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Written By Glynis
Pictures by Amanda

Fox tells Kay that they are not going to talk about his ex-girlfriends anymore. He would like to talk about what they will do the next day. She will not do anything with him. All he does, she says is talk about his exes and she hates that she says. She walks off from the table.

Fox follows her. She can’t see how she can go out with him, knowing all about his exes and how beautiful they were. She can’t compare to them.

Simone is with her lover in bed. The woman in Simone’s life is patient and she listens to everything that Simone has to say. Later on, the ladies kiss passionately. Simone looks dreamily up into the woman’s eyes. “I am so glad that I have you. I feel so good that I am going to be with you for the rest of my life.” That makes the woman uncomfortable. Just because she is spending time with Simone doesn’t mean that they will be a couple forever. Simone sits up not understanding what the woman means.

Julian comes to see Eve at the B&B. He has ordered some food for her.

Two servers enter the room and start spreading a table to put out some food for her.

Noah and Fancy are alone in the cottage and they have all night to explore each other. She finds him so sexy. Fancy only wants to make sure that her grandfather doesn’t find them. They decide that they have talked enough. They start kissing again.

Ethan is calling the police. Gwen begs him not to do this. This might be another one of Theresa’s tricks. Rebecca agrees. Ethan says that Theresa isn’t trying anything. He knows that Gwen is thinking that Ethan is going to end up leaving her somehow over this.

Theresa hears Ethan tell Gwen that he will never leave her so she shouldn’t worry.

Alistair takes this time to tell Theresa quietly that if she sends him to jail, she will definitely spend the rest of her life without Ethan.

Theresa hears what he has whispered to her and it causes her to stop and think a moment. She looks over at Ethan and watches as he makes the call to the police. Should she stop him?

Fox tells Kay that he loves spending time with her and that she is amazing. She is in a bad mood now and doesn’t want to talk about a relationship with him anymore. He only did what she wanted him to. She asked questions and he answered them. She wants him to see the reality of the situation here. “You are dating a single mom that works at a fish factory Fox”.

Noah pushes off Fancy’s dress, and her sexy strapless white bustier appears. Fancy picks up her dress off the floor and throws it. It hits a framed picture of Luis and Sheridan and breaks the glass in it. Fancy is sorry that she did that. She goes over to the picture and picks it up. She knows that poor Sheridan has been through a lot. Her grandfather is responsible for most of what has gone wrong in Sheridan’s life. Noah sees that Sheridan is a strong woman. He knows that Fancy is a strong woman too. Fancy finds him an excellent judge of character. She compliments him too on his handsome face, chiseled body and sex appeal. Fancy can’t get romantic now that she has touched on the trouble that her aunt has been through. Noah tries to remove Fancy’s clothes to make love to her but Fancy can’t make love to him now. She grabs her clothes and leaves the house. Noah has no idea what to do now.

Alistair whispers to Theresa that the only way she will get Ethan back is to prove that Rebecca and Gwen are the ones that have been in the way all this time. He knows that if she can’t do that, she will lose her child and Ethan forever.

Alistair goes over to Ethan and tells him that there will be no charges filed for rape. Ethan knows that there will be. Theresa had indicated to him that Alistair did this terrible thing to her and he believes her. Ethan ignores Alistair and turns to Theresa. “Tell me that what you said before is true Theresa. Tell me that he raped you like you said that he did.”

Noah comes out onto the grounds and finds Fancy near the pool. She tells him that she got upset seeing her aunt’s picture. “I can’t imagine losing everything like that. She lost her son and the man that she loves.” Noah is surprised at how upset she is over this. “Seeing you care about someone makes me care about you even more. Being with you… Dodging bullets and thugs… Fishing and dancing on the beach… I have never felt that way before.” She is honest with him too. She tells him that she loves the way that he is. She doesn't understand it but she loves it. She thought about moments like these before but being in one with him is great. They stand up on the ledge that edges the pool, and he holds her in his hand and dances with her, holding her close. Suddenly he makes a mistake and when he dips her, and she falls into the pool. He laughs. He didn’t mean to sink her like that. She pretends that she is unconscious and when he reaches his hand out to pull her out of the pool, she pulls him in with her.

Julian and Eve have a candlelit dinner at the B&B. She tells him that she feels guilty about this dinner that he has set up for them. “I need time to figure out what I want to do. Things were good with us but I still have to think. I love you dearly but it is just my daughters and the family that I built are going to be affected by what I do.” Julian is really concerned about Simone and what has been going on with her. Eve will not betray her daughter’s confidence.

Simone is upset now. She is sitting on the side of the bed wondering why her friend will not be with her forever. The woman admits that they love each other and have a great time together but they might not be in a committed relationship ever. “We are young and we have a life to live. I am just your first Simone. There will be others for you. This ‘forever’ stuff is for later in your life, not now.” Simone is sure that Ray is the one for her. She has to be. Ray tells Simone that she should leave. She is obviously having a meltdown. Ray told Simone that she could stay the night but she has a change of heart now. She asks Simone to leave.

Ethan begs Theresa to tell him the truth about the contact that she had with Alistair, and he will see to it that Alistair is sent to jail immediately. Theresa quivers and cries, not knowing what to do.

Theresa thinks quietly to herself about what her options are.

Ethan tells her aloud that she will be protected if she does the right thing here. Theresa says that she has thought about it. “The answer is ‘no’. I will not press charges against Alistair.”

Julian serves himself and Eve dessert now. Eve has to admit that Julian is very good to her. He loves pleasing her. He would like to take care of her for the rest of her life. That is why he is there. Eve would love to be with Julian but she has been with TC for many years before that so she owes it to that relationship to try to make it work. Julian would like to grow old with Eve and spend many years to come with her. He will not leave the B&B until Eve tells him that she will be with him for the rest of his life.

Fox tells Kay to stop freaking out. “I know that you are a single mom and that you work at the cannery. You are beautiful, sexy, and fun to be with. I am glad to be with you.” She admits that she likes him too, but he could have perfect girls and she can’t believe that he wouldn’t want to find one better than she is. Kay is sure that she knows what she is talking about here. Fox is crazy with this conversation now. He angrily tells Kay that if that is what she wants to hear from him then fine. “I do want to be with other girls.” That is just what she was waiting to hear. She walks off.

Rebecca sees now that Theresa was just getting Ethan’s attention with her fake rape and it worked. Ethan gets angry with Theresa for making this all up if that is in fact what she did. Alistair suggests that they all go back to their rooms and forget about this drama. Ethan can’t believe that Theresa is changing her tune now. He knows that Alistair must have made a threat to get Theresa to change her story. Alistair denies that. Rebecca tells Theresa that there are real women out there that are raped all the time, and she finds that Theresa made fun of all of them by doing this. Rebecca tells Theresa that this stunt didn’t work. She knows that this was all about getting sympathy from Ethan. “You will never get Ethan, understand?”

Rebecca, Ethan and Gwen go into Gwen’s bedroom and slam the door.

Alistair tells Theresa that she did the right thing and he knows just how to reward her for letting him off the hook. He puts his hands on her shoulders. Theresa runs from him.

Noah and Fancy are in the Crane pool, swimming and playing. Next they are kissing. Fancy tells him to stop and pushes him off. “We can’t do this.” She runs out of the pool. Noah looks after her confused.

Fancy dries off. Noah asks her what is wrong. “Don’t you want me?” he asks. She does but there is a slight problem.

She whispers in his ears. He laughs. They forget something special at the cottage and that is why they can’t make love now. It would be irresponsible of them. She kisses him again. Then she pulls away. She feels like they are being irresponsible again. What does she mean, Noah wonders? “Anyone can see us here at the pool. Let’s get back to the cottage before anyone sees us.” They run to the cottage holding hands and hiding from the security cameras.

A guard sees Fancy running by with a young man. He hurries after them to see where they are going together in such a rush.

Kay has run off from the restaurant. She can’t stand to be near Fox anymore. She hides in the bushes from Fox.

Fox comes to the area where Kay is but he doesn’t know she is hiding nearby. Fox talks to himself. “Kay is real and beautiful. So much better than any of the other girls that I used to date. She is tender but she is sweet too.”

Kay listens to everything that Fox says about her and it even makes her smile a little bit.

Fox shouts now. “Kay! Can you come out so that we can talk about this some more? I really want to clear this up with you, so could you please come out?” No one comes out from anywhere. Fox feel that maybe she just didn’t hear him. Maybe she is just further up the path. He takes a few steps and calls out again. Nothing.

Kay stays hidden, stooping by a huge bush that hides her completely. Fox has no idea where she is. That is just the way that she likes it. She isn’t ready to face him and in fact it is nice to listen to him talk aloud about his feelings for her. She could have misjudged him. Maybe she did. She will wait a bit longer to be sure.

Eve tells Julian hat she wants her girls to be happy and that is why she has to think long and hard about staying in the relationship with TC. She invested in that marriage for a long time and just getting up and leaving it for another man seems wrong on some level, especially when the girls will be affected as well. She doesn’t want to hurt them.

The door bursts open while Julian and Eve are having their romantic dinner. Simone comes running in. She doesn’t care. She needs her mother right now. She ignores Julian when she comes in. She is crying. Something must have happened. “Oh mom. I am so unhappy.” Eve jumps up and holds her daughter close to her to soothe her and calm her down.

Rebecca tells Ethan to stop worrying about Theresa. She can see that the girl is just fine. Ethan is sure that Theresa was raped. All he has to do is look at her and he can tell that something is wrong with her. Rebecca and Gwen don’t buy it. Rebecca feels that Ethan is sucker every time for this girl. “Theresa is a lying little tramp.”

Theresa goes back into her room and Alistair follows her. He closes the door behind them. He tells her that she was very wise not telling that he raped her. He is quite happy that she did the right thing here. He tells her that if she continues to be nice to him, she will get her child back and Ethan as the bonus prize. He tells that if Sheridan was more like Theresa she would have her child today, but Sheridan has been bucking against Alistair for years and he cares nothing about her anymore, or what she wants. Theresa knows that Sheridan is a nice person and still she hasn’t gotten her child back. Alistair must have lied to her too. He must have had her stringing along for years thinking that she would get her child, but knowing that he wouldn’t ever give hi to her. She can see now why everyone hates him. Alistair hates Sheridan for a special reason. She caused Alistair to miss being with the only woman that he ever loved.

A guard knocks at the door to Theresa’s room and then he enters. He has been looking for Alistair all over. He has news. To keep Theresa from hearing what is going on, the guard cups his hand and talks to Alistair secretly by whispering in his ear.

Alistair is furious when he gets the message and realizes what his guard is telling him. This makes him angrier than anything else that he has heard recently. Theresa and her charms will have to wait. Alistair has to take care of this now.

“Damn!” Theresa you stay here and be ready for me when I come back. I have to go.”

Over at the cottage, Noah and Fancy are down to their underwear again and kissing again. She climbs on top of him and lets her passion out on him.

Fox talks to no one. As far as he knows, Kay has run off and left him there. “I would like to find Kay and convince hr that I really do care for her.” Fox walks off.

Kay gets up when Fox walks off. She decides that she needs to run after Fox and apologize for the way that she has been acting. She is about to run off and catch up to Fox when a man jumps out of the bushes.

He puts his hand over her mouth and holds her still. Kay is in very big trouble now.

Julian tells Simone that he hopes that whatever is upsetting her will soon go away. Julian leaves.

Eve goes to her daughter. “Was it Ray?” Simone tells that she was in bed with Ray and Ray didn’t think that things were okay.

Rebecca tells Ethan and Gwen that Theresa did look a little beat up but a torn dress and mussed up hair doesn’t make a rape. She would think that Alistair would look a little beat up too but he didn’t. That is why Rebecca feels that this was just a trick. Gwen finds that her mother makes a lot of sense. Ethan has to agree. “Why wouldn’t Theresa press charges if she was really raped?”

Theresa is in her room looking at a picture of Ethan. “I have learned so much about what I have to do to be with you Ethan and the children. The price to be with you is a high one.”

Kay is struggling to get away from the man that is holding her.

Fox is trying to find Kay. He walks as he calls out to her. No one answers.

Noah and Fancy are in bed at the cottage. Noah reaches for the condoms.

Quietly, the door to the cottage opens. Alistair sees the candles and the fireplace lit. “Fancy… FANCY! Where are you?”

In the bedroom, Noah and Fancy sit straight up in the bed. They know that voice anywhere. It is Alistair. Fancy puts her fingers to her lips to make Noah stay quiet.

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