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Written By Glynis
Pictures by Amanda

Fancy has arrived home and she sits in the living room of the mansion upset at the rotten night that she has had.

She thinks back to the date with Edwin and being a third wheel with Edwin and Noah as they reminisced about their past.

“That Noah Bennett is so infuriating,” Fancy says. “I wished that I had never met him! He makes me so mad.”

Alistair comes into the room asking about her date. Fancy tells Edwin is a big bore. “We ran into a friend of his and then the evening was a bore. His old friend was trying to sabotage the date.” Alistair asks who this old friend is anyway. Fancy thinks before answering.

The ladies all stand around the bar as Noah does his magic. He flips bottle of vodka as he mixes drinks for the customers.

Liz and Rebecca enter the Blue Note together. These two have bonded over Eve’s misfortune.

Rebecca thinks quietly about how she is going to see Eve pay for trying to take her husband.

Liz knows that Rebecca has more juicy secrets. The ladies decide that they really need to dish the dirt.

“Oh my!” Rebecca points. “Who is that delicious man behind the bar?”

Liz looks. “Oh that is Sam Bennett’s son. He is starting out tonight.” Rebecca likes the look of him. The apple apparently doesn’t fall far from the tree.

Julian and Eve are talking about the state of Eve’s case. Things are really bleak. He really feels that the bet thing to do here is to run all together. “Let me take you away. We can be on a private jet tomorrow.” Eve can’t do that. Julian will be giving up his life and she can’t let him do that. He doesn't care about that. Without her, he has no life.

Theresa is on the stairs and she hears Ethan and Gwen kissing the baby goodnight. The nanny takes the child out of the living room.

Theresa is there waiting and she tries to kiss the baby goodnight but Gwen orders that the baby be taken upstairs immediately.

The nanny walks off. Theresa asks Gwen how she can keep Jane from her mother.

Ethan comes into the foyer and hears the women arguing. Theresa tells Gwen that she found out the truth and it was on disks that Gwen threw into the fire. “I know everything Ethan. She was the one who tried to destroy your life and set me up so that you would hate me.”

Whitney is with the Mother Superior and they discuss what happened in court. Whitney has been destroyed now. Everyone knows the truth about her incest and she will never leave the convent because of it.

Eve finds it terribly unfair that she has to go to prison. Julian tells her that the circumstantial evidence points to her doing it. That is why she has to let Julian help her.

Gwen refuses to listen to Theresa’s accusations. Theresa says that she found the computer disks and Gwen ran to the basement and burned the disks that proved the truth about her sending the information to the tabloids. Ethan wonders why Gwen would tell the world that he was really Sam’s son? What would she have to gain by doing something like that? Gwen says that she would have protected him if she had the chance. Theresa says that this was all a setup so that it would look like Theresa did this. Theresa says that her story is the way that it really happened. Ethan turns to Gwen. “Is this true?” Gwen says that Theresa is a boldfaced liar. Gwen maintains that the way that she has told the story is really the way that it happened.

Rebecca goes to the bar and flirts with Noah. She asks for Sex on the Beach and she isn’t talking about the drink. Noah figured that, but he makes a drink for Rebecca anyway. She will have to settle for that.

He makes her a Hurricane. She wonders why he chose that for her to drink. He tells her. It is the best drink for someone like you.”

Liz comes to the bar and tells Noah that he has a job if he wants it. He is doing great! Liz asks if he has a girlfriend. Noah says ‘no’. Liz asks because the freer he is, the more women will be coming in there to buy their drinks.

Fancy will not tell who it was that wrecked her date this evening. She knows how her grandfather feels about Noah. He would probably make Noah suffer somehow for upsetting Fancy’s date, especially if it ruined business dealing. Alistair reminds Fancy that she promised to help him get Edwin’s family under the Crane wing and she can’t do that by coming home early from dates with him. Fancy hates doing this. Besides she thought that this was going to be a one shot date. Alistair tells her that she is mistaken. She is to see more of this man. Alistair even suggests that Fancy marry Edwin. She looks at him horrified. “I couldn’t ever do that,” she says. He tells her that it would be for the good of the business and she can have as many lovers as she wants on the side. She can’t do that. This is business Fancy, it isn’t personal for heavens sake.” Alistair walks off into the other room.

Fancy wonders if her grandfather is serious about this. She talks aloud to herself. “He can’t actually expect me to marry this guy that I have just met can he?” That is just a little too much to ask of a person. Her grandfather is really pushing things if he expects Fancy to go for this deal. She wants to marry a man that she loves.

Ivy has heard everything from outside the room. She has seen this all before. She knows that what Alistair to Fancy, and she warns her daughter that Alistair means every word of what he says about arranging a marriage for her. He will expect you to be totally obedient. Ivy’s marriage was arranged as well, and she found out before it was too late. “I tried to love Julian the best that I could, and I love you Fancy and the kids but I don’t want you to make the mistakes that I made.” Be smarter.” Fancy finds that laughable that her mother is giving love advice. Ivy warns her not to marry this man if she can help it. “You will regret it for the rest of your life. Trust me on that point.

Gwen admits to throwing out disks in the incinerator fire like Theresa said she did. “Theresa was in my mother’s room and she got a hold of some disks that would destroy me and my mother and so I had to stop her from doing that. I took them from her and destroyed them. So what? They don’t belong to her anyway.” Theresa looks up into Ethan’s face with her sad big brown eyes. Things are getting tangled up. Gwen is changing everything and Ethan is having a hard time believing what Theresa says.

Fancy asks her mother when she started caring so much about her children. Fancy never knew her to be this way when she was growing up. Ivy always cared but not as well as she does now. Ivy knows that Fancy will not be happy with Edwin and she has to get that man out of her life so that Alistair will not try to push the issue. “You need to be with someone that you love dear.” Fancy puts her head down sadly. Ivy can tell that there is someone in her daughter’s heart already. “It is Noah isn’t it? Why did you fall for him?” Fancy admits to nothing, but why wouldn’t she be a good match for Noah anyway? Ivy tells that Noah is the kind of person that likes to make his own way in the world. “Noah wouldn’t be happy being Mr. Fancy Crane. I saw Ethan destroyed when he fell for Theresa and I don’t want to see that happen to you. Would you really give up your privileged life for Noah?”

Rebecca spends all her time with Noah at the bar. From the moment that she saw him she has be with him at the bar, watching him work. There are other women there but Rebecca knows that she can get him for herself. She tries to get him to drink with her but he can’t drink on duty. She would like to take him somewhere in private and then they can drink there where no one can see them. He tells her that she seems like a really dangerous woman, so he is going to play it safe and stay behind the bar. He is sure that she wouldn’t want to cause another Tsunami or earthquake in Harmony. Rebecca smiles, but isn’t sure that she was just complemented. Noah walks off to prepare more drinks for the guests of the club. Rebecca stands alone drinking and hiccuping when she thinks that no one is watching her. This is turning out to be a great night.

Liz comes up to Rebecca with champagne and glasses. She grabs the barstool beside Rebecca and she sits with her new friend. It is celebration time! “Let’s make a toast to the end of Eve and all her days,” Liz shouts. Ding-Dong the witch is dead. Rebecca will drink to that. Rebecca will drink to anything.

Julian has convinced Eve to leave with him. “He tells her that she will never regret this.” He will protect her from the authorities and she will have no cause for worry ever again. This is the only answer. The only way that Eve can win her case at this point is to have a witness come forward, but there is no one.

Theresa keeps talking. She is sure that the disks had information about the tabloid on them but now she will not be able to prove it. Gwen says that the disks had material on it that record her mother’s sex life. “I was afraid that Theresa was going to humiliate my mother in the tabloids with the details of mom’s sexcapades. Ethan you can see why I was worried, Theresa has already done this kind of thing before. Go and ask Pilar about this. She was there and saw the whole thing. Ethan she even tried to push me into the incinerator to kill me.” Theresa pleads with Ethan to hear her out. “They framed me Ethan. Gwen! Look at me. You admitted the truth to me in the basement… Tell Ethan the truth now.” Gwen asks Theresa to stop this. “Who is Ethan going to believe here anyway? Me… his wife, or someone that has lied to him repeatedly in the past?”

The Mother Superior comes to Whitney to tell her that someone is there to see her. Whitney thought that she wasn’t to see people anymore. Whitney isn’t a nun yet, so talking to people is still something that she can do. The Mother Superior tells that Whitney can’t have that request fulfilled before her vows. The Mother Superior insists that Whitney see this woman.

Eve enters the room where Whitney is. Whitney turns to find her mother standing there. “I just came to say goodbye Whitney. I have to go. I can’t stick around anymore. I am sure to be put in prison for most of the rest of my life, if not all of it. I don’t know how to beat this thing. Liz’s testimony is so damaging that I am sure to lose. That is why I am leaving.” Whitney goes to her mother and hugs her tightly. Although they fight, Whitney loves her mother and knows that her mother loves her too. Tears come to the women’s eyes as they look at each other meaningfully. Eve knows now that sometimes running away is the only choice in a person’s life. Sometimes it is the only solution to a complicated issue that can’t be set straight. Eve can see why her daughter ran off from her life now.

Theresa tells Ethan that she has never lied about this tabloid issue from the start. She always told the truth no matter what. Ethan can’t really believe that Theresa would burn her arm to make up a lie like this. He turns to Gwen to see what she has to say about this. Gwen remains quiet. Theresa says that Pilar can’t confirm this as she wasn’t in the room when Gwen supposedly confessed to this all these dirty deeds.

Ivy is in the other room listening to all of this. She isn’t sure what is going on but she tries her best to piece things together. It seems that Gwen got the evidence for the tabloid out of Theresa’s hands and destroyed it before Theresa could get it to Ethan. Ivy would rather die than have Theresa in her family. Ivy has to think fast as to how she can help here.

Gwen says that Theresa would actually burn herself to get Ethan back. “That is how demented she is Ethan. Look at the things that she has done in the past? She needs to be locked up. She would do anything to get you Ethan. This last scam proves it. She even stole our embryos so that she could have your baby.”

Ivy steps out of the shadows and into the room. “I was there too Ethan and this never happened the way that Theresa said. She is lying.” Gwen looks at Ivy surprised to have a witness to what had happened, but grateful for Ivy’s statement at the same time. Theresa says that Ivy wasn’t even there. “She is lying. I am telling you the truth Ethan. Ivy and Gwen are lying to you and you are falling for it again. You have to believe me Ethan. I wouldn’t make something like this up. You just have to believe me.” Ethan is torn and he has no idea who to believe. This is making him crazy. On one hand, Theresa’s story is so far fetched it seem to be true, and on the other Gwen is his wife and she does make sense when she says that she wouldn’t hurt him intentionally. The decision could have gone any way, but now Ivy has come into the picture to say that she knows that Theresa is lying. Although Theresa says that she didn’t see Ivy in the basement, Ivy still maintains that she was there, and heard everything. Theresa’s eyebrows are high on her forehead as she stares up into Ethan’s beautiful face in the hopes that he will believe her. She is being set up again here. All she has to count on is Ethan’s belief of her story. She wants to be exonerated of these charges that are so wrongly pegged on her, but it doesn’t look like it is going to happen today. Ethan is already looking irritated but with who exactly?

Rebecca writes down her number and a napkin, and she gives it to Noah. He takes it smiling at her and walks away.

Fancy has come back to the bar. She tells Liz that she left her wrap at the bar and has come back to get it.

Noah continues to smile at Rebecca, and she takes that to mean something. Then he has to get back to work.

Fancy comes to the bar where Rebecca is standing. “I just met the new bartender. He is gorgeous.” Fancy knows who she is speaking about. Rebecca tells that he asked her for number and everything.

Eve says her goodbye to Whitney. They are both crying now. “This is goodbye Whitney”

The Mother Superior tells Eve that Mr. Crane is waiting for her outside. Whitney says a final goodbye and promises to watch out for Simone who will definitely need her.

Theresa tells the story again. “I am telling you the truth Ethan.” Ethan tells that his mother and wife are telling the same story, so he has to consider that they are telling the truth. Theresa orders Ethan to say that he loves her. He loves his wife, but she is surd that he loves her in another way. Ivy jumps in telling Theresa that she isn’t hearing them right. Ethan is with his wife and he will stay there. Ethan believes his mother and wife. Theresa says that he is being lied to again. “I guess that I will have to find the proof then to show you how wrong they are.” Theresa turns and walks out.

Noah is still working at the bar, and all the women watch.

Liz comes up to Noah whispering. “One of the customers said that she saw a rat.” Noah offers to go and check it out.

He tells the ladies at the bar that the he will e right back. He walks off.

Liz can see that Noah is going to be very good for this club.

Noah makes it to the stockroom at the back.

There is a rat there. A big one. Noah moves slowly towards it with a bat.

Fancy walks out of the back of the storage room.

Both are surprised to see the other. “Noah?” “Fancy?”

Julian has Eve outside and he tells Eve that they have to leave right away. There is not point in delaying the inevitable. Eve is crying but understands.

Ivy and Gwen are alone and Ivy tells how she heard enough of the conversation and understood what needed to be done to help Gwen out. Gwen thanks her.

Ethan comes into the room. He is upset by all that has happened. Ivy feels that Theresa has no right to be someone’s mother. Ethan disagrees. “She is Jane’s mother and Jane needs her.”

Theresa comes to see Alistair in his study. “I am coming over to your side. I want Ethan and Jane back. In return, I will do anything that you want. He isn’t sure that he can believe what she is saying. “Anything Theresa?” She assures him that she is up for anything.”

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