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Written By Glynis
Pictures by Amanda

Noah and Fancy say goodbye but they can ‘t seem to walk away. It is night now. Fancy is the strong one and she leaves.

“It is over. It is really over.”


She turns to find Noah behind her. “I don’t care about your grandfather. I can’t give you up,” he tells her. They kiss.

Chris and Sheridan are out on their date at the movies. They are about to enter the establishment but talk instead for a minute. She falls on the topic of her father again, and she tells him that her father is horrible and if she told him the things that he did to her he wouldn’t believe it.

Actually he would believe it.

Whitney is listening to Theresa who has come to her about a decision that she has made. She had to talk to someone. “I have to do this to get Ethan and Jane back Whitney. I just wanted to let you know first.” She starts leaving but Whitney stops her. “This is a drastic step Theresa.” Theresa points out that Whitney has done some pretty drastic things herself.

It is true. Ethan confirms that Eve is free.

Liz tells Grace that this is outrageous. Grace has to agree. She tells Liz to call her office when trouble comes her way, and she will try to help her. Grace is positive that Liz isn’t the criminal here.

Rebecca waves at the prosecutor who just glares back at her. Grace wonders if anyone has ever tried to kill her.

TC lets his wrath out on Liz now. “You knew that Liz was innocent and you lied under oath!” Liz denies everything.

Gwen comes to her mother to ask why she did what she did in court. Rebecca keeps quiet about that.

Julian smiles over at Rebecca. He is indebted to her for what she has done. Rebecca smiles back.

Tabitha throws her hands up. Endora has really done it this time. SHE has to learn to be a better witch if she wants to get along around here.

Chad and Valerie, and Fox and Kay are alone now in an office. They want to know what Alistair is up to.

Tabitha is watching. She wonders what Alistair is cooking up at Seascape.

Chad decides that he will not go to Seasape. He was doing fine before he had this job. Fox tells him that he will go as they have to find out what this is all about.

At Seascape, Martin and Pilar are entering to have a meal.

They see Katherine who is in there alone.

Sam and Ivy are at a table at The Seascape getting ready to eat. It is going to be a great relaxing evening for them.

Alistair is in his car on his way to The Seascape. He talks on his phone making sure the final touches are put on the evening as he requested.

Tabitha is watching with Endora through the big blue pot. She smiles. She knows that whatever it is that Alistair has cooked up is going to be good.

Theresa defends what she is doing. She wants Ethan. Whitney only sees that Ethan is married and her friend has no chance. Theresa wishes that Whitney could see that true love really does conquer all. Theresa will do whatever it takes to make her desire a reality. She would like Whitney’s help but she can do this alone if she has to. Whitney offers to go with her friend in spite of the fact that she disagrees with what she is doing. Maybe she can change her friend’s mind about this on the way.

Eve thanks Ethan for all that he has done. Ethan says that Rebecca was the one that did it all.

Gwen wants details but Rebecca can’t talk now.

TC goes to Eve thinking that they are going to get back together but that is not her answer yet. She needs time to think. She will always be in his heart and he needs her to know that.

Eve tells Rebecca that she has no idea what to say to her. Rebecca says that she didn’t do what she did for her.

Julian hears what Rebecca says.

He remembers the contract that Rebecca had him sign. He wasn’t allowed to read the contract. He was desperate to get Eve free and so he signed the contract.

“Oh lord. What have I signed? What did you pull of this time Rebecca?”

Ethan returns. He has just spoken to the judge. TC, Julian and Eve wait to see what it is that Ethan has to tell them.

Tabitha and Endora are ready to go now. Maria will have to stay home. Tabitha has gotten her a sitter for the evening. The sitter stands by smiling. Tabitha loves this. She waves to the sitter and then leaves with Endora.

Pilar is sure that Katherine was the one that invited her and her husband to the restaurant. Katherine says that it wasn’t her. Katherine says that she didn’t set this up. She wants to spend time with her daughter tonight.

Ivy listens as Sam talks about Noah and Fancy and how they look at each other. They are just like Sam and Ivy were at a younger age. Ivy made terrible mistakes as well. She is sorry when she lied to Sam about things in the past. “I don’t want my children to fall for the wrong people. I want them to be happy no matter who or what is in their way.”

Noah and Fancy have decided that they will be together in spite of her grandfather. She is still scared for his safety. He couldn’t care about that. As long as he is with her, damn everything else. To be with him, she would go through anything.

Chris and Sheridan have just seen a movie and there was a little boy in the movie that reminded her about Marty. When Luis’s name comes up, Sheridan says that they shouldn’t talk about that. They decide they will not talk bout Luis or Maureen.

Sheridan gets a text message and it is from Fancy. She wants Sheridan to meet her at the Seascape. Chris tells her to go ahead. Sheridan wants him to come with her. Sheridan would love to introduce him to her niece. They will have to go and change first though.

Alistair is in his car having a drink. “Everyone should have had their messages by now. I hope that they eat before I get there. They will not have an appetite after I am finished with them.”

Noah and Fancy are truly happy now. He will take her out tonight. She would love to go to the beach, but he wants to go somewhere more public. “I want to show the world that we are not afraid of Alistair.”

Her phone rings. “It is a text message inviting me to The Seascape. It is probably from my Aunt Sheridan. That is perfect. We can be with her and flaunt our relationship. Let’s go home and change.”

Ethan tells Eve that the jury would have found her guilty if the verdict had been read. Eve breathes a sigh of relief. Julian calls a victory celebration on him. Rebecca asks if she is invited. Julian tells her sure. Ethan and Gwen can’t make it. They received a message that they have to meet someone at the Seascape. They will meet up later though.

Everyone leaves but Julian and Rebecca. Julian asks Rebecca what it was that he signed earlier. She will not tell him.

Katherine is watching as Martin and Pilar dance.

She remembers him holding her in his arms that way.

She shakes the memory from her head. When she looks up, she sees Martin staring at her.

The dance is over. Martin feels like this is just like old times, but Pilar assures him that it is not.

Sheridan and Chris arrive. Katherine and Sheridan talk about how the messages came to them in a confusing manner. No problem they can all have fun together.

Pilar takes Sheridan aside and asks her about this man that she is dating. Has she forgotten about Luis?

Martin has Chris in a corner and he tells Chris that Luis and Sheridan were very much in love and still are.

Sam and Ivy sit and enjoy their time alone at their table, talking and smiling at each other.

Chad and Valerie; and Fox and Kay enter the restaurant. They see that everyone that they know is there. They go to a table and sit.

Alistair is in his car. Almost everyone has arrived. He watches them all on a hand monitor that he watches laughing with glee.

Kay sees Tabitha and Endora and goes running to them.

“What are you doing here?” Tabitha tells that Maria is with a sitter. “She is the very best. What is the point of being a witch if I never get to…” Kay shushes her. Tabitha and Endora tells Kay that she feels that this night is going to be very exciting. In addition, she has a craving for lobster. Kay tells how she was ordered there by Alistair. Tabitha knows all about that. She saw it in the big blue pot, but she promises that she doesn’t look when Kay and Fox are getting it on. Kay asks Tabitha what Alistair is up to. Tabitha says that she has no idea. Kay feels that Tabitha could find out if she wanted to but Tabitha says that she has no idea. Tabitha would like to sit with Kay and her friends but Kay doesn’t want that. she walks off.

Tabitha and Endora sees the group from court entering The Seascape. She isn’t in the mood to talk to Julian and so she rushes off to another part of the restaurant.

Katherine and Pilar discuss what happened to Luis in Spain. Pilar spoke to Luis and she says that he is doing fine.

Tabitha puts Endora in a high chair.

Chris tells Martin that he does want Sheridan to get back to her life with Luis and Marty. He needs to look after his son. “This is just a night out. That is all that this is.” Martin can see that he might have jumped to the wrong conclusion here.

Sam and Ivy comes over to see Fox and Kay. they think that they were invited by the couple. Sam got a text message from Kay he says. Kay never sent any message. Fox knows that this isn’t good. “My grandfather ordered us here. This can’t be good.”

Noah and Fancy are dressed to kill and kissing in The Seascape. They can’t believe that they are out on a date in public.

They see Sheridan and go over to her and her group. Fancy thanks her aunt for the invite, but Sheridan says that she received on from her niece. Katherine is the first to figure this out. Sheridan tells Chris that he will get to meet her father after all. Martin worries as Alistair is capable of things that one can’t imagine in their worst dreams.

Ethan and Gwen have arrived. Ethan tells that he was asked to come to the Seascape to meet a prospective client. Gwen wonders if Theresa has anything to do with this. Sheridan knows that her father is watching them all in a panic from somewhere else.

Sam and Ivy go over to Noah and Fancy and see that they too have been fooled into showing up at The Seascape. Noah isn’t worried. he is with Fancy now. Ivy knows that whatever this is, it has to be big. Sam would like to leave but Ivy tells him to stay. She knows that they are going to find out what this is all about soon.

Chad offers to get a table now so that they can all eat. Fox and Kay says that they are not hungry right now.

Whitney comes to the doorway.

Chad sees her.

Fox sees her. “Whitney too…”

Julian and Eve look back at Tabitha and Endora. They can’t believe all the people that are there that they know.

TC comes over to Julian and accuses him of knowing what this is about. Julian denies that he knows anything of this. Julian tells TC that he and Eve are leaving.

Alistair arrives from behind a curtain. “This evening is going to be one that you will never forget… No matter how hard you try.”

“I want each and everyone of you to be an important part of this evening.”

Tabitha can see that the bombshell is about to drop.

Alistair has a special guest that he would like to introduce.

Sam jumps up telling Sam that it is clear that he was a lousy police chief. “you should show patience. Isn’t’ that right Rebecca?”

She isn’t sure why he picked on her but she agrees to what he says.

Alistair says that the House of Cranes will never be the same now.

Whitney is getting scared now. “Please don’t let this be what I think it will be…”

Alistair says that weddings sometimes change everything.

Rebecca questions her daughter. “Wedding? What wedding?”

Alistair turns to the burgundy curtain behind him. “I would like to introduce you to my bride.”

The curtains open and Theresa is standing there in a short wedding dress. She is dressed completely in white. she has a long veil on her head that falls to the carpeted floor.

Everyone gasps at the sight of her.

Ethan doesn’t move. He just glares at the ridiculous sight before him.

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