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Written By Glynis
Pictures by Amanda

Ivy listens in outside Fox’s door when he asks Kay to take a job as his assistant.

Ivy is furious when she hears this. She has to stop this.

Kay tells Fox thanks but she knows that she has no experience for a job like this. She refuses it.

Ivy loves it. She didn’t even have to do anything to get rid of Kay. The girl bailed on her own.

Theresa is with her mother still searching the Crane mansion. Pilar knows that her daughter is using her body to get Ethan. She is no better than the girls on the street because of this. Alistair is using her… Raping her. What is next? Theresa ignores her mother. Pilar will not be ignored. “Are you telling me that getting Ethan back is worth getting raped?”

Rebecca and Gwen are arguing in the courtroom hall. They know that Theresa and Pilar are searching the mansion looking for the disk right now. Rebecca says that she hid the disk and although she can’t remember where the disk is, she is sure that Theresa will never find it. Gwen is really angry, but Rebecca reminds her daughter that she is in trouble with this trial for lying if she gets caught.

The trial is continuing. Whitney is being questioned roughly by the prosecutor. She runs out crying when her incest is brought to light, and the parents of her baby are revealed. The prosecutor lets her go. “I have everything that I need from this witness.”

Eve tries to leave to be with her daughter, but Ethan stops her. She wants to be with her daughter but Ethan won’t let her go. She has to be here. This is her trial.

TC leaves and Chad follows him. They want to find Whitney. Whitney is long gone. TC will follow her. She must be going back to the convent.

Inside the courtroom is quiet. Eve hurts for her daughter.

Liz tells herself that Eve can stop all of this just by agreeing to take this ticket out of Harmony forever.

Ethan is starting to doubt how this is going. He says nothing to his client but inside he is worried.

Julian and Eve hold each other close when they see just how ruthless Grace is going to be with Eve’s family.

Theresa is trashing the mansion trying to find what she needs to get her man back. Pilar is stunned to see that her daughter will do whatever it takes to get Ethan back. Pilar sees that Theresa will never be free of Alistair now.

Gwen is trying to get her mother to focus and remember where she put the disk. “Why didn’t you destroy the damn disk when you told me that you were going to?” Rebecca just wanted to keep it. Rebecca is more nervous about the trial than Theresa. Gwen tells her mother that she should have thought about this before trying to kill Eve. Rebecca just wanted to try to stay married to Julian. Gwen cares nothing about that. “Please mother, try and focus no where you hid the disk.”

Ethan tells Julian that Grace is going to be a pit bull during this trial.

Liz is waiting for the sign from Eve to show that she will go away forever for her freedom. Liz is ready to say the right thing on the stand if it will make Eve leave town forever.

Eve is hurt and stunned by what is happening.

The prosecutor now calls Simone Russell.

She is sworn in.

Eve worries that Simone’s secret will be brought out as well. AS far as Eve knew, no one knew about Simone being a lesbian, but that might just come out too.

Kay would like to take this job but she is not able to be an executive assistant. She has never done that before. He tells her that if she can work a computer she will be just fine.

Ivy laughs at that. She is sleeping with the boss. That is all the experience that she needs.

Fox points out all the skills that she already has to be able to do this job.

Ivy snickers at that. “Yeah right.”

Fox sees no reason for Kay to keep telling him ‘no’.

Ivy hears a pause. Kay is thinking about it again. Ivy hopes that she says ‘no’.

TC catches up to Whitney in the hall. She was on her way to the convent. TC offers to help her get through all this. She can’t stay with the family and they will work all this out. She will be looked at like she is crazy if she stays, she feels. “I can’t deal with that. I can’t see anyone that I know anymore now that the embarrassing truth is out about me,” she says.

Grace gets permission from the judge to treat Simone as hostile.

Eve worries that Grace will be rough with Simone. Ethan tells her that Simone isn’t one with a lot of scandalous secrets so he feels that there is nothing to be worried about here.

Eve knows better. She thinks back to when her daughter told her about her secret life. Simone told her mother that she had been dating a friend. Eve assumed that the friend had been a man but then Simone told her mother that the friend was not a man. “I am not in love with a boy mom, I am in love with a woman. I am a lesbian.”

Grace asks Simone about her mother and the type of parent she was. Simone tells that her parents worked very hard but really gave Whitney a lot of time when they were being raised. Grace wants to know about the importance that Eve placed on her job and her relationship with her other daughter. “Were your needs and wants ignored?”

Ethan objects, but the judge allows the questions to continue.

Grace says that Simone must have felt like she was 2nd best.

Ethan tries to object again but the prosecutor continues. “You felt that you were ignored all your life right?”

Ethan jumps up again but the judge makes him sit.

Simone admits that she had been shunned.

Eve is about to cry as she listens to her daughter air her deep feelings to the world about the things that are most personal and hurtful to her in the world.

Simone tells that she was burdened and hurt. The prosecutor asks about who it was that Simone confided in. Simone admits that she went to her friend Kay Bennett to talk about her problems. The prosecutor asks if there was someone else that she was friendly with. Someone else besides Kay Bennett.

Eve can see that the prosecutor knows what Simone’s deep secret is.

The prosecutor wonders aloud if there was someone that Simone could reach out to who proved to be a love interest to her during her terrible time dealing with her mother’s disinterest in her perhaps.

Eve orders Ethan to stop this. He can do nothing about this at this point. He has tried to object already but the judge seems to feel that this is all relevant for some reason.

Simone is at the front of the courtroom looking to the back where her father is sitting wondering what her secret could possibly be about.

Ivy waits to hear what Kay is going to say to her son about working with him.

Fox tells Kay to say ‘yes’. He points out that there are great benefits with this job if she will take it, and Maria can be put in the corporate daycare downstairs. Kay can be with her all the time. Kay really likes that. She can also have her college courses paid for by the company as long as they are related to the job. She loves this.

Ivy wants to puke as she listens outside. Fox is offering Kay the world on a plate here.

He has given Kay office clothes and she would have the chance to be with Fox all the time. She decides to accept the job.

Ivy sees that she has her work cut out for her now.

Whitney is in the courtroom hall walking out. “Damn. I forgot my keys. I don’t want to have to go back into that room.”

Chad is there. “You forgot your keys Whitney.” She thanks him. She tells him that she has to go and stay away. “I don’t want Miles to have to live with this and I don’t want you to have to live with it either. Goodbye Chad. Goodbye forever.”

The prosecutor asks Simone if she had anther friend that she had confided in regarding her life.

Eve orders Ethan to stop this.

Ethan stands and says that this line of questioning is not related to Eve in anyway and should be stopped.

TC has to wonder what the prosecutor is driving at here. As far as he knows, his daughter Simone has no secrets. He knows everything about her. He is sure of it.

The judge tells the prosecutor to rephrase her question a little.

The woman does. “Is it true that you are now living an alternate lifestyle?”

TC doesn’t understand what is going on here. What does the prosecutor mean by alternate lifestyle?

Eve jumps up and tells Grace that she has to stop this. “My daughters are not to blame for anything. You have to stop this. They didn’t do anything wrong. Stop it or I will kill you!” That is what the prosecutor needs. Eve is acting like a raving maniac and making threats. Grace smiles over at Simone and her pain. This is just what the woman was shooting for. Simone cries at the hurt that she and her mother are enduring because of these questions. The judge bangs his gavel. “Stop this! Get your client under control!” the judge shouts at Ethan as Eve rambles on uncontrollably.

Ethan and Julian grab Eve trying to get her to sit and compose herself. She will not be stopped. She will do anything for her girls.

Kay will be staying at the office now. She officially starts working for Fox in ten minutes. Fox will work everything out with the cannery. Kay need never go back there again.

Ivy will make sure that this never works.

Valerie comes into the hallway and finds Ivy there. “How have you been?” Valerie tells that her career has taken off and it is all because of Ivy. Ivy was the one that suggested that Valerie be put in the company for training and she has been great at her work there. She has everything it takes to get to the top. No one will get in her way. Ivy likes this woman’s drive. “You know Valerie you are right. No one should get in your way of success.”

Ivy looks into Fox’s office and sees him kissing that horrible Kay Bennett.

In Rebecca’s room, Theresa and Pilar search and find nothing of interest but a donkey suit under the bed. Yuck! The women can’t believe that they are touching such disgusting items as they are. Theresa will not give up.

Gwen asks her mother to think harder about where the evidence is. Rebecca and Gwen need to find that disk before Theresa. Rebecca can’t leave but Gwen can. Her future with Ethan is at risk. Theresa will get Ethan if she can prove what she thinks is true about Gwen and Rebecca causing his life to be disrupted the way that it was.

The judge orders Eve to sit down and calm down. Eve apologizes and does as she is told.

Ethan and the prosecutor approach the bench to talk privately to the judge about Simone’s testimony.

Eve knows that soon she will have to take Liz up on her offer of leaving town. Things do not seem like it is going to work out in her favor, and she can’t take seeing her girls tortured this way. This is no place to have TC find out that his daughter is a lesbian.

Ethan tells the judge that this isn’t about Eve’s daughters. The prosecutor says that this is all set up to show that Eve is in fact capable of murder. Ethan wants the leading and the badgering of witnesses to stop. The judge disagrees. Simone will have to answer the counsel’s questions as they are directed to her.

Eve knows that this questioning is going to kill Simone.

She looks back at her sister who is smiling and fanning herself with the ticket that she wants Eve to use to get out of town.

Ivy tells Valerie that when she was with Julian she learned that to succeed at the company means not letting anyone else get in your way. Valerie knows that. She has come this far by being cautious. Ivy warns her that someone might try to take her place in the pecking order at the company. That would be a terrible blow to someone like Valerie who has been working very hard for many years. She wouldn’t like being passed over for someone else if that were to happen. Ivy tells Valerie that there is someone who would try anything to get what Valerie has. Valerie wants to know who this person is.

Ivy leans back at looks into the office where Kay is laughing it up with Fox in the office.

Chad is holding Miles and trying to make Whitney see that she has to be there to love her little baby. He wants her to stay with them. They will make this work for Miles if she will only try.

The prosecutor tries to resume her questions, but Ethan interrupts.

Ethan tells the judge that this means nothing to Eve’s credibility. She is a pillar of society.

Eve turns to Liz and shakes her head ‘no’. She has just indicated that she will not be taking the deal that her sister has offered her.

Liz is furious. Eve has just refused the offer to keep herself out of jail.

Liz jumps up. “Eve left me to be raped night after night by my father. I tried to get her to come home but she wouldn’t come and help me with my problems! She did nothing. She was too caught up with herself and that lifestyle that she loved to live! She did nothing!”

The judge starts shouting out, “Order! Order!” Liz will not stop.

Valerie wants to know who she should be looking out for at the office. Ivy has peaked her interest. Ivy will only tell Valerie the name of this person if Valerie will not say where she heard this news. Ivy tells Valerie to watch out for Fox’s new personal assistant. “She is trouble. She will be trying to get to Chad, and probably through you.” Valerie thanks Ivy for the warning.

When Valerie is gone, Ivy says, “No Valerie… Thank you!”

Gwen has to get going now. She will leave her mother there at the courthouse and get home to find the evidence that Theresa is looking for first.

Pilar and Theresa have found many disgusting sex toys and costumes but no evidence to clear Theresa. Theresa will not stop. They will check all the rooms upstairs and then go downstairs to check there.

Theresa opens a drawer. clunk. Theresa finds something wrong with this drawer that she has opened in Rebecca’s room. There is a hidden panel. “I have to open this up mama. It is stuck.” Theresa pries the wood apart. “This is it mama. This is what I have been looking for.”

Whitney admits her love for Chad and Miles but that is the very reason why they have to say goodbye. God wouldn’t forgive them and Miles wouldn’t either. Whitney smiles at the child. “Hopefully one day, he will understand the choice that I have made. You will explain it to him. That I love him and you very much. Goodbye.”

She walks off. Chad says behind her that he loves her too.

Liz will not stop. “That is who you are Eve. You are not a devoted mother! You are a monster! You have made a lover of your son and your own daughter. You are a monster!”

A guard appears when the judge calls for one and he grabs Liz, dragging her out of the room to stop her antics.

Ethan doesn’t move. That was the absolute last thing that they needed at this time. Eve knows that now her chances at freedom just got lower.

Theresa tells her mother that she knows as well as anyone that Rebecca and Gwen are the ones that set her up for the tabloid mess that ruined Ethan’s life. “The evidence is in this house and when I find it, Ethan is going to see what his wife and mother-in-law have done to him. Once he learns the truth, he will come back to me.” Pilar doesn’t believe that Alistair will let Theresa leave him that easily. Theresa knows that Alistair is a businessperson and will do what he promised.

Pilar laughs. “Alistair plays by his own rules Theresa. No one gets the better of him.””

In court, all are waiting for the proceedings to start. People are trickling in from time to time but the major player for the prosecution’s side is still missing. The judge is losing his patience. He threatens to call a mistrial if this isn’t worked out soon. Eve and Julian sit very uncomfortable at their table waiting to see when the trial is actually going to start.

Eve sees when Simone and TC enter the courtroom and take seats near the back of the room. She is glad to see them but not under these circumstances. Liz is there as well, but she sits alone at the back of the room. Since she and TC have parted ways, Liz isn’t really close to the family anymore as she used to be.

Ethan tells Julian that he needs to go and sit in the back with the others since he is a witness. That would be the best thing. That is the way that things are usually done. Julian will not leave Eve’s side. “If sitting at the front with Eve will appear as a show of support for Eve’s innocence, then I will not move from this seat.”

The judge is about to declare a mistrial due to the prosecutor being late. He lifts his gavel, but then the prosecutor bustles in. Every eye turns on the blonde siren. She is beautiful, but sharp. She wears a pinstriped suit with a crisp white shirt beneath it, and she sports a head of short, curly blonde hair. Her face shows her determination.

“Sorry judge, I had another case to deal with that just wouldn’t end. Something about a woman murdering nine people. It was really tragic. I will just need a moment your honor.” The judge acts like he is fascinated with her schedule but he would really like to get on with the case at hand now if that is okay with her.

Gwen panics when she sees who the prosecutor is. “It is Grace. She has that talk show.” She is tough.” Rebecca is sitting with her daughter and recognizes that woman when she is pointed out. Rebecca is suddenly frightened. She is lying through her teeth about this trial and what she really saw and she hopes that woman doesn’t come after her for doing so. Gwen worries for her friend Eve. She would really like to see her husband win this case for her.

Eve and Julian see that Grace is there to prosecute Eve and the panic sets in with Eve. They thought that the DA was going to be the one to handle this, not this shark. Eve is really in big trouble now. She knows it. Julian tells Eve not to worry. “Stay calm. That is the person that you want the people to see, not someone who is panic-stricken.”

Grace turns to give an evil look to Eve who happens to be looking in her direction. Grace has her radar set on this woman. Grace is out to win at any cost. Eve panics. She knows what kind of person she is dealing with her. They are going to need a miracle. That isn’t the look of a very friendly woman at all. She will hold nothing back in this trial.

Eve now turns her attention to the back of the courtroom where her sister is hungrily grinning. Eve is watching her family fall apart. How much more will she let them suffer? The Eve that everyone thinks she is would stop this now and take the chance to save her family by leaving town and stopping this embarrassment of her family right away. If Liz knows her sister like she feels she does, the signal will be given soon to have Liz tell the truth so that Eve will be freed and then gone from Harmony forever. It is only a matter of time now. She knows what this prosecutor can do to her sister. Liz smiles back at her staring sister, fanning herself with the ticket that she has bought for the woman to fly out of town with.

Ivy enters the office at Crane Industries to get her alimony cheque. She has to go there once a month to pick it up. It is such a chore for so little. She talks to one of the secretaries that she has befriended over the years and has confided in. Ivy complains that her alimony cheque almost nothing. She used to get a lot more when she was married to Julian, but the pittance that she gets now doesn’t’ reflect the lifestyle that she used to have at all. Ivy plans to fight and get more money for her children before she is totally through with the Cranes. Their wealth is bottomless, but getting a dime out of them is impossible if they don’t want to give it. The secretary wishes Ivy luck with her endeavor. She has had to fight herself for every cent that she ever got as a raise from Crane Industries. She knows what Ivy is talking about when she says that the Cranes are cheap. Ivy decides to stop by and see her son Fox if he is in. The secretary confirms that he is in his office.

Fox and Kay are in his office talking. He has called her there to talk about something. She is sure that he is going to dump her but he assures her that is not the case. She feels that he has had a couple of magical nights with her and that now he is going to give her the pink slip and end their relationship. She gets ready for him to actually say it. He has sent for her from her job at the cannery. She is still wearing the overalls from working in the cannery. She smells of fish guts and blood. Fox cares nothing about that. He tells her that he was thinking about her telling him about how she hates her job in the cannery and has to eat fish everyday of her life cause that is all that she can afford. “I knew it,” Kay says. “You are looking at both our situations and you see that we couldn’t ever be together, so you are breaking up with me.”

Chad comes into his office and finds Valerie there with Miles. He takes his son from her, and Valerie tells him that she has decided that it is time that he moves on and she wants to move on with him. “I am here and I care about you and this little guy. Together we would be amazing and unstoppable. You are a Crane. You can do anything that you want in your life and in this company,” She wants to build a life with him.

The Mother Superior finds Whitney praying alone. She offers Whitney a message that came by urgent messenger for her. The Mother Superior wisely stands by as Whitney reads the message that she has been given.

Whitney reads the note to herself. “Oh no. I can’t do this. They can’t make me.” The Mother Superior knows what the note says. She was told of the contents by the messenger. She tells Whitney that she has to go and do as she has been ordered.

Eve is panicking now that she knows that Grace is running the game now. She is terrified. This whole woman’s career is about winning, and she will do anything to win. Eve is visibly shaken and can’t stop staring at the woman who is going to be her downfall, or die trying. Ethan warns Eve to calm down. She is going to present someone that looks guilty if she is not careful. He wants the jury to see a calm and composed Dr. Eve Russell before them.

It is time for the prosecutor’s opening statement now. She approaches the court, specifically the jury. “Ladies and gentlemen. You have been called in judgement of a grave case. I will prove to you that this defendant is not the upstanding citizen that she would have you believe she is. I will prove that this woman has secrets that destroy her and family and continue to do so. She has a history of destructive behavior that endangers those around her… Those that she claims to hold dear. She would kill to protect them she says. That is a statement that we can believe. She is not only capable fo committing the crimes that she is accused of, but it is also probably guilty of them. You will be able to decide for yourself after you have heard the evidence. Eve tried to murder innocent human beings in cold blood and you will be sure of that when we are finished with this trial.

The trial is underway now and everyone listens and waits to hear what it is that the people have on Dr. Russell who in a lot of minds is the upstanding citizen of Harmony. Everyone that needs to be there is now. The prosecutor approaches the jury again. She talks with the air of someone that is going to easily slam-dunk this case. “

Valerie makes a pitch for Chad like she never has before. She wants him to depend on her more for support. She sees that he is waiting for a woman that will not come back to him and can’t face society after what she has done. Valerie sympathizes with Chad but doesn’t want him to spend his time pining after her, hoping that she will somehow make her way back to him. Valerie finds that route useless. He likes Valerie’s help but he really should be concentrating on making his own life work with the baby and the office. He can’t promise Valerie anything. He is still tied up in Whitney and what they are going through with this child of theirs. Chad has to pull his act together both at home and at work. Fox will be watching him and waiting for him to fail. Valerie says that she wants to help and that he is not to worry about Fox trying to get the better of him. She will take care of him.

Fox and Kay are together at his office still. She still doesn’t know why he has summoned her there in the middle of her workday like this. She is in her cannery garb and Fox is in his suit. They make a very odd couple indeed. He tells Kay to go into the bathroom as he has a surprise in there for her. She puts her in the restroom so that she will find it, and then he goes to his desk.

He beeps the secretary outside the office using his intercom on his desk to reach her. “When Kay comes out of the restroom, take the clothes there that you find and throw them away. Make sure that they can’t be found again.” The secretary promises to do as she is told. He turns off the intercom happy that so far things are going as planned.”

Pilar tells Theresa that she is being used by Alistair for some other reason than sex. The man can have anyone, so why Theresa? Theresa says that what Alistair wants doesn’t matter to her. She only cares about what she can get from him. She has to get Ethan and Jane and she will do anything to be with them. Pilar knows that the bruises on her daughter’s arms and back are not worth whatever she is doing with Alistair. Pilar believes Katherine when she expressed that the girl was raped. If anyone would know about that, it would be Katherine. Theresa has a plan so that she can get home free and end her wait for Ethan and her child; while freeing herself from Alistair’s grasp. “I will turn this place apart inch by inch to find the evidence that I need to get back at Rebecca and Gwen. Alistair said that I could do it. Alistair gave me permission to look anywhere in the mansion for the evidence that I need.” Pilar orders her daughter to leave the house now and stop this nonsense, but Theresa will not do that.

The prosecutor tells how Eve tried to poison people and then hide it. Not once but several times. “She was so clever, but not really. She just thought that she was smarter than everyone else and could get away with pulling this off. This has been a pattern in Eve’s life. She has been calculating all her life and there are no signs of her stopping now. When I reveal her shameful secrets, you will agree with me that Eve needs to be put away for the rest of her days. She hurts everyone that she comes in contact with, even those she says are important to her. She is a danger to society and anyone that gets in her way. She is cold and calculating and selfish,” the woman harps.

Eve turns to Julian in horror. She couldn’t ever think that anyone would see her in this light. Not in a million years. She has always tried to help people and do what is right. The prosecutor has put her in the worst light possible for the jury to see. Ethan knows that the woman has no proof to back up what she is saying so he doesn't worry about what he hears.

Eve steals a look at the back of the room and sees Liz looking at her. Liz seems to be banking on Eve giving up her life and getting out of everyone’s lives. She waits to see what Eve is going to do. She can’t stop staring at the woman. Eve only has to give the word and her freedom will be hers. Liz waves the ticket at Eve that will take her out of town after the trial. She hopes that Eve will see that this is the only way out of this.

The prosecutor calls Whitney Russell next to the stand. Eve pulls in her breath quickly when she hears her daughter’s name called. Whitney isn’t even in the courtroom. Everyone looks around to see where the first witness is. No one moves, and no one can see Whitney anywhere. The prosecutor smiles coyly. She knows that Whitney will be appearing any time now.

Eve panics now. How could Whitney be called for the prosecution’s case? That means that she has something against Eve. Eve can’t bear that her daughter are being used against her. What does Whitney know about this anyway? Eve continues to look around to see where Whitney is. She sees no one.

The prosecutor says that Whitney will be testifying as a hostile witness. The judge listens as Grace explains that although Whitney is there for the prosecution’s side, she didn’t want to testify and so she will have to be in a position to force to woman to speak out about the details that are sure to rock the courtroom.

Whitney enters the courtroom. She is dressed in a top and pants, but she wears a head dress which likens her to a nun, but isn’t really a habit. She holds her head down as she walks to the witness stand. More than anything else, this isn’t where Whitney wanted to be, but she had no choice in the matter.

Ethan explains that Whitney is testifying for the prosecutor against her will.

The prosecutor approaches Whitney smiling. “So should I call you Sister Whitney?” the woman asks. Whitney tells that just calling her ‘Whitney’ will be fine.

Fox has been waiting a while for Kay to come out of the restroom now. “What is taking you so long?” he shouts. She shouts back that she will be coming out soon.

Ivy is outside the door and she hears Fox talking to Kay. He is surprising her. Giving her some type of gift.

Kay comes out of the restroom and is wearing a business suit with office pumps to match. She loves it but it really isn’t her. Fox has come up with this great idea that she can work at Crane for him. He would like to hire her. She doesn't understand. He explains that he needs an executive assistant and she can have the job.

Ivy hears everything from outside the office. This has gone far enough. This has got to stop now. Looks like I am going to be the one to stop this budding romance. That is just fine with her. She is definitely up to the challenge.

Whitney is questioned about her family life. Whitney tells that she has a great family life. Her parents always listened to her and helped her in her life. The prosecutor knows that Whitney isn’t close to her mother anymore. “Why is that? Why are you not close to your mother anymore? Ms. Russell, you are under oath. Under oath to God…” Whitney rethinks how she answered the question that she was asked about her home life, and she admits that actually she is not as close to her mother as she used to be due to changes in their lives. The prosecutor would like to know what those changes were. “Ms. Russell, isn’t it true that your mother didn’t tell you about a bastard son that she had years ago, and that you entered into a relationship with the bastard son, and because you didn’t know the truth from your mother, you ended up having sex with your brother?” Whitney cries as she admits that she had sex with her own brother. Chad is in the room and he cringes knowing that Whitney must be hurting. The crowd gasps at what has been revealed so early in the trial.

Theresa starts searching the mansion looking for the evidence regarding the tabloid. Pilar follows her, begging her to stop this madness, but Theresa will not miss this chance. She begs her mother to search with her.

Eve is upset that Whitney is being destroyed on the stand by the prosecutor. This is the kind of thing that she wanted to avoid.

The prosecutor would like to continue now. “Isn’t it also true that your incestuous relationship with your half-brother also produced a bastard child?” The crowd gasps louder than they did the time before.

Ethan tries to object but the judge allows the questions. This is related information as it shows that Eve has hurt people before. It makes her look callous. The prosecutor asks the question again. Whitney admits the truth about her son and who his parents are. The prosecutor finds that Eve was so immoral that she lied for years to her friends and her family. Those people were hurt by Eve’s venomous sins.

Ethan feels that this is enough delving into Whitney’s past. Not only is this questioning hurting his client, but it is killing Whitney. She is dying up there. The judge agrees with Ethan this time. The prosecutor has taken things too far.

The prosecutor asks about it being true that Whitney joined a convent to escape the things that she has had to deal with because of her mother’s lies. Whitney seems to be agreeing but she is doesn’t really want to. The prosecutor pushes her to make a response to the question. Whitney can’t bear to.

Ethan objects again. Whitney may be a hostile witness, but that still doesn’t allow the prosecutor to badger her. The judge tells the prosecutor that she is telling a story more than asking questions. “Save it for the summation prosecutor!”

Fox tells Kay that he needs someone to work for him that he can trust. “You can kick my butt when I am out of line. I really need someone like that here to help me run my office. We get along fine personally so professionally shouldn’t be that far of a stretch. Come on Kay. Say ‘yes’! She seems on the verge of accepting the offer.

Ivy is listening and she thinks how she would like to kick Kay’s butt right about now. Kay is sinking her claws in Fox and he is falling for it.

Fox waits for an answer to his job proposal. It is not like he will accept ‘no’ for an answer. Her cannery clothes are already gone and she will not be able to get them back. “What is it going to be Kay?”

Ivy will not let Kay have this job. There is no way in hell. If she gets the job then she will be closer to Fox than ever and then who knows where things will go from there. Nope. Ivy will have to shut this down fast.

Gwen calls home to see how Jane is doing.

The nanny tells her that everything is great but that Theresa is in her room with Pilar, and that seems a little weird to the staff. Gwen panics. She knows what it is that Theresa wants. “What are they doing in there?” The nanny tells that the women were given permission by Alistair to search the house for something or other.

Gwen gets off the phone worried.

Rebecca turns the corner, finding her daughter alone in the courtroom hall. “What is wrong dear?” Gwen tells that Theresa and Pilar are in their rooms searching for something. Rebecca panics right away. She pulls out her little flask from her bosom and starts drinking, throwing her head back with each thirsty gulp. Gwen knows this look. “What is it mama? What is wrong? You did destroy that disk with the evidence right like you told me?” Rebecca says nothing. Gwen sees that her mother has probably been lying all along now and that they are going to be royally screwed. Theresa could be putting her hand on the incriminating disk as they speak. Rebecca could have very well ruined their lives by keeping that disk.

Back at the mansion, Theresa and Pilar have finished searching Gwen’s room. They haven’t found anything but Theresa will keep going. She and her mother run off to search elsewhere in the house for what they need.

Rebecca finally admits that she didn’t destroy the disk as she told her daughter she did. She hid it instead. Gwen is really upset now. “Mom! Why would you do such a stupid thing like that?” Rebecca thought that the disk might have come in handy later for some reason or another. Rebecca could get the disk before Theresa, but the only problem is that she has no idea where the disk is now.

The prosecutor approaches Whitney yet again. “Ms. Russell, isn’t it true that the bastard child that you gave birth to is in the courtroom at the back of the court with your brother?” Everyone turns to look at Chad and the baby. This is too much for Whitney. She can’t take these horrible questions anymore. She runs out of the courtroom.

The judge offers to call for Whitney to be brought back to the room but the prosecutor says that she has all that she needs from that witness and Whitney doesn’t need to be brought back for questioning.

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