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Written By Glynis
Pictures by Amanda



Spike and Jessica are walking on the strip looking for a good place to set up for business. Spike stops her when he feels that he has found a good place for her to pick up business. She agrees with him when he makes his decision. Spike gives her the usual pep talk and Jessica seems to be agreeing with the game plan, but then again she has before. Spike reminds her how important it is for her to get them some money this time. He is angry that she got picked up by the cops the other day and he hated that he had to pay her bail to get he out. She has to sniff out those undercover cops much better from now on than she has been doing in the past. She will try to do better she promises. Spike warns Jessica that she is close to getting kicked out of there. He warns her that she will be sent away if she doesn’t start producing for him. He really isn’t kidding. Spike lightens up on the mood now. He smiles at her, “Who loves you babe?” He asks her. She smiles back up into his face. “You do Spike!” she answers quickly. Great! He has her just where he wants her. Spike also warns Jessica to stay away from that friend of hers who keeps trying to get Jessica out of the game. “That girl is nothing but trouble. Stay away from her!” Spike orders. Jessica tells Spike that Simone only acts the way that she does because she is trying to be a good friend. Spike says that is untrue. He is the only friend that Jessica needs and she wants her to remember that. He tells her to get to work now, and make them some cash.

Simone is nearby hidden and watching Spike and Jessica. She sees while he gives her the pep talk to work the streets. Jessica is a good friend of Simone’s and she can’t let her friend go down like this. She would like to help her friend, but there is no way that she can do that with Spike hovering all the time like a vulture.

Fancy wants to be with Noah but worries about the effect this is going to have on the Bennetts. Noah isn’t concerned about that. They will deal with that when the time comes. The important thing is that Fancy and he will be together. Fancy will not forget the kind of terror that Alistair can visit on people when he fancies. She can’t forget. Noah tells her to. He will not have her thinking that this is her fault. All he wants her to think about is how he wants to be with her. She can try to do that as she only wants to be with him too.

Ivy gets a moment alone with Kay and drags her off for a little chat about things she feels that they need to discuss. Kay wants nothing to do with Ivy. She feels that there is nothing that they have to talk about. Ivy disagrees, and she disagrees strongly. Kay knows that Ivy hates the idea of Fox being interested in her. That is just too bad. Kay will see Fox as much as she wants. Fox is a grown man and can do what he wants and he wants to be with Kay. Ivy warns Kay that she will stop this union at any cost.

Julian finds Rebecca alone and takes this moment to find out what it is that he has to give Rebecca for her assistance in getting Eve off the attempted murder charges. She smiles coyly at him. He knows that whatever it was that she wanted she will get. He promised that. He now worries though about the contract that he signed for her before her performance in court to save Eve. “What was it I signed away to you Rebecca? I need to know. I know that you disliked the proposal that I made to your for the settlement for divorce and that the contract was probably a new proposal. So what are the details of it?” Rebecca really has to laugh now. He talks of a divorce, but the reality is that there isn’t going to be one… Not ever! Julian doesn’t understand what she is talking about. He wants more clarification on what it is that she is saying. “You… Pookie, are going to be married to me forever! There is not going to be any divorce for us.”

Sheridan wonders if she should bring Luis back. Doesn’t seem to make a difference what she thinks as she can’t reach him on the cellphone. Chris has an answer to this. The FBI owes him. He could get them to get to Luis and give him the message to get home, as there is an emergency. Sheridan thinks about this. Chris only needs to know if Sheridan would like him to do this for her or not. Sheridan isn’t ready to say if she wants Luis to return or not, but she just feels that it would be wrong for him not to know that his sister is going to marrying her father. If Luis wants to come home after that, then he can do that. It is up to him Sheridan says.

Gwen has some concerns about this marriage that is going to take place. She wants Ethan to get out there and stop it. Ethan has done nothing about it. He isn’t as convinced as Gwen is that Theresa is after power that she will use to get her baby and him. Gwen orders him to go and talk to her and get her to stop this before Theresa ends up controlling all of them. Ethan still can’t see how Theresa could get Alistair to make Ethan be with Theresa. The whole thing is ludicrous to him. Well it isn’t to Gwen. She has a real concern here. She begs Ethan to go and talk to Theresa right now and get this thing dealt with.

Pilar tells her daughter that she can’t do this terrible thing. “This man is an ogre, a monster. You will not do this,” Pilar commands. Theresa defies her mother. “I can mama, and I will!”

Alistair comes in confirming what Theresa is saying. He knows that Theresa will marry him and that there is nothing that Pilar or anyone can do about it. In fact the padre is here to commence the services for them. Pilar’s mother shakes her head in sadness. Theresa sees the look on her mother’s face, but she has to do this. “Mama… Please.”

Father Lonnigan has arrived and had no idea that he was to be marrying people at the Seascape that day. He only received a message that he was to come there urgently. That is why he has shown up. Alistair tells how he and Theresa will be getting married that day at the Seascape in a few minutes.

Tabitha and Endora watch and listen as Alistair lays down the law. No one is going to be happy when they leave there that night. Alistair’s wedding is going to affect everyone in some bad way. Tabitha watches and waits for what is sure to be mayhem.

A john approaches Jessica looking for action. She plays up to him, not because she likes it, but because she has to. Her relationship with Spike is on the line. The guy is definitely looking for a good time tonight. Jessica tells the man that she is up for a real good time if he wants it. He is rearing to go and has a place nearby where they can go. He tries to drag her off with him but she reminds him that they have to talk money first. The man says that money is not a problem. He knows that once he gets his hands on her, she will want to pay him for what he is going to do to her. That may be so, but Spike told her the rules and running off with someone before getting the money isn’t one of them. She thinks over what the man is saying and then decides that it is okay to go ahead with this man.

Spike is watching Jessica and he sees her seal her deal. “Good girl. Now go ahead and do what comes naturally”.

Eve finds a moment to be with her daughter. “Whitney did you know this was going to happen?” she asks her daughter. Whitney says that unfortunately she did. Theresa made a point of telling her friend at the convent earlier that day. Whitney tried to stop her from making this mistake but Theresa wouldn’t hear anything about it. Eve only sees destruction in Theresa’s future if she goes through with this. Why can’t Theresa see that? Whitney knows that Theresa can see that this is a bad thing but in her mind, it is going to lead to something good in the end, and so Theresa welcomes the bad to get to the good. Whitney gets upset realizing that this is all because of love. In Whitney’s mind, love ruins everything. Why can’t everyone see that?

Julian tries to talk sense to Rebecca. He thought that he was just upping the kitty for Rebecca’s settlement of the divorce, he wasn’t thinking that she would ever fix things so that she could hold on to him forever. That is madness. She reminds him that he agreed to handle things the way the they were handled, and so he can’t complain about it now. Julian threatens to break the agreement that he has with Rebecca. He will not be held to this. Rebecca tells him that if he tries to get out of this, she will tell the judge that he forced her to do this against her will. Julian doesn’t believe that even Rebecca would be that evil as to turn around everything around and make Eve seem like the guilty party again. She says that she would do it in a moment if pushed to. She knows that she can be convincing enough to send Eve right to the slammer for good. Julian didn’t think that Rebecca wanted to be married to him still. Why would she want that? Rebecca says that she just wants to protect what is hers. She knows that he loves Eve, and so this way they both can get what they want in this deal. Eve can stay free and Rebecca can remain married to money and power.

Pilar turns to Father Lonnigan. He surely will not allow this to happen. Alistair orders Pilar to keep her mouth shut about his. “Come along Father Lonnigan. Let’s get started with the ceremony,” Alistair says. Father Lonnigan had no idea that he was going to marry people at this time. He thinks that perhaps another time might be better for this. Alistair tells Father Lonnigan that his wife insisted on having a Catholic wedding and so he was called to do it. Father Lonnigan says that a Catholic wedding has procedures and takes time. He couldn’t possibly do it on the spot like this. Alistair tells the man that a few rules broken won’t make that much of a difference. He wants the wedding now, and even offers to give the church a sizable donation to get this done now. Father Lonnigan will always welcome a donation to the church, but he can’t understand why Katherine would want to marry him again. It is common knowledge that they don’t get along all that well. Alistair tells that he had Katherine declared dead when she left him all those years ago. He isn’t renewing anything with her. There is surprise when Alistair states that he had declared Katherine dead after years of her being away from Harmony with Martin.

Katherine comes forward now. “You said that we were still married after all this time. You never said that I was declared dead!” Alistair admits boldly that he lied to her. Father Lonnigan is confused now. “If you are not remarrying Katherine, then who are you marrying Alistair?” Father Lonnigan asks. Alistair tells him that his bride-to-be is Theresa. Father Lonnigan nearly falls over. “Theresa Lopez-Fitzgerald?” Alistair says that is the one. “Now let’s get on with it Father.” Father Lonnigan tells Alistair emphatically that he will not marry Theresa to Alistair. Absolutely not!

Chris is ready to help if Sheridan wants him to. She just has to tell him what he should do here. Sheridan mulls over her thoughts aloud. “I know that Luis would like to be here and know that his sister is making this mistake, but is that enough of a reason to bring him back?” Chris hasn’t met Luis but he knows that the man loves Sheridan and that she loves him. He is offering her a golden opportunity to have him back if she wants it. All he has to do is make a simple call. Sheridan is leery of this as she hasn’t had any contact with Luis. She has no idea where things stand with him. Chris knows that the only reason that Sheridan hasn’t had contact with Luis is because she has refused it. He hasn’t refused her. The thing is that Marty might not come back with Luis and that would cause a definite problem with Sheridan and Luis. Can she deal with that? Can she forget about the search for her son and get on with Luis? Chris would go ahead and make the call to Luis without her consent but he isn’t sure how she would react to that. She assures him that she wouldn’t be angry with him, but how can he or she really know what she would do in that situation?

Kay orders a Martini.

Ivy knows that Kay is ignoring her, but Ivy won’t let up. She has leverage. “I will tell Fox that you let your mother run off with a man that isn’t really who she thought he was. I will tell him that you found all this off and still kept the secret breaking up your parents’ marriage just to be evil. Kay has already thought this through. “If you tell all that you threaten to, then it will not make a difference at that point for me to reveal that this David character that ran off with my mother actually came to town because you paid him to be here in the first place. Don’t you get it Ivy? We both have something on the other. It doesn’t matter that we have deadly information on the other as we can’t use it without hurting both of us at the same time. So that is why we have to let this go. Okay? Just let it go!” Ivy will not let this go. “If it is the last thing I do Kay Bennett, I will get you away from my son,” Ivy vows.

Pilar begs her child in their language to stop this now. Alistair is angry with the good Father for refusing to do the ceremony. Father Lonnigan will not do it. He doesn’t take orders from this man. He has a much higher authority that he listens to. Pilar sees this as a chance to get her daughter out of there and away to safety. “Theresa, this is your chance. There is going to be no wedding today. You can just walk away,” Pilar tells Theresa. Alistair is getting angry now. He really expected to be able to force Father Lonnigan to do this but apparently the man will not budge. Father Lonnigan doesn’t unite people that are not together based on love. That would be immoral of him to do this. Alistair is spitting mad. He is about to threaten Father Lonnigan, but the good Father isn’t afraid. “You don’t scare me Alistair!” Father Lonnigan says. Alistair tells Father Lonnigan that he should have had more than the man’s eyes damaged that fateful day way back when. Father Lonnigan doesn’t care what Alistair says. He will not get what he wants from him and that is that. “Fine!” Alistair says. “I will go then and get someone else to marry us. You are not the only one that can do this Lonnigan,” Alistair says. Father Lonnigan hates what has become of this man but he promises to pray for him anyway. Alistair doesn't care anything about that. He can’t have this conversation anymore. He has things that he has to do.

Alistair gets on the horn and orders Judge Reilly to the restaurant to get this wedding happening pronto. He is not available it seems. Alistair demands to know who else is available. He gets a list of names, but those will never do. They are not on his payroll. When he hears the name Morrison, he smiles wickedly. “Morrison will do just fine,” Alistair says.

Tabitha has trouble hiding her fascination with all the trouble Alistair is cooking up for the citizens. Still, this has been a tad mild for Alistair. Tabitha knows that he has to have something a little juicier up his sleeve for show and tell tonight.

Jessica john has him at her place for the trick that she is going to turn for him. She is moving a little slow for him though. This will never do. “Get your clothes off. What are you moving so slow for? I have to pay for this place by the hour. Now hurry up!” Jessica takes her time. More out of fear than anything else. How is she going to get through this? “I just -- I need a glass of water,” she tells the man. No one is going to bring it to her, she knows that. She would settle for a sink that has some water in it though. The man directs her to the bathroom. He tells her to hurry as he is not paying for her time in the can. She tells him that she will be out soon.

Jessica looks at her face in the mirror. How the hell did she get to this point in her life she wonders? She gets a pill out of her purse and downs it taking water afterwards.

The man shouts at her to hurry up as she is taking too long to come out of there. She shouts back that she will be out soon. She decides to take another pill. It is going to be a long day.

Sam touches base with Martin asking him if he knew that this was going to happen. Martin had no idea. He can’t even talk to his daughter as she still hates him for leaving the family all those years ago. He feels that if he had been there all those years he had been gone, this wouldn’t be happening now. Sam knows that for Martin to have left the way that he did, he must have had a good reason. Martin thought that he had a good reason but his children don’t think that it is good enough. They just hate him period. Whether Alistair was the reason or not is of any importance to them.

Eve is horrified that Theresa would be foolish enough to believe that marrying Alistair will get her children back. That will never happen and anyone can see that. Whitney tells her mother that love is not a good thing. She brings up many examples where love has ruined everything. Eve and TC; Sam and Grace and Theresa who hasn’t gotten the love that she wants, but is willing to ruin her life to get it. That can’t be a good thing. This love thing if the very reason why Whitney will not try to have it again. That is why she will stay at the convent and give her life to God for the rest of her life.

Fox and Chad touch base on this whole Alistair and Theresa marriage. They both find it strange. Fox asks Chad if he has spoken to Whitney lately. Chad admits to talking to Whitney but it was a waste of time he says. She still wants to be at the convent. She isn’t really bent on being a nun; she just wants to be away from Harmony. Chad knows that she just doesn't trust herself with him or the baby. Fox gets that. Not knowing that they were siblings is one thing but knowing makes things twice as difficult. Chad knows what he is saying. He understands. He is starting to wonder if Whitney was right telling him that their love is a curse. That is what she told him and he is starting to see things her way. Fox finds that funny. Whitney says that she can’t love Chad or the baby as that would be wrong, but when you really look at what she is doing, she is actually sacrificing herself for both Chad and Miles by protection of them by staying away. It could be the greatest display of the love that she is trying to avoid.

Ethan makes his way to Theresa. “You are actually going to go through with this?” Theresa tells the love of her life that she is there and she is going to go through with this. “You took my daughter from me Ethan and that is why I am doing this. Are you going to give my daughter back? She should be living with me Ethan,” Theresa says. Ethan isn’t the one that can make this decision. It was made by the courts and they all have to abide by that ruling. Ethan tells Theresa that he will be glad to talk to Gwen about working out satisfactory visitation for Theresa to be with Jane. Theresa points out that she also wants him as part of the deal. “Is Gwen going to agree to that as well Ethan?” Theresa asks. Ethan hates it when she talks like this. It makes her sound crazy. Why can’t she just do things differently? She is doing this because she really believes that this will work. She wants Ethan and her children to be a family with her. That is what fate tells her will happen.

Simone is alone now wondering how she can help her friend. How did she get this way? Jessica needs help but she will never get it hanging out with that jerk. “I have to find a way to help my friend.”

The john keeps shouting at Jessica to get moving and get her clothes off so that they can get on with it. Enough stalling already. She reminds him that she hasn’t been paid. “What are you stupid,” he asks her. “The money is on the dresser.” Jessica makes a move to get the cash but the man suddenly gets impatient and grabs her when she leasts expects it, pulling her to the bed with him before she can get her hands on the money. He is on top of her now. She is high from the pills that she took in the bathroom and everything looks blurry. He is kissing her neck and he gets angry when she lies still with her eyes closed. “Hey that is not what I am paying for,” the man shouts at her. “Get up!” He picks her up off the bed and then slaps her down on it again. She can’t even find the energy to fight him off. She has no choice but to take his abuse. “Just listen to me. I like it rough, and that's the way you're going to give it to me, hmm, the way I want it,” the man says. He is on top of her again. She begs him to get off her. “No!” Her screams only excite him. “Oh, yeah, that's it, baby, come on. Yeah, that's it,” the disgust pervert instructs. Jessica keeps screaming but it doesn’t help her situation. The john has all the control at this point.

Jessica remembers a scene as she is being molested. It is one where her sister is telling her how much her family cares for her and wants her to do the right thing in her life. Jessica didn’t want to hear anything that her sister said. She felt that Kay didn’t have a right to lecture when she screwed up her own life. Funny, Kay feels that screwing up her life gives her all the rights in the world to tell her sister what to do. She could save her sister from making the same mistakes.

The john notices that Jessica is not into it with him. He orders her to pay attention and get involved. This comatose routine wasn’t what he had in mind when he took her with him to turn a trick.

Sam feels that Martin is being too hard on himself. After all, he was there for his kids and his daughter Jessica didn’t seem to benefit from that experience all that much. Martin knows a bit about what Jessica has been going though. Paloma told him all about it. Both men remember their children as tots. Theresa was headstrong, even then. Jessica was the type who wanted to have stories read to her repeatedly for hours. Kay was more of the athletic type and she just ran around everywhere. Both men looked forward to having their daughters walk down the aisle but no like this. Sam knows that it will be a stretch seeing Jessica walk properly down the aisle, but there is always the hope that Kay will get it right. Martin knows that no marriage can be as bad as the one that Theresa is entering into now. Sam says that anything can happen it seems. One day he is a happily married man, and the next day his wife is gone with another man to start a new life and his daughter is working the streets.

Gwen and Sheridan talk about what is happening. They both know that this is crazy. Gwen is sure that there is an ulterior motive behind all of this to do with taking Jane from her father’s home. Sheridan knows that Luis would be furious if he knew what was going on here. She admits that she did try to reach him but she wasn’t successful. She can’t get through on his phone. Gwen is so sorry to hear that. She knows that Luis would try to help with this. Sheridan has another way to get Luis home. She just has to decide if she should do it or not. Gwen tells her that she should try at least.

Theresa gives Ethan her philosophy on why they need to be together. She knows in her heart that she will end up with Ethan and her kids. She just needs him to realize that. He tells her again that this isn’t going to happen, and her marrying Alistair isn’t going to change his mind. Alistair will not leave Gwen. He has said it before and he will say it again. Even if he did want her, Alistair wouldn’t let her go with another man after marrying her. She believes that Alistair would release her to Ethan as he knows that he is the man that she really loves. He warns her for the last time. “If marrying Alistair is making you think that you are going to end up with me, then you are making a big mistake.” With that said, Ethan walks off leaving Theresa looking after him.

Alistair has heard the conversation that Theresa has had with Ethan. She is just the way that he wants her to be. Quietly he says to himself as he watches her, “Step into my parlor said the spider to the fly. Theresa has no idea what awaits her in the future.”

Julian is just understanding what has happened with Rebecca. He has saved Eve but also prevented them from truly being together ever.

Eve comes by and Julian greets her. She looks sad. He asks her why. She tells him that she was just talking to Whitney. Eve tells that Whitney has it all wrong. She doesn’t believe in love anymore and she is only running to the convent to avoid her life. Maybe if she was really interested in being a part of the church Eve could support Whitney but because she is just hiding from life, Eve is not happy with her daughter’s decision. Eve knows that she can’t change Whitney’s mind but she wishes that Whitney would see that she can’t hide from her life. It will always catch up to you. Julian has to agree with that.

Noah and Fancy are outside the restaurant in each other’s arms. They love being together and are happy although they know that hell is breaking loose inside the restaurant. Noah makes Fancy feel safe and so he will try to keep her in is arms as long as possible to keep her feeling safe. Fancy has to wonder why she is there. Grandfather wanted them there for a reason but she isn’t sure why. Noah is puzzled too. He couldn’t care less about the wedding. They only care about each other. They now decide to go back into the restaurant to flaunt their love. Fancy is a little concerned that she may make her grandfather angry by showing off with Noah. Noah isn’t sure that Alistair can be any angrier with the both of them being together.

Valerie tells Ivy that she saw her arguing with Kay just now about something and she wants to know what that was all about. Ivy tells that Kay has been trying to undermine both Valerie and Chad for position in the company. Valerie is shocked at this. Who does Kay think that she is? She is only here because Fox is sleeping with her. Ivy says that Kay has every intention of steamrollering Chad and bringing Fox to the top where she will sit at his right hand running the company. Valerie wonders why Ivy wouldn’t want Fox to be at the top of Crane Industries running things. Ivy says that she wants that but she wants him to get to the top fairly and not by hurting Chad. Valerie is glad to have heard this from Ivy who is proving to be a good friend. Ivy tells that she is telling this as she knows that Kay will get dirtier to play with in the office if Theresa marries Alistair. Valerie is glad to get this info. Ivy tells Valerie not to worry. Fox may have Kay, but Valerie is assured that she has Ivy. Valerie will do fine dealing with Kay on her own. Ivy knows that Valerie can do her own damage control, and that she will.

Chris asks Sheridan if she has made a decision yet about contacting Luis or not. Sheridan says that she has. Chris is ready for whatever she wants him to do. “Do I call the FBI and alert Luis, or do I leave it alone?” Chris asks.

Simone’s cellphone rings. “Hello?”

Jessica is on the phone. “It wasn’t me. I didn’t do it,” Jessica says. I was trying to get away. He wouldn’t leave me alone. Simone can tell that her friend is in trouble. “Where are you Jessica?” She has no idea where she is. She is in some hotel. She is freaking out. “You have to help me Simone! I think that I killed him. The john. I think that he is dead.”

Sheridan decides that she wants to have Luis there. “Use your FBI friends and get Luis back here.”

Judge Morrison has arrived to take care of the wedding since Father Lonnigan won’t do it. Alistair is glad to see the man. Judge Morrison left his wife’s birthday party to attend the wedding and make it happen. Alistair knows that this was a stretch for him. That is why Alistair has sent a gift to Morrison’s wife and given him a condo in Aspen as a special gift for helping him out this way. Judge Morrison wants to meet the bride. Theresa is presented to him. She is very polite and greets the judge meekly.

Alistair talks to the crowd, telling them that the wedding is about to start now. Sam jumps up saying that he will not be there to watch it. Ivy chimes in too that she is out of there as well. Julian is next to bow out. Fancy has no idea what is going on and turns to her mother to get answers. Noah asks Fancy if they are leaving too. Alistair cautions everyone that they need to stay as he has more in store for the group that they are going to want to see.

Ethan is wondering quietly what Alistair is going to do now.

Alistair tells the group that he has something very special for the crowd, but first he has to excuse himself.

Tabitha tells Endora that she hasn’t any idea what it is that Alistair has up his sleeve, but he is sure that whatever it is, it is a big one. Everyone in the room will be affected by whatever happens next!

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