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Written By Glynis
Pictures by Amanda

Theresa doesn’t believe Gwen and Ivy when they call her psychotic. They try to make out that she is crazy and that she made up the whole story about the disks being in the fire in the basement incinerator. She gets so angry that she knocks over furniture. Gwen reminds her that she put her hand in a fire thinking that there was proof in there to get Ethan back. That really is the behavior of a crazy person. Theresa says that she only did that to get Ethan back. Gwen finds that funny as now she will never get Ethan back. Both Ivy and Gwen find her funny thinking that Ethan could ever want her after her latest screw up.

Ethan asks Martin and Pilar to help him. He will not let Theresa see Jane the way that she is now. She is convinced that the disks that were burned had information on it about the tabloid article that ruined Ethan’s life. Pilar tells that Theresa did try to push Gwen in the fire. Pilar almost fell in the incinerator too. Pilar shudders to think what her daughter will do next.

Fox and Chad are together having a drink alone in one of the offices at Crane Industries. They clink glasses and sip their drinks.

Kay is in her office sending off the emails to the Asian offices as she was instructed to. All she has to do is wait for some feedback now and then it will be full steam ahead for Fox and his project. Kay leaves the office.

Valerie enters the office that Kay has just vacated. She gets on Kay’s laptop and gets a copy of the emails that were sent out. Kay has no idea that all emails are copied to the server. Valerie intercepts the emails and deletes them before they go out.

Eve is in jail now. Julian feels that he has failed her. She will spend the rest of her life in jail now. Julian knows that his father is responsible for this somehow.

Alistair is watching Noah and Fancy in the stockroom at the back of the Blue Note. They have no idea that he is there. Alistair hopes that Fancy will do as he told her and not get involved with Noah Bennett.

Inside the stockroom, Noah and Fancy are sitting and having a glass of wine in there. They are locked in and can’t get out. They decide to make the best of it and have a drink then. Noah suspected that Fancy was faking leaving her jacket in the stockroom to see him but she wasn’t doing that. Noah knows that. He was the one that hid her jacket so that she would return and she has. She smiles at him.

Alistair is watching the two through the small window in the stockroom door. He hopes that Fancy will do as she as been told. “Fail me Fancy and you will regret it.” Alistair punches the door to emphasize what he means.

Ethan wants Martin and Pilar to keep Theresa from acting out so that he can work something out about visitation with Gwen. Martin and Pilar are grateful that he is being so thoughtful for their daughter. He could just take the child but he is being thoughtful instead. They know that they have to control Theresa.

Theresa is furious that Ivy and Gwen are insinuating that Ethan will be cutting her off from her child as they say. Ethan promised her that he wouldn’t do that. She only believes in what he tells her. These witches can’t be trusted and she knows it. Gwen and Ivy feel that Theresa is all about Theresa and not even her children. She seems to care nothing it seems about Gwen and her pain over the years. Ivy sees that Theresa is someone that could hurt her own children to get what she wants. Just look at her arm? She is a lunatic and a dangerous one at that.

Theresa turns and leaves the room feeling defeated. Rebecca is entering at the same moment. She sees the sadness in Theresa’s face. “I can’t wait to hear about all that,” she says to Ivy and Gwen.

Kay joins up with Chad and Fox who are having a drink in Chad’s office. Chad offers to help Kay out in anyway that she needs him to now that she will be working at the office too. Chad wonders where Valerie is.

Valerie stays on Kay’s laptop long enough to make sure that Kay’s emails are deleted. Kay doesn’t know everything that there is to know about being an executive assistant and that works to Valerie’s benefit.

Eve is in her cell. She better gets used to being locked up.

A guard brings in Julian so that he can see Eve. He spoke to the judge to get Eve out of jail, but now she is a flight risk and the judge will not let her out. Eve takes full responsibility for what has happened. She agreed to run with Julian.

Alistair watches as Noah and Fancy drink and smile at each other. The look that they have for each other can’t be mistaken. She has a special place in Alistair’s heart and he hopes that she will just turn her back on this man and forget him.

Fancy tells Noah that she is sorry about lying to her grandfather so that he wouldn’t find out that she likes Noah. She apologizes for pretending that she wouldn’t have anything to do with someone who was poor. She had to do it to keep Noah safe.

Alistair is outside the stockroom door and he hears her confession. She is breaking his heart and she has no idea. She was the last one in the family that he cared for.

Now Noah and Fancy are kissing.

Alistair is furious. He loves Fancy dearly and he will give her one more chance to be true to him as he asked her to. How could she blatantly lie to him the way that she has? If she can give Noah up now, he will forgive her everything. Alistair looks up again at the window at the stockroom door and sees Noah and Fancy kissing. It breaks his heart.

Valerie appears with the others now in Chad’s office. She says that she was just in the ladies room as an explanation for her absence. Chad gets her a drink as she tells Kay that she will give her all the help that she needs to work in the office as an assistant. Kay likes that. Maybe they can be friends. Fox has to get back to work now, and he leaves Kay with Chad and Valerie.

Ethan arrives home. He sees Rebecca there. She made things look pretty bad for Eve. “Eve could go to prison for the rest of her life Rebecca.”

Ivy loves hearing that. She thinks secretly that would certainly stop Eve from telling about how Ivy was the one that got rid of Grace way back when.

Ethan has mail for Rebecca. It is from a lawyer’s office. Rebecca opens the letter. It is about her divorce. It is a proposal for settlement. She is upset with the amount that she sees as her divorce settlement. Ethan tells Rebecca that her marriage was brief and she doesn’t have any children so the amount is fitting. Rebecca wants more and will hold Little Ethan hostage to do it.

Julian and Eve talk closely with their faces trying to get as close as they can get them. It doesn’t matter that there are bars between them. He still loves her.

Noah and Fancy are still sweet-talking in the stockroom.

Alistair listens and is astounded at how close the two are. Fancy must have been tricking him from the start. It almost knocks him off his feet.

Kay phones Tabitha and thanks her for watching Maria.

Chad and Valerie are waiting for Kay to finish her call. After she has finished her call, she thanks them for the drink before leaving.

After she is gone, Valerie tells that she wasn’t in the ladies room as she said she was just now. She was on Kay’s computer and she saw an email that Fox was sending to the Chinese offices. Chad can see that Fox can’t be trusted. Valerie wants Chad to be the one that ends up on top. Valerie tells Chad that she has deleted all the emails that Kay thinks she sent out.

Fox and Kay are at the office again. Fox looks to see if there is a response to his email. There is nothing. He should have something by now. It is late at night in Harmony but not in Asia. Fox needs this response or he will be dead in the water.

Rebecca will not accept this offer for the divorce. She will deal with Julian later about this. She walks out of the room.

Gwen asks Ethan what as been decided about Theresa.

Julian walks in before Gwen can get her answer. Julian tells that Eve is in great trouble. “I tried to run off with Eve tonight. Eve now appears more guilty that ever.” Julian knows that Eve didn’t do anything wrong. He has to prove this so that Eve will go free.

Noah and Fancy are kissing madly.

The door opens. Liz walks in from another door than the one where Alistair is watching. “Noah! Do you have any idea how long you have been back here?” Noah tells that he got locked in the room with Fancy. Liz tells him to get back out to the bar to make the drinks. Noah tells Liz that he has to go right now. He will make this up to her later but he has to go right now. Fancy tells that she has to help Noah will his errand. The two go running out of the room together.

Alistair sees the two exit using the other door. He is furious. “Fancy… You had better not be going to do what I think you are going to do.” He flings the lid of a nearby garbage can into the corner. “If you are going to do what I think, then you are going to be very sorry Fancy.”

Valerie confirms that all the emails were deleted. Valerie read the email and there was something in there about time being of the essence, so Fox is really going to be screwed.

Fox is really concerned now about the email. Kay has no answers for him. Fox has to really work on this to make things happen.

Fox gets on the phone to Osaka.

“It is Fox calling from Harmony. Why didn’t you get a response to me about the project? We sent the information out. I will check with Singapore.”

Fox makes the Singapore call. “Did you get an email from me marked urgent? Oh… Thanks.” Fox turns to Kay now. “Are you sure you sent this out?” She is.

Fox tells Kay that if those two offices didn’t get the email then the others didn’t either. Fox looks at the computer and sees that the message was deleted. He suspects that Kay accidentally deleted the message somehow. Kay denies that she did delete the message. She is positive that she did this right. Fox is upset but he tries to hold it together. Kay is so sorry and has no idea how this happened.

Chad and Valerie enter the office. “Something the matter?”

Ethan is not happy with Julian for what he tried to do with Eve. There is nothing that Ethan can do now. They have to find another way to save her now. Julian tries to remember the night of the poisoning. Most of the people in town were gunning for Alistair and Julian at that time. No one liked them. The only other possibility is that Liz poisoned herself, or if not, then Liz wasn’t the intended victim and was poisoned accidentally. Julian would guess then that Eve would have been the intended victim. “Rebecca!”

Julian remembers that Eve remembers seeing Rebecca in the basement. She mentioned it to Rebecca but Rebecca just made up some excuse.

Julian decides that it is time to have a little chat with his ex-wife. There is a special bedtime story that he would like to tell her before she goes to bed.

Noah and Fancy are at the beach again. This is the location of their special one-time date. He wants to pick up where they left off on their date a while ago. She is cold and so he promises to get her warm. He gathers wood to make a fire.

Theresa is in her room. Ivy and Gwen seem so sure that Ethan is about to take access from Theresa. Theresa is starting to believe it too. “How could Ethan betray me this way? I will have to do this now. He has forced me to.” She calls Alistair.

“I have been thinking about your offer and I have decided that I will accept it. I will do everything that you want me to.” Alistair tells Theresa that she is very smart. She understands that there is no turning back for her now. He will call her later. He has something to do now.

Alistair hangs up and tells his driver to step on it. “I have to find out what my granddaughter is up to.” It had better not be what he thinks that it is.

Chad and Valerie say that they were just taking a walk in the building to stretch their legs and they thought that they would come and check on Fox and Kay. They can see that something is wrong. Kay tells that she screwed up something for Fox. He can’t send the email again later as it was time-sensitive. He has missed his extension. Fox and Chad leave the office together.

Valerie tells Kay that she shouldn’t worry. It is her first day and this happens to the best of assistants. Valerie tells how she did something similar on her first day. Kay is sure that she didn’t make a mistake. “I was set up by someone in the company.”

Rebecca is in bed and she is ready to go to sleep. She will deal with Julian the next day. She turns out the light and starts sleeping.

A hand comes over her mouth as she sleeps.

Rebecca wakes trying to scream but she is unable to.

Noah and Fancy are at the beach and he asks her for a dance. They recreate the beautiful moments they shared dancing on their special date. She moves into his arms easily. This is where she wants to be. They have no music this time but that doesn't matter. They can make their own. They kiss as they hold each other close. She really missed him, as he did her. He still thinks that she is trouble and he still gets on her nerves but they can’t stay apart.

Alistair is in the tall grass hiding not far from the couple. He sees Noah and Fancy together kissing and they are ready to hide the sand.

Valerie questions Kay about her thinking that someone deleted her work. Who would do such a thing Kay? Kay feels that maybe someone wanted her job and did this to make her look stupid. Valerie offers to help in any way that she can so this never happens again.

Eve rests in her cell and remembers the trial.

Her sister really played the role in court that day.

“God help me. I am going to be in prison for the rest of my life,” Eve says. She remembers how Liz overdid it and screwed her over with her outbursts.

Rebecca jumps up out of bed. She turns on the light and finds Julian standing over her. Julian tells Rebecca that she will tell that Eve wasn’t the one that tried to kill him. “I know Rebecca that you were the one that tried to kill me.”

Ethan and Gwen are alone now and Gwen comes back to the subject of Theresa. Ethan tells that Martin and Pilar are going to help get Theresa back home before the access is discussed. Once she is there, Ethan is sure that Theresa will change her mind about a few things and listen to reason.

Theresa is in bed looking at a picture of Ethan and her kids. She lies under a blanket thinking about how she has to make this work. “I will have my family back soon.”

Alistair watches as a very naked Noah and Fancy lie on the sand and start making love. It is just as Alistair feared. It is like a train wreck. He can’t look away.

They clearly love each other and admit it to each other.

Alistair sees that Fancy has crossed the line. “You have betrayed me Fancy. Now I will destroy you and Noah Bennett.”

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