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Written By Glynis
Pictures by Amanda

Alistair threatens Fancy that if she is hiding a low life in the bedroom, he will be furious. He breaks away from her in the living room and enters the bedroom to see who she is hiding in there.

She hears him shouting. “Oh for God sake!”

Theresa tells Ethan that they still have a chance and can still be together. She can prove it. She grabs him and kisses him. He can’t resist. He kisses her back and then pushes her away.

Tabitha tells Endora that it is time for bed in case Kay is bringing her young man back home for who knows what. Her home is for havoc, not for people falling in love. Tabitha warns Endora that she should learn early that there is to be no love there. She reminds Endora who is living in their basement, and that the spirit will not like people falling in love there.

The spirits in the basement growl and send red smoke out through the basement vent to show their displeasure at the idea of people falling in love in the house. This is a place for evil.

Fox and Kay are making their way to Tabitha’s to make love. They hope that it will not be as creepy as the last time.

Sheridan has locked herself in her room and she wants no part of Chris. He is trying to open the door to get to her but she will not open it. She warns him to stay away from her or she will call the police. Chris tries to get her to open the door but she will not.

Chris pulls a tool out of his pocket and starts fiddling with the lock to get it open. Sheridan looks down at the knob and sees that it is jiggling. He is trying to break into her room.

Sheridan hears him playing with the lock some more, and she warns him to stop or she will call the police. Chris keeps trying to break the lock anyway. He says that he just wants to clear the air.

Chris gets into the room. He tells Sheridan that she will not call anyone to rescue her. There is no need for that. “Your B&B is full of guests. I am not going to hurt you Sheridan. I just want to answer your questions.” She gets a bat and tells Chris to get away from her. She is not afraid to use the bat on him. He only wants to tell her what she wanted to know from the start. She can call the police later on he tells her if she still feels that he is a threat to her.

Tabitha and Endora are getting ready to go to bed when the door opens.

It is Fox and Kay entering the house kissing. They are surprised to find Tabitha and Endora standing there downstairs. Fox and Kay thought that Tabitha and Endora would be sleeping by now. Kay asks where Maria is and when she hears that Maria is in the girls’ room she asks Fox if he would like to come up and say goodnight to her. He would love to do that. Tabitha rolls her eyes. She knows that is just a trick to get upstairs to Kay’s empty room for fun and games.

Fox runs over to Endora and kisses her goodnight before running up the stairs.

Tabitha hates this. “I will not have this in my house. This has to be stopped.”

Ethan tells Theresa that this will not happen the way that she thinks that it will. “I am married and have a wife.” Theresa doesn’t care. “You don’t’ love her,” she says. “You love me.” Ethan denies that anything that she is saying is true. She says that every time that he looks at her, she can tell that he wants her and wants to be with her. He has stopped denying what she is saying but he doesn’t look at her anymore. A part of him believes but will not admit. She rubs his bare chest and his arms.

Fancy comes into the bedroom behind Alistair and sees that no one is there. She is secretly happy that Noah managed to make it out of there in time. Her grandfather would have killed her had he found Noah there. Alistair demands that Fancy tells him where the man is that she was hiding in there. She denies that there was anyone there at all. He doesn't believe her and he continues to search the house looking for the man that he knows was hiding there but has no escaped. This will never do.

Noah comes in the house to see his father in the living room but only Ivy is there. Sam is not around. Ivy offers to talk to Noah if he needs her to. She wonders how the date went with Fancy tonight. Sam told her about the date. Noah would like to talk to his dad about the date instead of her if that is okay. That is a little personal for them to talk about he feels. Ivy reminds him that she was the one that warned him about Fancy. So they have in fact already discussed this. Noah tells Ivy that Fancy didn’t hurt him like she is insinuating. It was something different and not so terrible as Ivy might think. “I am a big boy Ivy. She just bruised me a bit. Your daughter is the most spoiled, rotten, rich brat that I have ever met, but don’t worry. She is not my type. I found out about her now, before she ended up playing me for a fool”. Ivy is relieved to hear that.

Alistair asks Fancy about the sound that he just heard coming out of the bedroom just now. “What was it?” Fancy wasn’t in the room and therefore as no idea what the noise really was. Fancy says that maybe the guards came in to look around. Alistair is angry when he hears her telling him this. She insults his intelligence with excuses like that. “Or maybe the wind blew the doors open.” Fancy turns to the doors which are in fact open. Alistair warns Fancy that he will make things very difficult for her if she is lying to him.

Theresa kisses Ethan’s shoulder. He can fight his love for her all he wants, but she knows that he wants to just kiss her and take her in his arms. She makes things very difficult for him to resist her. She wishes that he would take her in his arms and take her upstairs to make passionate love to her. He begs her not to do this but she does it anyway. She knows that she has an effect on him with just a touch. She ends up kissing him again and he can’t resist that. He kisses her right back and keeps on doing so.

Tabitha is so steamed about Fox and Kay making love in her house that red steam comes out of her ears. She has to keep calm and fights to do so but she can’t. She orders the red steam to be gone. It will not go.

Endora is watching and decides to help her mother out. Zap! Mother immediately calms down and the steam dissipates. Tabitha will have to show Fox and Kay that they have picked the wrong shack for their shenanigans. She will make things hard for them if they want to shack up in her house. She will make things very hard indeed. Tabitha makes her way over to the big blue pot to see what Fox and Kay are up to now. They will not have a comfortable night making love.

Fox and Kay make it to Kay’s room and sure enough, Maria is not there. Perfect. They can spend the night together as they wanted to. It will be great! They can’t get together quickly enough for Kay. Maria is in the other room as Tabitha said she would be so there will be no interruptions. Fox feels a little weird doing this in Tabitha’s house. She is a little bit weird Fox thinks. Kay tells him not to worry about Tabitha. They start kissing and get on the bed together after taking most of their clothes off.

Drip, drip, drip. Something is raining on Fox’s head as he kisses Kay on her bed. They were just getting properly acquainted when the dripping started. Fox can tell that it is water, but where is it coming from? They are getting soaked slowly as the bed gets soaked from all the dripping. Fox looks up into the ceiling but can’t tell where the leak is coming from. Kay feels that it can’t be all that important for them to be worrying about it as there are other things to attend to that are more important between them. Fox and Kay try to ignore the dripping and get back to the lovemaking that they had started. They are determined not to let anything get in the way of their being together.

Tabitha laughs as she watches the scene of Fox and Kay through the big blue pot. She can see that they are already bothered by the mild irritation that she has created to screw up their night. Her spell, which consists of her running her kitchen faucet to create the leak in the ceiling of Kay’s room is working like a dream. They can’t possibly enjoy this. She is causing the drip and they is no way for them to figure it out. The best case scenario here is that they will get fed up with the disturbance and then just forget about this. Maybe then Fox will just pack up his things and get out of the house. That is Tabitha’s greatest hope. “That ought to put a damper on their shenanigans,” Tabitha chuckles.

Chris tries to explain himself but everything that he says is met with sarcasm from Sheridan’s lips. She will be smart this time. She isn’t going to be fooled by her father anymore. She was sure that Chris was up to no good and now that she has heard him talking privately on the phone, she is sure that there is something wrong with this guy. Before the phone call, it was a newspaper article which printed his name as Greg. He said that the reporter got his name wrong, and she had believed him, but now she feels differently about the whole thing. Sheridan still holds the bat on Chris as he talks to her. She doesn’t know yet exactly what he is lying about, but she will be ready to hit a home run if he decides to try anything funny on her. He tells her that he will tell her everything but she has to promise to keep his secret. “If you don’t promise me that Sheridan, then you could end up dead too.”

Ivy is sorry that Noah was hurt by Fancy again. No matter what that girl does, someone ends up getting hurt in the process. He tells that it was just his ego that was bruised and nothing more serious. He thought that there was another Fancy underneath the one that he keeps seeing but he was wrong. Just when he thinks that he is getting through to her and that he is seeing something really special in her, she blows it all away and ruins everything. Ivy tells that Fancy was born with a silver spoon in her mouth and she always thought that she was a princess. Ivy knows that she is to blame for Fancy being spoiled, but Ivy just didn’t know any better. She was the same way when she was younger and raising her children. She didn’t set a very good example and Fancy took that personality upon herself. She only cared for Ethan, and now she has had to learn a lot of lessons about what it takes to be a real person and how to treat others. Fancy hasn’t learned that yet. She hopes that Fancy will learn a thing or two too in her lifetime, and soon. Ivy was used to having everything that she wanted but all those things mean nothing now. When she had everything, she was miserable all the time. Not all the tea in China could have made her as happy as she is now, and she barely has anything. This is not a lecture; Ivy would like to think. She doesn’t want to scare Noah off or have him think that she is trying to tell him what to do, but she would like him to understand why it would be a really bad idea for him to get involved with her daughter. She would like to think that she was sharing with Noah and that he was taking some good advice from her as someone that has lived and experienced life from different perspectives. After Grace left, Ivy learned how to cook and do laundry and she liked it. One night, Ivy and Sam just danced under the stars. She has been to formals and balls and the night with Sam was the most beautiful in spite of the fact that it was the most simple.

As Ivy talks, Noah remembers dancing with Fancy that very night at the beach under the stars. At that moment, he could have sworn that Fancy wasn’t the shallow person that he now knows she is. She was sweet and didn’t mind spending an inexpensive night with him on the beach, sitting on the sand, and fishing. She kept thinking that he was going to take her to some fancy restaurant, but he didn’t, and the truth is that he really couldn’t afford it. The tuxedo that he wore for the date was his father’s. He did however put together an elaborate date that took a lot of thought and preparation. It seemed to mean a lot to Fancy, but at the end when she was afraid that her grandfather would find him in bed with her, that made him think that Fancy was still the uppity girl that he didn’t like in the beginning.

He tells Ivy that she may be happy with the simple things now, but Fancy wouldn’t be. He finds now that some of the things that Ivy said about her daughter before were probably true. This girl only cares about herself and really has no room in her heart to care for anyone else. She must look down on him. Alistair was questioning her about who the man was that she went out with that night and she assured him that the guy wasn’t a low life dead beat. Noah actually heard her say that. She said that the man was someone from the country club. That couldn’t have been farther from the truth.

Alistair is angry and he pours himself a drink to calm his nerves. He is sure that Fancy has just pulled one over on him just now. He was willing to believe her that she was with someone that he would approve of, and that the man had gone home. Then he heard the noise in the bedroom as he was leaving and he realized that she must have been lying to him. She denied it and no one was in the room, but that didn’t mean that there wasn’t someone in the room. Fancy tells him to calm down. Alistair feels that he has to worry as Fancy was very secretive about the man that she was going out with before the date. He was concerned that it might have been that Noah Bennett that he hates so much, but she denied that it was him. She would have introduced her grandfather to the man before her date she said, but she wanted to keep the whole thing to herself. He makes her promise not to do this again. She promises that she will do as he asks. He notices that she isn’t wearing the expensive bracelet that he bought her.

Fancy panics. Her grandfather bought her that bracelet and put it on her wrist before her date. It was very expensive and the stones in it were stones that could only be found in a certain part of the world. Fancy remembers that it was in the water when she was fishing with Noah. She has no idea where it went and they searched for the bracelet, but they couldn’t find it. She doesn’t tell her grandfather that she lost the bracelet, but she makes a simple excuse for not having the bracelet on instead. She says that she took it off before going into the shower just now. She says that she has packed it away already. He accepts that easily enough but doesn’t understand what she means by having packed it. She tells that she will be moving to Paris the next day for a while. In face, this is her last day in Harmony. He orders her to stay in town with him. She has been away for a long time and he would like her to stay. In fact he insists on it. He tells her that if she leaves he will cancel all her credit cards leaving her penniless. Fancy can’t live like regular folks. The panic shows in her eyes when she hears what her grandfather threatens to do to her if she gets on that plane the next day. Alistair wants her to stay in Harmony at all costs. Her trip can’t be that important. He needs her here. She is the only one in Harmony that he enjoys being with in the family. They used to do a lot of things together when she spent time with him before she moved to Las Vegas, and he wants some of those times back. She really wanted to go on this trip and didn’t envision her grandfather making her stay. She offers to bring him with her but he will not go. “I will not go abroad again. At least not now. Something else is keeping me here, or should I say, someone else.”

Theresa has Ethan sitting now on her bed. She has somehow worked her magic on the man and has enticed him to come up the stairs of the mansion ending up in her room. The conversation that they were having started in the kitchen, so you can imagine what Ethan has been feeling to end up in Theresa’s room like this. She has him in her bedroom and she stands over him in a seductive manner. She has him where she has wanted him for a long time. She starts disrobing in front of him. She takes off her track jacket revealing the thin pink thin strapped top that she has underneath. He watches her and begs her not to do this to him. She will not stop now. She sits on his lap and kisses him some more. “I know that you want to be with me Ethan,” she tells him. He can’t resist her and he falls backwards on the bed with Theresa on top of him taking the lead.

Ethan tears himself away from Theresa suddenly. He jumps up from the bed and moves away from her quickly. She is alone on the bed now, looking up at him with desire in her eyes. “This is not right Theresa,” Ethan tells her. He tells her to stop this now and not to do this again. She wants to make love him and she can tell that he wants to do the same to her. She can feel it. He will only make love to his wife from now on. It doesn’t matter how he feels for Theresa. She is just wasting her time. She won’t believe anything that he says about denying their love. She sees how he responds to her touching him. He wouldn’t do that if he didn’t want her as se wanted him. His heart beats faster and she can feel it when she is close to him. He admits it. “I want you more than anything that I have ever wnted in my entire life Theresa, but nothing is going to happen between us.”

Alistair offers to stay with Fancy for a while at the cottage so that they can have a talk and spend some time socializing. Fancy says that she has to get to sleep. She really wants to be up early in the morning to be ready for her trip. Fancy had plans to meet her friend Josephine in Paris to do girl things. Alistair tells Fancy just to postpone the trip for some other time. He means it. She agrees to do so after a while of trying to get her way. He knew that she would see things his way. He kisses her goodnight and then leaves the cottage.

Once he is gone from the cottage, Fancy breathes a sigh of relief. She is pleased with herself for having been able to fool her grandfather. She is also happy that Noah decided to leave while she was meeting with her grandfather. She would have been in an awful lot of trouble if grandfather had found him in bed waiting for her. She had promised her grandfather that she wouldn’t see the man or get involved with him. Her grandfather hates those Bennetts with a passion. Leaving also was a good thing for Noah as well. His family has suffered a great deal at the hand of Alistair, and this incident would have just pushed him over the edge. There would be no telling what he would do to that family then. Fancy gets upset at having to be stuck in Harmony, but on the other hand, she gets to see Noah again. “I think that I will go and find him and tell him that I will be sticking around.”

Ivy and Noah finish their talk about Fancy and her problems coping like everyone else. There is really nothing more to be said on the subject as far as Noah is concerned. She isn’t the girl for him anyway. He knows that now that the has spent this last night with her. He knows that she is leaving town anyway, so it doesn’t matter what he felt about her or what he could have felt in time. She will be gone and the whole ordeal will be a memory soon enough. Noah is a little thirsty now, and so he heads to the kitchen for some iced tea. Maybe his father will be back soon and they will be able to talk then. Noah walks off as Ivy watches the dear boy go. She feels really bad for him.

Ivy could just strangle her daughter for how she has been treating Noah. He is such a sweet boy and Sam’s family has suffered enough at the hands of the Cranes. Noah really didn’t need to get entangled with Fancy. That only made things worse for him. She isn’t the person that he should be with and she is just glad that Noah has figured this out on his own, instead of getting more heavily involved with the girl and really getting hurt. Ivy feels so bad for Sam. She has been trying to help him and his family and she hopes that she has been able to do just that by doing damage control with Fancy.

Tabitha and Endora are in the kitchen and they smile over the misery that they are causing Fox and Kay in Kay’s room. They struggle to keep the romance of the evening going, but it is difficult. That is clear. The dripping of the water from the ceiling isn’t helping one bit. They can keep kissing and kissing but it can’t be comfortable doing so while getting soaking wet. Tabitha will keep an eye on things. If they can put up what is coming, then Tabitha will just have to make things worse until she can find a way to pull them apart. Tabitha really hates the fact that Fox is connected to Endora. Fox and Endora really like one another but Tabitha can’t afford for anyone to find out that Fox and Endora are siblings. That would bring up all kinds of questions about Endora and what went on between Tabitha and Julian.

Fox and Kay are not happy with the dripping from the ceiling but it doesn’t stop them from getting it on. They pretend that nothnig is going on. They have no choice. This is the only place that they have where they can be alone. It is certainly better than the attic where they spent time the night before. That was like trying to make love in a haunted house. Skeletons were dropping on them, and the door mysteriously locked itself preveting them from leaving the room when they had decided that they had enough of this freak show. So making love on a wet bed with water dripping down on them as they make love is nothing to deal with. They will ignore it and make the best of it.

Tabitha and Endora are watching through the big blue pot at what is going on with Fox and Kay. Tabitha is unhappy. The dripping water from the roof was thought to be enough to end this lovemaking session but that was wrong thinking. These two are determined to be together it seems. Something more will have to happen to get the results that Tabitha wants. Tabitha is not happy with Kay for just bringing this man into the house and entertaining him in the house every night. Tabitha really doesn’t appreciate this at all. Kay is not being considerate and neither is Fox for that matter. Tabitha has dropped subtle hints about him going home but he insisted on staying longer and then taking Kay out. Now they are back at the house and ready to rock and roll like the night before. Tabitha really isn’t up to it. It isn’t fair.

Fox and Kay are ignoring the dripping water, but they can’t ignore it when the bed that they are on breaks and falls to the ground. It breaks down in such a way that Kay falls off the bed on one side, and Fox falls off on the other. The water still drips and now they have no bed to make love on. Kay screams where her bed falls apart and she falls to the floor. They can’t understand what is going on here. Fox is really creeped out by thie place. Kay can’t understand any of this either. Tabitha and Endora are standing over the big blue pot and they smile as they watch. The couple is clearly frazzled and it doesn’t look like very much lovemaking is going to be taking place in that room tonight.

Chris is telling all now. He did investments for people at one time. Things were going sour when he realized that his investors were in shady dealings and they were getting him involved in illegal activity. Maureen, his wife knew that something was wrong. Maureen was making ultimatums about him getting out of the game. She couldn’t take it anymore. She threatened to end their relationship as it seemed that he couldn’t choose between his family and these people that he was involved with. One day she left and he didn’t see Maureen or James again until he came to Harmony. His name is really Greg Walton he admits, but Sheridan isn’t to use that name when she refers to him. He is still hiding out from the people that he was investing for. Greg left his family to make his investors happy. Thre was a lot of flack coming from Maureen, and they wanted Greg separated from her. The FBI heard about the illegal offshore accounts and they helped Greg by putting him in the Witness Protection Program for his safety. The investors were out for blood now and Greg knows that they still are. That is why he uses the name ‘Chris’. Greg decided that he missed his wife and son and wanted to find them. He started searching for them. That was why he came to Harmony but the day he came was the day after the earthquake and the Tsunami and Maureen was dead. Sheridan understands better now it seems. She listens as Greg recounts what he has been through. The man risked his whole life to be with James and Maureen it seems. This is some story. He is really an innocent man who is being hunted down by some bad men that he informed on if what he is saying is to be believed. Chris begs her not to say anything to anyone about this.

Ivy decides that she will give that Fancy a piece of her mind the next time that she sees her. She keeps telling the girl to change her ways but Fancy keeps screwing up and causing trouble to others. Ivy is fed up and has had enough of this pain that her daughter brings to the family of the man that she loves. She has to be stopped at all costs. Her careless disregard for others is dangerous, especially with someone like Alistair in her pocket. Due to his love for her, he would do countless things to protect her if he thought that she were being hurt by anyone. Noah can’t risk being with her. It would take very little for Alistair to find something wrong with Noah if he were involved with Fancy and that would bring more trouble on the Bennetts, and they don’t need that. Ivy will give that daughter of hers a good talking to again to drive home the trouble she continues to cause. She doesn’t get it and it almost seems unfortunately that she never will. Ivy has lost patience with her now. Ivy wishes that she would just stay away from the Bennetts. Mostly Noah.

The doorbell rings and Ivy lets Fancy into the house. She is surprised to find the girl there, when she was just on her mother’s mind. This would be a good opportunity to talk to her as Ivy had planned to do. Fancy is looking for Noah but I vy won’t tell her where he is. What could she want with him at this point? Hasn’t she done enough? She acts like she hasn’t done anything at all. The truth is that ever since Fancy arrived in Harmony, everyday has been a disaster for one reason or the other. Ivy says that she knows what Fancy did to Noah and she really doesn’t like what she heard. Fancy looks at her mother as if she is crazy. “What are you ranting about now?”

Fancy turns her head and sees Noah there over in the living room. She walks past her mother and heads straight to him to touch base on wat happened that night over at the cottage. Fancy takes advantage of the moment to ask a question of Noah. Fancy asks Noah why her mother thinks that they have had a fight tonight. She acts like something went on that was really bad and Fancy would like to know what that was if in fact there was anything that happened. Ivy definitely has her back up and Noah wants her to settle down. Noah tells Ivy that he will handle this. Ivy walks off.

Fancy tells Noah that her grandfather was really angry when he didn’t find anyone in the bedroom after Noah had gone but she still knows that was the best scenario for the both of them. Noah is cool about what Fancy says and doesn’t respond. She knows that her grandfather thought that she was with Noah but he couldn’t prove it and that seemed to get to him a little bit. She is smiling at the way that she has outsmarted her grandfather. Noah is strangely cool to her after she speaks. She asks him why he ran off the way that he did. She could understand him hiding but to run away and not come back was a little difficult for her to believe. He feels a certain way about the way that things went back at the cottage, and she would like to hear more about it. He will tell her but she will not like it. She looks into his eyes waiting to hear what it is that he has to tell her.

Tabitha and Endora laugh as they stare into the big blue pot. Things are going just as Tabitha had planned. Endora likes Fox a great deal, but she did come around to her mother’s way of thinking and now she too finds it interesting to try to break Fox and Kay up and make their lovemaking time a living hell. Fox and Kay’s lovemaking has been interrupted by the broken bed. That seems to be the thing that proved to be the last straw. Both Fox and Kay are frazzled and not terribly interested in making love after all. Tabitha laughs aloud as she holds her daughter in her arms while looking down into the big blue pot. “There is to be no lovemaking in this house tonight Endora. I can assure you of that.”

Fox and Kay get up off the floor on opposite sides of the bed. They are stunned by what is going on tonight in this house. Nothing seems to be going right. I tis like everywhere that they go to try to be together is jinxed. Like the forces of nature are working against them. Fox is really confused by what he and Kay have to deal with to be happy in the house. All that they want is a night alone together to explore each other and that is proving to be incredibly difficult for both lovers. “What the hell is wrong with this house?” Fox asks aloud. Fox gets up and puts his pants on quickly. This is too much for him. Kay too gets up off the floor on her side of the bed. Fox has his back to Kay as he gets dressed.

When he turns around he sees an old woman with long white hair standing behind him instead of young beautiful Kay.

Sheridan says that she knows that everything that Chris has just told her has been a lie. she holds the bat up before Chris again. She orders him out of there. “You know what,” she says. “Tell whoever you work for that I wasn’t fooled by your trick.”

Theresa tells Ethan that they should just get together now. Ethan will go no further with this. “I want you but I will be with my wife and my wife only. I can do this and I will” Ethan walks out.

“Ethan!” she shouts. “Don’t go!”

No one is in the doorway now. Theresa keeps staring at it hoping that Ethan will reappear.

Alistair appears instead. “Are you calling me?” She tells him that she wasn’t. Alistair tells Theresa that she is to meet him later in his room. He leaves.

Theresa is alone and she hugs herself in fear, as the reality of what is going to happen to her comes flooding back to her memory.

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