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Written By Glynis
Pictures by Amanda

Whitney has joined the convent. She tells the Mother Superior that everything is perfect. When prodded to be honest, Whitney tells that her life isn’t actually perfect yet but she is sure that soon it will be. She says that she wants to atone for her sins by staying at the convent. Joining the order is a true commitment. For now, she is still free to have visitors and come and go as she pleases, but once she takes her vows she will be cut off from every aspect of her life. Whitney wants to do that as soon as possible.

Simone is in a familiar hall. She knocks on a door.

When the door opens she thanks the person for answering the door. She tells all about her problems. The woman that she is talking to tells Simone to calm down and relax. Simone can’t stop talking. She talks about her mother going back to her dad, Whitney sleeping with her brother and then running off to the convent. Simone’s friend offers to make coffee so that they can sit and talk for a while. Simone is glad to have a friend to listen to her. The woman will be there for Simone for as long as she wants.

Julian and Eve are at the bar kissing. She can’t stay away from him or he from her. They start kissing again.

“What the hell is going on here?”

Julian and Eve turn to find TC staring at them.

Ethan and Gwen are kissing in their bedroom, and they discuss how Ethan loves her and always assured her that they would always be together. Ethan says that they don’t have to worry about Theresa anymore. She will be out of the mansion soon enough. He doesn't want to talk about that anymore. He would like to get back to making love.

Alistair roughly drags Theresa into the bedroom and rips her dress off her. He pushes her to the bed and climbs on top of her. She screams for him to let her go. He tells her to deal with it. “It is your time to pay for your part of the bargain.” Theresa shouts out, ‘No!” but there is no one around to hear her.

TC is not surprised that Julian really doesn’t want to give Eve up like he said he did. Eve tries to explain that she was saying goodbye to Julian. “He doesn’t want anything that isn’t the best for me,” Eve says. TC is angry again, and Eve hates that. They will get through this together if he can find a way to calm himself. She has been as honest as she can with TC and he has to understand that he has to be patient with her and let her grieve Julian. TC asks Julian to please leave him and his wife alone. Julian says nothing at first, but then he says that he will not go anywhere.

Theresa tells Alistair to stop this. Alistair says that she made a deal and she didn’t resist his kindness when he gave it to her. “Don’t play coy with me. Don’t kid yourself. I made my intentions very clear. What kind of businessperson are you? You can’t have your cake and eat it too. That is what I do. No one breaks a deal with me. I take my profits one way or the other.” Alistair rips the top of the dress from Theresa’s hands and tosses it aside as Theresa screams.

Gwen is up now. She wants to go and get some water. Ethan will wait for her to return.

Gwen goes into the hall and starts walking.

Suddenly she hears screaming. It is coming from Theresa’s door. “No Alistair! Don’t! Please don’t!” Gwen has no idea what to do.

Simone tells how her mother gave up the billionaire to be her father’s wife again. “She thinks that we are all going to be a family now, but it is too late. No one pays any attention to me but today, my mother gave me about 10 minutes. All they care about is Whitney. They couldn’t care less about me. Whitney has always been the star. I know that now that Whitney is going to be a nun, my father will find a way to make her the next pope. My dad was always trying to make Whitney the big sports star. I got daycare and then I was a latchkey kid.” The friend listens carefully. Simone really needs someone to care for her. Simone gets sad and wants to cry. Her friend tells her that they can talk at anytime. She cares for Simone.

Whitney doesn’t need to wait any longer. She knows exactly what she wants in life. The Mother Superior warns her that being a nun is hard work. It means total obedience. Whitney wants to devote her whole life to God. She should be making this decision willingly and joyfully. This is a time to be serving God with all that you have. “Whitney You can also serve God out in the world as well though. People do it with husbands and children.” Whitney knows that she will never see her child again but that is fine with her. She knows that Chad will find another girl to take care of Miles with him. The Mother Superior warns Whitney that this isn’t a hidey-hole to crawl into and forget all your troubles.

The intercom buzzes. The Mother Superior answers and learns that Chad and Miles are waiting to see Whitney.

Whitney will not see him. The Mother Superior insists that this visit take place. “You can’t willingly become a bride of Christ until you settle your other commitments.”

Julian tells TC that he treated Eve like dirt and dumped her. “I will not be able to bow out of your life Eve like I said I could. You are the first woman that I have ever loved and I am going to fight for that. Now that I have my life again, I can’t go back. You have shown me that. The most important thing is love. Normally I would laugh at that but the old Julian is dead. I am reborn and you have rekindled the fire in me. I will not let it go out again.” TC claps sarcastically. “Julian just go home.” Julian will not leave. He wants Eve back with him. “You can take care of your daughters just fine with me by your side Eve, but don’t leave me like that. Don’t move me from your side.”

The Mother Superior shows Chad and Miles into the room where Whitney is. The Mother Superior leaves them alone to talk.

Whitney faces Chad now. She tells Chad that he shouldn’t be there. He knows that she shouldn’t either. He finds her ridiculous in her nun costume. She orders him out of there.

The baby cries quietly. Chad moves to Whitney and she almost takes the child but then remembers that she doesn’t want to feel anything for him anymore. Whitney moves from him ordering Chad out of the convent. She will never touch that baby again.

Julian tells Eve that his heart is hers. “Don’t go back to TC. Love me. Whitney and Simone are adults and in time we all will be fine together.” TC tells that Eve needs her family and needs to be with them. Julian finds that funny. TC was the one that took Eve’s sister into his bed. TC laughs at that. Julian has no right to talk about who he brings into his bed. Eve steps away from the two men. Julian admits that he wasted many years away from Eve, but now he wants her to be his wife. TC reminds Julian that he has to divorce his current wife to get with this one. TC tells Eve that he is sorry for the things that went wrong in their relationship. Eve begs the men to stop this. “No more arguing! TC… Julian is right. What I said at the house before was premature. I know what I want to do now.”

Simone thanks her friend for letting her go on and on about her problems. Her friend would like to have Simone stay over. Simone would like that. “It is settled then.”

Gwen continues listening to the shouting. “Theresa is really in trouble.” Gwen turns and heads back to her room.

She arrives and finds Ethan waiting for her. Where is her glass of water? She says that she drank her water in the kitchen. He worries that something is wrong with her. She says that she is just fine. Ethan thinks that he hears something. Gwen says that it is probably just cats in heat somewhere. She turns up the music nice and loud so that Ethan will not hear Theresa’s screams and she climbs on top of him on the bed. “I am not finished with you yet Ethan.” He remarks that the music is awful loud.

In Gwen’s mind, she hopes that the music is loud enough to drown out Theresa’s screams. Theresa made her bed, so now she can lay in it. Gwen has no problem going on with her life while Theresa is being tortured.

In Theresa’s room, the fight has gone out with her. Alistair is still on top of her but now he has her under control like he likes it. She begs him quietly to let her go. He will not. He has come this far, and it is too late for her. A single tear falls down her face, and her eyes are closed with the horror of what is happening to her.

The music is quieter now. Ethan and Gwen have finished making love. Gwen smiles with her biggest smile yet. There are no strange cat noises in the hall anymore. Ethan loves the way that Gwen is feeling at ease now. He has been hoping for her to get like this for months. Ethan says that it was a good thing that Theresa got away from Alistair in time before he took her by force. “She is not stupid. She knows that she will have to move out. That will be the only way that she can get away from Alistair.”

Alistair has finished with Theresa. “You were cold as ice. Ordinarily I would expect a little more from my partners, but maybe next time. That was just the first installment but I will be back to collect again soon. And next time, I want you ready, waiting and smiling for me.” He chuckles as he walks out the door.

Theresa falls to the bed. She can’t believe what just happened to her. She sobs now that she is alone.

Whitney orders Chad to take Miles out of there. Chad says that Miles needs her breast milk. That is the thing that he loves the most. Chad offers the child to her to feed him. She will not do it. Chad knows that Whitney loves her baby. He knows that deep down she wouldn’t let anything bad happen to her own son. “He could die without your help Whitney. Now do this for him, not me.” Whitney decides to help. “Give him to me Chad. Hand me that blanket.” Chad does as he is told. Chad thanks her for this.

Eve hates to hear TC and Julian fighting like this. She has made a decision. “I choose neither of you. TC when I chose you, I did that in haste. Now I am more confused. Maybe I will choose you eventually but now I don’t even trust myself to make a decision. Neither one of you will force me into a decision. When you pull at me, I just can’t stand it. I will do what is right for Whitney and Simone. Simone needs me and I will be there for her.” TC asks what is wrong with Simone. Eve can’t betray that trust and so she says that Simone is just fine.

Eve thinks back to her daughter telling her the big secret of her life. Simone knew all along about this but she had to keep this a secret. She thinks that if TC knew the truth, he would kick her out of the house. Eve wouldn’t ever hold that against her daughter. Eve thought that this was all her fault. Simone assures her that things don’t work that way.

TC really wants to know if there is a secret that involves their daughter. Eve simply says that she needs to be there for her girls and she will do that for them more than she ever has.

***Simone is in bed now.

Her friend enters the room and brings Simone some towels. She has a short robe on and she sits on the bed with Simone. Simone tells her friend that she told her mother the truth. Her friend hugs her. “Good for you. This is a big step. How did she take it?” Simone says that her mother took the news well. “Then she got all emotional and blamed herself for it. This isn’t about my family. This is about who I am. I always was this way.” The friends look into each other’s eyes.

It is getting late now. Eve will get some rest now. TC tells her to sit and eat her dinner. She can’t eat. Julian offers to drive Eve back to the mansion but Eve will not go home with either of the men. “I need time to work things through. I will not make a decision before I am good and ready. I will be at Sam’s B&B. Until I know what is best for me and all of us, I will be on my own.” TC and Julian see that there is no use forcing Eve to come with either of them.

Whitney finishes nursing her baby and she holds him. She knows that this poor child will be sick for the rest of his life. That is why there are laws against this kind of thing. Miles is happy now. He is with his momma. Miles needs his mother and Chad needs her too. Chad knows that Whitney in a convent is not right. “Your baby needs you. Please come home.

Simone says that she feels a little better after having told her mother the news. She feels nervous and guilty about being free. “Things will probably change with her in a while but it is my father that I am afraid to tell. He still goes to Anger Management classes.” Simone’s friend tells her that how her parents react will not change the way that Simone is. It means a lot to Simone that she can come to her friend’s place like this. “I am mixed up about so much but not this. I cared for someone once but that was wrong. This is real and this is what is in my heart.” Simone’s friend touches her cheek and then gets up removing her robe, dropping it on the floor. She climbs back into bed with Simone. “You are so beautiful, inside and out. The women kiss.

Ethan sees that Gwen is asleep now. He turns off the music.

He heads into the hall and hears something.

It is Theresa, trying to hold up her dress. “It was Alistair. He raped me.” He holds her close to him as she cries on his shoulder.

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