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Written By Shirley
Pictures by Amanda

Simone finds Jessica on a dark street, and assures her she’s fine when she asks. Jess apologized for Spike pushing her friend down, but Simone asks why she’s still turning tricks. She says if Spike needs money, he should get a job, but Jess sticks up for him, saying he loves her. Simone tells her it’s just the drugs talking, that he uses them to keep control over her. She asks Jess to come home with her and stop selling herself.

At the Seascape Restaurant, Alistair introduces everyone to his bride, Theresa. The reactions range from shock to anger to disgust. Rebecca says she’s an opportunistic slut. No one can understand why she would agree to marry Alistair. The old man tells them all he’s glad they are there to witness his marriage, but the only one who is glad to be there is Tabitha, since she knows the marriage will cause much pain and suffering for everyone.

Pilar tells him he is not going to marry her daughter, and he makes remarks about her being upset, saying she must be talking about her own marriage to Martin when she calls it an abomination. He then tells them all to eat and enjoy the food and drinks while they wait for Father Lonigan to get there to perform the ceremony.

Whitney decides she’s had enough and starts to leave, but Tabitha stops her, knowing it will make her more upset. She talks about not knowing the two were dating, and Whitney tells her they weren’t, then Tabitha asks if Alistair “knocked her up” like Julian did, and Whitney says no. She tells the old witch that love only causes problems for people, then runs out, leaving Tabby to say that she and Chad should know. Chad sees Whitney leaving and follows her, leaving Valerie by herself, stewing about him chasing after her.

Gwen is upset about the marriage because it means Theresa will have more power and will be able to get Jane back from them. She tells Ethan to go talk her out of marrying Alistair, which surprises him, and he reminds her she has fits if he gets within 10 feet of the woman. She says at this point she’s more worried about what the marriage will mean to her than about him talking to Theresa.

Simone tells Jessica she is too good and beautiful to be working the streets, that if she won’t go home then she wants her to come home with her. Jessica seems to be willing, but Spike shows up and asks what she thinks she’s doing.

On the patio, Fancy tells Noah she now sees her grandfather for what he really is, that she never believed all the things he and others told her about him being evil and mean, but now she sees it’s all true. Noah agrees that he does awful things, and lists some things he’s done to him and his family, and Fancy tells him that’s why she’s decided she can’t be with him after all. She doesn’t want Alistair doing anything else to Noah or his family because of her. She starts to leave, and Noah follows, trying to stop her.

Eve and Julian talk about how strange it is for Theresa to marry Alistair after all he’s done to her family over the years. She simply can’t understand it, and neither can Julian, but he swears if they marry their life will be great. She hesitates, and he says he knows she hasn’t decided which man to be with yet, but if he’s the lucky one, their life will be nothing but happiness forever. He talks about marrying her right away since the charges against her were dropped, and his divorce to Rebecca should be final soon.

Martin wonders how Alistair can marry Theresa when he’s still married to Katherine, and Katherine talks about how Al always laughed whenever she mentioned divorce. Rebecca comes up and demands that Martin talk to Theresa before she marries Alistair and causes more problems for her Gwennie, like she did when she killed both Gwen’s babies. Martin reminds her that’s not how it was, but she brushes that aside and simply tells him to go talk to his daughter and make her stop the wedding. He asks Katherine to talk to her, since she knows better than anyone what being married to Alistair is like.

Pilar is talking to her already, asking her if she’s gone crazy. She says her daughter cannot marry that man, but Theresa tells her she has to, that it’s the first step in getting Jane and Ethan back. Pilar says Alistair won’t sit by while his wife has a lover, and Theresa says she doesn’t know how it will work, but she has to do it since it’s the only chance she has of having the life she wants. Pilar asks if she’s willing to use the holy bonds of matrimony in her attempt to steal another woman’s husband, and tells her it’s the wrong answer when she sees that’s exactly what she’s thinking, then she slaps her across the face.

Sheridan feels it’s her fault Luis isn’t here to talk his sister out of this marriage, saying if she hadn’t told him to go find Marty he’d still be here now. Chris tells her that’s not true, but she says she told Luis some horrible things before he left. She says even thought he would have gone to find Marty anyway, she still feels it’s her fault because of how she treated him.

Fox and Kay talk about the marriage, and Kay says she can’t understand how Theresa could marry that old man, that the thought of their wedding night makes her nauseous. Fox says yeah, it’s gross, but he bets she’s doing it for Ethan and her daughter, since everything she does is for them. Kay remembers that he once dated Theresa, and he says yes, he did, but she told him she still loved Ethan and always would so he moved on. Kay says he was with Whitney then, and asks if things had been different whether he’d still be with her.

Chad catches up to Whitney and asks if she’s ok. She asks how she could be with her best friend about to make the worst mistake of her life. He asks if she talked to her about it, and she tells him she did, but of course Theresa wouldn’t listen. She never does. Chad wonders why she’d want to marry Alistair in the first place, and Whitney says in her mind she thinks it’s the only way to get Jane back, and Ethan, too. They agree that even tho Ethan tells her that he will never leave Gwen, she simply won’t believe him because she thinks Fate means for them to be together, and she will do whatever it takes, even marrying Alistair, to make that happen.

Gwen is still yapping at Ethan about how much power Theresa will have when she marries Alistair, and that she will use it to ruin them. Ethan wonders how she could, but Gwen doesn’t know, either. She simply knows she will do something to tear them apart, and she wants him to stop her. He tells her he doesn’t believe she will go through with it, since she wants her wedding day to the man of her dreams to be perfect. Gwen reminds him he’s the man of her dreams, and he’s taken. He tells her he doesn’t believe she will actually go through with it, but Gwen again says she thinks differently than they do, so there’s no telling what she’ll do. She tells him to go talk to her, and tell her whatever she wants to hear, do whatever she wants, just as long as she stops the wedding.

Theresa tells her mother the slap hurt, but Pilar asks if it hurt as much as when Alistair raped her. Theresa says that was her fault for not complying with their agreement, but Pilar tells her the fact she had a deal with him is bad enough, but the wedding is just too much. Theresa says it’s the only way she can get her daughter back, and have a chance at getting Ethan back, but Pilar tells her there is no way Alistair will help her, that he only does things for himself. She says he will use her and abuse her in ways she can’t even think about, but he will never do anything to help her in any way. She says she slapped her in hopes it would wake her up and make her think more clearly, then says she has to stop the wedding right now.

Spike asks Jessica again where she’s going, and she says she’s tired, then Simone tells him she’s taking her home with her. He says she’s going nowhere, that she needs to make up for lost time after being arrested. Jessica apologizes for not knowing the guy was a cop, but he says she needs to learn those things, and she needs to get to work and earn the money to pay him back for her bail. Simone makes a remark about him being a pimp with a heart, then pulls Jessica and starts to leave. He stops them, telling her he risked his own freedom by going to the station to bail her out, and he did it because he loves her. Simone says “Oh, please!”, and he tells her to shut up, then says Jessica is going to earn that money back tonight or else. She asks if she can just go home for the night and rest, but he says no, then gives her some pills to take, which she starts to do. Simone tells her not to do it, that’s how he controls her, and he tells her to shut up or he’ll shut her up. Jessica tells her she’d better get busy and make the money, but Simone says she doesn’t have to do it, then grabs her arm and starts pulling her away, but Spike stops her, saying she’s not taking Jessica anywhere as he pulls a knife.

Fox asks Kay if she’d still be with Miguel if things were different, and she says she doesn’t know. He says it’s the same with him and Whitney, he just doesn’t know, but he is with her now, and she’s the only one in his heart. Kay is touched, and he says he has a feeling it’s going to stay that way forever, then they kiss. Ivy, snooping as usual, says not over her dead body.

TC sits at the table with Eve, and he wonders why she‘s not over the moon after having the charges against her dropped. She says she was until this Theresa business. They talk about how stubborn she can be. TC smiles, and Eve tells him she doesn‘t find it funny. He says he’s not smiling about that, he’s just remembering the girls when they were small. He reminds her how they always planned their dream weddings, and she says she doubts this is what Theresa had in mind back then. TC says Whitney won’t have her dream wedding, either, if she stays in the convent, and only Simone will be able to marry the man of her dreams. Eve remembers her daughter telling her she’s a lesbian, but doesn’t want to tell TC, so she just says she hopes both her girls will be happy. He says it looks like Whitney isn’t going to get there any time soon, between Chad and the baby.

Chad and Whitney talk about Theresa’s belief that Fate will make everything work out right for her, and Whitney says it’s making her more sure that she did the right thing by shutting herself away in the convent, since love only destroys lives. She reminds him of what happened with her parents, the Bennetts, and Theresa. He says their mother lying was what caused the problems for him and her, that love brought them Miles. She reminds him that Miles is a child of incest, and he has to live with that his whole life, as do they. Chad says they are soul mates and asks her to come back to him and Miles. She is disgusted.

Noah sees Fancy sitting outside and goes out to her. He says they need to stay together, that he doesn’t care what Alistair does to him, he just can’t lose her. She agrees, and they decide to stay together and not let her grandfather come between them.

Chris finds Sheridan trying to make a call and assumes she’s checking on James. She tells him she’s trying to call Luis so he can get Theresa to stop the wedding, but she can’t get the phone to call his number. As she continues to try, he makes a call and tells the person he needs a favor.

Tabitha sticks a lobster into her purse, then tries to get another one in, too. Endora thinks her mother is a thief, and Tabby tells her to stop ruining her fun. She says she doesn’t know where her baby came from, with all her good witchiness, but she warns her to behave herself tonight and not mess up Grandfather Alistair’s wedding and all the pain it will bring to Harmony.

Julian asks Alistair if it isn’t time he stopped all this nonsense, and Al tells him he needs to tend to his own business. Julian wonders how he can marry Theresa when he’s still married to Katherine, but Al tells him to just wait and watch, and it won’t be the only surprise for them this evening. Julian asks what he meant about taking care of his own business, and Alistair tells him he was stupid for signing the papers Rebecca gave him without reading them, that he will regret it when he finds out what he signed. Julian starts to wonder just what he did sign.

Gwen wants Rebecca to tell her what they are going to do if Ethan can’t stop Theresa from marrying Alistair, but Rebecca says she doesn’t have to worry, she’ll support her. Gwen tells her she’s not worried about that, she just wants to keep her husband, and Rebecca says that’s ok, but they are both set for life. Gwen asks if it has something to do with her testimony for Eve, and Rebecca tells her it does, and that it’s something very big. She says she’ll be set for life, and Gwen says she will, too, if Ethan can talk Theresa out of marrying Alistair.

Pilar tells Theresa again she can’t marry Alistair, then calls on Katherine to tell her what he’s like. Theresa doesn’t want to hear from the woman who tore her family apart, but her mother makes her listen anyway. She says if anyone can tell her what the man is like it’s the woman who used to be his wife. Katherine says she’s still his wife, and the others realize that’s true, and Pilar is thrilled to know that there is no way the wedding can go on now.

Simone wants Jessica to come with her, but Spike keeps stopping her. She isn’t afraid of him and tells him so, but he just gets angry. He hands Jess more pills, telling her to take them and then go out and make the money she owes him. Simone tells her not to do it, that the pills are how he controls her. She says this isn’t Jessica, that she wouldn’t be doing men, doing drugs, etc. Spike goes after her, but Jess tells him to stop, saying she is going to go to work right now. He smirks at Simone, then jumps at her, and tells her to get away and don’t come back. As she watches them walk away, she says she has to find a way to get Jessica out of this.

Noah tells Fancy not to let Alistair come between them, that what they have is special, and it’s too strong for even Alistair to pull them apart.

Chad tells Whitney again to come back to him and Miles. She tells him she can’t do that, that it would only cause problems for them and for Miles, and she just won’t do that. He tries to stop her from leaving, but she goes anyway, and he follows again. Valerie, watching them, says quietly that he needs to let her go back to the convent and then she can have Chad herself.

Ivy pulls Kay aside, and Kay asks what she’s doing. She says they are going to have a long overdue talk.

Julian asks Rebecca what was in the papers he signed, and she says she’ll tell him later, but he insists she tell him now just what he signed away to her.

Chris asks Sheridan if she’s still trying to contact Luis, and she says yes but the phone won’t let her call. He says he can help her, but first he needs to know if he does whether she’ll be upset with him for doing it.

Pilar is very happy, believing the wedding can’t take place since Alistair is still married to Katherine. However, Al tells them that he had her declared dead years ago, so he is free to marry whomever he wishes. Katherine is upset that he let her believe she was still his wife, but he laughs and tells her he wouldn’t have had the fun of seeing her unhappy all this time if he’d told her. He tells everyone to sit, the ceremony will begin as soon as Father Lonigan gets there. Then he quietly says there are even more surprises to come later.

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