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Written By Glynis
Pictures by Amanda

Theresa is in the kitchen getting ice cream and chocolate syrup. She needs to get Alistair to change the deal that they had.

Theresa remembers the rape and all the details as she sits at the kitchen table. He was really rough with her.

Ethan touches Theresa’s shoulder and she jumps thinking that it might be Alistair. She stops thinking about the rape immediately. She apologizes for her reaction to him. He knows that she just thought that maybe he was Alistair. She denies that. She says that she thought that it might have been the cook of the mansion asking her what she is doing in his kitchen. Ethan knows that she is lying. “That man is dangerous and he will hurt someone else if you let him go Theresa.”

Alistair is at the cottage and he knows that Fancy is there with someone. His guard came and told him that she was with someone in the cottage. He is going to catch her red-handed and he will be angry if she has disobeyed.

Fancy and Noah are in the bedroom of the cottage and they discuss what should be done here. They are naked in bed, and there is no time to hide. Noah would like to face the man but Fancy wants him to sneak out the back while she goes and talks to her grandfather. Noah doesn't like running.

Tabitha loves all the trouble that is going on in town. Tabitha has just finished eating her chicken dinner. She loved it.

Endora hears how happy her mother is with the dinner, and she decides to make the dinner even more fun. She zaps her mother and turns her into Colonel Sanders and puts a big giant drumstick on her plate.

Tabitha is angry when she sees what Endora has done. “Hurry and turn me back before Fox and Kay see me like this. Endora zaps her mom back to normal as quickly as she can to keep mama happy.

Fox is out looking for Kay who ran out from their date out into the darkness. He tries to find her but she isn’t anywhere around.

A man had grabbed Kay and he threatens to rape her. He has his hand over her mouth and so she is unable to scream for help. Fox is ready to go home but Kay has gotten free and she screams for Fox to help her out. Fox turns and runs in the direction of the scream.

Another man runs over to Kay and holds her as the man that Kay managed to get away from tries to get off the ground after she hurt him between the legs.

Chris is back in the B&B now. He goes over to the stairs and peeks up there. No one is there. Good. It is safe for him to talk on the phone then.

Chris goes to his phone and dials a number. Quietly he tells someone that he isn’t finding Sheridan quite as dumb and naïve as he was told she would be. “I have to be careful with her.”

In the background, Sheridan has come into the room and she hears what Chris is saying.

Sheridan sees that her instincts were right. Chris isn’t what he appeared to be. She wishes that she could know exactly what he was up to. That would solve the whole problem and she would know everything.

She listens as Chris tells his friend that if he slips up now, things will be really in trouble. “If we rush things now, Sheridan will get suspicious again and that is the last thing that we need.”

Tabitha warns Endora not to play dress up with her mother again. She didn’t appreciate being dressed like the colonel at all.

Endora conjures up a halo to sit over her head as he mother warns her to behave. That is her way to show that he will be good from now on and that she really didn’t mean any harm.

Tabitha turns to the big blue pot now. She can’t see anything just yet. She hears screaming. The big blue pot is murky. “Is that Kay? Yes it is. What happened? Why are she and Fox not together?”

The 2nd man that has come to Kay to rape her grabs her now and holds her, she screams and screams.

Fox appears and the two men have a fight as Kay watches in horror. “Fox! Fox!” she calls out to him.

Ethan asks Theresa why she insisted on changing her mind about the charges. Theresa says that Rebecca and Gwen didn’t believe her and that had an effect on her. “Doesn’t matter anyway Ethan. You know what? Even if I wanted to press charges, I can’t.” Ethan says that she might feel like she can’t press charges because of the gifts that Alistair has given her, like the bracelet. That is not it she says. She doesn’t even want the stupid bracelet. She knows that if she sent Alistair to prison then she would be a prisoner too. Ethan hasn’t any idea what she means. She tries to explain. “If you could just stop thinking like a lawyer, you will be able to see what it is that I am saying. Look. If I send Alistair to prison, then I will be a prisoner too of my love for you.” Ethan shakes his head at her. She can’t have Alistair arrested because then she will not get the help that she needs to have Jane and Little Ethan and Ethan in her life where they all should be.

Alistair calls out to Fancy from the living room of the cottage.

Fancy has a robe on and a towel on her head. She shouts that she was in the shower and that she will be out in a minute.

Noah is in the bed and he refuses to leave. He is not afraid of Alistair.

Alistair calls out for Fancy again.**

Noah will not be intimidated by this.

Alistair orders Fancy out of the room or he will be coming in there.

Fancy begs Noah one last time to leave, but he will not.

Alistair says that he is coming into the room now.

That is when Fancy comes out of the room, and just in time. Alistair was on his way in. She heads him off at the pass and they both walk back into the living room. Alistair has questions. “What is going on?” he asks. Fancy tells him that she was just having a bath and spending time at the cottage. Alistair wants to know if she is spending time alone or with someone else. Fancy has to really think that over before she answers him. She starts her response with a smile.

Tabitha tells Endora that there is good news. Fox has saved Kay from the terrible men.

There is a blast of fog from the vent that leads to the basement. Tabitha realizes that she was rooting for Fox to save Kay and that isn’t what a good witch does. She should be rooting for evil. It is all Endora’s fault. Her goodness is rubbing off on her mother. Tabitha sees that now she has Endora, she feels compassion for mortals sometimes. She hates this warm fuzzy feelings. They have to stop.

Fox continues to fight for Kay. Kay tries to help out by jumping on the man’s back. That does confuse the assailant for a while but then he just throws Kay off him and into the bushes. He goes over to see her and that is when both men go over to Fox and one holds him while the other punches the daylights out of him.

Sheridan can see that she was right all along. Chris has been making a fool of her this whole time.

Chris ends his call and turns to leave the room but Sheridan is there.

Sheridan tells him that she knew that he was a fake the whole time. “You are working for my father right? Admit it! Admit it!” Chris denies what she is saying to him and she slaps him hard across the face. “Admit it!”

Ethan can’t believe what he is hearing. This whole thing is to get him back with her. “This is unbelievable. Rebecca and Gwen were right. I was telling them that you didn’t have any strange motives and now I find out that they were right. You are suicidal.” Theresa would rather die getting Ethan back than grow old without him. Ethan sees now that all this time, she has been scheming to get him back and he has been defending her to Rebecca and Gwen. He finds her shortsighted and stupid. She denies that she is any of those things. “I realized that Alistair can get me what I want and need to make me happy.” Ethan knows that Alistair helps no one. Everything comes at a price and if you owe him, it is for the rest of your life. Whatever he wants, you will have to give it to him.” She doesn’t care. She will do what she has to. Ethan begs her not to do this anymore. “Pack your bags and get the heck out of this house. Find a life with someone that can be with you.” She will not leave. “I will stay until you and my daughter and my son walk out together.”

Alistair tells Fancy that the guards saw Fancy with a man at the pool and that the both them were having a little too much fun. Alistair wants Fancy to explain herself. Fancy says that he guards should do the explaining.

Noah is listening at the bedroom door and he loves how quick-thinking Fancy is being.

Fancy says that the guards should be fired for lying about her. she says that she likes being at the cottage because she has her privacy here. Alistair hates the cottage. “It is like a gaggle of peasants decorated the place.” Fancy says that if he doesn’t like it there, then he should go up to the mansion. Alistair will do that but first he would like to make sure that there is no one in the bedroom.

Noah is still at the bedroom door listening and he would love to have Alistair enter the room. “It is about time that someone stood up to you.”

Fancy tells her grandfather that there is absolutely no one in the bedroom. He laughs at her. “I know that you are lying.” She assures him that no one is there. She asks him to leave so that she can get some sleep. Alistair asks her who the man in the bedroom is. Fancy says that her date did come with her to the cottage but he is gone now.

Noah wants Fancy to tell the truth here.

Fancy says that she would like to keep her date a secret. She knows that her grandfather likes to control everything. Alistair asks if the new beau is well connected. She assures him that he is part of the country club that they belong to. He tells her that he would hate to have her lie to him and disappoint him. she says that she wouldn’t lie to him at all. He seems to be accepting of that. Alistair looks around at the cottage. “I think that I am going to trash this place. Sheridan is gone now anyway.” Fancy loves the place and doesn’t want it to be ruined. Alistair says that the place has very bad karma. Everyone in it turned into a loser. He wouldn’t like Fancy marrying someone who wasn’t in her own set, like everyone else who lived in the cottage. Fancy says that she will be sure to marry the right person when the time comes.

Fancy thinks back to her date that night and she remember laying in the sand on her date with Noah.

Fancy also quietly thinks about the dancing that she and Noah did and how they felt.

Fancy says that she would hate to have a life like Sam and Grace had. She wants better for herself.

Noah hears what she says and he now believes that she was lying to him all along. she hated the date the whole time.

Fancy tells her grandfather that she wants to get to sleep now and would like to be left alone. Alistair heads to the door.

Noah is in the bedroom and he knocks over a vase ion the table. “Clunk!”

Alistair hears that. “Your date is still in there in the bedroom.” Fancy stands not knowing what to do next.

Ethan tells Theresa that her plan will not work. “All this is doing is making me sick to my stomach. You are allowing yourself to be taken over by a creep. Alistair will use you and throw you away when he is done.” Theresa says that she will get what she wants. Theresa has had Ethan on an emotional roller coaster for a long time now. He has been bouncing back and forth between Theresa and Gwen for along time but Jane is the only thing that holds Ethan to Theresa now. “I am not going to go back to you.” Theresa tells him that they can go back to how they were and this time she is sure that they will do it right.

Tabitha tells Endora that Fox is getting the life punched out of him. She watches as Fox gets pummeled. Tabitha hears herself and realizes that she is getting too soft over this. she should be enjoying it. She changes her tune. “Go on you thugs! Knock his block off!”

Kay sees that Fox is losing the fight big time. She tries to help. “Hey guys! You wanted it! Well here it is… Come and get it!” When Fox hears that, he flies into action and finishes off the fight, sending the two men running off.

Fox and Kay hug and both apologize. She looks at him. “You are my hero.”

Sheridan knows now that it was too convenient that Chris came when he did and then ended up being James’s father. Chris denies that he works for Alistair, but Sheridan will not believe him. “I have had a lot of hurt in my life. I have lost my son and I almost lost my mother. All that made me stronger than I thought. I will not be fooled by a low life who wants to fool me. What an idiot I have been. You have never came forward about anything that I asked you. You sound exactly like my father when I talk to him. You just used James to get my loyalty. you know how I feel about him. How dare you use him to make a fool of me!” She slaps him hard. Chris tells her that she has it all wrong and doesn’t understand. She will not listen to him. “Stay the hell away from me.” She goes running up the stairs. Chris follows her.

Sheridan goes into her room and closes the door behind her.

Chris comes to the door and asks Sheridan to open the door. She will not do it. “You were sent by my father to hurt me,” she says. Chris admits that everything that he has told her was a lie, but if she will only hear him out, he will come clean.

Fox and Kay kiss for a while and then they decide that they need to be alone and they run off.

Tabitha wonders where Kay is going to take Fox. Suddenly it dawns on her. “Oh no. she can’t think that she will be bringing him back here again. I will not have it. I will not have Fox and Kay cavorting around me, under my roof. I will not have it!”

Noah feels bad that Fancy will be getting in trouble for lying for him.

Alistair hates that Fancy has lied to him. He will kill whoever is in there. Alistair goes into the bedroom.

Theresa tells Ethan that it is never too late for love when it is strong and true. she knows that Ethan still loves her and she really believes that they can be together. “I can prove it.” He wonders how she is going to do that. She jumps forward and kisses those beautiful lips of his before he can say another word in protest of their love.

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