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Written By Glynis
Pictures by Amanda

Noah and Fancy have met outside near a rosebush in the park as Noah has something to say to her. “Thank you for bailing me out Fancy.” She knew that he wouldn’t ever sell drugs. That was just ridiculous. No one would He has been thinking about the both of them and what has happened between them on the beach. Noah sees that they have no choice now because of her grandfather though.

Alistair gets a call. Fancy is with Noah he is told.

Alistair gets off the phone. He thought that Fancy was different but she has defied him like everyone else in the family. “You all have no idea what I have in store for you. You will find out tonight.”

Fox is on the phone doing business as Kay stands by.

Fox gets off the phone and tells Kay that she has to find him 2 hours in the next day to meet with the Chinese to get his deal going again. He just might be able to save the deal. Fox has to make this work so that he can get in good with Alistair. Kay is finding this all a little too much to deal with. “You need another assistant Fox. I quit.”

Chad and Valerie talk about investments in Africa. Chad decides that he is going to get into that market. Chad has made up his mind. He hasn’t got the formal education that the others have but he has decided that he will be the one that will be running Crane Industries. Valerie can tell that he is a Crane through and through. They are going straight to the top. They kiss.

Sheridan comes to see Chris in his room. He was on the computer and he suddenly turns it off when she comes in. he says that he was looking at the movie schedules, but he sees that she has a paper and will look there then. Sheridan feels that he is lying and she turns on him.

Rebecca has the court’s attention now. “I must confess…” she tells the judge. “I have information.”

Tabitha is watching through the big blue pot. Her spells haven’t been able to shut that woman up.

Zap! “I have to find a spell that will change the verdict to ‘guilty’. Tabitha flips through her spell book.

Over in the corner, Endora is snoring loudly as she sleeps. Tabitha hopes that the child will stay sleeping and not interrupt her mother’s spells. Tabitha has a good streak in her and likes to make things go right sometimes.

Rebecca is given her chance to speak. With her hand on her heart, she starts again. “I… I must confess…”

Alistair sets something up by phone. All the arrangements are made. He wants a video camera in place so that he can watch the footage repeatedly after it is filmed. The world is going to crumble under his family’s feet.

Sheridan demands to know what it is that Chris is hiding from her. He tells her that he is hiding nothing. “I haven’t spoken to your father ever.” Chris decides to show her what she wants to see. “I was just protecting you from the truth.”

Chris types a few words and shows Sheridan what he was looking at on the computer just now. The screen comes to life.

Her face changes. “What? Luis is dead?”

The judge puts Rebecca in the witness stand now as she requests. He would like to know why Rebecca is waiting till now to give evidence when she had her chance earlier. Rebecca says that she just remembered what she was going to say.

Grace jumps to her feet. “I object.” The judge makes her sit. Rebecca tells that she just remembered something that was very important.

Grace closes her eyes and puts her head down.

Liz quietly asks herself what Rebecca could be doing?

Rebecca says that she remembers a vial of poison that night in the basement. “I saw the vial of poison… “ Rebecca says nothing more. The judge asks her again where the poison was seen. Rebecca raises her head to answer.

Fox tries to make Kay change her mind about quitting. She loves her job but she can’t help him fulfil his dream. She doesn’t feel that she is good enough to help him with this. “Look what happened to those important documents that I was to send to Asia. I went back and I checked and then I rechecked and the emails were sent properly. I traced the emails and someone had come in after me and deleted my emails. Someone is out to get me.”

Chad and Valerie had a moment and Valerie sees that although she wants it, Chad is not ready for her. He still has Whitney-on-the-brain. Valerie tells Chad that her sabotage of Fox’s project was great for them. Alistair was furious. Chad hates this as Fox is his brother. Valerie knows that Fox would do the same to him. Chad has to agree to that. This is his son’s birthright and he will fight for it. Valerie will be right with him and they will make it to the top. All the way.

Noah and Fancy talk about how they were each thinking about all that they had been through while apart. Noah will not have Alistair hurting his family. Fancy knows that he is right. Although they want to be together, others will suffer. They can’t have that. Alistair did a lot of things that Fancy didn’t realize. Fancy tells that she learned that Alistair tried to kill Sheridan. “He even threw you in jail on fake charges and grandfather is after your father to make him out to be a dirty cop. He could really hurt you. I haven’t seen this side of him before. Noah will throw everything that Alistair gives him back in his face. He is not afraid. Noah would like to be with Fancy but he can’t ask Fancy to put herself in danger by staying with him. She can’t ask him to do that either. They seem to be thinking the same thing here.

Great minds think alike. Noah has to agree with her on that. This is the end. At least they are in a park near a rosebush. They are in a pretty place to end it. Well, maybe this is for the best. There are a lot of things that they dislike about each other anyway, but still, one can make the other always laugh. He makes her heart beat fast whenever she sees him. They lean in to kiss.

Fox and Kay discuss who might be trying to sabotage their projects at work. Fox knows that whoever is doing this is after him and not Kay so she shouldn’t feel like she is under attack. Kay decides to stay then. Someone has to look after him. They kiss.

Chad and Valerie enter the office. They report that Alistair wants to see the four of them immediately. They all head into the hall.

Chris shows Sheridan the newspaper article about Luis that he says he found on the internet. “He was about to arrest Beth in Spain but she had a private plane waiting. Luis tried to stop the plane but was rammed by another vehicle. Luis isn’t the one that died, it was the other driver.” Sheridan breathes a sigh of relief. Sheridan knows that her father is responsible for this. They were so close. Sheridan was so close to having Luis and Marty home. Chris hugs her.

Rebecca tells that she remembers that horrible night now. “I saw a hand… A hand holding that vial of deadly poison. Then that hand poured the poison into the drink. I must have blocked it out. It is like a veil has been lifted from my memory. That poison wasn’t ever meant for Liz. Oh no…”

Gwen can see that her mother has finally lost it.

Rebecca continues. “That poison was meant for someone else. Dr. Eve Russell. Liz drank from the wrong cup. That poison wasn’t for Liz cause that hand that held the poison belonged to Liz herself.”

The crowd grumbles.

Rebecca tells that Liz was trying to poison her sister Eve Russell.

Tabitha throws her hands in the air.

“Spirits! Listen up!” she shouts to the ceiling.

The juror who feels that Eve is not guilty appears in the big blue pot. Tabitha asks the spirits to help her or the verdict will be not guilty.

A wind starts blowing. The spirits want Eve to be convicted. The spirits are so angry that they knock Tabitha over with the breeze they cause in the room. She loves it. They are angry that Eve is going to be freed. The spirits are going to help her.

In the jury deliberating room, the friendly juror who has been holding out for Eve talks sweetly and calmly to the others who are sure that Eve is guilty.

Zap! The spirits zap the good juror in the head. She suddenly jumps up shouting,”She is guilty! STRING HER UP ON A TREE”. The other jurors turn to the usually docile woman and stare at her after her outburst.

At the meeting, Alistair tells Chad and Valerie; and Fox and Kay that they are all useless to him. Fox thinks that he is heir to the family fortune, but he is too stupid to see that Whitney pulled the wool over his eyes by passing. Not only that but look at his girlfriend. “Her father is a crook, her brother is a drug dealer and her sister is a whore.” Kay tells Alistair that what he says are all lies. Alistair tells Kay that he knows that Fox will tire of her soon and then fire her. “How will the Bennett's do making it with just the money that Jessica makes on her back?” Now Alistair turns to Chad. “The Crane men do not waste years on hip hop music, or yearn an incest relationships with their sisters. And who do you have here? Your own black Lady Macbeth…” Valerie tells him that the term is African-American now. Alistair tells that he hasn’t got the time to keep up with the lingo of what Valerie and her people want to be called from time to time. Chad has heard enough. He turns to leave with Valerie, but Alistair stops them. He has something to say and they are going to listen.

Chris tries to make Sheridan see how she needs to handle what happened with Luis. Sheridan will not have advice from him. Everyone thinks that they know her life better than she does. He worked for the mob and forgot about his family so what has he got to say?

Rebecca pushes her statement that Liz is the killer.

Liz shouts out that Rebecca is lying. She goes running to the front, but is stopped short when the judge orders her to stop.

Grace tells that Rebecca is lying to keep Eve out of prison. Rebecca asks her why she would do such a thing when Eve stole her pookie from her among everything else.

The jury is ready to come in and give their verdict.

Ethan tells that in light of the news, the jury’s decision should be put aside while this information is dealt with. Rebecca tells that she saw the vial of poison in Liz’s purse and she says that it is probably still there. Liz holds up her purse. “Is this the purse that you are talking about Rebecca?” Rebecca says yes.

Grace stands by as Liz starts pulling items from her purse to prove her innocence in this matter. Nobody moves when she pulls out the poison. Liz shakes her head. “No… No… No…” she says in her defense. “I have never seen this before.” Rebecca crosses her arms while nodding her head up and down.

Noah and Fancy can’t seem to find an answer to their problem. They know that they have to stop seeing each other but it is so hard to walk away.

Rebecca tells that Liz is definitely the killer now.

Tabitha is watching and sees that the jurors are about to go to the courtroom. She can’t have that now. They will hear what Rebecca has been saying and they might let Eve go free. All the jurors are on their feet and about to walk out of the room.

ZAP! Tabitha makes them all sit down.

The bailiff speaks. “Everyone stay sitting. We can’t go in now.” By the sound of his robot voice, Tabitha can tell that the spirits have control of him.

Tabitha has to think. What is she going to do?

While her back is turned, Endora wakes and ZAP!

The jurors get up and trot into the courtroom like angry horses running to the finish line. They are in a hurry to say ‘guilty’ as the spirits have instructed.

Tabitha turns to the big blue pot in time to see the jurors rushing in to their seats. This is no good. Endora has done it again.

She sees that Endora is awake and is causing trouble again.

The jurors are in the courtroom now. They hear how Liz has poison in her purse. Rebecca gives the performance of her life. She says that Liz has to be stopped as she will just try to kill Eve again. The jurors listen carefully to everything that Rebecca is saying to them but it really doesn’t matter. They are programmed to say ‘guilty’.

Julian smiles at Rebecca. She has done it just as she said she would. She has pulled it off. Rebecca coyly smiles back at him.

Noah and Fancy say their good-byes now. They start walking off but then stop with their backs facing. They can’t do it.

Fancy takes the first steps away. “It is over. It is really over.” She can’t believe this is happening. She can’t be with Noah.

Chris defends his feelings about what happened to his family while he was away from home working for the mob. Sheridan knows that he really cared for his family. She apologizes to him. She didn’t mean all that she said to him. They will go out on their date after all. She tells him that he shouldn’t worry about her father as there is no need for their paths to ever cross.

Alistair tells the two couples that he wants them all at the Seascape restaurant later that night for dinner. “Be there or be fired immediately from your jobs. The main course is interesting but I just hope that all of you can devour it. Now go!”

The judge gets the courtroom under control. “Mrs. Crane has a memory of a vial of poison and now that poison has shown up in someone’s purse. Now the jury has come back into the courtroom and they have heard everything.”

Tabitha goes to her daughter. She has ruined everything.

The judge will have to declare a mistrial now thanks to what Endora has done. “She is free to go!” the judge says pounding his gavel.

There is a roaring noise in the courtroom from the crowd now. They can’t believe the turn of events that has occurred.

Julian and Eve hug each other.

Liz shouts that Eve is really a killer.

Rebecca smiles at Julian who smiles back at her.

Liz glares at Rebecca for what she has done to her.

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