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Written By Glynis
Pictures by Amanda

Alistair comes to Fancy in the living room of the mansion. She is sad. He can’t make her smile. He can tell that she is still depressed about not going to Paris. She tells him that she is fine about that. He would like to make things up to her. “Let’s go through the Tiffany catalogue and you can order whatever you want and I can have it here this evening.”

She thinks about Noah and his smiling face.

She tells her grandfather that the one thing that she wants can’t be bought. Her grandfather would like to know what she is referring to, but she will not tell.

Sam is doing the bills for the house and he Is having a time of it. Noah hates that his father is suffering this way. Noah asks about maybe selling the B&B. Sam shouts at his son that he will not sell the B&B.

Liz has had an outburst in court. “Eve is nothing but a common ex-drug-addicted whore.” The DA smiles when she hears this.

Eve can tell that this is very bad. Ethan confirms for her that this is very bad indeed.

Liz is at the back of the courtroom with a guard holding on to her to restrain her.

Gwen is on the phone with her mother who is at court. Rebecca learns that Theresa and Pilar are in her room.

Rebecca tells Gwen to get upstairs and get Theresa and her mother out of there. “They are in my room! Now go!”

Gwen gets off the phone and rushes into the mansion and up the stairs.

Theresa is in Rebecca’s room and she has found something weird in a drawer in Rebecca’s room. The bottom doesn’t sound right. It sounds hollow. After more investigation Theresa finds a hidden panel and a disk is hidden behind it. Pilar watches as her daughter pulls the disk from its hiding place. Theresa gets very excited. “Mama! This has to be it! After I get this to Ethan, he will be mine mama!”

Noah didn’t mean to upset his dad by suggesting that he sell the B&B. Sam remembers how Grace built the B&B by herself. Noah feels that maybe Sam should get rid of the B&B because of the memories that it holds. “Mom chose David and would only be visiting if she returned. For that reason it doesn’t make sense to keep the B&B.” Sam loved Grace and still seems to. She was his wife and his life. Noah feels that his father should call his mother and tell her how he feels. Sam won’t do that. “You have to be very careful who you fall in love with Noah. I don’t want you to live the life that I have had to live.”

Noah wishes that he could help his father out with these terrible expenses for the house.

The phone rings. Noah answers to someone who has an idea on how he could make some money. He is offered a job. “You are kidding! I need some money right now. This is great!”

Alistair is on the phone. “Just be ready to go in a few minutes and I will have my driver pick you up.”

Alistair gets off the phone as Fancy is coming into the room. “Who was that?” Alistair tells her nothing.

At court, the guard has managed to calm Liz down.

Simone is removed from the witness stand.

TC is called next to the stand. He walks forward and stops on the way to kiss Eve and wish her luck. The prosecutor tells him to hurry up.

On the stand, TC is questioned about the breakup of his marriage. TC takes responsibility for the breakup, at least part of the responsibility. TC tells how Liz threatened Eve and they argued on more than one occasion. When questioned about Eve threatening Liz’s life, TC is asked about whether or not he heard Eve say that she wanted her sister dead.

Theresa has the disk now. She and her mother will check out the disk to see what is on it.

Gwen is on the phone with her mother, and she peeks into her mother’s bedroom to see what is going on in there.

She sees Theresa and Pilar at the computer in Rebecca’s room. They have found a disk and they are about to look at the contents on the computer. Gwen has no idea what it is that they are looking at.

Gwen jumps back into the hall and returns to her cellphone. “Mom. They have found the disk and they are on your computer looking at the contents now.” Rebecca has no idea what is on the disk.

Fancy knows that she is getting a surprise from her grandfather but she has no idea what that is. She demands to know who her grandfather was on the phone with. He will tell her nothing.

The doorbell rings. She runs to answer the door but Alistair stops her from getting there.

The house cleaner enters the room. “Company for Miss Fancy”. Fancy turns to the threshold of the living room waiting to see who it is that has come to see her. She hopes for the best.

A man in white pants and black shoes enters the room. He is well dressed and obviously there to see Fancy.

When Fancy sees the man she turns to smile at her grandfather. She loves this surprise… She thinks.

Ethan asks TC why he is having a hard time on the stand answering the questions that have been put to him by the prosecutor. TC says that Eve is innocent but Liz keeps trying to confuse the issue. “I didn’t realize who Liz was at first. She showed up at our house out of the blue. She pretended to be a stranger and she kept bringing up Eve’s mistakes.”

The prosecutor objects to how TC is answering the questions and the judge has to agree. He is giving testimony the way that he wants and not answering the questions in a direct manner.

The prosecutor asks where Eve went after leaving the house after the marriage broke up. She went to Julian’s house, TC tells. The prosecutor finds that Eve’s ability to run from one bed to the other is still intact. It seems to the prosecutor that Eve hasn’t changed after all these years.

Ethan objects to this comments. The prosecutor knows that her comment was uncalled for and so she withdraws it.

TC is taken off the stand. He goes to Eve’s table on his way back to his seat. “No matter what happens to you today Eve… I am behind you Eve. You have to know that.” Liz hates seeing that.

The prosecutor calls Julian Crane next. Julian is surprised to hear his name called at this time and by the prosecutor.

Ethan tells that Julian is not on the prosecutor’s witness list but on the defendant’s. The prosecutor says that after she is done with Julian, Ethan can have him next. No big deal. What is the difference if he is questioned now or later? Ethan can’t really disagree with that.

On the computer, Theresa has opened up the disk and she sees pictures of Rebecca and her donkey. Rebecca is dressed in a ridiculous costume. This is a sex disk. “Ewww” Theresa says when she sees the pictures.

Gwen is outside the room and she has her mother on the phone as she watches Theresa and Pilar in Rebecca’s room while they look at the disk. She sees that they haven’t found what they are looking for yet.

Rebecca has a memory suddenly.

Rebecca remembers having a series of disks with different things on them, and she was in her room hiding all her disks.

Rebecca tells Gwen over the phone that the best way to hide something is to leave it in sight. Gwen has no idea what that means. She can’t see how that is going to help them at this point.

Gwen peeks back into the room where Pilar and Theresa are still looking at the disk and the various pictures on the computer.

Theresa has found something. She gasps when she sees the next file. Gwen catches her reaction.

Gwen can’t see what she is looking at, but she fears that it is the dreaded evidence of the tabloid that Gwen thought was destroyed all this time. She can do nothing now but wait to hear when Theresa tells exactly what she has found. Pilar stands over her daughter’s shoulder waiting for information.

Alistair greets the man that has come to his house. It is Edwin. Fancy has never seen this person before. Alistair introduces the man to his granddaughter. “I said to myself, ‘who could cheer up my granddaughter?’ and thought of you. I would like you to take my granddaughter out tonight Edwin. “

Fancy takes her grandfather to the side of the room, away from Edwin. “I don’t want to go out with Edwin grandfather.” Alistair fears that Fancy wants to go out with someone else that he wouldn’t approve of. “Is that what is going on here Fancy? Do you want to go out with someone else?”

Noah tells his father that he is seeing about a job tonight. He will be a bartender. “I will be making good tips.” Sam doesn’t like that sort of job for his son. Noah has high aspirations in life and Sam doesn’t want him to forget that. “Forget that job. I know that you have your sights set on a good career, getting a good woman and having a few kids. Oh no… Have you found the right woman already Noah? Tell me that it isn’t Fancy Crane.”

Theresa found another sex disk that has freaked her out.

Gwen tells her mother that the files that Theresa found were not the ones that she thought they were. They are safe, so far. They have to stop Theresa from searching for disk before she finds something. So far it has only been sex tapes, but that could change. Rebecca gets an idea and tells her daughter what to do quickly. Gwen can believe her ears.

Gwen hangs up and then runs into the room screaming and throwing things around the room to cause a distraction for Theresa and her mother. On her way out, she grabs the disk that Pilar and Theresa are holding and she runs out of the room screaming. Theresa and Pilar follow her.

Julian is being questioned. He tells how Eve has been framed and how someone else must have tried to kill Liz.

The judge hears a lot of assumptions but he only wants facts for testimony. He warns Julian to stick with the court’s agenda.

Julian continues saying that Eve didn’t try to kill him. He is positive of this. Someone else is responsible for this.

Ethan asks that this questioning be stopped. He says that no one really knows who it was that tried to kill Julian. The prosecutor agrees with Ethan on that. No one really does know who tried to kill Julian.

The prosecutor asks now if Eve wasn’t the one to try to kill Julian, then who was? Who hated you enough to do a thing like that? Who would want to see you dead Julian? Someone else has to hate you then.

Rebecca is at the back of the room and she cringes when she hears the questions that the prosecutor asks Julian.

Gwen runs to the incinerator and she starts a fire quickly. She knows that she will have disarmed Theresa by doing this.

Theresa smells something coming out of the vent. She is on one of the upper flo0rs in the house. “It is the incinerator in the basement. I smell fire. Gwen is burning the disk in the basement! I have to get to her before she ruins my chance for happiness.” Theresa runs to the basement.

Noah tells his father that he hasn’t found the woman of his dreams yet as his father had feared. Noah knows that his father really hates the idea of him seeing Fancy, so he puts the old man’s mind at ease. “No dad. I am not in love with Fancy Crane. She isn’t the woman of my dreams.”

Fancy tells her grandfather that she would like to stay home and have some quiet time instead of dating Edwin. Alistair tells her that she needs to do him this one favor and go out with Edwin tonight. It would help Alistair do well in his business if Fancy would do this for him. Edwin’s father and grandfather are associates of Alistair’s. They are all rich and they all work together. He figures if Fancy goes out with Edwin, she will be able to spy on Edwin and learn some business secrets of the family business that she could report back to Alistair about. Alistair plans to sell the assets of Edwin’s family’s company and then run them into the ground to ruin them turning them into peasants. The family are friends of the Cranes, but Alistair needs to do this cause business is business. Once Alistair has Edwin’s family out of the way, The Cranes will rise even higher in the business world. Alistair always works even when it seems that he is not doing it.

The prosecutor asks who has threatened his life. “Who hated you enough to see you dead?”

Julian will not answer the question. He simply refuses by saying, ‘I can’t answer that.’ The judge warns Julian that he has to answer the question or he will be found in contempt of the court. The question is posed to Julian again. Again he refuses to answer. The judge finds that Julian is in contempt. “You will be locked up for this Mr. Crane.”

Eve stands quickly. “No! No! Your honor, he is trying to protect me. I was the one that hated him in the past long ago. I felt that he mistreated me and I wished him dead. I was the one that wished him dead a long time ago. Please don’t hold him in contempt your honor.”

After being pressured, Fancy decides to do this favor for her grandfather. What harm can it do anyway?

Fancy tells Edwin that she will change and they will go out tonight. Edwin is happy for that.

Alistair thinks to himself that this is a good thing. “Get that damn Noah Bennett out of your mind for once and for all.”

In court, Ethan is ordered to get his client under control or she will be sorry. Eve sits and tries to behave.

Ethan approaches Julian. “This court knows that you have strong feelings for this defendant. You were involved in a relationship with Eve a long time ago.” Julian admits to that. He was with her and then he lost her and realized that he loved her. “She was a decent, beautiful woman. She is the same woman that I loved so long ago. She wouldn’t hurt anyone ever.”

The prosecutor redirects. “What do you think about Eve being prosecuted for your attempted murder. The judge allows Julian some leeway with his answer. Julian tells that Eve is accused of trying to kill 3 people but she wouldn’t hurt another person anymore than Mother Theresa would. “She was terrified of losing her girls and the love and trust that she had worked so hard to attained was going up in smoke. Eve was upset with me in the past before we found each other again. I made her life a living hell, but Eve is not the sort to get revenge. She forgave me instantly. She didn’t know for a long time that I loved her. I did. That is because she is so easy to defend. She is unselfish and she has compassion for others. These things make it impossible for Eve to be guilty of these things. I used to be an egocentric self-centered son-of-a… Well… I was different but my love for that woman made me someone that could love again. If she is put behind bars, then I am here to tell you that you will be making the biggest mistake of your lives.” The prosecutor can’t take anymore of this. She makes light of Julian’s testimony. The judge reprimands the prosecutor for that. Julian steps down now that he has finished his testimony.

The prosecutor calls the next witness. “Liz”. Liz rises now. She has calmed down after her outburst. She is back to her old self and she looks as composed as a little old lady in church. Every hair is in place, as is every fold in her skirt. This is the moment that she is waiting for. Eve has turned her nose up at the offer that was so generously offered to her, and now that whore is going to pay.

Liz walks by Eve at her table and sits on the stand. She throws Eve a knowing glance as she walks by. Eve puts her head on the table when her sister walks by. She knows that this is it. She knows that Liz is going to fry her good for not taking the offer to leave Harmony and all that she loves forever. Eve would bet her life on it. There isn’t a forgiving bone in her body for Eve. Liz feels that she has lost everything because of her sister.

Eve knows that she is going to be put in jail forever now. It takes everything in herself to keep from crying. Watching Liz go to the witness stand is like watching the last nail being hammered into her coffin.

Theresa makes it to the basement before Gwen gets the disk in the fire. Gwen holds the disk in her hand taunting Theresa with it. It is all over now. Theresa loses. Now that she has the disk so close to the fire, she admits everything to Theresa. Gwen tells how Theresa was set up and how the plan worked so well all this time. “Ah what the hell, why not? There is nothing that you can do about things now. Yeah, we set you up to take the fall over Ethan not being a Crane and that information being sent to the tabloid.” Theresa sees that she is dealing with a real bitch here. As Gwen taunts Theresa, Theresa sees a bucket right behind Gwen. Gwen might not be aware that the bucket is there. Theresa takes her chance and lunges at Gwen trying to get the disk from her hand.

Gwen falls backwards, tripping over the bucket and falling on her back in front of the incinerator. Both women roll around on the ground and fight over the disk that Gwen holds firmly in her hand.

Noah is at work bartending. He wows the people at the bar with his bartending abilities. He flips the bottles in the air as he mixes the drinks. The crowd around the bar is impressed and can’t take their eyes off him as he works. He seems experienced and works alone in his section. He is sure to make a killing in tips tonight. The crowd loves him.

“Bartender! We are waiting!” Noah freezes with his back to the voice that has called out to him. He knows that voice. Could it be? No it couldn’t. It sounds like Fancy. The only way to find out if he is hearing what he is hearing is to turn around and face that voice.

Noah turns to find Fancy standing behind him, dressed for a great night out. She is out for partying but so far she seems alone. She smiles at him. That beautiful smile that he has missed so much but has decided will never be for him. He is not rich and famous. He can never have her. His father was right about that.

Ethan apologizes to Eve for not being able to help her more. Things are not going their way. Eve knows that he is trying his best for her.

The prosecutor approaches Liz on the stand. “Good afternoon”. Liz says that it is a good afternoon.

Theresa is on top of Gwen. She uses both her hands to hold Gwen’s arms down. Gwen holds the disk in one of her hands. Theresa can’t let go of the woman’s arm to get the disk. Gwen will get leeway on Theresa and be able to get up from under Theresa. Theresa risks it anyway. She lets go of one of Gwen’s arms to grab the disk. That is a big mistake. Gwen uses that free arm to get out from under Theresa and away from her. She runs to the incinerator and tosses the disk inside. Theresa shouts out. “No!”

Pilar comes running down the stairs to see what has been going on with the girls. Theresa tells her mother that Gwen has tossed the disk in the incinerator. Theresa runs over to the incinerator and puts her arm in there. The fire is high and hot as ever. Pilar and Gwen watch in horror as Theresa puts her arm in the fire and holds it there as she searches for the disk. Theresa pulls her arm out. Gwen knows that the disk is gone forever and that there is nothing that Theresa can do to retrieve it. She smiles off in a corner. Theresa can’t give up. She goes back to the incinerator and puts her arm in again. Pilar shouts at Theresa to stop this, but Theresa will not pull it out. She suffers the pain and tries to find the disk in spite of it.

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