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Written By Glynis
Pictures by Amanda

Sheridan overhears Chris telling James that he doesn’t know how long he will be able to continue pretending to be his father.

Sheridan gets her cellphone and is ready to call the authorities. She will have him arrested and he will never see James again.

Edwin and Noah talk as Fancy listens. She learns that the men used to take girls to the beach on dates all the time.

Fancy thinks back to her date with Noah and how she thought her date with Noah was unique and special.

Edwin sees now why his date was so interested in Noah when she first came into the bar now. Noah has always been a ladies man. Girls were always drawn to him when they were younger. Fancy denies that she has ever been interested in Noah. Noah denies that he would ever be interested in someone like Fancy either.

Eve has just learned from the prosecutor that she is only going to be given an offer of 45 years if she pleads out.

Rebecca smiles when she hears this.

Liz tells Eve that she will spend the rest of her life in jail for the misery that she has caused all these years. Liz grins at the idea of her sister going to prison for life.

Theresa has Gwen’s head close to the incinerator door and is trying to push her in. Pilar is there to make sure that Theresa doesn’t succeed in tossing Gwen into the fire. Gwen is able to free herself and she turns to Theresa who is sure now that although she hasn’t got the disk Ethan will still believe her story of how Gwen confessed everything to her and then threw the disk in the fire. Gwen orders this crazy bitch away from her. Theresa grabs her again, as Gwen screams.

Edwin is surprised that Noah insulted a girl as sweet as Fancy. Noah apologizes. He just meant that Fancy wasn’t his type of girl. Edwin remembers when Noah would date 3 girls at once. Edwin remembers being at a party with Noah and he meets the head cheerleader. Her name was Stephanie or something like that.

Noah leaves Edwin to finish the story so that he can make a drink for one of the patrons.

Noah goes to meet Stephanie this cheerleader and she later finds out that Noah was head of the football team, but not the seniors team.

Noah has returned now and hears that Edwin is at the end of the story that he is telling. The girl was mad with him at first but then she came right back to him.

Fancy walks off. She would like to go to her table now, but the boys ignore her. Noah tells that he was in Las Vegas and that nothing really exciting happened to him when he was there.

Chris tries to stop Sheridan from calling the authorities. He didn’t mean that he wasn’t James’s father, he meant that he didn’t know how to be the boy’s father now. It has been a long time. “It is an awesome experience looking after another human being. I look at him and it scares me. What if I totally screw up? Everyday I have to make choices that may affect him forever. I want to be the best father that I can. I am worried that I will never be a good father.” Sheridan can see that compared to some fathers, Chris is doing a good job.

The prosecutor says that the jury wants to throw Eve away forever. She can take that option if she wants. She doesn’t really care what Eve thinks about the offer that she has been given. Still it is the only one that she will get. The judge has to link his name to putting away criminals not letting them free. “I think that you should take my deal or the good doctor will be going to prison for a much longer time,” The prosecutor says.

Gwen and Theresa are still fighting. Pilar is there trying to keep them apart. The girls fight so fiercely that they don’t realize how rough they are making things for Pilar. During the fight, Theresa and Gwen accidentally send Pilar flying near the incinerator door. Pilar loses her footing and falls backwards. “Mama!” Theresa shouts out. Gwen pulls in her breath quickly when she sees the danger that Pilar is in.

Edwin tells Fancy how Noah helped him in sports at school.

Pilar misses the incinerator and falls just inches from it. Gwen and Theresa pick her up and make sure that she is alright. Gwen orders Theresa out of the house. “After this, you had better believe that you will never get Jane or Ethan.” She runs up the stairs.

Theresa is about to follow her but her mother pulls her back. “Theresa…” Theresa is upset now. “I was so close mama… I was so close.”

Eve refuses the deal. She will take her chances with the jury. The prosecutor is fine with that. “I can’t wait to see your face,” Grace says. “…When they sentence you to prison forever.” The prosecutor leaves.

Liz and Rebecca taunt Eve over her fate.

Julian and Eve move away from the women. Julian hugs Eve. It is over for her now.

Sheridan is sorry that she keeps acting out and blames James at every turn for everything that she sees wrong even when it has an easy explanation. She is so distraught about her son. She knows that this is why she keeps trying to find things wrong with Chris. “Luis hasn’t brought Marty back yet. I don’t trust anyone anymore because of all that.” Chris asks Sheridan to please trust in him. He needs her to do this. I don’t want to live like this anymore Sheridan. Sheridan panics. “Oh my God. You are not going to take James and leave are you?”

Sheridan begs Chris not to leave with James. Chris tells Sheridan that she is overreacting again. He is not leaving but she has to lighten up on him. She will do that if he will stop doubting that he is a wonderful father. It is a deal then. She can see that he really is a great person.

A buzzer goes off. Sheridan turns it off. Then she turns off the oven. She is making food for the people in the B&B. “I am not very good at it I am afraid. She pulls out the food she had in the oven. Chris takes a bit and chews. “Not bad…” He tries to hide the look on his face. Sheridan tastes the food. “That is terrible!” Chris says that the food isn’t bad, just dry. Sheridan is supposed to have breakfast for everyone. She forgot that she wasn’t a great cook and that this was going to take some expertise on her part. That is the part of the deal that she has with the customers. They expect her to cook at least one meal in the morning for them. Chris can help her with that. He gives her a list of things to get. He will make his mother’s world famous casserole. He goes into the cupboard and starts taking things out that he will need to do his cooking.

Edwin goes on and on about school and life with Noah… And Noah… And Noah… And Noah. Everything that Edwin is he owes to Noah. Fancy tries to change the subject but everything that she asks Edwin about has something to do with Noah and how he made Edwin’s life better.

“You like politics Edwin?”….”Only because of Noah and his views about certain parties and the state of the nation…”

“You like to travel Edwin?”…”Only because of Noah. You know, he told me about this place in Paris where…”

“Noah…Noah…Noah…” Fancy says angrily. Fancy gets angry with Edwin and walks off telling Edwin to get a room with Noah since he loves him so much. Fancy does what she does best. She walks off to an empty space and pouts as she watches the two men have their reunion.

Edwin is upset that Fancy seems unhappy. The date is not going well at all. Edwin has done everything in his power to make Fancy happy but she isn’t interested in being with him at all. Noah suggests that he get her favorite bottle of wine and maybe that will calm her down a bit. “We have a couple of bottles of that expensive stuff that she likes. That ought to make her happy so she will chill out and make things a little easier for you.” Edwin suddenly wonders how Noah would know what Fancy’s favorite wine is. I thought that you didn’t have anything to do with her.

Rebecca says that Eve is suffering now because she conspired to steal Julian away from her. Rebecca hates that Julian has left her for Eve. Rebecca loved being Julian’s wife and all the perks that came with that title. She knows that Julian wants a divorce, but she told him that she will make him pay dearly to get out of a marriage her. She wasn’t only referring to money when she said that. With Eve out of the way, Rebecca will be able to keep her husband for a while longer and maybe even keep him indefinitely. Julian knows that Rebecca’s claims that Eve did this is a lie. He warns Rebecca that if he finds out that she is lying, she will pay dearly for this.

In the corner, Liz says to Rebecca that she had no idea that she was in the basement the night of the poisoning. They are alone now but Rebecca still has no intention of admitting to anything. How stupid would that be? Rebecca says nothing more to Liz. The prosecutor didn’t make Rebecca talk long, but it was long enough to show that if someone wanted to put things together, they could do so easily by making her seem like another suspect.

Julian and Eve are talking when Ethan comes to them in the courtroom. He tried to get the prosecutor to lighten up or at least leave the offer on the table, but Grace wouldn’t do it. “I have spoken to the prosecutor and she refuses to put the offer back on the table in case they decide to take it later.” They have no choice now but to go to the jury and hope for the best. The way that it looks from this point Eve is going down and fast. She has no chance with the things that have been said about her today. She is still fine with that. She refused Liz’s offer to leave town a free woman, and she will take her chances.

When alone, Julian turns to Eve. He will do anything to be with this woman and have her by his side. “There is only one thing that we can do now Eve. Please run away with me tonight.”

Noah thinks about how to answer Edwin’s about how he knows what Fancy likes to drink more than anything. Maybe he does know this girl and he isn’t saying anything about it. Noah doesn’t want to admit to knowing Fancy. He feels that she is ashamed of him and she would get in trouble if her grandfather ever learned about how well he knows Fancy.

Noah thinks fast. He was stuck with Fancy during the earthquake and the Tsunami and that is how he learned about her likes and her dislikes. He was stuck in that wine store with her and all that they had to drink was wine. All they had to eat was cheese, caviar and paté for those couple of days. It was a tragic time but they were warm and had shelter from the storm. He learned a lot about Fancy in that short time. Noah can’t worry about that now. He can only forget about ever thinking that he could have anything with Fancy that would last.

Noah lies now for Fancy’s benefit as well as his own. He says to Edwin that he knows about Fancy’s favorite drink as there is a crate in the basement with the Crane name on it. “I just guessed that when they came to the club, they were supposed to get that particular wine.” Edwin is glad to hear this. He was worried that he didn’t have a chance with Fancy. He wouldn’t have a shot in hell if Fancy had her eye on Noah and he knows it. Noah hopes for the best for his friend. Why should he suffer? This isn’t his fault. Noah will help the guy have a smooth a time as he can with Fancy. Edwin needs the assurance and the confidence to get through this date.

Edwin leaves Noah at the bar now to go to Fancy and see about their table. It should be ready now. Perhaps with this bottle of wine, Edwin can smooth things over somewhat. Noah wishes him luck with that.

Gwen goes and gets Jane from her room. She wants to calm down now that the brawl with Theresa is over. She sits in the living room with the child talking to her sweetly, knowing that soon, she will have this precious child all to herself without the likes of Theresa to interfere.

Pilar tends to Theresa’s wounds as they sit in the basement. “Theresa this is all your doing. Your precious Jane would be home if you would only stop fighting with Gwen. Think about Little Ethan and his safety, and come home with me right now. Live a normal life. You can see Jane from time to time and later I am sure that you will get custody back for Jane. First you have to prove that you are over this bickering with Gwen.” Theresa hates that she will have to thank Gwen for letting her see her daughter once a month. “That is my child. What about Ethan? I can’t give that man up mama. Fate said that we were supposed to be together,” Theresa says. Pilar begs her to let it go. “No Theresa… If fate wanted you to be with this man, you would have been with him by now.” Theresa will not give up although her mother is right at times with her advice. “What I deserve is my family mama. I am going to go to Ethan and tell him everything. If Ethan will not come back then, I will go to Alistair for help again. Alistair is one of the strongest men in the world. He can help me get what I want.” Pilar wonders again what price Theresa will pay here to get what she wants. Theresa admits that she will pay any price to get her daughter back.

Chris stands over James as he colors. Chris leaves him for a moment to join Sheridan across the kitchen at the counter. She loves seeing Chris with his son. She cries. “Seeing you with your son makes me miss my boy all the more. “Every minute that I am away from my son makes him forget me more.”

The buzzer goes off. Chris takes out the casseroles and gives a taste to Sheridan and James. It is perfect. Now all that Sheridan has to do is heat them up as the guests come down in the morning. It is time for James to go to bed now. Sheridan says goodnight to James and Chris. They leave the kitchen.

Sheridan has to wonder if there is anything that man can’t do.

Noah pours wine for Fancy. She professionally tastes it. “Edwin how did you know that this is my favorite wine? Did you ask my family?” she looks sarcastically at Noah. “It is so nice Edwin to date someone with a little class who knows about the finer things in life”. Edwin admits that he found out her favorite wine from Noah. Fancy gets angry now. She has just gotten shown up. This guy can’t even order his own bottle of wine for her. “You stupid moron. You are so stupid that you need to have dating advice from the bartender?”

Ethan arrives now. He sees his wife and his daughter in the living room mansion and he goes to them to share his day.

Theresa and Pilar have come upstairs from the basement. Theresa’s hand is in a bandage now thanks to her mother. Pilar says that they are going to get Little Ethan and get out of the house right now. Then they will all leave to go home. Theresa will not do that. Pilar points to the living room. “Look at that Theresa! That is a real family.”

Theresa looks into the living room and sees Ethan with the baby and Gwen. They look like a Hallmark card. Theresa will not allow that to continue. The truth will be out and that marriage will be over. Theresa will get her man back.

Liz presses Rebecca a little and she gets the whole story about the way things really went down in the basement. Rebecca does admit that she was the one that poisoned Julian, and accidentally poisoned Liz. Rebecca says that all that doesn't matter now anyway. “You and I have gotten exactly what we wanted.” Liz smiles. She has to admit that everything did work out in the end.

Eve tells Julian that she can’t leave town with him. We will look guilty. Julian tells Eve that prisons are not a happy place. Doesn’t matter. Eve can’t do it. She can’t run and leave her family like that. Her children need her and she can’t let Julian do this for her. Julian will not have a life without Eve by his side anyway. “Come away with me and we can be together.”

Sheridan comes up to James and Chris in their room. She wanted to talk to them briefly, but she sees the father and son team sleep soundly. Sheridan enters the room and covers them with a blanket. She can see that the two really belong together and that Chris is a really good father.

Fancy is ready to go. She is very unhappy with this date and how it has turned out. Edwin is ready to leave now too, but Fancy tells him to stay there. She will get a cab on her own. She walks off.

Noah tells Edwin not to worry about Fancy’s tantrum. She will be over it.

Fancy is at the door of the club now. She turns back once to see the men staring after her and then she runs off.

Theresa tells her mother that in spite of the fact that Ethan seems like he is staying with Gwen, she will get him back. Theresa will do anything to get Ethan back.

Rebecca and Liz bond over their hate for Eve. They should have lunch and share dirt.

Julian is in the empty courtroom with Eve. “Allow me to give you the greatest gift that there is Eve. Run away with me…”

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