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Written By Glynis
Pictures by Amanda

Noah is home and Sam greets him. He tells that Fancy paid his bail by selling her jewelry. Sam would like to thank her but she isn’t around. Sam can tell that Fancy must love Noah. Noah is confused. Fancy freed him and then told him that they can’t see each other again. That is why she isn’t with him now.

Fancy comes into the B&B crying on Sheridan’s shoulder.

Tabitha is watching Fancy through the big blue pot crying on Sheridan’s shoulder, but she is more interested in what Rebecca is up to. She changes the channel. She now looks at what Rebecca is doing.

At the courtroom, Tabitha can see that Rebecca isn’t in her seat. She is in the courtroom smiling to herself. Tabitha knows that Rebecca will try to free Eve Russell to get something for herself in the divorce that she wouldn’t normally get. Tabitha has to stop this. “Got to find a recipe… Have to get the jury to find Eve guilty before Rebecca’s plan kicks into gear.” Tabitha starts leafing through her recipe box to find something that will help her with a spell.

The prosecutor tells Ethan that he should have taken her plea bargain when it was offered.

Ethan isn’t happy at the way that Grace acts over what has happened to Eve. Gwen follows him as he walks off.

Liz is upset that the jury is taking so long to sentence Eve. “Where are they? What is so hard to decide?”

TC tells Liz that she is evil for wanting this to happen to her own sister. He knows Eve and she isn’t the person that Liz says she is.

Eve is with Julian and she waits for the other shoe to drop on her. At any moment, the jury could decide her fate.

Rebecca sidles over to Julian and Eve and tells Julian that she may just have a way to get his little hussy out of jail after all. Both Julian and Eve turn to her waiting to see what she will say next.

Fancy pours out her heart to Sheridan. She tells how Alistair has bullied her and Noah. “What am I going to do? I have bailed Noah out of jail and now I have run away. Grandfather will be crazy! Am I going to have to give up Noah? Aunt Sheridan, why does love have to hurt so much?”

Liz tells TC that she has been telling the truth about Eve all along. “All that I ever wanted was justice for the things that she has done. She hates me and wanted to kill me. She said so. She is capable of anything. Look at her now over there with Julian. Look at the lovebirds over there… Eve will do anything to get what she wants. Guess what? The chickens come home to roost TC. If you want Eve free TC, then get on your knees and pray for only a miracle will save Eve now.” TC doesn’t argue with that. He knows that part of what Liz says is probably right.

Julian tells Rebecca to confess to being the one that did the poisoning. Rebecca will not do it. Julian hasn’t got the proof but he knows that Rebecca is the guilty party here. She smiles looking off at the ceiling. There is no way that Julian can prove that she tried to kill him.

Sam has to believe that Fancy really does love Noah if she went against Alistair the way that she did. Noah is doubtful. He feels that maybe this is all about Fancy feeling guilty about the Bennetts having all the troubles that they have been having. Sam doesn’t care about that. “Do you love Fancy Noah? If you do, it is the sweetest thing on earth. Don’t let this pass you by if you love her. If you love her then you have to fight for her. True love is worth fighting for.”

Fancy admits to Sheridan that she is in love for the first time in her life. Fancy hasn’t ever seen her grandfather like this before. Sheridan has seen Alistair like this a lot. Fancy is miserable like everyone else that Alistair should love. Sheridan tells Fancy that Alistair believes that everyone is put on the earth to work, not to love. “Fancy you have been lucky as Alistair has been fond of you but I fell for Luis and that is when I felt my father’s true wrath. You are feeling what I felt because I too feel like I have ruined Luis’s life. At least he hasn’t tried to kill you… Yet.” Fancy turns to her aunt in horror.

Rebecca insists on talking to Julian alone.

Tabitha hears what Rebecca is saying. “I have to find the right spell that I need before Rebecca does something that I can’t change.”

Rebecca says that she would like to continue the conversation that they were having in her bedroom the night before.

Julian walks off with Rebecca to see what she wants from him. He knows that for her to help she will have to admit to what she did. She asks him if he really meant it when he told her that he would give her anything that she wants if she could stop Eve from going to jail. He meant every word. What is she thinking he wonders?

Noah is skeptical about true love. “So what if I love Fancy with all my heart and soul? Listen to yourself. Didn’t you and mom have true love? Where is she now? You and mom didn’t walk off into the sunset. Ivy feels like her whole life has been destroyed as well. I can’t find one example where true love paid off. All that you get is pain.”

Fancy can’t believe that there is more to come from her grandfather. Sheridan tells that Alistair has only just begun. Fancy thought that Sheridan was crazy all this time but she sees differently now. “I was shallow but then I met Noah and now I see things differently.” Sheridan tells Fancy that she has to be strong and stay with Noah. Fancy can’t be with Noah if that means that his family will be destroyed. “Maybe I should go back to grandfather and talk in my little girl’s voice. Maybe he will forgive me. I will still have a good life won’t I?”

Tabitha peeks in on the jury and sees that they are ready to vote. Tabitha can’t risk the chance that Eve will go free.

The jury argues over the evidence. One of the men talks for the others saying that they should just vote now and send this woman to prison. There is one woman who really believes that they should look at the evidence.

Tabitha sees that the one woman who wants to do things properly could screw things up for her. She gets to work. “One quart of bat’s blood… Seven snails… Three frogs legs… And fatty liver of the beast… Pinch of Tarragon…” The ingredients are all mixed. Smoke comes out of a bowl. “Here comes the verdict! Right to the big house!”

In the jury room. The woman who was hesitant is thinking foggy. She is really confused as to what she is to write on her piece of paper.

Tabitha watches the woman think to herself what to write on the piece of paper before her. Tabitha hopes and shouts for her to write ‘guilty’.

Gwen is with Ethan has he considers what is going to happen next. It is too bad that he couldn't Rebecca to tell the truth about this.

Julian and Rebecca are talking now. He is asking her what she wants to have in exchange for Eve’s freedom. Rebecca really thinks this over slowly.

Grace sees that the jury has made a decision.

Liz is salivating waiting to hear what the decision on Eve’s life will be. She is positive that she will be put away forever but longs to hear the words.

Noah can’t believe how deeply he feels for Fancy. “Maybe I shouldn’t believe too much in that cliché about meeting a girl and having a family and living out our lives together.” Sam only knows that Noah needs to get the girl that he loves if that is where his heart is. Noah never thought that love would be like this.

Fancy never thought that love would be like this. “I thought that love would be champagne and walks on the beach.” Sheridan knows that Alistair will run her entire life she is doesn’t stand up to him. Fancy worries that Noah’s life will be destroyed. Fancy finds that interesting coming from Sheridan. She seems to have given up on life and everything that she wanted.

The bailiff tells the crowd at the courtroom that they have to stay close to be around if there is any news on the verdict.

“There isn’t a decision yet?” Grace asks. “I wanted to get this on the evening news.”

Julian and Eve are still waiting. He leaves Eve for a moment to speak again with Rebecca.

TC comes to Eve to comfort her. He sees Julian talking to Rebecca and wonders what that is all about. Eve tells that Rebecca has a way to stop all this and Julian is trying to get her to do it.

Julian and Eve talk. She tells him that she can get Eve out of prison and free. She doesn’t have to confess to do this. Julian wants more details but Rebecca will not give him any. She has a contract and she tells him to sign it. He tries to read it but she won’t let him. She only shows him the line for his signature. Julian signs the contract now.

Tabitha is worried. “What has that idiot juror decided?”

The foreman reads all the ballots an sees that they all say ‘guilty’.

The woman who had a problem with the way the evidence was looked at tells that she hasn’t given her decision yet. They only have eleven ballots at the front of the room. She passes hers forward to the foreman. He opens the folded piece of paper and reads it. “I can’t believe it.”

Tabitha can’t stand the suspense as she watches through the big blue pot. “Read it you idiot. What does the piece of paper say?”

Sam tells Noah again that he has to fight for Fancy and make her his. Noah only sees his father losing everything to make his son happy. Sam wants Noah to go after Fancy if that is what makes him happy.

The phone rings. Sam answers to someone who wants to buy the boat.

Sam was going to sell the boat to get Noah out of jail but that isn’t necessary now.

Noah has to make things right for his family. He has to talk to Fancy.

He calls her on the cellphone. He leaves a message. “Meet me by the rose garden. I will wait for you as long as it takes.”

Sheridan defends what she has been doing with her life. She has been suffering all this time. Fancy can’t second-guess her decision on how she lives her life now. Fancy apologizes. She is sorry for what she says. She really needs lessons on being tactful. Fancy wonders why she cares about this so much anyway. She survived before Noah. She will survive again. “I will just get my old life back again and then grandfather will forgive me and leave Noah alone. I can then go to Australia.” Sheridan tells her to keep her life and not make big decisions. “Don’t listen to anything more that Alistair tells you.” Sheridan and Fancy hug. Fancy has some decisions to make now. She worries as whenever she makes a decision, someone else loses.

Liz goes to Grace asking what the problem is with the jury. They should be finished by now. Eve watches as Liz talks to the prosecutor. She knows that her sister is digging her grave for her.

Tabitha is dying to know what the verdict is.

The foreman glares at the woman at the end of the table. “We are stuck here. There is one vote for ‘not guilty’. Everyone grumbles.

Tabitha sees what has happened through the big blue pot. Her spell wasn’t strong enough to make the juror write ‘guilty’. Tabitha gets out her recipe box again and rifles around for something else to get Eve convicted.

In court, people are really losing it. Rebecca on the other hand has things firmly in hand. She walks to the front of the courtroom and starts shouting for the judge. Everyone wonders what she is doing.

Eve would like to know as well what is going on. Julian tells her to relax as this might be the very thing that they need to get Eve freed.

Rebecca starts banging on the bench, shouting for someone to come and talk to her. “Hello! Is the judge there? I need to talk to the judge. This is very important. The truth has to be told,” Rebecca says. She picks up the gavel and starts banging on the bench with it to get someone’s attention so that she can get her story out. Now that she has her contract, she will do as she has promised and get Eve freed from these charges.

Sam is digging around in a drawer and he comes across a picture of Grace. “I hope that you are okay wherever you are. Noah is having a love affair right now. Which is worse? Having a love affair and losing it, or not having one at all.”

Noah is out by the rosebush.

Fancy arrives to meet him. They both agree that they have to talk.

Sheridan is folding laundry.

She thinks back to what Fancy said about her leaving Luis and giving up on life.

Sheridan feels that maybe Fancy was right about what she said.

Sheridan goes to the phone. She dials. “Hello Chris? Is that invitation still on for tonight? I would really like to go out with you.”

Rebecca is still banging on the judge’s bench and shouting for the judge.

Tabitha is furious that Rebecca is pushing this matter her way.

The judge finally arrives. “What is going on? Explain yourself madam.” Rebecca turns to the courtroom. “Your honor… I have something to confess.” Rebecca puts her hand on her heart as she prepares to speak.

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