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Written By Glynis
Pictures by Amanda

Jessica thinks that she has killed her john. She has blood on her hand and the man lies on the bed unmoving. She is on the phone with Simone, and she is trying to figure out what to do next. Simone has been trying to help her friend all along but Jessica might really be in trouble this time.

Paloma is at the airport with a friend.

A security officer comes up to her asking if she is Paloma Lopez-Fitzgerald. She says ‘yes’. She is ordered to come with the officer.

Alistair gives Theresa words of encouragement before the wedding.

Eve asks Julian what is going on with this marriage.

Rebecca says that Theresa is just being opportunistic. Eve still can’t believe that this is going to happen.

Sam and Ivy also sit waiting to see if Theresa is actually going to go through with this.

Sheridan is torn. Chris offers to get Luis a message to come home if she wants him to but she can’t make a decision about this.

Tabitha and Endora are having the time of their lives watching everyone get upset over the wedding.

Alistair tries to get witnesses for his wedding but no one wants to do it.

Chad couldn’t care less about this wedding.

Alistair asks if any of Theresa’s friends would help. Maybe Pilar… Whitney… Katherine? No one will help. Doesn’t matter. The wedding will happen whether they like it or not.

The music plays and Theresa walks slowly to the front.

She feels that it is the only way to get Jane back… And Ethan.

Paloma is told that she is the subject of a random suitcase check. She has been red-flagged and she has to be checked. She is an American citizen but only became one recently. Paloma is leery of this. The man that is with Paloma is from Mexico as well. But he is not a citizen. Paloma assures the man that her friend has all his papers in order though. The guard assures them that if everything is in order then they will be on their way in an hour or so. Paloma and her friend don’t move. The guard makes a note of that. “What is the matter Miss? Is there something that you want to tell me now?”

Simone comes to where her friend Jessica is at the John’s place. She sees the blood on the girl. “Oh my God Jessica. What have you done?”

Sheridan has run off from the others in the Seascape. Chris follows her. She tells him that her father will make Luis really mad over this wedding and Luis will try to kill the man if he learns that Alistair is marrying her. He has done tried to kill Alistair before.

Alistair tells everyone that they should respect Theresa’s wishes if they really care for her.

He and Theresa move to the front. The judge doing the ceremony warns Alistair that he needs to have 2 witnesses to get this done legally.

Alistair turns to the crowd and gets two employees of the Seascape to stand for he and his bride as witnesses. It is now time to start the ceremony again.

Whitney steps forward. “Wait!” Whitney shouts. “I don’t care who your are Alistair. I will not let this happen,” Whitney shouts.

Tabitha and Endora can see that Whitney might have really stepped into it this time.

Simone checks the body on the bed and it is dead. Jessica freaks out. Simone goes over the story that Jessica tells. She was knocked out and then when she woke up she found herself with a dead man. Jessica remembers that the man was kissing her.

He was roughing her up.

Then later she woke up and found him. It looks like he has been stabbed. Jessica doesn’t remember stabbing the man. She has a knife though. Spike gave it to her so that she could use it for protection. They search for the knife and find it. Simone is smart enough not to touch it without holding a Kleenex and not getting their prints on it. It seems to have been the weapon used to kill the man.

Chris tells Sheridan that if she wants Luis to come home, that can be done. Sheridan is just confused. If he comes home and Marty isn’t with him… Can she and Luis ever be happy again?

Whitney demands to talk to Theresa before the wedding. Alistair tries to ignore her but Whitney will not be stopped.

Eve jumps up to tell Whitney not to go against Alistair. Alistair shouts at Whitney to listen to her mother. Whitney will not be treated like a little girl. She goes to Theresa at the front and asks her if this is really the man of her dreams who she wants to end up with. Theresa starts crying. Whitney drags her friend to the back of the room.

Eve can only hope that Whitney can talk to her friend and make her change her mind.

Whitney asks Theresa privately how she can ruin her life like this? “Even if Ethan wants you after this wedding, Alistair will never let you go. This hasn’t anything to do with love.” Theresa is crying now. She doesn’t want to do this but this is her last shot. Whitney sees that this is going to backfire. “Let’s leave Theresa. He can’t stop us.” Theresa could leave but then she will be back where she started with nothing and she would regret that. She wants the family that she always dreamed about. She feels that she deserves that. Whitney tells her that fate is not a fact. It is a fairytale. Theresa is sorry for her friend’s upset. “I really am sorry Whitney.” Whitney always thought that she was going to be Theresa’s Maid of Honor, but Theresa has a woman instead that she doesn’t even know. Theresa tells Whitney that she could still be the Maid of Honor. Theresa begs her. That might be the only thing that could still come true for her. Whitney agrees to do it. They hug crying.

Tabitha and Endora are bored. “Get on with the show,” she says quietly.

Theresa drags Whitney to front with her.

Katherine hates this.

Gwen says a silent, “no” when she sees that this is actually going to happen.

The judge continues the ceremony. He talks about love.

Kay has to wonder what love has to do with this.

When Theresa hears the word love mentioned, she turns her head to the side, and away from Alistair.

Sheridan tells Chris of this one night where she and Luis delivered a baby. That was when she knew that she wanted to have Luis in her life and she knew that she wanted to be a mom. “I love Luis but I don’t know if I will be able to forgive him.” Chris needs an answer from her now about getting Luis home or not. The window of opportunity is short here. Should he call the FBI or not?

Paloma is stalling. She doesn’t want her things checked by the officer. He is already carrying her suitcase to the office where he is going to interrogate her. She says that there is no problem. She follows the security officer at the airport to an office. Her friend from Mexico stays behind scratching his head looking concerned.

Simone suggests that someone else came in and killed this guy instead of Jessica. She knows that her friend couldn’t ever kill a person. Jessica turns her head and stays quiet. Simone sits her down and decides that it has to be Alistair who did this to Jessica. “Just the other night he planted drugs in your brother’s car to get him busted. He has hated your father for eons. Also, Noah has fallen for Fancy and Alistair hates that. He or one of his people could have done this.” This makes sense to Jessica.

The ceremony continues.

Alistair whispers to Theresa that she will be Mrs. Crane very soon.

Theresa thinks to the past.

Years ago, a gypsy told her at the fair that she would marry a Crane and live in the mansion.

Theresa wonders now if the Crane that she was to marry was Alistair or Ethan?

Tabitha and Endora know that Theresa is thinking about the prediction that was given to her years ago. Tabitha was the one in disguise who made that prediction.

When the judge asks if there is any objection to the union, everyone jumps from their seats.




Alistair tells the judge to move a little faster now.


Alistair grabs Theresa and kisses her. This is the first time that she allows him to kiss her and doesn’t fight back.

The judge doesn’t get to finish his sentence. The couple is already kissing.

Bang…. It is thundering with lightening outside. Tabitha looks behind her. She laughs. It is done.

Jessica buys that it is Alistair that has set her up. “How is anything ever going to be right again?” Simone sees that they have to get out of there. Jessica can’t leave. “I need something to take the edge off.” WHACK! Simone slaps her hard against the face. “How is that for taking the edge off? Go have a shower and I will clean up in here and so that there will be no evidence.” Jessica goes to the bathroom. Her hand is still bleeding and her blood is on the floor.

Out in the hall, a neighbor has called the police about noise coming out of an apartment up the hall.

Tabitha cackles over the marriage that has just taken place.

Julian and Eve marvel at the weather and how it is acting.

Sam and Ivy too are disturbed by the way the day has gone. It is almost supernatural.

The judge has finished the ceremony. “May I introduce to you… Mr. and Mrs. Crane…” Alistair and Theresa face the crowd. Ethan looks at Theresa’s face, not believing that this has really happened. Theresa looks at him with just the touch of a smile on her face.

Paloma’s friend comes out of the office with the security officer. The interview of her friend was very long. Paloma is told that something was found in her bag. “Did you think that you were going to get away with this?”

Jessica had showered and is refreshed now. She and Simone are ready to go.

At the door they hear voices.

In the hall, the officer is talking to a neighbor about the loud voices she heard. The officer will check it out.

Simone and Jessica listen as they hear knocking on the door. “Is anyone in there?”

Sheridan is still torn over whether to call Luis or not.

Kay touches base with Tabitha. Tabitha tells how she is loving the wedding and the mayhem.

Eve tells Whitney that she did a great job trying to help her friend. Whitney is only sorry that she couldn’t stop the wedding.

Valerie is surprised at Theresa. She can’t imagine that Fox ever saw anything in that woman.

Alistair and Theresa appear. Alistair tells everyone that they can enjoy themselves now at the reception. Sam cares nothing for the reception. Alistair tells that there is a gift for each and every one at the wedding.

Gwen knows that this is when it is going to happen. She will lose everything now. Ethan is not concerned. He leaves to get his wife a drink.

Ivy tells Theresa that she will need all the help that she can get from now on.

Alistair tells Martin that he will not have to take care of Theresa anymore. He will be the one to stand by Theresa’s side and give her everything that she needs. Martin makes a move to get at Alistair but he is held back.

Alistair has an announcement now. He would like to give everyone their gift for attending his wedding.

Tabitha laughs aloud. Kay is sitting with her. “What is it Tabitha?” Tabitha knows that this is going to be a doozie.

Paloma has no idea what the man is talking about. Her friend says that the bags where his anyway. That may be so but the bags were registered under Paloma’s name.

The officer at the john’s home is knocking and trying to get in the apartment.

Simone and Jessica try to stay very quiet so that the officer will not know that there is anyone there. He is going to break down the door now.

Alistair is ready to reveal his surprise.

“I would like to thank each and everyone of you for coming to my wedding. Theresa and I stand here and bask in your well wishes.”

Sam comes forward. “I hope that you go to hell for what you have done to Theresa.” Alistair thanks him for that. However, his wedding to Theresa isn’t the highlight of his evening. “Even my wife has no idea what is in store for her now. BRING IN THE BOY!”

Little Ethan is brought into the room. He is dressed in a little suit. Theresa moves to her boy. “What is this all about?” Theresa demands to know. Alistair tells that he is adopting Little Ethan. “He is going to be the heir of my business. To my children, to my grandchildren, the only one that will be heir to my kingdom will be Little Ethan. The rest of you, and those that are working at the office, eat your hearts out. I will be adopting Little Ethan and he will become my son. Then he will be the only one in line to inherit all that I have.”

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