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Written By Glynis

Simone happens to find Jessica out and about on the strip.  She greets her friend who she happened to be looking for.  Jessica is glad to see her.  Jessica takes no time in apologizing to her friend who tried to save her before, but ended up getting pushed over by Spike.  Simone cares nothing about that.  She only wants to know why her friend is still on the street after the terrible things that have been happening later.  Simone is shocked that Jessica would even dare to walk the streets again after such horrible things happening around her.  Jessica tells how she and Spike need money and how she feels that she should help him get some as it was her brother who burned down Spike’s club and cost Spike a living.  That is why he doesn’t work and Jessica does.  Simone sees through this game that Spike plays with Jessica.  She knows that Spike will not care about Jessica when he is finished using her and that she will be thrown away and out of his life later on.  Jessica doesn’t buy that.  “Spike loves me, and I love him,” Jessica claims.  Simone knows that her friend has been on drugs and is probably on them right now.  She begs Jessica to come with her and go home.

Alistair has revealed his terrible surprise to every at the Seascape.  “I want you all to meet my bride-to-be…” Alistair boasts.  He presents Theresa to the group before them.  Everyone gasps.  It is Theresa.  She is standing in a short bridal gown, dressed all in white, with a veil even.  She stands smiling before the horrified crowd.

Gwen, Ethan and Theresa stand frozen at the sight in front of them.  Gwen’s worst nightmare has really come true.  Ethan hasn’t any idea what to say about what he is witnessing here.  Rebecca sees this for what it is. Theresa is taking advantage and trying to get in a position of control here.  “The slut!”

Sam and Ivy are unable to absorb the reality of what they are seeing. 

Fox and Kay shake their heads.  How could she let this happen?

Julian and Eve are mortified at the hell that Alistair is bringing on the town of Harmony with this new plan of his.

Whitney watches alone from where she stands, and says quietly to herself, “Please Theresa…  Don’t do it.”

Chad knows that Theresa has done some crazy things in the past, but he can’t believe that she could be serious about this.

Noah and Fancy are new in town but they were under the understanding that Theresa loved Ethan.  Everyone knows that.  Well if that is the truth, then why would she be marrying Fancy’s grandfather?  It is Fancy’s family but she has no idea why this is happening.

Sheridan looks at the train wreck unable to draw her eyes away.  She knows that Luis would die if he could be there to see what his sister is getting into and with who.

Katherine can't believe that this girl has been around all this time and yet finds nothing wrong with marry this man.

Tabitha wants Endora to make a note of what is happening.  She wants Endora to see all the misery that Alistair is causing and will cause to everyone around them. This is how evil people should act.

Martin is not able to contain himself for much longer.  This marriage that his daughter is entering into is pure evil.

Alistair addresses the crowd telling them that he is very happy to have everyone there to witness him marrying Theresa in holy matrimony.

Martin shouts out that this marriage is holy hell!  Pilar too speaks out now.  No Daniel daughter of hers is going to do this.  Pilar turns to her daughter angrier than she has ever been.  “Theresa!  You are not going to do this.  Come home with me right now!” Alistair advises Theresa to calm her outraged mother and get her used to the idea of them being a family now.  Pilar will do no such thing.  To her, this marriage represents everything that is unholy, untruthful and horrible.  Alistair remarks that she sounds like she is describing her own marriage and not the one that Theresa is entering into.  Pilar damns him aloud, straight to hell.  She makes a move towards him.  Alistair calls to the crowd to behold his mother-in-law and how she acts.  He holds her from hurting him.  She orders him to get his grimy hands off her.  Everyone just stares at him and is overbearing attitude. He is so sure of himself and what is going to happen.  Alistair’s feathers are not ruffled by Pilar’s behavior.  He seems amused by it in fact.

Sheridan watches this spectacle.  She can't believe this.  Luis would be mortified at the events that are taking place.  She knows that Luis would do anything to stop this. 

Whitney is suffering on her own for her friend.  Tabitha mentions to her that she really thought that she wouldn’t be able to leave the convent like she has.  Whitney says that until she takes her final vows to be a nun, she can come and go as she pleases.  Tabitha fakes happiness at Whitney being able to be there to see her good friend get married.  Whitney says that in some way she is glad to be there but at the same time she is sad for her friend.  Tabitha asks Whitney how long had Theresa been dating Alistair.  Whitney tells that Theresa has no love for Alistair, and that this isn’t the marriage that usually takes place between people that really love each other.  “Theresa still loves Ethan, Tabitha.”  Tabitha shows shock on her face.  She then asks if Theresa managed to get herself knocked up again by a Crane.  “Is that the reason why this is happening dear?” Tabitha queries.  Whitney is surprised by the questions and comments that Tabitha has about this situation, and therefore has no intention of answering these questions.  “The whole thing is really complicated Tabitha.  I can’t really answer your questions right now,” she says.  Tabitha says that she understands.  She knows that love is never easy for a couple.  Whitney has to admit that is the truth.  Tabitha says that Whitney should know more than anyone else that love is never easy after what happened with she and Chad.

Chad decides that there is somewhere that he has to go right now.  He tells Valerie that he will be right back.  She asks him where he is going but he is gone and doesn’t answer.

Gwen will not let this go any further.  She tells Ethan to get to Theresa and stop her from doing this.  The power that Theresa will have after this goes through will be huge.  Gwen feels threatened.  Theresa took Sarah and now she will get Jane too.  This is a nightmare.  Ethan really believes that Theresa will not go through with this.  It has to be a ruse. He is sure that is will stop anytime now.  Gwen doesn’t believe him.  He hasn’t been right about a lot of things that have to do with Theresa in he past.  Ethan says that this is just Theresa’s way of showing that she really needs to have a part in Jane’s life.  She can’t go through a ceremony like this with Alistair.  There is no way.  Ethan can’t believe his ears.  Gwen is pushing him to talk to Theresa when usually being a few feet away from Theresa drives her crazy.  Gwen is desperate.  If the devil were there, she would be talking to him about this and working out a deal.

Simone tries talking sense to her friend.  She can’t possibly like living on the street like this.  Jessica admits that she doesn’t like this but she hates living at home too.  She feels trapped.  Simone has an idea.  “Come home with me.  I can help you.  I will take care of you Jessica.  You are a beautiful girl who is trapped on the street.  Let me help you Jessica.”  Jessica thinks for a minute and then she agrees to go with her friend.  They take two steps before they are stopped.

Spike appears on the scene.  “Jessica!  Where the hell do you think you are going?”

Fancy’s worst fears about her grandfather are coming true.  Sheridan was telling the truth about the destruction her grandfather has caused and continues to cause to the families of Harmony.  Noah is just as shocked by the things that he is learning about Alistair too.  He never ceases to surprise.  He recounts how Alistair has gone after him and his family with a lot of energy just to cause them heartache.  Where does he find the time to do that and run an empire?  Fancy is scared now of what her grandfather is capable of.  She is so glad that she made the decision that she did. Noah asks her what that decision was. She says that she is talking about the decision to end her relationship with him.  She can’t deal with the hurt that people are feeling partly because of her. Noah doesn’t want her to do this.  He wants to be with her.  She can’t let that happen.  Noah wants to talk reason to her but she can’t allow him to change her mind again.  “I am sorry Noah.  This has to be the end this time.”

Julian and Eve bounce ideas around as to why Theresa would do this to her family who have all been hurt by Alistair at one time or another.  This will just kill them.  Julian also comes up with an important point.  “He is still married to Katherine, unless something happened between them that I am not aware of.” Julian hates that marriage is the vessel that Alistair is using this time to ruin lives and exert his power.  Eve hates this too.  Marriage to the both of them means something spiritual, something holy that shouldn’t be undermined. Julian believes that too.  He promises that when he marries Eve, if he gets to marry her, he will be the best for her that he can be. Eve is feeling suddenly pressured by Julian about their relationship and how it stands. She knows that he wants her to pick him but she can’t do that right now.  Now isn’t the time to be talking about such things.  He knows that he is talking ahead of himself, but if he is so lucky to be chosen over TC for her hand in marriage, he just promises that things will be wonderful everyday.

Martin asks Katherine how Alistair can do a thing like this when he is still married to her.  Katherine has been wondering the very same thing but every time that she brings up the subject, Alistair laughs in her face and walks off. 

Rebecca turns to Martin wondering why he isn’t doing anything to stop this marriage.  Although their reasons are different, they both want the same thing here.  They both want this marriage stopped.  Rebecca offers to distract Alistair in her very special way so that Martin can deal with this, but he knows that he is facing a brick wall.  Martin turns to Katherine telling her that she has to be the one to try to reach Theresa.  Katherine can tell her what type of hell she had to live with while being that man’s wife.  Katherine will try her best to help but Theresa has always been a hard nut to crack and she doesn’t hold up much hope for changing the girl’s mind.


“Tu te has vuelto loca, Theresa? You cannot and you will not marry Alistair Crane,” Pilar commands.  Theresa says that she has to do this.  It is the only way for her to get Jane and Ethan back.  Pilar sees the foolishness clearly, so why can’t Theresa?  “Theresa!  He will never let you go you foolish girl.  You will be doing the opposite to what you are trying to accomplish.  You will be preventing yourself from ever being with Ethan.  Alistair will make sure that you belong to no one but him after this.  Theresa knows that some of what her mother says is true but she has to try.  She knows that from a powerful position, she will be better able to get what she wants in life, than if she remains poor, pitiful Theresa. 


Sheridan is feeling terribly guilty now.  She is sure that she is the reason why this terrible thing is about to take place.  She feels that if Luis had a chance he would be able to stop this.  However, because of her people have suffered.  Luis is in Spain hurt because of her, and now Theresa is going to go through this without her brother to stop her. Chris hears Sheridan blaming herself for everything that has gone wrong to the people around her, but he knows that Luis going after his son is something that Luis would have done anyway.  That is his boy and he loves the child as much as Sheridan did.  Sheridan admits however to saying terrible things to Luis before sending him off on this never-ending quest to find their child and bring him back or stay away. 


Fox thought that he knew Theresa but this stunt has got to be the worst idea that she has ever had.  Kay can see that, but what puzzles her is how Theresa can marry a man that old.  Yuck!  Fox knows that there is some angle here that will get Theresa to Ethan and the kids.  Ever since he has known Theresa she has always been about her kids and Ethan and nothing else.  Kay recalls that Fox dated Theresa once.  Fox admits to having been smitten with Theresa at first, but that was only until he realized that she had eyes only for Ethan. It was after that episode that Fox then fell for Whitney Kay remembers.  Fox admits to that too, but quickly reminds Kay that now he is with her.  Kay can’t leave the subject of Whitney, not even to talk about her relationship with Fox. She wants to discuss Whitney more now. 


Chad finds Whitney alone in a corner of the restaurant.  “Whitney are you okay?” She is sad and brooding.  How can she be happy when her best friend is about to make the worst mistake of her life in a few minutes?  Whitney tells how she tried to make Theresa see sense but as usual, she had her blinders on and could only see Ethan off somewhere in her future.  Chad knows exactly what Whitney is talking about.  What he can’t figure out is why Theresa would be doing something like this.  Whitney explains that the power would allow her to get her kids and Ethan. That is the way her sick mind works. Chad knows that Ethan and Gwen are tight and that he will not leave Gwen that easily. That is not the kind of person that he is.  Everyone is trying to make Theresa see that but she will not be convinced otherwise.

Gwen tells Ethan that somehow this marriage that Theresa is going to have is going to infringe on the control that she and Ethan have with the baby.  Ethan can’t see how that could happen.  Gwen feels that there is some way that Theresa could get what she wants. She can’t figure it out right now, but she knows that it can happen. Ethan says that Theresa’s idea of being with the perfect man isn’t this.  This is going to be her first real wedding and she will want it to be perfect.  He can’t see this happening.  Gwen reminds him that the perfect man for Theresa, in her mind is him.  Gwen is getting desperate.  She wants this marriage stopped.  She feels really threatened by this union.  “Ethan.  Get over there to Theresa and tell her that this can’t happen. Please.  Stop this from happening.


Theresa has just gotten slapped in the face by her mother. Her face really hurts bad.  Pilar didn’t mean to lose her temper but that girl just will not listen to reason at times.  Pilar knows that the slap probably hurt but it can‘t hurt as much as having sex with Alistair can.  Theresa tells her mother that all that happened because she didn’t do what she said she was going to do.  Pilar hears that her daughter auctioned herself off for some unattainable dream and she hates that.  Alistair will chew her up and spit her out.  She will never have Ethan.  This is about the ruination of her life.  When she is done and used up, he will spit her out.


Spike asks Jessica again where she was going just now with Simone.  Jessica says that she was tired and that she was just taking a break.  Simone tells him that Jessica was just going home with her.  Spike will not let Jessica go anywhere.  “She has a lot of work to do and a lot of money to make up for. She got herself arrested and now she has to work to make that money back.”  Jessica tells Spike again that she didn’t get arrested on purpose. The cop who took her in fooled her.  He cares nothing about that.  “Get back on the street Jessica and get to work.”  Simone retorts that he is a pimp who is all heart.  Spike reminds Jessica that she was the one that wasted good money getting busted and then needing bail.  Now he wants his money back.  “Now get out there and make this cash back right away.  And I mean now.”  Jessica begs to have the night off.  She is just so tired.  She just wants to go to sleep and then she will work the next day really hard for him.  Spike smiles when he hears that she is tired.  He has something that will perk her right up right now.  He slips the drugs into Jessica’s hands.  “Take that.  That will make you feel good tonight…  Okay?”  Jessica takes the drugs.  “Thanks Spike!” Jessica says.  Simone sees this for what it is.  “Spike is just keeping you high so that he can control you.  Don’t let him do it Jessica!”  Spike tells Simone to shut her mouth if she knows what is good for her.  Simone ignores Spike.  “Come on Jessica. You wouldn’t owe this guy money if he didn’t have you on the street in the first place.  I am getting you out of here, now let’s go!”  Spike has had enough of this girl.  He warns her for the last time to stay out of his business.


Fox hates these questions of the past that Kay throws at him.  Now she wants to know if he would still be with Whitney if things were different.  How can he answer that?  He turns things around.  “Would you still be with Miguel?” Fox asks.  Kay sees what he is doing here.  Fox just goes to the bottom line.  “We were with other people and now we are with each other and that is that,” Fox says. Kay knows that but she has other questions.  Fox tells ‘no’. “You are the only one in my life and that is all there is to it.  You make me happy and I don’t see any changes happening to change that.”

Ivy happens to be listening to the conversation and she promises to make some changes if she ever gets the chance.


TC catches Eve alone.  “Hey!”  She turns to him, happy to see him there.  He sees that she is not happy.  He really thought that she would have been happy after the mistrial but she is sad.  Eve says that she is sad for Theresa who is messing up her life. Whitney tried to help but she couldn’t stop that headstrong Theresa.  TC has to laugh.  Eve doesn’t think that this is funny at all.  TC tells her that he wasn’t laughing at Theresa’s situation, it was more about the time they took the girls on a picnic and they were all telling of their dream weddings.  Funny how things work out.  Theresa is marrying a racist and Whitney probably won’t have a wedding if she ends up living her life out at the convent. 

Eve secretly knows that neither of her girls will have the wedding of their dreams now.

She remembers Simone admitting that she is a lesbian and that she had fallen in love with a girl.  Eve remembers promising her daughter that she would keep this secret, even from TC.

Eve is willing to just settle for happy girls and nothing more if it doesn’t come for them.


Whitney tells Chad how Theresa is so bent that she really believes that this idea of marrying Alistair will get her the man that she loves.  Whitney is sure now that she is doing the right thing by heading to the convent to live out her life.  She believes that love destroys people, not brings them together.  Her parents, the Bennetts and Theresa all suffer because they believe in love.  Chad disagrees.  What ruined things for he and Whitney was their mother not telling the truth when she should have.  What they experienced when they didn’t know each other did a good thing.  It produced Miles.  Whitney knows that Miles’s life will never be a really good one. He was born of incest and will be shunned for it, as Chad will too.  Who can be happy with that?  Chad couldn’t care less about that.  He doesn’t care what other people think.  He knows that he can still be happy in spite of things that happened out of his control, and he knows that Whitney can be happy to if only she will allow herself to be.  He loves her and he knows that she loves him too.  He is glad that they had the relationship that they did.  She will always be it for him, no matter what happens in his life from this point on.  Whitney begs him to stop talking like this.  He can’t.  He begs her to come home with him so that they can figure this thing out and learn how they can live like a family.


Noah finds Fancy.  He wants to talk to her but she doesn't want that.  She knows that if she looks into his eyes, she will fall for him all over again and she can’t risk that.  In that case, he wants her to look into his eyes.  He wants her back. He is no about to lose her at this point.  She admits that she doesn’t want to lose him. Then it is settled in his opinion. They will stay together no matter what her grandfather tries to do to them.


Chris finds Sheridan on her cellphone making a call. He asks if she is checking on James with the sitter.

Sheridan tells him that she is trying to reach Luis but her phone can’t get through to him.  Chris understands what she is trying to do, but how can Luis get there in time anyway?  He is all the way in Spain.  He can’t stop his sister marrying Alistair from there.  Luis can’t get home from Spain, but he could talk to his sister on the phone and convince her to do the right thing and forget about this marriage.  Sheridan got the number from Pilar in case of an emergency but she still can’t get through with it. 

Chris thinks that he might be able to help with Sheridan’s problem. He gets on the phone and calls friends of his.  “Hi!  I need your help!”

Tabitha tries to pocket some of the lobsters to nibble on later.  Endora interrupts using her magic, trying to upset her mother’s plan, risking getting her caught.  Tabitha warns Endora to behave herself and to stop meddling in evil doings. She wants Endora to pay attention to the things that her grandfather does at this wedding.  There is going to be trouble for sure with him marrying Theresa.


Julian tries to reason with his father.  He wants the man to admit that he is making a joke and to just send the forks home.  Alistair isn’t joking though.  He is going to marry Theresa.  Julian asks how this marriage can happen anyway when he is married to Katherine.  Alistair will not answer that question now. That is part of his surprised for everyone at the party.  Julian will have to wait like everyone else to get the answer to that question.  Julian doesn’t like the sound of that.  Alistair tells Julian that he should mind his own business and worry about his problems with Rebecca and that contract that he signed.  Julian is surprised to hear that his father knows about that.  Alistair does know all about it.  He knows that Julian made the deal to get Eve off her charges.  Alistair feels that his marriage isn’t nearly as important as what Rebecca was promised in that document. Julian is fine with whatever he signed in the contract.  Alistair isn’t so sure that Alistair will feel the same when he hears what that paper says.  Julian asks what is in the contract.


Gwen asks her mother what she is to do if Theresa gets married to Alistair.  Rebecca says that there is nothing to worry about. She will help her daughter get another man.  Gwen doesn’t want another man. She wants Ethan.  Why isn’t her mother worried about this?  Rebecca says that she has taken steps to make sure that whatever happens they will be okay.  Gwen suspects that this has something to do with the deal that her mother made with Julian.  It is Rebecca admits.  Rebecca has something big in store for herself and will be alright.  Gwen knows that she will only be alright if she can stop this wedding.


Pilar keeps trying to save her daughter’s life and stop her from marrying this man.  Theresa will not do that.  “Nothing that you say mom will stop me from going ahead with this,” Theresa says. 

Martin has brought Katherine to Theresa and her mother to put this issue to rest once and or all.  “Go ahead Katherine. Tell her why she can’t marry Alistair,” Martin says.  Theresa will not listen to anything that ruined her father’s whore has to say. This is the woman that ruined her family years ago.  Martin takes responsibility for that but Theresa will not listen.  Pilar tells Theresa to listen.  “No one knows what a monster Alistair is more than Katherine does.  She was married to the man.  Go ahead Katherine tell her,” Pilar says.  Katherine tells Theresa that she is still married to the man.  Pilar’s face lights up.  “That is right! I almost forgot.  You are still married to that man, so Theresa your whole plan to marry Alistair is not going to work.  Now let’s forget about this and go home.”


Spike tells Simone that she isn’t taking Jessica away anywhere.  Jessica will stay but she would just like to talk to Simone for a minute.  Simone tells Jessica that she doesn’t have to be afraid of this clown.  “Come on Jessica, let’s go home.”  Spike gets angry now with Simone. She is turning into trouble.  He is getting really tired of her mouth.  Spike pulls his knife on Simone.  Jessica sees that things are getting quickly out of hand. She knows that she can stop this attack on her friend.  “Okay Spike.  I will go to work for you now, just don’t hurt my friend okay?”  Spike tells Jessica that she just saved her friend from getting engraved with his knife.  Jessica pulls Spike away from Jessica and tells him that she needs to get going with his help now.  Spike likes the way that she is talking now.  He tells Simone that she needs to get out of town and that she had better stay away from Jessica.  “Jessica.  Take the rest of the pills that I gave you before you go to work,” Spike says to Jessica.  Simone tells Jessica not to take the pills.  “That is how he controls you Jessica!  Don’t do it!” Simone shouts.  Spike turns on the troublemaker again.  “Shut up!  Now Jessica!  Do as I tell you.  Take the rest of the pills that I gave you and get out there to work.”  Simone tells Jessica that she can’t do this.  This isn’t the Jessica that she used to know and love. The other Jessica wouldn’t take drugs or hang out with men on the corner.   Besides, this is just plain dangerous. Jessica isn’t afraid. She knows that Spike will protect her and that she will not get in any trouble out there on the street.

Spike takes Jessica away now, leaving Simone eating their dust.  Simone knows that she has to do something to save her friend, but what?


Fancy is getting cold feet again as she watches the way that people are acting and how her grandfather is treating people.  What will happen when her grandfather turns his anger on Noah?  She can’t be responsible for that.  Noah wants Fancy to think about their love for one another and how it is worth risking whatever it is that Alistair will try to do to them.  Noah has his mind made up. He and Fancy are together and they are going to stay that way.  Who cares about Alistair and his threats.


Chad is begging Whitney to come back to him again. She tells him no again.  She can’t be with he and Miles. She just can’t.  This is the reason that she has to stay at the convent and the reason why she has to get back to the convent right now.  Whitney runs off from Chad. 

After Chad has left the area, Fancy comes out of hiding.  She wants Chad to see that Whitney is right and that his feelings for her has to go away.  It is over between them and he has to move on to someone else.  Preferably her.


Kay notices that Ivy is sniffing around her too much.  “Ivy! What do you want?” Kay asks.  Ivy says that the have an appointment to talk that has been long overdue.


Julian calls to Rebecca to have a word with her about the papers that he signed. Rebecca tells him that he will find out about the contents of the contract in good time.  Not now.  That will not do.  Julian wants to know now what it was that he signed now. 


Sheridan is still trying to get to Luis but she can’t reach him.  Chris offers to do it for her.  He has access to FBI people that will be glad to help with this.  Chris can do this but Sheridan has to be sure that she wants him to do it.


Pilar knows there is a god when she hears Katherine say that she is still married to Alistair and so that stops him from marrying anyone else.  Alistair is there but doesn’t seem affected by the words he hears.  Martin is thrilled.  He knows that even Alistair can’t take a second wife.  Alistair warns him not to count his chickens before they hatch. Alistair calmly tells the group why he can marry Theresa.  “I had Katherine declared legally dead after she ran off with Martin.  So you see, I can in face marry Theresa today.”

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