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Written By Glynis
Pictures by Amanda

Noah takes orders for drinks at his new bartending job. He turns his back to make the drinks, and even twirls the bottles in the air.

“Bartender! We are waiting!”

Noah turns and sees Fancy behind him.

He knows that she still wants him he can see it in her eyes.

Fancy sees a woman standing beside her ogling Noah. “He is perfect and he is gorgeous,” the woman says.

Fancy thinks to herself that the woman is right.

Sheridan has James at the table eating in the B&B. She is so glad to be with him and getting along with Chris better.

Chris comes into the room and offers to sit with James while Sheridan tends to the B&B.

Sheridan leaves the room. She needs to do some laundry.

Chris’s phone rings.

He looks at the display and is upset when he sees who is calling. He doesn’t answer the call.

Liz has been called to the stand now in the courtroom.

Ethan tries to stop Liz from defaming Eve, but he can’t. The prosecutor has set this up.

Eve tells Ethan that he shouldn’t worry about this. He is trying to do his best.

Liz is sworn in.

Eve tells Ethan this ought to be good. Liz will make sure that Eve gets thrown in jail for sure.

Eve tells Julian that he had better get used to seeing her wearing orange.

Rebecca is watching the proceedings. She can’t let anyone know that she was the one that poisoned Julian’s drink.

She thinks back to how she applied the poison when Julian’s back was turned.

Rebecca also wonders if Gwen has been able to get her hands on the disk that Theresa is trying to find.

Gwen and Theresa are fighting in the basement of the mansion for the disk. Gwen gets away and tosses the disk into the fire in the incinerator.

Pilar enters the room and sees her daughter running to the incinerator to get the disk. Pilar tries to pull her back, but Theresa puts her hand in the fire trying to get the disk and she holds her arm there. Pilar doesn’t care about this. She wants her daughter to be safe and she tries to pull her arm out of the fire as Theresa screams at her to stop.

Fancy would give anything to be with Noah that night instead of Edwin.

Noah hates that he still loves Fancy but he can’t help it.

Edwin asks Fancy if she is going to stay at the bar all night with these ladies watching the bartender.

The woman beside Fancy says that the show for the Blue Note will be starting soon but for now, all she wants to do is stare at Noah.

She shouts out at Noah to shimmy and shake her up a drink. When he comes over to serve her and all the women end up on that side of the bar where he is, and they end up pushing Fancy out of the way.

Fancy is upset now. She is on a date with the wrong man. Alistair has pushed her to go out with this other guy and she hates that. Edwin tells Fancy that she acts like the bartender is someone that she is interested in.

Fancy thinks back to the date that she had on the beach with Noah. When they danced… Made dinner… kissed…

Fancy comes back to her senses and turns to her date. “I don’t have any feelings at all for the bartender Edwin,” Fancy tells her date.

Liz tells a sorry tale of how Eve treated her badly years ago.

Ethan objects. “This has nothing to do with the crime your honor.” The judge agrees.

The prosecutor asks why Liz feels that her sister would kill her. Ethan tries to object again but the judge wants to have the answer to this question.

Liz tells that Eve blamed her for everything that has gone on in the past. “It wasn’t me though. It was her! She is the woman who was a drug-addicted, drunken whore!”

TC gets angry and stands up. “That is a lie Liz!” Liz turns to him. “She is a whore TC and you know it. She hurt you too. How can you defend her?”

Theresa can’t hold her hand in the fire anymore. She finally pulls it out. Her hand is badly burned. She couldn't get her hand on the disk. Gwen grins widely. Theresa shouts in agony from the pain of the burn.

Chris is with James alone in the kitchen now. His phone stops ringing now that he has ignored it long enough.

Sheridan returns to the kitchen. She is much friendlier to Chris. She tells Chris that she is sorry that she misunderstood everything about him. She has her father to thank for her paranoia. Still, Chris does have to admit that he has a hell of a story to tell. She still can’t believe that he is in the Witness Protection Program.


Chris runs to James at the table and pulls him to the floor. Sheridan runs to them and she too stoops on the floor beside James and Chris. Bang! Bang! Bang! Sheridan realizes what it is that she is hearing. “Gunshots?”

Chris tells Sheridan that noise can’t be the mob shooting guns. They wouldn’t stop shooting at him until they made sure that he was dead. The noises have stopped now. Chris feels that the noises weren’t gunshots but something else nearby.

They look at the laundry room door and see suds coming under it. That explains it. Chris looks at Sheridan. “How much soap did you use doing the laundry?” She smiles at him. It was the laundry machine.

Noah is still doing his work at the bar.

Edwin remarks how interesting it is that all the women are flocking around the bartender at the bar.

Edwin leaves Fancy to get them a table. He pecks her on the cheek before leaving.

Noah sees that she is alone and he calls out to her. “Fancy! Do you want a drink?” The drunk woman at the bar asks Fancy if she actually knows this gorgeous man.

Liz freaks out again over Eve and her father molesting her. The judge bangs his gavel, but no one listens.

TC shouts out that Eve never knew that Liz was being molested when it happened.

The bailiff has to whistle loudly to get the attention of the court and stop all the noise. The judge tells that if there are any more outbursts, people are going to get thrown in jail. TC immediately sits back in his seat.

Liz apologizes to the court. “I just get so emotional when I think of what Eve did to my life. Eve threatened me repeatedly. She did it at the Russell house and then later in the church. We were in the church basement and I went down there to get some punch. Eve came too and she picked a fight.”

Ethan objects but is overruled.

Liz tells how she was upset over the bickering with her sister while they were in the basement. “I took a sip of the punch and then I woke up in the hospital and didn’t know that I could have died until someone told me. She tried to kill me. There was no one else there that could have tried to kill me.”

Rebecca can see that Liz has no idea that she was there in the basement as well as Eve. Rebecca hopes that secret stays hidden.

Ethan has no questions for this witness.

Eve and Julian ask Ethan what the hell he is doing? They surely thought that Ethan would be all over Liz to refute what she has been saying but Ethan decides against it.

Sheridan decides that she should send her towels out to be laundered instead of trying to do laundry herself.

Sheridan opens the laundry door. “It is like the washing machine blew up in there! That was what was making those gunshot noises. And look! There are towels stuck to the ceiling. The room is completely full of suds.” Sheridan didn’t realize that the soap powder was concentrated. She put a full cup in and is made too many suds. She should have used a lot less soap. Sheridan worries that Sam will be angry with her for making this mess. Chris offers to help her clean this up. Why not? She watches James for him every chance that she gets. The two play in the suds before cleaning up.

Noah offers Fancy a drink and she accepts as she waits for Edwin to get them a table. Noah knows that this guy that Fancy is with must be super rich for Fancy to be dating him in public.

Edwin comes to the bar. “Fancy is this guy bothering you? If he is, I will take care of him.”

Noah smiles. “You and what army?”

Pilar rushes up the mansion stairs to get first aid supplies to take care of Theresa’s burn.

Theresa has lost her chance to show Rebecca and Gwen up for the bitches that they are. “I lost the disk but I am going to tell Ethan the truth anyway and he will believe me.”

Ethan tells TC, Eve and Julian that he has a plan. Rebecca is next on the stand and he needs to discredit her.

Rebecca is called next to the stand.

Julian tells Ethan that he will have to get the truth out of Rebecca at any cost. They know that she has been lying.

Eve sees that things are only going to get worse now. She is sure that she will end up in jail now.

Rebecca is sworn in. “I swear to tell the truth…” Next Rebecca sits on the stand.

Ethan hopes that Rebecca will create some loopholes by saying the wrong thing. This is all they have left.

Liz feels that she has done her best to bury Eve.

Eve turns to give her sister a leery look.

Liz isn’t upset anymore. It is almost over now.

The prosecutor asks Rebecca if there was anyone else that was in the basement when the incident happened. Rebecca says no. That is all the questions that the prosecutor has.

Ethan is not happy with this. The prosecutor didn’t ask Rebecca enough questions to make a loophole.

Ethan approaches Rebecca. “You are angry aren’t you that Julian wants to marry Eve and leave you right?”

The prosecutor objects. She says that Ethan can’t question Mrs. Hotchkiss on this. Her relationship to Julian disallows that. The prosecutor informs the court that she rests now. Her end is done. The judge tells that if Ethan has another more to bring forward, he will have to do it on appeal. Court is dismissed.

Eve doesn’t understand. Ethan sees that there is only one thing that they can do now.

Chris and Sheridan have had their fun in the laundry room. Now it is time to clean up. Chris offers to clean the room if Sheridan will keep James entertained for a while. She is glad for the trade off. They share a warm smile before Sheridan leaves the room carrying James.

Theresa tells Gwen that she will make Ethan believe her about what really happen today. Gwen will try to say that Theresa is lying and that there wasn’t ever a disk, but that will be her word against Gwen’s. “The words that I tell him will be the truth and then Ethan will leave you and come with me, Little Ethan and our daughter.”

Noah and Edwin get into it. Noah tells Edwin that he was just serving Fancy a drink and nothing else. Fancy wants to go to their table, but the table isn’t ready yet. Noah feels that maybe Edwin should just take his rich fancy date and go to some other place where the rich and famous hang out.

The drunk lady at the bar tells Noah and Edwin to take off their shirts and start fighting. Noah likes that idea. “Yeah. Let’s step outside. Better yet… Let’s just fight right here.” In one fluid moment, Noah hops over the bar and lands right in front of Edwin. Fancy stands back. She knows that Noah can fight and he certainly seems like he means business right now.

Fancy orders Edwin and Noah to stop fighting. When Noah and Edwin heard the other’s name, they smile and start hugging. Fancy is shocked to learn that Edwin went to public school. Noah tells that Edwin’s family sent him to public school to keep him well-rounded.

Chris is in the laundry room cleaning up.

Sheridan comes in that laundry room with James. She tells Chris to take the boy and leave the rest of the work to her. Chris insists on helping but Sheridan will not hear it.

After Chris leaves the laundry room, Sheridan says under her breath that James is very lucky to have Chris as a father.

Gwen can see that again Theresa has forgotten that Ethan is married to her and he is serious about his vows. “There is no proof. He will believe me Theresa because I am his wife. Ethan is mine and he always will be.”

Liz and Rebecca tell the prosecutor that she did a wonderful job and they would like to have a party for her.

Ethan is telling Eve and her family her options. Ethan wants to negotiate a deal so that she can take a plea. “You could get a minimal amount of prison time”. The evidence is just so overwhelming. “You kept threatening Rebecca, you hated Julian and you always hated Alistair. The jury is deliberating but I am sure that they are going to find you guilty. What we should do is work out a plea bargain.” Julian has to agree that what Ethan is suggesting is the best thing. TC and Simone try to comfort Eve but she is strong for them. Ethan walks off to see what deal he can make.

Eve tells TC and Simone that they should go home now. They leave her alone.

The prosecutor knows what Ethan wants when he comes to her. She wants Eve to serve 15 years consecutively. “That will be 45 years in a row. That is the deal. Take it or leave it.

Liz and Rebecca stand by smiling when they hear what Eve is offered as a plea bargain.

Edwin and Fancy stay at the bar and share a drink together. Edwin loves this guy. Men want to be his friend and women want to be his lover.

The drunk woman comes over to Edwin…”You said it honey…”

Chris is talking alone with Chris. “You know, I really like pretending to be your father.”

Sheridan enters the room. “You are not really James’s father?”

Eve will get nothing else but 45 years for what she did. The prosecutor will not budge on that number.

Gwen taunts Theresa about being a loser once again. “You are never going to get Ethan from me.”

Pilar comes running down the stairs with bandages and ointment for Theresa. “Her Theresa. Let me take care of that.”

While Theresa is getting worked on, Gwen takes this time to sneak off smirking. Theresa sees that and she pushes off her mother lunging for Gwen. She grabs the woman by the shoulders and drags her to the incinerator which is still burning hot with fire. Gwen tries to push her head into the door to the incinerator but Gwen fights as she screams.

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