheridan talk about losing all their money. Sheridan never really cared about the money in the first place. She just wanted to be married and have a baby. That is all that Gwen ever wanted as well. Now it looks like Gwen is going to lose everything because of this marriage that Theresa has entered into.

Ethan knows that Theresa canít be thinking straight if she is going to make Alistair the role model in her sonís life. Theresa really didnít want that but this is how things have turned out. Theresa feels that if Ethan will help her do this, they can stop this horrible marriage together. Ethan will not entertain these thoughts that Theresa continues to have. He will not end up with her and she needs to accept that. She promises him that if he commits to her right now, she will end this marriage and her son will be saved from a life of being Alistairís son.

Jessica is in her room with her friends now and her mind is working over time. "What if someone saw me with that dead guy on the street? What if someone saw you Simone?" Jessica worries. Simone says that they canít worry about that. The room has been cleaned and there are no prints in the room to tie Simone and Jessica to the crime. Paloma isnít all that sure. There might be some of Jessicaís DNA on the dead body. Jessica never thought of that. Simone says that isnít possible. They cleaned the room and the dead guyís body as well. Paloma and Jessica are shocked to hear this. Simone says that she cleaned any part of the manís body that might have had contact with Jessica. "Yuck!" Both girls say in unison. Simone knows that is gross but the bottom line is that nothing in that room, including the dead guy ties Jessica to the dead body now. She is safe.

Sam asks his officer friend if she found anything of interest at the scene. Ben says that he hasnít found anything. Sam knows that his daughter doesnít have the know-how to clean up a murder scene this way. That might have been the friend that was with the killer whoever that was.

Eve finds something that catches her attention. Sam asks her what is wrong. Eve says nothing and covers for herself.

She has found evidence that leads her to think that maybe Simone was there at the scene but she says nothing. She has to wonder now if Simone was there at the murder scene with Jessica.

Sam finds an earring at the murder scene. It looks familiar. Very familiar.  Sam thinks back to Jessicaís 16th birthday. He had a pair of earrings for her. It was her first grown up present. She was so happy. "Oh thank you daddy!" Jessica said to her father. The earring that Sam holds in his hand seems like the exact ones that he bought for Jessica as a young girl. "Could it be?"

Kay finds Tabitha smiling at herself and looking a little too happy. She knows that Tabitha knew that this was going to happen all along. Tabitha admits that she knew that Little Ethan was going to be made Alistairís heir and that the others would be losing all their money because of it. Kay is angry that Tabitha didnít give fair warning that this was going to happen. "You are just as evil as Alistair is," Kay shouts at Tabitha. Tabitha is insulted. "Actually dear, I am more evil than Alistair." Kay is furious with Tabitha but Tabitha has no understanding of why. Tabitha knows that there is evil lurking and that Kayís anger is misdirected.

Gwen finds Sheridan looking for Chris. Gwen has to ask about this stranger and what is going on with the man and her friend. Sheridan says that nothing is going on with she and Chris. "If you must know Gwen, Luis is coming back to Harmony." Sheridan tells how she thought that Luis should be home to help with this problem with Alistair and Theresa getting married. Chris was important in all that as he was the one that got the FBI to get a hold of Luis so that he could return home. Gwen loves this new. "That is great!" Sheridan knows that the news is great on one hand but one the other if Marty isnít with Luis, Sheridan has no idea how she will act about that.

Chris is alone talking on the phone. He learns news about Luis. "I wonder how Sheridan is going to act when she hears this," he says.

Paloma tries to get Jessica to go to sleep but she canít. All that she can think about is the dead man and going to prison. Simone says that she will not let anything happen to her friend. Jessica feels that if this is about Alistair getting at her family then she will not have a chance. People are suffering all around because of Alistair. Jessica will never escape. Paloma and Simone are alone now. Simone lets out that she hopes that she didnít forget anything at the motel. Paloma thought that Simone was sure that she took care of everything. Simone just said that to make Jessica feel better about her situation but the truth is that something could have been forgotten. Paloma knows that Simone probably did the best that she could and that everything has been taken care of.

Sam is still reeling now that he as found the earring. Ben is nearby and asks Sam if he has found something that implicates Jessica in the murder.

Fancy has had all the cards laid out on the table. Her choice is clear. Be with Noah, or have a fortune. She tells Noah that she would rather be with Noah than have her fortune. He is happy. That is the choice that he wanted her to make.

Tabitha is loving this. She tells Endora that when she gets older, maybe she can get involved with Little Ethan and they can be an evil little couple together.

Ivy hears Tabitha talking to her daughter. She wonders how Tabitha could want her daughter to get together with a boy that has the same father that she has. Yuck! Tabitha is a sicky!

Sheridan goes to Chris. "Did you find out anything about Luis?" Chris says that he did.

Ethan is losing his patience with Theresa again. Donít manipulate my feelings for your son to get me to be with you. I am never going to leave Gwen to be with you Theresa!" Theresa is sure that Ethan always wanted to be with her and Little Ethan. She is sure of it. She just needs him to say it and it will be done. Ethan tells her that Little Ethan isnít even his son. Julian is his father. Theresa knows that. "I only went to Julian to help you out." Ethan knows this story. "And in the process you got drunk and had a child with the man right?" Ethan asks. Yes Theresa made a mistake but she knows that he knows that they should be together.

Sirens come and sirens go. Paloma and Simone are trying to get rid of the evidence and they thought that the cops were coming for them but the cops drive by. Thank God.

Paloma thinks to herself that the cops were coming for her because of the drugs that her friend Roberto transported into the country but she is safe for now.

Eve and Ben asks Sam if he has found anything that might have tied his daughter to the crime. Sam lies and says that he didnít find anything.

Sam thinks to himself that he is lying but he has to in order to save his daughter.

Chris tells Sheridan that the FBI are on the way to talk to her in the B&B about Luis. Her hopes are high that Luis will be home soon.

Alistair has a private moment with Little Ethan. He tells the boy that he will have everything in life while the other people in the room will have nothing.

Ethan will not be with Theresa. He tells her that in every way possible but she will not listen. She says that she will accept then that Ethan will not be with her but that will only mean that she might as well stay with Alistair then. Ethan feels that Theresa isnít thinking about her son in all this and his well-being. She says that she is thinking of that. If she canít have Ethan, then she will devote her life to making sure that Little Ethanís life is one that is filled with power and everything that he will ever need to be a success in life. Ethan can't believe his ears. If Theresa is so bent that she will live with the decisions that she saying that she will, then god help us all.

Alistair finds his wife. He has been looking for her everywhere. "A wife belongs with her husband dear. Donít you agree?" Alistair asks Theresa. She says that she does agree with that.

The Deejay introduces Alistair and Theresa to the crowd now as Mr. and Mrs. Alistair Crane. No one claps as no one is happy to see these two together.

Tabitha is the only one that silently claps from the back of the room. Alistair has just struck up one point for the dark side

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