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Written By Glynis
Pictures by Amanda

Jessica is busted. She took the money a cop offered her for sex and now she at the station getting processed. When asked for her last name she pauses. The officer asks her again who she is. It is then she tells that she is Sam’s daughter Jessica.

Whitney, Simone and Chad are visiting Eve in jail. She knows that she is going to prison for sure now. Whitney feels that something could still happen to help her mother with her case. Eve believes that she will probably spend the rest of her life in prison.

Rebecca is with Julian in her room. He has come in there to make a deal with her. He is out of ideas and this is his last shot. He has felt that she has been lying all along about Eve’s involvement in the poisonings, and he wants her to tell the truth and in exchange he will give her a really good settlement for her divorce. Julian tells Rebecca that if she helps him everyone will end up happy and get everything that they want. She hates that he doesn’t want her anymore. Their relationship was based on lust and nothing else. Eve is the only woman for him now. Rebecca can see that Julian really must love Eve to be willing to give up everything for her. It is too bad that Eve will go to jail forever Rebecca says. She hasn’t agreed to the deal yet, but she does think it over. Julian will give Rebecca anything to keep Eve out of jail.

Gwen and Ethan discuss how he plans to get Theresa out of the house and out of Alistair’s grasp. Martin and Pilar will be helping with the plans. Gwen is doubtful and shakes her head as she leaves to look in on Jane upstairs in her room.

Ethan hopes that he is right about what he proposes to do about Theresa. Everyone else seems to think that he is crazy.

Martin and Pilar are with Theresa at their house and they tell Theresa that it is time to come home. “Alistair is going to use you and then he is going to throw you out.”

Noah and Fancy have just made love at the beach. They are naked under blankets. They are glad that Alistair has no idea that they have been together.

Alistair is watching as the couple starts kissing again. He is furious. Fancy has betrayed him. He will make her pay for that. He rises out of the bushes and points his gun at Noah and Fancy. CLICK. Nothing happens. The gun has no bullets. Alistair angrily heads back from where he came.

Rebecca thinks about what it is that she will take from Julian to spare Eve’s life. He has just offered her anything that she wants.

She could set it up so that Julian would worship her and owe her forever. She could have him kneel before her whenever he was in her presence. She would live like a queen and he would be a pauper. She would sit on her bed wearing a tiara.

Julian would bring her donkey to her. Rebecca would like that a lot.

Julian shakes Rebecca out of her dream state. “Tell me what it is that you want so that I can save Eve.” He needs something done about Eve’s problem now.

Eve tells her children that she is sorry again that she lied to them all this time. They still love her in spite of the many mistakes. They learned everything good from her and assure her that she has been a good mother to them. They will not see her pay for something that she didn’t do. Eve only cares for her children’s happiness now.

Eve thinks back to the secret that Simone shared with her and the trouble that she experienced with her girlfriend. Simone needs her mother so much right now, and Eve will not be there to be a confidante.

Eve turns to Simone and tells her to follow her heart no matter what. “You will never really truly be happy unless you follow your heart.”

Theresa hates when her father lectures her about how to behave. “You abandoned me. You abandoned mamma and I will not listen to you.” That is fine with him but he hopes that she will listen to her mother then.

Martin leaves the house. Pilar tells Theresa to stop treating her father badly. He does care for her and she is a fool not to be able to see that. “You are a fool Theresa. If you put your faith in Alistair, you will regret it.”

Alistair is back again. He has another plan. The couple is kissing on the beach, naked in the sand. Alistair looks down and sees a big rock. He will hit Noah in the head and kill him with this big rock and then he will take care of Fancy for betraying him. On second thought, after looking at the rock, Alistair decides that will not do. He needs a better plan for teaching these two a lesson. He walks off.

Jessica is fingerprinted.

She is then photographed.

Now it is time to take her to her cell, but when the officer grabs her arm, she winces and pulls away from him. The officer sees she has been cutting herself again. Sam told this particular officer about that back when Jessica started doing it before. Jessica will not speak of this. She would like to make a call though, and she is led to a phone on a desk nearby. She picks up the receiver and dials.

Julian knows that Rebecca was the one that put the poison in his glass. He could put her in jail but he can’t prove it. Julian is getting frustrated and he ends up with his hands around Rebecca’s throat when she takes this whole matter lightly. Rebecca kicks him and runs into the hallway. “Help! Julian is trying to kill me!” she shouts.

Gwen comes running. “What is it mother?” Rebecca tells again that Julian is trying to kill her. Rebecca is panic-stricken it seems.

Alistair finds Noah’s car. He looks inside the glove compartment. “Ha! This will do the trick.” Alistair takes the gun that he has in his pocket and he wraps it up and puts it in the glove compartment.

At the waterfront, Martin is looking off into the water thinking about his family and how things are so wrong right now.

Katherine arrives. She was just going for a walk as she couldn’t sleep. Martin tells how he has been trying to convince Theresa to come home. Pilar is talking to her now. Theresa will have nothing to do with her father it seems. Katherine feels so responsible for what is going on with Theresa and her hatred for her father. Martin says that Katherine shouldn’t think that. It isn’t her fault. She starts leaving but Martin stops her.

Theresa has no respect for her father. Why should she? Pilar sees that Theresa has no respect for her mother either. Theresa says that she loves her mother but she has to do what is right for herself. Pilar knows that this isn’t the way to get to happiness. “Alistair has seduced you with his lies. You need to leave this man.” All that Theresa can see is Alistair’s power. That is true he has that, but what price is Theresa going to pay for this? Pilar can’t even tell Martin about the rape as she is sure that the man would kill Alistair. Theresa will not lose her focus. She really feels that she has to do this to get her family back.

Rebecca says that Julian was trying to choke her just now. She feels that he is trying to kill her. Gwen is having trouble believing that.

Julian comes out of Rebecca’s room calmly and composed. He will not answer Gwen’s questions about what happened. He walks off.

Rebecca says that Julian seems to feel that she knows what really happened with the poisonings that Eve has been charged for. Rebecca drags her daughter into her room. Rebecca tells her daughter that Julian seems to think that Eve wasn’t the one that put the poison in the drink. He accused me of doing the poisoning instead. Julian even told her that if she helped to get Eve out of prison, he would give her anything. Gwen tells her mother that she can’t do that. She will end up in jail herself for the rest of her life.

Julian and Ethan talk downstairs. He has had no luck with Rebecca upstairs. Julian will still come up with something to clear Eve of her charges.

Eve is still with her children. She tells Whitney that she would have told her the truth about her brother if she had known that he were alive. She knows that Whitney feels that she has sinned and that the convent is the answer, but that may not be the case. She wants Miles to have a mother. “Be a mother to your baby and a friend to your brother.”

Noah and Fancy are still at it on the beach.

Alistair gets out of Noah’s car now. He is careful to wipe his prints off the car. He laughs now. This is better than killing them.

Alistair gets out his cellphone and dials.

The police decide that Jessica could get off easy on her charge. This is her first incident with the police. They know how they can make this end nicely for her. All she would have to do is give up her pimp. The judge would go easy on her. Jessica can’t turn Spike in. He loves her and she can’t do that to him.

Spike enters the police station quietly looking over at Jessica who is seated in a chair. Jessica sees him walking in.

Pilar tells her daughter that she has caused all the heartache that she is suffering now because of it. “Alistair is not going to help you Theresa… Never!” Theresa tells her mother that if she wants to see her daughter happy then she is to get out of the way and let her do what she has to. “I have to get my daughter.” Even if she does get her daughter, Pilar asks if she really believes that Ethan will be happy to have Alistair’s whore in the end.

Theresa thinks back to Alistair telling her the same thing. Theresa had come to him to ask him to let her join forces with him, no matter what. He too said that Theresa would be damaged goods at the end of this and that Ethan wouldn’t go near her.

Theresa orders her mother out of her way now, and she walks out the door. She has to get back to the mansion.

Pilar waits a few seconds and then leaves the house too. Theresa is out to ruin her life; she will go after her.

Martin and Katherine are talking at the waterfront. She says that it is hard living with Alistair but at the same time she gets to be with her family and she finds that to be nice. That is the good part of living under the evil watch of Alistair. Martin holds her when he sees that she is sad. She leans her head on his shoulder.

Pilar comes up behind the couple and sees them together. Her husband keeps promising her that he will stay away from this woman but he can’t.

Eve is still with her children trying to figure out what they can do next. Eve has resigned herself into believing that she is done for.

Julian arrives to say that he had an idea but it didn’t work. He is back to square one and has no leads for them to save Eve.

Rebecca thinks that if she can get a good deal from the DA, it might be worth her time to try and get her divorce settlement from Julian by admitting the truth of what really happened. Gwen warns Rebecca that she will have to do jail time for sure. Gwen will not stand by her mother if she goes through with this. “I could lose everything because of you. Please don’t do this. I could lose Jane because of the association with you if you do that.”

Alistair stands by at the beach as the sirens are heard. Soon police cars are arriving where Noah’s car is.

Noah and Fancy are having a great time naked under a blanket in the sand. He isn’t mad at her anymore for lying to her grandfather about their relationship. She knows that in time Alistair will come around.

“On your feet!”

Noah and Fancy turn to find police officers with their guns pointed at them. They look like they are ready to shoot if necessary.

The officers demand that Noah and Fancy get up and get dressed. The pair try to get dressed as quickly as they can. Noah feels that they are in trouble for being naked on the beach. They get dressed and follow the officers.

The officer gives Jessica one last time to give up her pimp but she will not do it. The cops saw when the man ran off leaving Jessica to fend for herself. That isn’t love. Jessica is being used by this guy.

The officer leaves Jessica alone now.

Spike goes over to the officer at the front desk and he bails Jessica out. Jessica is released and cautioned to take care of herself.

Once alone, Spike grabs Jessica tightly. “What are you trying to do? Get me busted? You are so stupid. Let’s go.”

Whitney has to leave and get back to the convent now. Chad has to go as well. Simone knows that her mother would like to talk to Julian alone so she will go too. Each child comes to their mother and hugs her goodbye. Simone breaks down. Chad and Simone promise Eve that they will be there for her the next day.

The kids are gone now. Eve is in pain after watching her children in pain. Julian promises that he will never give up on her.

Gwen comes back to her husband downstairs after having checked on Jane. Jane is asleep now. Gwen tells how Rebecca was being annoying just now. Ethan has a cure for that. He gets the remote and turns on some music. He then walks Gwen out to the patio and he holds her tightly in his arms. They dance.

Theresa arrives home now. She starts heading up the stairs, but stops. She hears the music and walks into the living room.

She sees Ethan and Gwen dancing out back and she just stands and watches them staring into each other’s eyes.

Rebecca is back in her room now in bed. She thinks over what her daughter told her. She decides that she will not tell anyone that she was the one that accidentally poisoned Julian. She will not go to jail for anyone.

Julian kisses Eve good night. He will be there for her whenever she needs him he assures her. He will see her in the morning.

Spike has Jessica back on the strip.

Simone finds them and calls to Jessica. “Jessica come with me and get away from him.” Spike is angry to see Simone again and he pushes her to the floor. Next he grabs Jessica and pushes her along to start making his money.

Katherine knows that she shouldn’t be alone with Martin like this. She promised Pilar that she wouldn’t be. “I have to go.” She walks off.

Martin turns his face back to the water.

Pilar has been behind Martin and Katherine all along and she has seen everything. She sees that her husband still has a part of him that belongs to Katherine. She has tried everything to stop them, but they always end up together.

Ethan and Gwen dance and they talk about how it will be nice when they can finally get Theresa out of the house.

Theresa walks boldly out onto the patio and tells Ethan and Gwen that she is so sorry to disappoint them but she will not be going anywhere.

Back at the beach, Noah and Fancy have been walked to their car under the watchful eye of the police.

They find that they are being treated a little too over-zealously by the police. They ask why all this is happening. That is when Noah is pushed up against the car and handcuffed. The officers show him the gun and the bag of white powder that they have found in his dashboard. Noah has no idea what that is all about. The officers are sure that he has been trafficking dope and are going to take him in for that. Fancy looks at Noah’s face, not understanding. Again Noah denies that he knows anything about this. Fancy knows that he has to be telling the truth, but the officers ignore her.

Behind a corner, Alistair watches as his plan to ruin Noah Bennett works like a charm. He will take care of Fancy later.

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