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Written By Glynis
Pictures by Amanda

Valerie is with Chad and Miles, her two favorite guys. She has been trying to get Chad to see that she should be with him to help him forget about Whitney and this is another opportunity to do that. Chad smiles as he watches Miles warm up to Valerie.

Ethan will not stop Jane from seeing her mother because of the way that Theresa is acting. Ivy says that Theresa is unfit and Ethan should face that fact. The woman intentionally hurt herself to get Ethan’s attention. Gwen says that Theresa will not let this go. It is not fair to anyone to have to put up with Theresa’s behavior.

Theresa is telling Alistair that she is all his if he wants her. Why should he believe her now? She will surrender her soul to get Jane and Ethan back. Alistair finds her foolish. If she aligns herself with Alistair she will be getting Ethan’s disapproval. He will not go to Theresa then. Alistair warns Theresa to think about those things before uniting with him.

The pilot comes to tell Julian and Eve that they are getting ready for take off. Julian and Eve are making their getaway. It is their last chance to escape a lifetime of jail time for Eve.

Eve is making Julian the happiest man in the world. Eve looks out the window of the plane. “Bye Harmony. Bye!”

Gwen knows that Theresa will do anything to get to Ethan. “She will even use Jane to get Ethan. I will not take that risk anymore Ethan. Theresa made a pact with Alistair and for her to do that while living under the same roof as Katherine is thoughtless. You have to do something drastic to stop Theresa or Jane will get hurt.”

Theresa will get Ethan back no matter what. She thinks that she can keep the details of her contract with Alistair a secret from Ethan. Alistair laughs at that. Alistair says that Theresa is very naïve about this. “How far are you willing to go Theresa?” She will go the whole way. She will play his game and survive. Alistair warns her that he likes to make up the rules as he goes along when playing a game like this. “You will never get Ethan. I will see to it. I will not let you have Ethan. You will be mine and you will never get to be with Ethan. I will own you body and soul.”

Pilar tells Martin about Theresa putting her arm into the fire. Her wounds will heal but not the ones on the inside. She must have told Ethan about the disks by now. Ethan still will not leave Gwen over this. Martin will let Ethan be an example for him. Martin tells Pilar that she is his wife and he will make up for hurting her if it takes the rest of his life. She never did stop loving him. She is so glad that he is home.

Eve finds leaving Harmony to be so final. There is so much more living that she thought she was going to do in Harmony, but she can see that will never be. Julian feels that this is the life that they should have been living all along. He knows that she has doubts about leaving her family and the way that he treated her in the past before they found each other again, still he has hopes for their future. “I am going to spend the rest of your life making you happy Eve. You just wait and see.”

Sirens are heard in the distance. Eve is the first to hear them. They are getting louder and louder. Julian looks out the window and sees that the police are coming. “Get this plane off the ground captain!” Julian shuts to the cockpit where the pilot is. Julian will not have Eve captured at this point.

Valerie loves Miles, and Miles loves Valerie. This is clear to Chad as he watches them together. Chad watches as Valerie puts him in the pen. He smiles at her almost as happily as he used to smile at his mother. Valerie offers to watch Miles while Chad takes some time to himself. He can go to the bar and have a drink. Chad suggests that someone else watch Miles and they can go together for a drink. Valerie knows that Chad still worries about Whitney but Valerie reminds him that Whitney has moved on with her life. “You should move on with yours Chad. She is giving you a clear signal by moving out of town and living in a convent. She wants to be left alone. I will be here when you want to start living again. Just say the word and I will be there.”

Fox and Kay can’t get any work done at the office. They can’t stop kissing. She fixes her clothes to look presentable for the office. Working together is going to be tough but fun.

Noah has gone to the stockroom to get a rat that someone saw run in there and he has found Fancy as well roaming around back there. She says that she is there to get her jacket that she had forgotten when she was there earlier, but he thinks that she set this up to be alone with him in the stockroom. She says that she couldn’t care less about him. “I really am not into you at all Noah.” Fancy says. He doesn’t believe her for a minute.

The rat in the stockroom runs over Fancy’s opened-toe sandals. She feels the cold rat feet scurrying over her toes. She screams and jumps into Noah’s arms to get away from the rodent. Noah laughs as he stands holding her suspended off the ground. He feels that this is just what she wanted.

Ethan will not believe it. “Theresa will not harm Jane. I know that she did some crazy things lately but I don’t see her hurting that baby.” He can’t believe that. Gwen laughs at his naivete. She remembers that Jane was conceived because Theresa was playing a trick to get Ethan. The child wasn’t even born in love as she should have been. Doesn’t matter to Ethan. Jane is here now, and she will have her mother. She is to never know how she was conceived. That would kill her. Ethan will not take Jane from her mother. Gwen reminds him that the court has given them the child to take care of and they have a right to give Jane the right care that she deserves. “Think about Alistair and what Theresa is hatching up with him. We are going to regret not doing anything Ethan.”

Alistair asks Theresa again what her decision is going to be now that she knows where he stands with her and her wants and needs.

Alistair’s phone rings. “Good… Mission accomplished. What? I will take care of this myself.”

Alistair gets off the phone. “I will talk to you later Theresa. I have some business to take care of.”

Julian and Eve are on the plane and the police are all around them. They don’t have time to hit the runway and escape it seems. The cars surrounding the plane make that difficult.

The pilot comes to Julian and Eve and tells them that it is too late to make the plane take off now. They waited too long and they don’t have enough room to run the plane before take off. “We can’t take off sir. I am very sorry. The police are everywhere around us.”

The police are outside. That is true enough. Their cars are all over the place. How did they know about this plan? A loud voice is heard. “Come out with your hands up. We know that you are in there. Come out.”

Eve panics. “What is going to happen to us now?” Julian tells Eve not to worry. “I will not let them get their hands on you,” Julian promises.

Chad admits that he likes Valerie and she knows that he does too. He thought that she might be feeling strange about him. After all, He did sleep with Whitney after meeting Valerie. Valerie knows all about that, but she has forgotten about all that now. Whitney is gone and she is not coming back. Valerie will not waste her time crying over spilled milk. That would be a waste. Chad can’t promise Valerie anything and she says that is okay with that. She knows that he is still hurting from the fresh wound that Whitney has left him with. She feels that if they spend a lot of time together at work, they should loosen up and enjoy it by enjoying each other’s company. She can be very helpful to Chad. For instance, She knows that Fox is competitive and is nipping at Chad’s heels even now. Chad thought that Fox had forgotten about all the fighting between them now that he knows that Miles isn’t his son. Valerie tells him that she feels differently about that situation. There is still competitiveness on Fox’s part. “Fox was raised to be a Crane. Not like you Chad. You had to work for everything that you have. You are different from him. You have to give your work your full attention or you will be out of here. It can still happen although you are a Crane. You are the boss but my suggestion is to help you with Miles so that you can keep up with your brother in the workplace. I know that he is working on some project that is top secret. I just don’t know what it is. Chad didn’t know this. That is Valerie’s point exactly. That just proves that he needs her as an extra pair of eyes for him. Chad sees that he really owes Valerie one for looking out for him. She assures him that she hasn’t done anything for him to be thankful for… Yet!

Fox tells Kay about the project they will be working on. Fox is going to run his project idea by the Asian offices first. Just to get an idea what they think of it. Then when everything works like he wants it to he will present it to the board here in Harmony. That way he knows that it will be a smash! Everyone will love it and most importantly, there will be no loopholes to work out. It will be perfect. All that Kay has to do is email Fox’s proposal to the Asian offices. Fox shows Kay what he wants exactly. Kay will get to work.

Chad enters the office with Valerie and Miles. He is on his way out and just wanted to come by and see how Fox is doing lately. Kay is introduced as the new assistant to Fox. Miles wishes her all the luck in the world at her new position. Fox has a close look at Miles and still feels something for him although he now knows that the boy really isn’t his son. “Miles looks great”, Fox says to Chad. Chad hopes that Fox understands now who Miles’s father really is. Fox takes that comment hard. Chad knows that was uncalled for, and he regrets saying that as soon as the words leave his mouth. Fox asks about Whitney and how she has been doing. He learns that she still is cutting herself off from society and planning on living in a convent for the rest of her natural days.. Chad asks Fox for a favor. “What would you think about becoming Miles’s godfather?” Fox is honored to be asked this question. “Of course I will do it.” The brothers hug.

Noah is still holding Fancy in his arms. She tells how the rat was on her toes. They are standing entirely too close and so Noah puts her down on the ground. Her jacket isn’t there, so they decide it is time to leave the room. Fancy can’t get out the back door. It is on a timer and it is locked. Noah tells Fancy to go out the front door and walk out through the club. That door is locked too. “Great! What now?”

Alistair comes into the Blue Note and asks Liz where Fancy is. Liz says that Fancy isn’t there.

Someone comes to Alistair and whispers to him. Alistair excuses himself and walks off with the man that has spoken to him.

Noah and Fancy are stuck in the stock room and see no way of getting out. “Noah asks Fancy why she brought her date there that night. She says that she had no idea that he was working there. Fancy sees the bottles of wine. “Hey! Isn’t that the same wine that we drank while stuck in the Tsunami?” Noah confirms that it is. They both smile as he grabs a bottle for them to drink as they wait to be rescued.

Outside the door, Alistair has come up with one of his workers. Alistair tries the door but it is locked. He can’t get into the stock room.

Gwen and Ivy discuss how Ethan has been smitten with Theresa again. He keeps giving her the benefit of the doubt. Ivy is sure that Ethan will see that Theresa is a ticking time bomb and shouldn’t be with her daughter.

Theresa hears Ivy and Gwen talking. “You will never keep me from my daughter Gwen!” Gwen tells that she will.

Ethan comes to Martin and Pilar’s house and wants to talk to them. “Things got a little out of control tonight.” Pilar knows. She was there. Ethan wants to know about what exactly happened. He tells that Gwen and his mother feel that Theresa isn’t fit to be Jane’s mother. “We are thinking of taking Theresa’s visitation rights from her. The fact is that Ivy and Gwen made a compelling case when they spoke to me. Theresa’s actions make it difficult for me to side with her at times.”

The police order Eve out of the plane now!

Julian will not let Eve be captured by the police. “Captain! Get this plane off the ground now!”

The captain comes in telling that he can’t avoid the police like this. “I could lose my license or worse.”

The captain goes and opens the door to the plane.

Police officers rush the plane and take Eve and Julian into custody for trying to flee.

Theresa doesn’t believe Gwen when she says that Ethan will bar her from seeing Jane. Ivy finds Theresa to be naïve about Ethan. She tells Theresa that Ethan doesn’t want her anywhere near Jane. “You can see her but only with other responsible adults around. Ethan knows that you are crazy and delusional and he will make sure that you are never alone with that child ever again.” Theresa shouts, ‘no’!

Pilar tells Ethan that this is going to devastate Theresa if she can’t see Jane anymore. Ethan is worried that Theresa is going to lose everything if she goes with Alistair and tries to scheme her way to get what she wants. “Help me Martin and Pilar. Help me to save Theresa from herself.”

Chad, Valerie and fox leave the office. They are going to head out to have a drink. Fox would like Kay to come with them but she would like to send out the emails first for Fox’s project.

Fox, Chad and Valerie leave the office, but after a while…

Valerie returns. She peeks into the office and sees Kay there.

Kay is busy sending out the email to the Asian offices as Fox instructed her to.

Valerie remembers Ivy warning her that Kay would be making waves at the office and that she had to be watched.

Valerie will have no trouble dealing with an upstart like Kay Bennett. She is brand new and still wet behind the ears.

Eve is lead to her cell and left alone once locked up.

“Julian are you there?” Julian comes to Eve. He is on the other side of her cell. He still promises that he will see Eve freed. She knows differently. She knows that she will never see the light of day again.

Noah and Fancy are sitting at a table having wine. There is nothing to do but wait now for someone to come and rescue them. Noah is concerned that Alistair will come looking for his granddaughter. Fancy tells him that there is nothing to worry about as there is absolutely no way that her grandfather will find out that she is locked in a stockroom at the Blue Note with Noah drinking wine.

Alistair is furious. He can’t get in the stockroom but he can see through the small window in the door that his granddaughter has disobeyed him and lied to him about her dealings with Noah Bennett. He cautioned her not to go against him like this. He is furious!

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