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Written By Glynis
Pictures by Amanda

Tabitha is up early and Endora sleeps in her playpen nearby. Tabitha has work to do and she doesn’t want Little Miss Good Witch causing trouble while she works. She looks into the big blue pot. “What is the latest dish on Sheridan?”

Tabitha sees Sheridan in the kitchen of the B&B.

Chris asks Sheridan to be James’s godmother.

Noah is in jail.

Sam comes to see his son. One of his friends alerted him without telling Alistair about the phony charges and how Sam has been framed.

Once alone, Sam and Noah talk about what happened that night. Sam isn’t worried. He knows that his son was set up for Alistair Crane. Sam hands Noah a newspaper. It defames Sam and Noah on the front page.

Ivy and Fancy are in the living room and they see the paper too. Ivy blames Fancy for all of this.

Alistair comes into the room chuckling. “Sam has been a thorn in my side for years, and now I am going to bury the whole Bennett clan.”

Rebecca is in her room thinking about Julian’s offer to give her anything that she wants if she would only tell the truth and get Eve free. “Could I do it? Should I do it? How would I do it if I did it? And what would I ask for in return for setting Eve free?”

Ethan, Gwen and Julian are at court discussing the case. They know that Rebecca is the only way to save Eve but she will not do it. Eve sees that Gwen is upset, but she tells Gwen not to worry as this is not her fault.

Liz breezes in. “Well good day Eve. Is it just me or is it a perfectly wonderful day to be sent to prison?”

Sheridan says that she would be proud to be James’s godmother. That is great. Chris also plans on asking Sam to be the godfather. He thinks that Sam is a great person and can’t believe what he read in the paper about him. Sheridan knows that is all lies. Sheridan tells the whole story of the family and how the Bennetts are under fire now from her father.

Sam and Noah discuss how Alistair is after them now because Noah and Fancy have found each other. Sam knows that Alistair considers the poor to be the great unwashed and must be livid at the thought of his granddaughter being with Noah. Sam tried to get financing for the house but no bank will touch him without being run out of business by Alistair. Sam will have to sell his boat to get Noah out of jail. Noah tells Sam not to do that but Sam has to protect his family.

Tabitha knows that Alistair is dead set on ruining the Bennetts. Tabitha wishes that Endora had a little of her grandfather’s evil.

Fancy tells her grandfather that she was the one that lied, not Noah. “I think that I love him grandfather.” Alistair can’t get over the fact that Fancy lied to him and broke his trust in her. That is almost like having a knife in his heart. She goes to him but he will not let her after him. He calls her pathetic. “What the hell is wrong with this family? First there is Julian with his black whore, Katherine and her mongrel lover and now you. You were the only one that understood what it felt like to be a Crane.” Fancy is willing to accept any punishment that he puts on her but she wants the Bennetts to be left alone. Alistair gets angry that she is begging him. “Cranes don’t beg! I give you everything and how do you repay me? Like this? You are going to suffer the consequences of watching me waste the family of the man that you think you love.” Ivy hugs her daughter to stop her crying.

Julian orders Liz away from Eve. She walks to the back of the room to take her seat in the courtroom.

TC enters the courtroom and tells Eve that he heard that she tried to escape the night before. He isn’t angry. He just hopes for the best for her.

The prosecutor enters. “There is more to come Eve. Then you will crash and burn.”

“All rise!” The judge enters and all are seated.

Julian asks Ethan what they are going to do now that they haven’t got Rebecca to help them. Ethan will do what he has to now.

Ethan calls Eve to the stand.

Eve goes up to the witness stand. This is risky but Eve is all they have. The rule of thumb is that the accused shouldn’t testify in their own cases, but they have to do it.

The prosecutor loves this.

TC and Julian show worry on their faces.

Liz smiles from ear to ear from her seat at the back of the room. She knows that Eve is going to be sentenced to prison for life and she waits to see it happen.

Rebecca is still in her room.

She thinks back to the night she poisoned Julian. She was really sneaky and almost killed two birds with one stone, namely Eve and Julian. She needs to think about this though. Now that her divorce settlement could be affected by her input, maybe she can do something.

She suddenly gets an idea. Maybe this will work. “There is another way that I can sort this out. Eve will be set free and I will be given anything that I want,” Rebecca says.

Ethan questions Eve about her relationship with her sister. Eve never knew the impact that her leaving home had on Liz. She didn’t know that their father molested Liz. “I so loved my little sister Liz that I would have done anything to keep her safe and happy. Liz blamed me for everything that she suffered, and so she came to Harmony to get revenge. She has been trying to destroy me for years. I had a wonderful husband and two beautiful daughters. Liz was unrelenting. She used my family to get to me. The girls were innocent victims of Liz’s abuse. She threw herself at my husband and she turned my daughters against me. She even gave my daughter a job singing to get her into drugs and booze just to hurt me.”

Julian likes what he is hearing. Eve just might turn the jury’s ears her way.

The officer that brought Sam to the station to see Noah comes to tell him that he needs to get going now. The visit is over.

Sam gives his son a pep talk and then leaves.

Fancy begs her grandfather not to punish the Bennetts for what she did wrong. Alistair tells Fancy that he has been protecting the family’s power, position and wealth because it can be gone in an instant. “Look at your mother. One minute she is rich and the next minute she is making Tomato Soup Cake. I am going to ruin Noah and finish Sam off now because of what you did Fancy.” Fancy says that she loves Noah and can’t help it, but Alistair forbids it. “You stay away from Noah Bennett or else.” Fancy rushes from the room.

Ivy tries to follow her, but Alistair grabs her. “You are not going anywhere until you hear what I say,” Alistair tells Ivy.

When asked about trying to kill Julian Crane, Eve says that she didn’t do that. She even saved his life on two occasions. “I threatened to kill him but so did half of Harmony. I wasn’t the one that tried to hurt him though. I didn’t try to kill my sister either. I did an emergency tracheotomy on my sister to save her life. I hate what Liz has done to me, but in my heart she is still my little sister and I still love her.” Ethan has no more questions.

Julian feels that maybe some seeds of doubt were planted just now with Eve’s testimony.

Grace faces Eve next. “How do you expect this jury to believe all those lies Eve?”

Ethan jumps to his feet to object. “Your honor!” The crowd grumbles.

Sam is at the B&B now and he is honored that Chris wants to make him James’s godfather. Chris knows about the newspaper and the trouble that Sam is facing but he likes the man and wants him to do this for James. Sam takes the offer to be the boys godfather. James picks up Chris to take him to the other room to watch some TV. Before he leaves, he and Sheridan hug very closely.

Sam sees something interesting between Sheridan and Chris from that hug. After Chris is gone, Sam asks Sheridan if she has forgotten about Luis already. Has she moved on?

Ivy and Alistair discuss Noah and Fancy. Ivy feels that Fancy can’t control what she feels and she should be left to do as she wants. Alistair finds the feelings that Fancy has for Noah to be the same thing that Ivy feels for Sam. It is nothing but lust. Alistair is a monster but what he says goes and Ivy stays silent. Ivy will fight him on the issue of controlling her daughter though. “I will go to Fancy and tell her to follow her heart.” Alistair grabs Ivy and roughly kisses her. “I have always wanted you and I will have you when the time is right.” Alistair tells Ivy that he has plans for her, and she might not like it. “You be careful when you go to give Fancy any advice. It may come back to haunt you.” Ivy backs out of there scared that he might put his hands on her again.

Noah is alone in his cell.

He thinks back to the lovely time that he spent with Fancy. He can’t help it but a smile comes to his face.

Noah can’t help the way that he feels. “Fancy is definitely worth all the trouble that I am in now. I have to come up with an idea for bail now.”

An officer enters the holding area. He has a scary man with him who wears a muscle shirt. The officer addresses Noah. “Sorry Noah. You have a new cellmate… Courtesy of Alistair Crane.” The man stares into the cell at Noah. He pushes his face through the bars dying to get in there.

The prosecutor asks Eve if she was intimate with Julian Crane, if she was a drunk, if she was a drug addict, etc… Eve admits that she lied about her past at one time. She is also accused of cheating on her husband with Julian. She was seen kissing Julian while she was married to TC, but she was separated from him at the time. The prosecutor will not let Eve explain the important details of her relationship with the two men in her life. The prosecutor feels that if Eve is not a trustworthy person and does everything in her power to show that to the jury. She feels that the jury shouldn’t believe anything that she says. Eve’s testimony is getting all twisted and she has no way to fix things.

Ethan has a chance to ask his client questions again. “Did you try to kill Julian and Liz?” Eve says that she didn’t. She is asked to step down now.

Eve whispers to Julian that she is surely going to jail or the rest of her life now.

The officer puts the big frightening man in Noah’s cell with him and then he leaves.

Noah tells the man that he wants no trouble. He offers the man the bunk in the cell and the pillow too. The man grabs the pillow and tries to suffocate Noah with it. Noah jumps out of the way. The man chases Noah around the cell to try to catch him and hurt him.

Sam and Sheridan discuss her feelings for Luis. Sam wonders what will happen if Luis returns without their son. Will Sheridan still want to be with him? Sam can see that Sheridan is avoiding his questions.

Sam reminds Sheridan that Luis has risked his life, job and soul to be with her. He hopes that she will not forget that. She promises that she won’t. Sam hugs her goodbye and leaves.

Sheridan thinks about Luis sadly now.

Chris comes into the kitchen and tells Sheridan that James is watching his favorite show in the other room. She tells how she has been talking about Luis just now. Chris has a great idea to lighten her spirits. They have been focusing on James a lot, and he would like to take Sheridan out for a drink and some grownup time out. Like a date.

The judge asks the counselors to approach the bench.

Rebecca enters the courtroom, and she goes to sit with Liz.

Liz updates Rebecca on everything. “Eve is as good as dead.” The ladies smile at one another.

“The jury will now debate the fate of Dr. Russell.”

Julian and Eve look at each other worriedly.

Tabitha is watching the court case using the big blue pot. She can tell that Rebecca is up to something. Tabitha will fix this.

Snap! Tabitha’s clothes are transformed into a dress much like Mrs. Cleaver would wear with an apron. Tabitha will have to get cooking to get the results that she wants in that courtroom. She needs the perfect recipe to make things work perfectly. “Whatever happens, Eve has to be found guilty.”

Noah is in the cell trying to avoid the man that is trying to kill him. He is going to get caught eventually. He can’t run from this man for much longer in this tiny space.

A police officer finally comes in. He unlocks the door. “Noah, you have been bailed out.” Noah rushes to the cell door and exits. Once the door is closed behind him, he turns to the behemoth of a man in the cell and taunts him now that there is no way that he can be hurt by the man.

The officer takes Noah out of the holding area and into the main office of the police station. He is given his personal items that he officers had been holding for him. Noah asks who bailed him out. The officer points. “She did!”

Noah turns to find Fancy crying and coming to him. He opens his arms for her and they hold each other.

Noah assures Fancy that this isn’t her fault. Right now he is just glad to be free thanks to her. She tells how she sold jewelry that her grandfather gave her to get Noah out. She is crying. “I am not good for you.” He will not believe that. She wants him to listen to her. “We shouldn’t see each other ever again because I care about you too much to ruin your life.” She runs off.

Sheridan tells Chris that she can’t go on a date with him. It is just too soon. Chris understands and leaves to be with James.

Sheridan wonders where Luis is and if he has found Marty yet.

The jury walks out shaking their heads at Eve as they file out.

Eve can see that the jury hates her. “I am going to jail for the rest of my life.” Julian looks over at Rebecca. She is their only hope.

Liz decides to leave for a minute for a short break while the jury is deliberating. She realizes that she has forgotten her purse. She is on her way back into the courtroom when she sees Rebecca exiting the room as well.

Rebecca brings Liz’s purse to her in the hall. “You have forgotten it Liz.” Liz gladly takes her purse from her friend. Liz can’t know what she would do without a friend like Rebecca. Liz walks off.

Rebecca smiles after her. She knows that Julian and Liz are going to find out what type of a friend Rebecca can be after all.

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