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Written By Glynis
Pictures by Amanda

Noah and Fancy can’t stand it any longer. They want to make love on the beach now. Fancy worries tat someone might come by and see them.

A car is heard in the distance.

Fox and Kay are together dancing on their special date. He loves being with her. Her life is so much more different than his. He finds her life better than the one that he was living over at the mansion.

Chad tells Whitney to stop this nun crap. “I need you and that child needs you. Your family needs you too. I want to be a family with you and we can do that.” Whitney tells him to stop this. She will not listen to this. Chad really needs her to come home with him. “Please come home with your family.”

Sheridan is in her robe at the B&B. She looks at the registration sheet. She sees Chris’s name. “Chris Boothe. Who are you really? You have smart answers for everything but who are you really?”

Chris comes downstairs and tells Sheridan that he has something that he has to get off his chest. Sheridan guesses aloud that he is going to tell her that he really isn’t James’s father.

Rebecca comes running to Gwen’s room. Gwen is alone there and she tells her mother that she thinks that Theresa was being raped by Alistair the night before. Rebecca quickly poo-poo’s that thought. She doesn’t believe it. Ethan is gone from the room, and Gwen has no idea where he is. Rebecca has a thought. “What if he is off saving Theresa and deciding to be with her?”

Ethan is outside Theresa’s room holding her as she cries on his bare chest. She cries as she tells how Alistair raped her just now in her room and then walked off.

Alistair turns the corner of the hallway and sees Ethan and Theresa together. Theresa hides behind Ethan as Alistair approaches. “What the hell is going on here?” Alistair demands to know.

Kay kisses Fox after he tells her that being with her is the most fun that he has ever had with a person. She remembers reading the tabloids when Fox was with Whitney. The papers said that he was mad for Whitney and couldn’t stay away from her. Fox will not lie. The truth is that he was in love with her but she lied to him about Miles. She never loved him in the first place. Kay loved Miguel and is sick of waiting for something that isn’t going to happen. So it looks like they are an appropriate couple.

Noah and Fancy are on the sand kissing.

“You two! What are you doing out here?”

Noah and Fancy stop kissing and look up into the headlights that are shining on them.

Whitney hears what Chad is saying to her. He asks her again to come home with them.

Chris is upset at Sheridan’s question. “Of course I am James’s father.” Sheridan apologizes for her outburst. He understands. She was hoping that James was going to help her get over the loss of her son and she wants to keep him. Chris tells Sheridan that she can spend time with James if she wants. Sheridan feels so alone in the world now. “I don’t know if I can repair the damage to the relationship that I had with Luis even if Marty comes home. Enough of my problems. You must have some of your own. What did you want to say to me before when you first came downstairs?” Chris tells Sheridan that he forgot to buy James a nightlight and he has been insisting that he really needs it. Sheridan will get the one that she has and bring it to James in a bit. Chris thanks her and heads back upstairs.

Sheridan can’t help but feel that there is something funny about that man.

Ethan confronts Alistair. “Theresa said that you raped her. I am going to see you go to jail but not before I see you beaten to a pulp.” Alistair just smiles his biggest smile at Ethan. He isn’t threatened by the boy at all.

Fox and Kay eat a dinner fit for a king. Grace was a good cook and so Kay must know what she is talking about when she says that this food is excellent. Fox’s mother never even knew how to boil water. Kay understands that she didn’t need do so why would she bother learning, but Fox would have liked it if she did a little cooking at least. Growing up for Fox wasn’t all that great. “I never felt like anyone cared for me until now.” Kay looks away when he says that. He sees that and is concerned that he is overstepping by declaring his feelings to her. She tells him that is fine that they have feelings for each other but what about the girls that he was with in his other life? “Don’t you miss that life? The movie stars? The heiresses? You were a real jet setter.” Fox says that he doesn’t miss any of that. Kay is not fancy at all and she hasn’t even been to Europe. Fox asks if she is reconsidering them being together now. She isn’t saying that but she has to wonder if he misses his lifestyle just a little bit. It sounds like it was great. Why would he trade that for her?

An officer comes to Noah and Fancy asking them if they know how dangerous it is to be hanging out there. They get up off the sand to face the officer and explain that they are on a date. “There were vagrants reported out here so it really isn’t safe for you to be out here. Why don’t you pick up your stuff and get out of here?” Noah and Fancy say that they will do that.

The officer leaves and Noah and Fancy see the mood has been killed. They don’t want to make love anymore. At least not there. They have to find somewhere to go. Noah knows that perfect place for them. She is dying to go there. “Hurry and take me there!” They run off.

Chad wants Whitney with him so that she can help make a home for Miles. Whitney says that she will give Miles her milk, but she isn’t leaving with him. “We can’t be alone together. Take this baby and leave. If we got back together again, we would spend eternity in hell.”

Rebecca and Gwen hear Ethan’s voice in the hall and he is talking about Theresa. So that is where he is.

Rebecca and Gwen go into the hall. Ethan tells her that Alistair raped Theresa. Rebecca laughs at that. “Oh come on, give me a break!” Alistair says that he and Theresa have a relationship and that sex is to be expected. Gwen reminds Ethan that Alistair borught Theresa there to live with him so their having sex shouldn’t really be a big surprise, now should it? Rebecca and Gwen find Ethan to be falling for another of Theresa tricks. They smirk as they look at her face. “She is faking to get you to go back to her!”

Chris is in his room in the dark. He finds a piece of paper on his table in the room. He leaves the lights off so that James will not wake up. “What is this doing here? I can’t let Sheridan see this.”

Sheridan has walked into the room behind Chris and she has heard what he has said. She really needs to know what it is that he has in his hands. This could be the thing that she has been waiting to know about him.

“What is it Chris that I am not supposed to see?” Chris continues standing with his back to Sheridan and holding the paper in his hand. He really doesn’t want her to see this. It is too late now to hide it though.

Noah takes Fancy to his front door. He warns her that they have to be quiet if they are going to make love at his house. Sam peeks in and sees that his dad and her mom are in the living room. Where else can they go? Noah says that they can go to the B&B. They run off.

Fox tells Kay not to be so self-conscious. He tells her that she is great to be with and that she is beautiful. She knows that he has really liked some real beauties that she couldn’t hold a candle to any of them. She wonders what kind of girls he dated. “Did you sleep with them? Where they taller than me? Who was your favorite?” He can’t remember who his favorite was. He knows that this is a bad idea as he might say something that she will not like.

Sheridan comes over to see what Chris is looking at. It is a newspaper article with Chris’s picture on it. Sheridan sees a name to go with the picture. “Who is Greg Walter?”

Chad and Whitney still talk. She says that she has to stay in the convent and she can’t leave. “I think about you all the time and I want to sleep with you still Chad. That is why I have to stay in here. Don’t you get it?” Chad understands that but what about Miles? He has to suffer because of this? Whitney does love Miles but she can’t see him and not be with Chad. “I still want to be with you.”

The Mother Superior enters the room asking what all the shouting is about. Whitney goes to the woman begging her to make Chad leave.

Alistair tells Ethan that he didn’t rape Theresa. “It was just a little rough sex. That is all.” He asks Theresa to tell the people what they need to know so that they can all go about their business. Ethan turns to Theresa to get her to confirm what it was that she told him. “Tell me the truth. Did he rape you or not? Did he rape you?” Everyone waits to see what Theresa will say next.

Sheridan demands to know why Chris’s name shows up as Greg Walter in this newspaper article instead of Chris Boothe. Chris says that was a mistake made by the writer of the article. Sheridan has to accept that and she leaves the room but still feels a little confused about the explanation that she got. She will get James’s nightlight for him and try to forget what just happened in there.

Kay really wants to know about Fox’s past. He tells her that if he had to pick a favorite woman it would have to be Tatiana. Kay wants to know more. She sounds so exotic. “What was she like? Was she rich? What did you like best about her?” Fox doesn’t like this line of questions. He answers though as she will not let up on him. The woman was a model and so she was obviously very beautiful. Kay asks if the woman had her breasts done. Fox said no, actually he isn’t sure. What her breasts are made of. Kay suddenly seems in a bad mood but she says that she is fine when asked.

Chad will not leave yet. He has to get his point across first. He feels that Whitney is terribly misguided. “Whitney we love you don’t do this to us. Come home with us right now and stop this. The baby needs you and I need you too.” Chad turns to the Mother Superior asks her to tell Whitney to go home with him. The Mother Superior tells Chad that his leaving would actually be best. She can’t actually get involved in this thing. Chad gets the stroller and walks to the door. “I love you Whitney. I love you.” He leaves.

Chad leaves the room and the Mother Superior walks out behind him closing the door behind her. Once alone, Whitney admits to herself that she loves him too. That is the really hard part of it all. Nothing can be done about this. They have to live separate and apart for the rest of their lives. She can’t even have contact with Miles as that would bring contact with Chad as well. They would be the joke of the town and they would be going against God’s direction for their lives. She can’t be a part of that.

Noah and Fancy enter the B&B kissing madly. They can’t keep their hands off each other. They can barely see where they are going. Wherever they end up, they had better get their soon though or they will be in trouble. As they are kissing, Noah and Fancy walk hugging up to the desk where Sheridan greets the patrons who are interested in taking a room there. No one is there yet. That is okay. That gives the couple more time to do more kissing. As they are making their way into the establishment, they bump into a couple of things and make noise.

Sheridan hears the noises in the main area of the B&B and she slowly walks out to see who is there. She is ready for bed now and is wearing a robe over her nightclothes when she comes into the room. She can’t believe the spectacle. Noah and Fancy are kissing and hugging and obviously hungry for each other. It doesn’t take a genius to know why they have come there or what they want. They are in formal dress and were obviously out by the way that they are dressed. They must have had a wonderful time if the date is ending like this.

Fancy stops the kissing when she sees Sheridan before her. The woman is her aunt and she doesn’t mean to be disrespectful to her. Noah and Fancy get a hold of themselves and behave now. They want to rent a room but Sheridan has rented the last room that was available. There are some others but she can’t rent those out as they are not fit for use. Noah and Fancy are clearly disappointed. They are running out of choices here. Noah has to leave and find them somewhere else to make love then. Sheridan takes pity on the two young lovers. It wasn’t long ago when Sheridan had the same joy in her eyes that these kids have now. Sheridan tells Noah and Fancy to use her cottage to be alone then. No one is there and they can be alone and undisturbed. They thank her for that and they run off to head to the cottage on the Crane property.

Alistair orders Theresa to tell everyone that they had consensual sex and nothing more. Ethan tells him not to talk to her. She will tell the truth on her own. He worries that Theresa will be afraid of the man and deny that he did anything to her. Rebecca feels that Theresa had to realize that sex was a part of this deal. Alistair wouldn’t just move a woman in the house and not have sex with her. Everyone figured that was going to happen anyway, so why didn’t she? Theresa says that she only wanted to be with her child under the same roof. Nothing more. Rebecca knows that Alistair can have sex with any woman that he wants. “He wouldn’t actually rape someone. Get over yourself.” Rebecca feels that Theresa should consider herself honored that Alistair slept with her. He has slept with ah bevy of women over the years. Rebecca knows that he likes real beauties that are stunning. Theresa should be thrilled that he even looked at her. Ethan hates how Rebecca is putting things. Rebecca reminds Ethan that Theresa has two kids and has been around the block a few times. “There really isn’t anything new going on here Ethan. Don’t kid yourself.” Theresa said that she does have two kids but she never thought that sex could be so cruel as it was with Alistair just now. Ethan tells Theresa that he has to be sure about this before calling the police. “If he did this then he will never hurt you again or anyone else. I promise you.” Alistair still smiles into Theresa’s eyes as she stares at him like a scared puppy over Ethan’s shoulder.

Fox and Kay are still at the restaurant at their table. What started out as a nice evening is now turning into a hellish experience. She seems upset the more they talk about his past loves, and she can’t stop asking questions about them. She is feeling inferior to the women that Fox has courted in the past, and she is sure that someone like her will bore him to death in time. “Was Tatiana special? What were the other girls’ names?” Fox is getting angry now. “Why do you want to know that?” Kay doesn‘t answer. Fox responds. “Natasha, Laura, Lynne, Brittany, Christina…” Kay listens to the list finding it harder and harder to hide her envy. “They all sound so European to her”, she says. That is because they were he tells her. He would like to talk about what they should do tomorrow. She says that she has to go to work the next day. That is what she has to do tomorrow. He knows that but would like to know what they will be doing after that later on in the evening. She wants to keep talking about the girls in Fox’s past and forget about setting up a date for the next day.

The Mother Superior takes Chad out of the convent and has a talk with him outside, away from Whitney who seemed very upset with him pushing her to leave the convent with him. Chad asks her what he should do about this. She really doesn't have the answer for him. Her advice is as follows… “You have to ask God in a true prayer what you should do about this. Raise your son in the church and God will forgive you for the things that you have been done. You will be fine.”

Whitney is in the convent at the open door listening to what the Mother Superior is telling Chad. Chad will not give in, even with her. He is bent on getting her back home with him to be a family with their child. She will not do it no matter how much he forces her to. The Mother Superior has told him to pray about this but he won’t have his prayers answered. She will see to it. She goes back into to the convent to kneel before the Virgin Mary. Praying might be a good idea for her too. Maybe she can get what she wants instead.

“Please help me…” Whitney prays to the statue in the middle of the prayer room where she is. She can hope for help with this thing that she has to deal with. She wants to have help being strong so that she can keep away from Chad and the baby. She can never go back to them ever again. She prays knowing that if she were to walk out there at this moment, she would surely sin again. That is how much she loves him and wants to make love to him all over again. She hates herself for what she is feeling.

Noah and Fancy are on their way to the cottage to have their lovemaking session. They are on the Crane property now and the tiptoe through the bushes in case anyone is around that might see them. If she can get him to the cottage, they should be safe there. Sam and Alistair would hate to find out that they were doing this. Noah and Fancy get the urge to kiss and they stop to do just that. They will never get to the cottage if they don’t keep walking, so they try to focus and get moving to get to their destination.

She warns him quickly and quietly to duck. They both hit the dirt and freeze. Noah hasn’t got a clue what they are hiding from. “Security camera…” Fancy says in a whisper. Noah had no idea. Fancy tells that her grandfather had them installed years ago. He can tell what is happening in more of the areas around the house. Noah wonders how she knows where they are. He can’t see a thing. She tells him that she has known for years where the cameras are. She grew up in this house and had to know how to get in and out of there without anyone noticing. They stoop and move along as she directs.

Because of the cameras and the guards patrolling the property, Fancy and Noah take special care making their way to the cottage. They will have to be careful not to get caught by anyone. Fancy leads the way as Noah follows her. “We have to make sure that my grandfather doesn’t find out that we are together Noah. He will kill us both if that happens.”

Ethan gets Theresa to confirm that she was raped by Alistair. She is scared and those cackling witches Rebecca and Gwen are not helping the situation at all by suggesting that she entered into this willingly when they have no idea. Ethan tells the man that he is going to jail for sure this time. “You have finally crossed the line Alistair.” Ethan will see to it that Alistair goes down for this. Gwen worries that Ethan shouldn’t be involved in this. He tells her that he loves her and is never going to leave her but he has to protect Theresa the same way that he would protect anyone else in her situation.

Ethan takes out the cordless phone from his robe pocket and starts dialing the police as he glares at Alistair. He wants the man to know exactly what is going to happen to him. Ethan is a lawyer and will deal with this perfectly to get Alistair convicted. Alistair still stands before him with that never-changing smile on his face. Ethan’s efforts don’t cause any concern with Alistair. He has the air of someone that couldn’t care less about any of this. He is worried about nothing. His position is that Theresa went into this knowing full well that they were going to have sex, and she did so willingly.

Kay is still tossing questions at Fox about the women that he dated. She is in a frenzy now. There isn’t an aspect of any of the women that Fox dated that Kay hasn’t got a question about. “Did they have a lot of money to begin with like you do, or did they earn it by working a job like other people?” Fox finds that question unimportant, but Kay demands an answer. She tells him that when you don’t have money, having it and not having it becomes very important. Fox tries to change the subject the to the next date that they are going to have. Kay isn’t interested. “I don’t want to go out with you tomorrow night. Why would I want to go out with someone that only talks to girls about his other girlfriends?” She gets up and leaves the table.

Noah and Fancy are at the cottage and they have a glass of champagne that they find. Then they are at it on the couch.

Chad feels that he is never going to see Whitney again now. The Mother Superior tells Chad that God has a plan. She leaves.

Chad will not believe that God intends for a mother to give up her son.

Whitney is praying. She knows that she can’t leave the convent now. “If I left the convent, I would be leading Chad into temptation and I will send him straight to hell.”

Sheridan hears Chris talking in his room. She listens from outside.

Chris says that he can’t believe how stupid he was to leave this newspaper article around where Sheridan could see it. He rips it up into a million pieces and then flushes it down the toilet.

In the hallway. Ethan taunts Alistair as he makes his call to the police about the rape. “You are going to pay for this Alistair. I will make sure of it.”

Gwen knows that it is all over now. She tells her mother that Ethan will never stop now. He will try as hard as he can to make this thing stick and get Alistair in prison for it.

Ethan is in the crook of Ethan’s arm as he makes the call. She has her head down and she looks up at Alistair with those big brown eyes of hers. She still looks afraid of him. He just stares at her and enjoys knowing that she is afraid.

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