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Written By Glynis
Pictures by Amanda

Martin and Pilar are with Father Lonnigan and they are talking about the renewal of the vows and what a wonderful occasion this is going to be for them to recommit to each other before their family and friends. Pilar can’t wait to have her marriage back on track. Katherine has been out of the picture for a while now and Pilar can really hope for the best now. There seems to be nothing standing in their way anymore. Father Lonnigan asks Martin if there is any reason that would make this renewal of vows a bad idea. Martin doesn’t understand the question. “Did you make any kind of commitment to Katherine that could be thought of as binding?”

Katherine comes into the church and walks up behind the couple and Father Lonnigan. She recognizes Martin and Pilar from the back and she hears what is going on. Martin and Pilar are working on the details to have their vows renewed as Alistair ordered them to do. She has heard Father Lonnigan’s question to Martin, asking him about any commitment he might have with Katherine that would prevent him from totally giving himself to Pilar. Katherine is quiet. She wonders what Martin will say to Father Lonnigan about them.

She doesn’t get to hear Martin’s answer to the priest. Martin and Pilar turn to find Katherine there before Martin can answer the question. Martin and Pilar sensed that someone else was in the room and they were right. Martin is surprised to find Katherine there. Pilar’s face isn’t a very happy one. She hurts when she sees the woman that her husband ran off with, and is still smitten with. She ordered Katherine to stay away from her husband but this clearly seems to be a chance meeting. Still, they all wonder why she is there.

Liz comes to see Eve at her room at the B&B. She has an offer and she knows her sister will jump at it at least Liz hopes she will. Today is the day of the trial, and Liz is dressed for it and ready to go. She will be a witness at the trial but there is something that she would like Eve to consider before they get to court. Eve can’t think what her sister would want to talk to her about at this point.

Julian and Ethan talk with Alistair about Eve’s trial. Alistair mocks his son about his lover and what is going to happen to her today. He sees no way that Eve can save herself from her fate. Alistair says that Eve is going down. “She is guilty and that is why she will not win today.” Julian tries to rise above his father’s behavior, but it is so hard when the man mocks him at every turn. Ethan wants Julian to stay positive and to hope for the best. He wants Julian to ignore Alistair and anything that he might have to say about Eve.

Rebecca and Gwen are with Jane at the kitchen table for breakfast. They are discussing the evidence that they had about the tabloid that ruined Ethan’s life. They are alone now, so they talk freely. Gwen is sure that her mother has trashed the terrible disk that would end Gwen’s marriage. She has asked her mother repeatedly over the past few months if she did in fact dump the evidence and Rebecca keeps saying that she has. Gwen has no choice but to believe her. “It is a good thing mother that you got rid of the evidence that proved that we were the ones that sent the information to the tabloid and ruined Ethan’s life.”

Steps can be heard behind them after Gwen makes her statement. Rebecca and Gwen turn to see Theresa standing behind them. She has a grin the size of Harmony on her face. They have been busted. “Thank you ladies. I have gotten from you exactly what I wanted. The truth. Now I know that there was some evidence proving that you two were the ones that ruined Ethan’s life, and took away his right to be a Crane.”

Father Lonnigan repeats his question to Martin. He gets no response. He is blind and has no idea that someone else has come into the room. That might be what is stopping Martin from answering this very personal question. Father Lonnigan tries again to get an answer. “Is there something that would prevent you from taking these vows Martin and recommitting to your wife?” Martin says nothing still. Pilar asks Martin if he can’t answer the question because Katherine is there listening and making it hard for him to answer. Father Lonnigan now realizes that they are not alone when he hears Pilar ask her husband this question. Katherine tells that she has only come to the church to light a candle. She apologizes if she is interrupting something important. She didn’t mean to. She lights her candle at the front of the church, and then goes to the group again to talk to Pilar for a moment. She didn’t’ intend on talking to Pilar now, but since she has here there, she will enlighten her about something very important. “I need to speak to you Pilar. There is something that you really need to know. I am afraid that it is very important for you to hear this.”

Theresa tells Rebecca and Gwen that it is only a matter of time before the women are found out and tossed out of the mansion for the rest of their lives. Theresa knows that Ethan will kick the ladies out of the house the second that she finds the evidence and can hand it to Ethan. It will be all over for them.

Alistair asks Julian why he doesn't care that Eve tried to kill him. Julian knows that Eve didn’t kill anyone. She couldn't ever do a thing like that. Julian knows her. She loves him. Alistair feels that he knows better. He calls Ethan an ambulance chaser for taking this case for Julian and Eve. Ethan is confident that he will win this. Alistair tells Julian that he is going to miss Eve when she is taken away for the rest of her life. Julian can tell that his father has done something. He grabs the man by the collar. “You have tried to fix the trial so that Eve can’t win haven’t you?” Alistair only smiles back at Julian. He has warned the man time and time again that he isn’t to touch him this way.

Liz asks Eve if she would like to have a guarantee that this trial and the charges will go away. Liz offers not to lie on the stand, but it will cost Eve dearly.

Father Lonnigan is alone with Martin now and he asks the man to answer his question about any commitment that he might have made to Katherine.

Katherine has Pilar alone now. “You have to be told Pilar about what has been happening between Alistair and Theresa at the mansion.

Julian still has his hands on Alistair and he threatens to kill the man if he interferes in Eve’s trial. “I will kill you.” Ethan tells Julian to forget about this and to come with him to go and get some breakfast. They have to stay positive to work this thing out positively for Eve. The men walk out.

Alistair is alone now in the study and he smiles at the thought of what is going to happen to Eve. There is no way that she can win.

Liz comes into Eve’s room at the B&B. She offers to do a favor for Eve, if she will do a favor as well. Eve can’t think of what it is that she could do for her sister that would make her tell the truth at the trial, but she is willing to listen to the offer. “All you have to do to get your freedom is to leave Harmony forever. Promise me. You have to promise that you will leave TC and your daughters forever.”

Father Lonnigan asks Martin privately if he has made a commitment to Katherine in the past. It should be easier for Martin to talk now that Katherine and Pilar are not around.

Martin thinks back to a night where he did share vows with Katherine. They were alone and it was a private matter. He even put a ring on her finger.

Martin isn’t sure how he can explain this to the priest. It wasn’t a marriage but it was a type of commitment. He would rather do this in the confessional box he said.

Katherine tells Pilar that Alistair raped Theresa at the mansion. Pilar is very upset when she hears that. She puts her hand to her heart. “My Theresa”.

Theresa tries to get Rebecca and Gwen to confess but they will not. They tell Theresa that she is crazy if she thinks that they were the ones that ruined Ethan’s life. They blame her for what happened.

Ethan and Little Ethan come into the kitchen together asking the women to stop this fighting, especially since the kids are there. Ethan tells Theresa to get the kids something to eat.

Theresa sets about getting a plate for her children.

Gwen sets about getting Ethan some juice.

Julian enters the room and gets some coffee. Theresa asks about the case and how is going. Julian feels that it is simply a matter of who is more believable. Rebecca really doesn’t care what happens to Eve, she just wants Julian to remember that he is married to her.

Alistair comes into the kitchen and he greets everyone. Rebecca is glad to see him but she is the only one. Alistair looks at the people around the table. He finds this group laughable. What a strange group of people. He makes everyone at the table uncomfortable. He even refers to Little Ethan as Julian’s bastard son. He sees that someone is missing. “Oh yes. Julian. Your lover. She couldn’t make up her mind who she wanted. The sugar daddy, or the high school coach.” Julian gets up to fight his father but Alistair orders him to stay put and not touch him in violence again. Alistair hands Theresa the bracelet that he gave her the night before. Gwen recognizes that. Alistair tells that he found it in the kitchen the night before. “You must have lost it when you were cavorting with Ethan in the kitchen.” Gwen stands up angry. “Ethan you told me that you were only getting a drink of water last night. You were with her?”

Liz will let Eve go free if she does what she is asked. “All you have to do is leave town forever and never see your family again. “What is it going to be Eve? Do you want to go to jail or do you want to leave town and everyone that you love forever? You tell me.”

Pilar knew that Alistair would use her daughter but like this? Katherine knows what a terror Alistair can be. Katherine asks Pilar to keep this secret from Martin. He will kill Alistair. Pilar agrees to keep the secret. She has to go to the mansion now. She walks off alone.

Katherine hopes that Pilar can work this thing out and get her daughter out of the mansion before anything else happens to her at the hand of Alistair. She knows exactly what it is that Theresa has had to deal with. She reenters the main room of the church. She sees no one around.

She hears voices. Martin and the priest are in the confessional. Katherine walks closer to the confessional. Martin is confessing his sins.

“The truth is that Katherine is still in my heart Father Lonnigan. I still have feelings for her and I can’t deny them. They are very deep feelings.”

Katherine hears what Martin confesses and butterflies come to her stomach. She loves him too but their love has to be denied. They can’t be together.

Gwen is angry now. She turns on Theresa. She is sure that the woman has been coming on to her husband every time that she gets a chance. Now she hears from Alistair, and not her husband that Ethan spent a considerable amount of time alone with this woman. Theresa has been going on about wanting to be in the house so that she can be near her children, but she wasn’t with them last night. “What were you doing down here last night Theresa?” Gwen asks. Theresa lies to cover exactly what happened the night before between the man that she loves and herself. She says that she was talking to Ethan about what happened in her room the night before, and he was telling her to leave the house.

Theresa remembers coming on to Ethan but she says nothing about that. He was fighting her tooth and nail, but there was a part of him that liked what was happening. She knew it. There were several occasions when he just broke down and let her have him for a short while. All they did was kissing but Theresa would have gladly taken things farther. Ethan wouldn’t do that. He said that although he loved her and might want to be with her most of all, he wouldn’t leave Gwen to pursue a relationship with the mother of his child.

Ethan assures Gwen that he isn’t leaving his wife for anyone. He sees the look on Gwen’s face and he knows what that means. She is angry with him. He is tired of this subject. He wishes that Gwen would just believe in him and forget about Theresa. Ethan needs to get upstairs to get ready for court, and he wants Gwen to come with him. Alistair tells Ethan and Gwen that they should stay in the kitchen. Alistair wants Theresa to come with him upstairs. He has something that he wants to discuss with her. Ethan worries that Alistair will rape her again. Theresa worries about that too but says nothing. Theresa will not leave with him. She wants to be with her children this morning she says.

Alistair calls for the nanny to come and be with her children. He will not be denied. He is more important than those brats of Theresa’s. She can be with them later. Right now, he needs to clear something up before he leaves the house. The nanny comes in and picks Jane up. She takes the baby and Little Ethan out of the room.

Theresa walks off with Alistair, but the look on her face isn’t a happy one. Gwen says that having Theresa in the house makes everything tense and she hates it. Ethan has to agree. Things would be a lot easier if Theresa would just leave and go home to her parents. This is no place for her or her children. Julian turns to Rebecca telling her that there are still questions that have to be answered about the case before they go to court today for Eve’s trial. Rebecca sees no reason for her to go over anything. She keeps saying the same thing repeatedly; there is nothing new to add here.

Gwen goes over to her mother and asks her whispering quietly so that no one else will hear. “Did you really did get rid of that evidence of the tabloid email mother like you promised me?” Rebecca says yes. Gwen keeps asking her mother the question from time to time. She knows that her mother lies and this particular thing is very important to Gwen’s marriage. Her mother has to be telling the truth of Gwen’s marriage could be over.

After Gwen leaves, Rebecca says that she wishes that she remembered where she hid the disk. She never threw it away. She had decided that she wanted to keep it as a keepsake of she and her daughter doing something really evil together. She lied to Gwen about the disk still being around, but the truth is that Rebecca can’t bear to part with the disk.

Julian and Ethan go to Rebecca and start asking her questions about Eve’s case. Rebecca shrugs her shoulders when asked the same question that she is always asked about Eve and her case. She repeats her answer again. She tells how Eve was alone with Julian’s drink and how she had to be the one that administered the poison. Julian knows that Rebecca is lying at some point. Something is not right about what she says, but Ethan and Julian can’t exactly put their finger on it. Rebecca is very manipulative and she is angry that Julian wants to divorce her so that he can be with Eve. That certainly gives her a reason to lie.

Alistair has Theresa in the hall upstairs in the mansion. She tells Alistair that she wants him to give her help and to get the proof that she needs to out Rebecca and Gwen so that she can get Ethan for herself. Alistair has had his way with Theresa, and so she now wants something in return. Alistair hasn’t gotten everything that he wants from Theresa yet. What happened the night before was just a little taste as far as he is concerned. Alistair tells her that she is very resourceful and will have to figure this out herself. Alistair tells her that he has to leave now, but he will be back later for his next payment. “Wear the red teddy.” He kisses her on the lips and she fights him off. He loves the fire in her.

Liz can make this all go away. She has been thinking and has come up with a plan that will be better than just sending Eve to prison for life. If Eve goes to prison, she will still be around and TC and the girls will go to see her and she will still be in their lives. That would be too good for Eve. She would still have her family and Julian will still be there for her. That doesn’t seem like a very good punishment. Eve can’t see how she can make a choice like the one that Liz offered. She couldn't leave her family and TC, even if she didn’t choose to be with him and went with Julian instead. Liz says that she has suffered for years. “I have been in a prison because of the things that you have done in your life. You affected me, but didn’t care because you were high or drunk with your rich boyfriend.” This is her way of giving her sister a chance. Not seeing her family is not a choice that she can make. Liz finds her selfish. “How can you make TC worry about you for the rest of his life, while you sit in jail for the rest of yours?”

Eve can’t believe the position that she is in. On one hand, Liz is giving her a way out of her trouble, but it will cause her everything. Where will she go? What will she do? What an impossible situation. Liz says that she is giving Eve a great offer and that if she were smart, she would take it. She takes out a ticket from her purse. “I have even bought you a one-way ticket out of town. You can use it the minute that you are found ‘not guilty’. I guarantee your freedom Eve, if you guarantee me that you will get out of town.”

Katherine continues to listen to Martin talking to the priest. She knows that she shouldn’t, but she can’t help herself. Pilar did tell her to tell Martin and Father Lonnigan that she would be gone for a while. That is Katherine’s excuse for being there. She has been away from Martin for a long time now. She doesn’t show how she feels for him anymore because she can’t. Besides, she doesn’t want to hurt Pilar.

Martin tells the Father that he would like to go into his marriage again with all the commitment that he feels that Pilar needs, but he would be lying to her. What she thinks he feels isn’t 100% there. “I have spent more years with Katherine than Pilar Father Lonnigan and that is why it is so hard to just forget about her. I am married to Pilar but that is all. I do love her but not like I love Katherine. We have been through a lot together over the years. How can you forget a person like that?” The Father can’t relieve Martin of his sin. He is very sorry. He hears everything that the man has said and he saddens him that Pilar will not get the husband that she thinks she is getting. She will be very disappointed. “You can be forgiven Martin but you have to renounce Katherine immediately to totally give yourself to Pilar. Without that, you can’t move forward with your marriage as you intended to. Martin will not do that. He can’t. “My love with Katherine was good and pure Father Lonnigan. I am not talking about sexual feelings here. This is about a bond that I have with her on a higher level that I can’t give up.” The Father will not be able to offer Absolution if Martin can’t free himself of this sin. Martin knew this would happen when he told the truth to Father Lonnigan. He is prepared to spend eternity in hell for this.

Katherine stays quietly outside the confessional listening to what Martin has been saying. He still feels everything for her that he did when they were together. She closes her eyes as she listens to him pour out his love for her to the priest. For him nothing has changed. For her it is the same. Doesn’t matter. Nothing can ever happen between them again. Alistair will ruin them and their families.

Julian and Ethan know that Rebecca is lying about something when she tells that story of how she knows that Eve was the one that poisoned Julian. She really cares nothing about what happens to Eve in all this. She can go to prison for a thousand years for all Rebecca cares. “I didn’t see Eve put the poison in the punch Julian, but Eve was the only one there,” Rebecca says. Ethan warns Rebecca that if she lies in court, she could end up in jail. Julian and Ethan leave the room.

Rebecca doesn’t care about Eve’s case. That will work itself out. She has something more pressing on her mind. She has forgotten where she left the incriminating disk with the information about the tabloid email on it. It would sink Rebecca and Gwen forever. Gwen’s marriage would be over and she would lose both Jane and Ethan. Gwen thinks that the information has been destroyed. It hasn’t. Rebecca hid it and now she has no idea where it is. “I have other things to worry about. I have to get my hands on the disk before Theresa finds it and ruins our lives.”

Theresa is alone in her room. She is feeling sad and blue. Nothing is going her way. Ethan is denying that he will be with her, Alistair has set up another rape date for her later tonight, and she can’t get Alistair to help her find the information that she needs to exposed Rebecca and Gwen and their lies. If she could only do that, then she could end this all really quickly and be out of there with her children and Ethan.

She hears knocking and sees her mother coming into her room. Pilar rushes to her daughter. “I heard what this monster did to you.” Theresa tells her mother that she doesn’t understand things properly. Theresa can see that she has heard that her daughter has been raped. Theresa says that is wrong information. “Mama… Alistair is helping me, not hurting me. He just gave me full access to search the house for the information that I need to get Ethan back. I will find the evidence about the tabloid and ruin Rebecca and Gwen’s lives.” Pilar finds this to be foolishness and nothing of importance. She wants Alistair arrested for what he did. Theresa says that she wasn’t raped. “Is that what Katherine said? She was wrong mama. It didn’t happen that way at all.” Pilar hugs her foolish daughter, and she sees that Theresa has bruises on her back and arms. She has seen bruises like these on Katherine. However Katherine admitted to the assault that she suffered at Alistair’s hand. Theresa can lie but she can’t fool her mother with her lies. “What did he do to you? Tell me everything Theresa. What did he do? What did that monster do to you?”

Martin will go to hell willingly but he will not deny his feelings for Katherine so that he can be with Pilar. Father Lonnigan wants Martin to find a way to renounce his feelings for Katherine so that he can start things off properly with a blank slate. Martin can’t do that, and he won’t do that. Father Lonnigan will pray for this man’s soul and for his peace with God. He hopes tat Martin will be able to find peace. Martin thanks him for his good wishes. The talk is over now. He then makes the sign of the cross using his head and chest.

When Martin comes out of confession, he finds Katherine standing there in the same area. She was starting to leave the area so that she wouldn’t be seen there, but she doesn’t make it out in time and Martin finds her. “Katherine!” Martin calls out to her. She stops and turns to him. She has been found out. Martin can tell that she must have heard everything that he has said to Father Lonnigan. She says nothing. She shouldn’t be talking to him about anything personal. She promised Pilar that she wouldn’t do that anymore.

Pilar asks Theresa to stop this madness and come home. “You are selling your body for an idiotic fantasy. Your are no better than the women on the street. Ethan has told you repeatedly that he will never leave Gwen for you and still you try to make it happen. You are so wrong here and you have to know it. Although you are wrong though, you are still my daughter, and I will not allow Alistair to get away with what he has done to you. What Alistair did was unforgivable. There is a price to pay for everything in life, and I am going to make the man pay because I am going to kill him!”

Ethan and Gwen are at court with Julian and Eve. Gwen wishes Ethan and Eve good luck and then she turns to take a seat. She knows that her husband will take his best shot at getting Eve off her charges and free again. If anyone can do it, Gwen knows that her husband can.

Ethan sets to work. He has a lot to do and he has to stay organized and focus as he works on the trial. He puts the paperwork that he will need in the appropriate places, and talks to the courtroom staff to set things up for his client’s case to be tried. He walks off leaving Julian and Eve alone for a solitary moment before the trial starts. After this it will be very difficult for the couple. They may never have another moment like this again alone. Ethan knows that they must have things that they want to say to each other in private.

Julian tells Eve that he would do anything for her, so she is not to worry. He has proven repeatedly that he loves her and would do anything for her and his support for her at this time is proof of that. She is so grateful that he is there for her. She really needs a shoulder to lean on and he has generously offered his whenever she needs it. Although she picked TC at first over him. All he wants is her happiness. He will move mountains to see her free of these ridiculous charges. Rebecca and Liz are the witnesses, but Julian is hoping that Ethan will be able to prove that the witnesses are lying.

Liz walks into the courtroom and waves the ticket that she bought so that Eve can see it. It is the ticket that Liz will be giving to Eve to send her out of town forever after the trial. Liz feels that it is much better to have Eve totally removed from the area, instead of having her constantly underfoot in prison near her family. They will never be free of her, and will spend their lives trying to visit her.

Ethan turns to Eve to reassure her that he will work as hard as he can for her. “I will do my best to make sure that you win this Eve. I will make sure that you get the best shot possible here, and I will give it everything that I have. Keep your chin up and stay positive. Hope for the best and maybe we will be able to get it.” Eve looks into this dear boy’s face and is so glad that she has someone so wonderful and dedicated working on her behalf. She knows that he has been trying his best to save her, and she is sure that it will show.

Eve thinks quietly to herself when she is alone sitting and waiting for things to start. She isn’t worried about winning the case. She knows that Liz wants her out of town so badly that she will tell the truth and let her sister go free. For that, Eve will have to give up everything. She will just have to go and be glad for the chance. “I know that I am going to win, I just don’t know how I am going to leave all my friends and family forever.”

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