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Written By Glynis
Pictures by Amanda

Noah tells Fancy that the reason that he left her at the cottage was because of what she did when he was there. Fancy hasn’t any idea what that means. She was sure that he was going to be in the bedroom, since he had determined to face Alistair about seeing her. He was ready to fight for her but then he heard her say that she wouldn’t slum it like her mother did with his father. He calls her a self-centered spoiled snob. That is why he left the cottage. His words sting.

Tabitha has been working on ruining Fox and Kay’s lovemaking. She started a leak in the ceiling and then she broke the bed. Now she has done the ultimate. Endora wonders why her mother wants to ruin things for the kids. Tabitha only tells her to nevermind and stay out of it.

Fox looks at Kay in the bedroom, but what he sees has been distorted. She looks like a little old woman and not the young supple Kay that he knows and loves. She tries to get close to him but he will not let her.

Endora doesn’t think that what her mother is doing is very funny. She likes the idea of the k ids being together. Tabitha will not have it.

Sheridan has the bat on Chris and she tells him to go and tell Alistair that he hasn’t made a victim out of her like he thought he would. Chris tells her that she has this all wrong. “I am in the Witness Protection Program Sheridan.” She doesn’t believe it. He continues. “I named names and the cops have been good to me for it. James is all I have and I want to reconnect with him.” Sheridan cares nothing for what he says. “You tell your father to forget about his plan. I will tell him myself to pack you up and send you away.” Chris wants her to keep quiet about him. The killers are looking for him. “If you tell anyone about me, I could end up dead.”

Sheridan points the bat at Chris ordering him out. Chris has to stay there. His son will have nowhere to go. “If I leave, I have to take James with me. If they find out about him, he will be in danger.” Sheridan offers to give him 5 minutes to prove what he is saying is true.

Fancy tries to explain. “I just said what my grandfather wanted to hear.” Noah is not buying anything that she says. He feels that she is lying now. “You are not the person that I thought that you were. When our paths crossed you thought you found a new thrill. You were slumming when you picked me. I was trying to make you feel wonderful for your last night in Harmony but you were just wasting my time.” She did feel wonderful, she says. How can think that she didn’t? She isn’t sure why what she did is such a big deal. Noah feels that she is only trying to protect herself now.

Ivy has been listening at the kitchen door.

Sam enters the kitchen asking what is going on. She tells how Fancy and Noah are having it out in the living room. Sam gets a beer. Sam has a look at his life. “My kids can’t get their lives straight. It looks like Kay is the only one that has her life in order.” He tells how he saw the kids going into Tabitha’s house. They couldn’t keep their hands off each other.

Tabitha is standing over the big blue pot watching the look on Fox’s face. She laughs. That was what she was counting on. “Everyone says that it is one’s inner beauty that makes them attracted to another, but not in Fox’s case.”

Kay has no idea what is wrong with Fox. He will not let her come near him. “Kiss me… Make love to me.” Fox will not do it.

Endora wants her mother to change Kay back to herself. She doesn’t like the tricks that her mother is playing. Tabitha will not do as her daughter insists. She is the parent here. The sprits in the basement will be unhappy.

Fox keeps staring at Kay. It really is her but Fox has no idea why she looks like she is 80 years old.

Kay turns on the music and starts seductively dancing. Maybe this will help Fox to relax a bit. Kay is wearing a black sexy teddy with em gold embroidery on the cups of the bra. All that Fox sees before him is a horrid old woman in a raggedy white robe. She jumps off the bed and kisses him. He spits her lips off him and covers his eyes at the horrible sight of her.

“Fox! Fox!” Kay shouts at Fox. She sees that he is freaking out and she hasn’t any idea why. Why won’t he look at her, and why doesn’t he want to kiss her? When Fox takes his hands from his eyes, he sees that Kay is back to normal. He relaxes. She asks him what is wrong. He said that she didn’t seem like herself just now.

Tabitha knows that her daughter overpowered her spell and changed it so that Kay would appear fine again. She is very unhappy with the way that Endora has gone against her. Endora’s feelings for Fox are a concern. They already adore each other and seem to have a bond although Fox has no idea that Endora is really his sister. Tabitha can’t let that get out.

Sam wants Kay to be happy and is glad that she is getting to know Fox better. The two seem to really like each other. Ivy isn’t as comfortable with the pair getting together as Sam is. Ivy says that she wants Kay to be happy too and that is all that she says. Sam asks about Noah and Fancy who are in the living room talking and if they seem like they are going to hit it off too. Ivy surely hopes not.

Fancy had to lie to her grandfather about who she was out with that night or else all hell would have broken loose. Her mother keeps going on and on about how she keeps screwing up people’s lives. She says that she was trying to spare Noah any trouble from her grandfather and that was all that was going on in the living room of the cottage. “And what about the mobsters from Las Vegas Noah? He could bring them back to kill you. He has spared your life for now, but he could change his mind at any time and Noah could be dead.” Noah knows that what she is saying is true but he doesn’t admit it. Noah isn’t worried about the Las Vegas mobsters he says. “I can take care of myself.” She wants him to believe her when she says that she was trying to spare him any pain by saying the things that she did. “I was trying to keep him from finding out that we hit it off.” He tells her that she didn’t have to do this. She didn’t have to come there and try to explain everything. They are opposites, and in the long run, it won’t work out anyway. Fancy tries to come up with examples of couples that are happily together. She doesn’t do a great job. The couples that she thinks of are either separated, forbidden to be together, or with other people.

Sheridan follows Chris into his room. He goes to the laptop and goes to a site where the newspaper article is about what happening to him now. He shows her more evidence of what he is telling her. There is even a shot of him in disguise to fool the killers. Sheridan isn’t impressed. All his surfing does is make her think that he is good at computers. She needs more convincing, something solid. She picks a city and he types in web addresses for everyone convincing her that he really is what he says he is. There are articles about him in every major newspaper in the US. Chris tells her that her father isn’t God. She shouldn’t be so afraid of him the way that she is. He reminds her that she knew Maureen and that should be proof of why he came there. He loved her and she was a great person. He wanted his family back and that was why he came there. She was a lovely lady. He admits that he loved Maureen, but Sheridan still needs to see proof that everything was right between them like he tells her it is.

Tabitha reprimands Endora for making spells against her mother. Tabitha hates that her daughter is acting like a good little witch when she should be more like her mother. They are supposed to be wreaking havoc in people’s lives, not making them happy and allowing them to fall in love, especially in this house. The bosses in the basement are going to start getting angry about Endora’s behavior if she doesn’t smarten up soon. They are not going to like people falling in love there. Tabitha zaps her.

Kay asks Fox if he is losing it or something. He can’t exactly explain why he is acting the way that he is, he only knows that something was terribly wrong with Kay just now, and he couldn’t allow her to get near him because of it. He looks closely at her face and confirms for himself that she isn’t an old woman anymore.

Kay thinks quietly that Tabitha has to have something to do with this. First the leak in the ceiling, then the broken bed, and now Fox looking at her strange and not wanting to kiss or make love to her. He is fine now, but he wasn’t just a few minutes ago. He was looking at her as if he were seeing someone else.

Fox asks Kay is she wants to go and check on Maria, but she says no. She wants to get back to business with him. She would have heard something by now if Maria were awake. All is quiet she assures him, so they should just concentrate on each other. Fox is feeling much better now. They start kissing again.

Tabitha is upset now that Fox and Kay are still together and planning to spend the night together. They are back at it again. Fox didn’t run out screaming from the room like Tabitha had planned. Her plan was ruined by a very willful daughter who does what she wants and doesn’t listen to her mother.

Fancy tells Noah that she loves her grandfather and she doesn’t want to hurt him by telling him something that he doesn’t want to hear. For some reason the idea of Noah being in Fancy’s life upset him and she doesn’t want to be responsible for him being angry over that. Noah realizes that means that she probably would not marry someone like him anyway if she feels that strongly about keeping her grandfather happy. It doesn't matter he feels. She is leaving town anyway, so the idea of a relationship building between them wouldn’t have a chance. She smiles at him. She tells him that she will be staying in town after all. He asks her why she has changed her mind.

Sam can’t understand why Ivy has only bad things to say about her daughter. She is the girl’s mother and should be supporting her daughter as much as possible. Fancy can’t be that bad. Ivy explains that Fancy couldn’t ever learn to keep a house and cook because of her upbringing, and that is one of the main reasons why she shouldn’t be around someone as grounded as Noah. Sam laughs. Ivy looks at him strangely. She didn’t say anything funny. ‘What are you laughing at?” she asks him. That is what they all said about Ivy when she decided that she wanted to be with Sam and live in his world as opposed to the other world she came from. Ivy says that it doesn’t matter about Noah and Fancy getting together. “Anything that looks like a relationship with Noah will only anger Alistair and he will stop it at any cost.”

The door bursts open and a small figure comes running through the door. “Daddy!” Sam turns to find his daughter Jessica running to him. Ivy gets out of her chair to face the runaway. She seems to have returned to the house all on her own. Maybe she will stay this time. She throws her arms around her father.

Sheridan has been disarmed now. The bat has been safely put to the side and Chris relaxes a bit. She seems to be listening to him and what he has been telling her. She is starting to believe this tale that Chris is telling her. She allows him to come closer as he begs her to please keep his secret.

Chris tells her that his secret is a matter of life and death. Sheridan could be in danger now because of what he has told her. It is very important for her to keep this under wraps and never tell anyone what she knows about him. Sheridan promises not to tell anyone. He thanks her for saying that. He logs off the computer now. She tells him that she had amnesia and she went through a lot of pain and stress in her life but that only made her tough. She can help him through this. She wants him to understand that she can deal with this secret that he has told her about. She wants to go to bed now. She is very tired now. She starts walking away, but he has more to say before she leaves. “Now that you know my situation Sheridan, I was hoping that you would be the one that took James if anything happened to me. He would need someone and you seem to care for him a great deal. I have no other relatives that I know of. He doesn’t want his child with the grandparents wherever they are. Maureen’s parents would fight Sheridan for the child. They would fight for the child although I would have picked someone else to have him. Sheridan promises Chris that she will take James if she had to and that she wouldn’t let anyone take him from her.

Fancy tells that her grandfather ordered her to stay in Harmony so that they could spend time together. He really missed having her around the house. They used to do a lot of things together. She has to stay anyway. If he wants her in the house in Harmony, she has no choice but to do what he asks. “I have no money you see, and I count on my grandfather for support. If I don’t do what he says, I will have nothing and he will cut off all my money.” Noah tells her that in that case, she would get a job and support herself. She is horrified by the idea. She was going to put together a line of jewelry but the buyers didn’t like her designs. Noah suggests that she open her own business. He can teach her how to do it.

Sam has questions about what went on with Spike to make Jessica run back home to her family. He suspects that something bad happened to her but she denies all that. Jessica tells that nothing bad happened, She says that things were just fine with Spike. She just wanted to be in her own bed for the night if that is okay with her father. Sam loves that idea. Of course she can stay there in her own house. She can stay as long as she likes. “The important thing is that you are here now with us. That is all that matters to me.” Ivy offers Jessica something to eat or drink. She will be glad to whip something up for the girl if she wants anything. Jessica gets her back up when she sees Ivy there. “Why are you here in this house? I want her out dad. If she stays, I won’t be staying!”

Tabitha is furious that her magic wasn’t enough to keep Fox and Kay apart. The big blue pot shows that Fox and Kay are at it like rabbits. They are naked under the covers doing God knows what. “If they will not stop, I will make them stop.” Tabitha stars shaking the big blue pot.

In the bedroom, Fox and Kay are shaking too and fro but don’t care. The bed jerks and shakes like a scene out of The Exorcist, but the two young lovers notice nothing funny about it. They are to wrapped up in each other to care. Tabitha can see that her plan isn’t working at all. She is very upset.

Endora is not happy with her mother’s determination to ruin the couple’s good time. Endora zaps the nearby chair and sends it across the room behind Tabitha, forcing her knees to buckle. Tabitha falls into the chair and then Endora makes the chair slide backwards with her mother on it. Tabitha is horrified! “Endora!” The little girl ignores her mummy’s pleas.

Zap! Endora summons some small thin snakes to appear. They sit before Tabitha’s chair in front of her. Tabitha has no idea what her toddler is thinking. What is she trying to do to her mother? “Endora! Stop this now!” Tabitha orders, but Endora ignores her. The snakes hiss as they wiggle across the floor towards Tabitha. Tabitha watches in fright as the evil creatures make it across the floor to Tabitha’s feet. Next, the snakes are up and winding around Tabitha’s arms to keep her from doing another whammy on Fox and Kay. Tabitha is trapped. She can’t move her arms, and that prevents her from doing any magic. Endora has managed to entirely immobilize her mother so that Fox and Kay can have their special moments alone making love.

Tabitha begs to be freed, but Endora will not help her.

The lovemaking is over. Fox thinks that it was perfect. It really inspired him being with her. She brings up the other girls that he has dated, and he hates that. “I am not going to talk about the other girls that were in my life.

Fancy likes the offer that Noah makes to help her run a business but whatcould he teach her? He doesn’t seem to know anything but street smarts. She knows that living under someone else’s thumb is not a good life but she can’t break away. Maybe in her next life. Noah sasys that he is sorry that they can’t stay paired up in Harmony. It looks like they might as well say goodbye.

Ivy offers to leave, but Sam orders her to stay. “Jessica is in therapy with me and she knows that she has to live by my rules if she stays in the ouse. If you pick Ivy over me, I am leaving and will never come back!”

Chris hears Sheridan’s words, but he wrans her that if soemhting happened to him and she were to get James, his family would show up and fight for the boy. Sheridan is strong. She gives examples of things that have happened to her in the past. She has been electrocuted… She lost her child and she still survives. “If your family tries to take that boy from mer, They had beter be careful. I will fight for him.”

Jessica sees that her father if picking his love for Ivy over her. She sees now that she was wriong to come home. “I will go and crash somewhere else.” She walks out.

Sam lets her. “I can’t go after her Ivy. I have to use tough love. All that I can do is be here for her.” Ivy hugs him. “I know how much our chldren can hurt us.”

Fancy didn’t think that Noah would stop seeing her, but that is what he wants. She tells him that she wanst him, but that makes no difference. He opens the door for her leave.

Sheridan assures Chris that he can count on her. “If Maureen’s parents come and make trouble, I will fight them. You have me and so does James.” Chris hugs her. “I didn’t know what I would have done if you hadn’t believed me.”

Tabitha tells Endora that she is doesn’t get released, she will pay for what she has dione. “One…Two…---”

ZAP! Endora puts a big bandaid over her mother’s mouth to stop her talking.

Endora hopes that Fox and Kay appreciate what she is doing for them.

Fox and Kay are talking in bed. He has a surprise and he will not tell her what it is. She will just have to wait.

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