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Written By Glynis
Pictures by Amanda

The security officer at the airport has Paloma and her friend in is office. He says he has found something in Paloma’s bag and he wants her to come clean about it. The officer tells Paloma that she is in big trouble here if she doesn’t cooperate. She has just arrived back to Harmony from Mexico with her friend, and was getting ready to head out to her parents’ place to go home. She was red-flagged she is told, and that is apparently why she has been singled out. This news disturbs her as there is no reason for that. She has never been in trouble before, so why would she be watched? “Confess and things might go easier for you” the airport security officer warns Paloma.

An officer threatens to come into the apartment of the john that lies dead by the side of the bed. Simone and Jessica are in the room as well, and they try to stay quiet so that the officer will not know that they are there. They cower together watching the door. At any moment it could fly open and they could be busted. They watch the doorknob to see if it is moving. They whisper about what they should do.

He can hear them talking inside and he tells them so. He knows that someone is in there he says, and so he is coming in. “Open the door, or I will be forced to come in on my home!” He has no idea what kind of danger he will be facing in there, and so he holds his gun carefully in case he needs it for protection. The neighbor up the hall called the police reporting that she heard loud voices in the room earlier. It sounded like something terrible was going on in there she reported. Apparently there was.

The officer opens the door with a key but there is a chain lock on the door and he can only open it so far. Through the slit in the door, he can see the dead man on the floor lying on his side. The blood is also visible on the body. That person is either dead, or he is in need of help. Now the policeman knows that he has to get in there. “I know that you are in there. I am going to come in shooting!”

Sheridan has decided that she wants Luis to return home and get his sister out of the marriage with Alistair. Chris has contacts with the FBI who could reach Luis so she waits patiently for some word that Luis will be coming. He is too late for the wedding to be stopped but perhaps he can talk to Theresa and make her see sense. Chris is only doing this because she instructs him to.

 Alistair tells the crowd at the Seascape that Little Ethan is his new heir now, and he is the only heir now. He will adopt the boy and make him a powerful ruler like he is. He cuts his family out of everything, disowning them from the riches of being a Crane. “From now on, the rest of you get nothing from the Crane empire, not a rotten cent. You get to live like the other peasants out there, and you can scrounge for a living for all I care. If you are really having a hard time of it, I will help you out. You can all get jobs at Crane Industries working for me. However, you will have to perform well at the office, or get fired and sent into the streets. For those of you that already work at Crane Industries, and you know who you are, you are just employees and will be treated like everyone else there. You will be fired as well if you don’t do what I expect. I want to hear three cheers for Little Ethan now! Come on everyone! Join me in welcoming Little Ethan to his new position in life!” No one cheers or even moves for that matter. How can they be happy watching him ruin their lives? They have all been screwed this time.

Tabitha is in the corner of the restaurant, and she claps her hands together quietly while smiling at what Alistair has done to everyone. Alistair sees her in the corner but he ignores her as usual. She is the only one in the room who hasn’t been hurt by Alistair’s announcement. Tabitha tells her daughter that her grandfather is really something. She hopes that Endora picks up some of his genes.

Sheridan just can’t decide whether she feels good about Luis returning home or not. Doesn’t matter. What’s done is done. Luis should be back home soon. As soon as he is told that he is needed and that the message is from Sheridan he will hurry to her, she knows it. Chris and Sheridan are out on the patio of the restaurant, but decide to reenter the restaurant where the others are witnessing the wedding.

Julian tells his father that there is no way that he will allow Little Ethan to be adopted by his grandfather.

Sheridan and Chris learn that Alistair has named Little Ethan as his heir and that everyone’s money has been taken away.

Alistair tells Julian that he is a loser and that he will take Little Ethan if he wants. Alistair says that Eve is free but she can be incarcerated at any time that he decides. Alistair is really interested to find out if Julian has told his black whore yet that she can never become his wife. Julian can see that Alistair has discovered what it was that Rebecca has done to him.

Julian turns from his father and goes to Eve who is walking towards him. She can see that something is wrong.

Julian turns to look at Rebecca who tips her glass in his direction smiling. She knows that he is stepping in it even now.

Eve demands to know what is going on with Rebecca. “Is there something that I should know?”

In the security office, Paloma and her friend don’t confess to anything. She says that she has done nothing wrong. The officer is sorry to hear that she will not cooperate, and places the two kids under arrest.

At the john’s house, Simone and Jessica are trapped. The officer is about to enter the apartment and they are going to be found.

Simone suggests that they go into the bathroom and climb out the window. They run in there closing the door behind them.

The officer gets the door open and runs in. He goes to the bathroom door, shouting that he is coming in.

The girls inside the bathroom try to climb out the window, but it is too high and too small for them to make a quick escape. They stand huddled as the officer holds his gun on the door outside.

The officer yells at the girls that they can’t get away. He knows that whoever is in there is probably trapped.

Simone tells Jessica to try again to get out the window. That is their only chance. The girls start climbing.

The officer shouts to get away from the door. “I am going to start shooting!” If they don’t move, they may get shot.

He shoots at the lock on the door and enters the bathroom quickly. No one is there. Not in the bathtub, not behind the door, but the window is open. He figures that they must have gotten out of the apartment that way.

The officer calls in the murder on his radio.

Another security officer comes into the office and tells Paloma and her friend that they can go. The first officer says that he has a feeling that Paloma had something in her suitcase. “You walked in and screwed everything up for me! Now she is going to get away from us.”

Once outside the office, Paloma’s friend tells her that there was something to worry about. He shows her the contraband. She is angry. She could have been in a lot of trouble just now. They have to part now but she is not pleased with him. She warns her friend to be safe.

Julian tells Eve that he is upset because his father is trying to ruin him financially and that nothing else is bothering him. Eve will be there for him.

Fancy can’t believe that she has lost her money. Noah tells her that she still has her trust fund and can live on that. She can’t listen to him. “I need a drink,” she says and walks off.

Noah wonders if Fancy cares too much for money.

Chris and Sheridan discuss what has just happened to Little Ethan at this wedding. Sheridan knows that Little Ethan is going to have a rotten life under Alistair. Sheridan has made the decision to have Luis come home now. She feels that he should be home.

Theresa turns to Alistair and is angry that he has decided to adopt her son. She wasn’t expecting that to happen. He has tricked her and her son isn’t supposed to be part of the deal.

Fox and Chad discuss what it is like to have their inheritances taken away. They have just been wiped off the map. They thought that they had only each other to worry about, but they were wrong. In the blink of an eye, everything that they could wish for has been taken from them.

Fox gets angry and shouts at Alistair that once again he has been overlooked by his family, and now another bastard is going to take what is rightfully his.

Kay and Chad rush over to Fox when they hear what he is saying about Little Ethan. Chad takes personal offense to the bastard son comment. Fox is out of control. Chad and Fox quickly get into an argument, as both are angry that they can’t vie for the top position anymore. Chad feels that he will overcome his obstacles. He vows to fire Fox when that happens. The two come to blows and hit each other brawling all over the place.

Tabitha loves it. She smiles with glee as she watches the commotion.

Jessica and Simone have escaped. They have run off and now that they are far enough away and no one is following them, they stop running. Jessica is still stoned and paranoid. Simone really needs her to smarten up. Simone has the bloody sheets and clothes with her with the knife wrapped up in the middle of it all. Simone asks for the knife so that they can get rid of it. Simone tries to figure out what they should do now with the bloody evidence that ties them to the murder. Jessica says that the last time this happened, they just chucked everything off into the bay. Simone looks at her friend strangely. Did she just say, ‘The last time this happened’? Jessica says that she meant that she heard that is what you should do if you get in trouble like this.

The fight is broken up and the brothers are separated.

Fox and Kay leave to go outside for a while to cool off.

Chad and Valerie also leave the restaurant to cool off.

Tabitha and Endora come out after the two couples just to be nosey. This is great. Tabitha is going to have some fun with the guests of this wedding. “This is a marvelous wedding. So many lives destroyed and the food is good too.” Endora smiles up at her mother.

Alistair goes to Theresa to talk quietly. Theresa is puzzled as to what it is that Alistair wants to adopt her son for. She will not let Alistair have him. She calls out to the nanny. The woman suddenly appears.

“Will you please take my son home? He is tired and wants to go to sleep,” Theresa says. Alistair says to the nanny that the child is a Crane now and will be doing his bidding. “The child will be staying.” Theresa insists, but the nanny follows Alistair’s orders and not Theresa’s. The nanny leaves the room.

Alistair kisses his wife and she doesn’t resist like she usually does. She hates it but she has given up fighting him. He tells her that this is their wedding night and he will have her again. She tells him that he can do whatever he wants to her but she wants her son left alone. Alistair can’t do as she asks. “Little Ethan is like a piece of clay. I can mold him and make him into someone just like me.”

Alistair’s phone rings. He looks at the display. “It is my lawyer. This is about my new Will. Excuse me,” Alistair says before dashing off.

Once alone, Theresa starts crying. “What is to become of Little Ethan?” Theresa is more unhappy than she expected to be now that she sees that Alistair has all the power over her and her child.

Rebecca flirts with the server who waits on her. He warns her that her husband is nearby and can see them. Rebecca tells him not to worry about him. “I can do whatever I want now.”

Eve needs to know what is going on with Rebecca. Every time that Julian looks in her direction, he looks like he is about to throw up, while she looks pleased as punch! “Julian, is there something that you want to tell me?” Eve asks.

Ivy is upset that Chad and Fox are fighting. She talks alone with Valerie about it. Valerie tells her that Chad is a natural and will be fine. Fox however, has such anger over this. “Too bad,” Ivy says. “Now he has nothing but Kay. Remember Valerie. You had better watch your back with that Kay.”

Ivy thinks to herself that Kay has an enemy in Valerie that she doesn’t even know about. Kay wont even know where it came from when trouble hits her.

Fox and Kay are alone outside sitting at a table. He tells Kay that he doesn't care about the money. “As long as you are by my side, I can be okay.”

Inside, Fox has different ideas. He has feelings about the money that he would like to keep to himself. “I will get my birthright back, and you will be by my side Kay,” Fox thinks quietly in his head. He holds her hand and stares up into her eyes as he talks to her.

Tabitha loves how the evening is turning out. She senses that Jessica is in trouble again. That makes Tabitha happier than ever.

At the murder sight, the officer there calls Sam and tells him that there is a john dead and that it looks like Jessica might have been the one to do it. Sam is sure that there is a mistake. The officer would like Sam to come and talk to him about this.

Simone has come up with an idea. She makes a phone call and they wait. She knows of someone that can help them figure this out.

A car comes. It is Paloma driving. Simone and Jessica rush to the car and flag Paloma down. Paloma asks the girls what it is that is wrong. They look terrible. “What is wrong you guys, did you kill somebody?” Paloma asks. Simone drops her bundle of evidence and a knife pops out. Paloma sees that the knife if covered in blood. “Oh my god! You really did kill somebody!” Paloma says.

Sam asks Eve to come with him. She can’t right now. She needs to be with Julian. Sam has an emergency and really needs Eve to come with him. Julian tells her to go and he will meet up with her later. Sam leads Eve out of the restaurant as quickly as he can.

Rebecca watches as Eve leaves the restaurant. She looks so worried.

Rebecca smiles at Julian knowing that he can never marry Eve and that she will be hurt. He said that he would do anything to free Eve and now he has to live up to those words.

Julian sees that he has to come up with an idea to get his marriage ended although he has signed that blasted contract. Until he stops this unholy union, he is trapped.

Simone and Jessica tell Paloma as much as they can about the events leading up to the death of the john. The bottom line is that Alistair is going after their families and things have changed a lot. Simone really feels that Alistair framed Jessica so that she would go down for murder.

Alistair tells the crowd that they should look happy now. “This is a party. I want everyone to enjoy themselves. I want to thank each and every one of you for your sincere best wishes for my marriage. Now it is time to turn things over to the DJ. Take it away Tom!”

The DJ tries to liven up the crowd, but the guests just stare back blankly. “Let’s welcome Mr. and Mrs. Alistair Crane!” the DJ shouts at the crowd.

Alistair picks up Little Ethan and grabs Theresa to start the dancing. “Let’s dance with mommy now Little Ethan!” Alistair tells the boy. The three sway to the music.

Tabitha tells Endora that she will have to be the designated driver this night. Tabitha needs to drink to this wedding. “This is truly a marriage made in hell and I want to celebrate it even if no one else will celebrate with me!” Tabitha says as she tips her glass.

Little Ethan and Theresa are unhappy as they dance with Alistair.

She looks over to Ethan, who just stares back with no reaction.

Gwen watches as Theresa stares at Ethan every time that she is able to during the dance. It is clear that Theresa wants to be with Ethan instead.

Fancy complains that she will have to pack tuna now at the cannery or fold sheets at the B&B for a living. Noah tries to make her see that things are not as bad as she thinks.

Sheridan wonders what Luis is going to do when he hears that Theresa has married Alistair. She wonders if there is any message from the FBI yet.

Chris looks down at the phone in his hand and his face becomes very grim. Sheridan asks him what the matter is. “Have you had any word from Luis?” she asks.

At the airport, the 2nd officer tells his co-worker that one day he is going to get in trouble for trying to get people in trouble when they are innocent. The 1st officer says that he is going to have Paloma stopped and checked. He is sure that Paloma has something on her that will make her a criminal.

Simone and Jessica ask Paloma for her help. They warn her that Alistair will be after her if she is found to be a part of this though. Paloma will only be too glad to help with this.

The girls run to Paloma’s car. That is when sirens are heard in the distance. All 3 girls turn to the direction of the sound. “Oh no! The police!”

Whitney is asked to pray for Theresa when she gets back to the convent. Whitney turns to Katherine and promises that she will do that.

Theresa still dances with her son and her new husband. Whitney catches Theresa’s eye and they stare at each other sadly. Whitney knows that this is not what Theresa wants.

Chris tells Sheridan that Luis hasn’t been reached yet but the FBI is still trying to get a hold of him. Sheridan looks up into Chris’s eyes sadly.

Theresa can’t do this anymore. She is here dancing like everything is fine while everyone that she loves has just had their lives ruined. She knows that everyone in the room hates her now. She is sure of it. Little Ethan asks Alistair if he is going to hurt his mother. Alistair tells the boy that he shouldn’t ever talk back to his father this way ever again. “That will be rule number one for you Little Ethan”

Little Ethan runs off upset by the way that his new stepfather has spoken to him. Alistair simply turns to Theresa and holds her in his arms as they dance alone.

Ethan and Gwen argue quietly. Gwen has had enough of this. She knows that this is the start of something big. She still thinks that there is time to call this wedding off.

The song stops and Theresa rushes off from Alistair.

Gwen tells Ethan to go and talk to Theresa. Gwen can tell that Theresa had no idea that Alistair was going to take Little Ethan as his own.

Ethan goes over to Theresa and tells her that time is running out. “You stop this! You stop this Theresa now!” Ethan demands of her.

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