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Written By Glynis
Pictures by Amanda

Noah and Fancy are having their fantasy date out by the beach. They are both dressed formally and enjoying that date of a lifetime that Fancy asked for before she leaves Harmony forever. They had a wonderful dinner in the sand, and now Noah has taken her to another area of the beach where they dance to soft music. He promised her a 30-piece orchestra, and the ghetto blaster provides that just fine. The mood is right and so they kiss.

Eve and TC are at a restaurant waiting to be seated. He wanted to take her out but she isn’t sure that she is up to it. She just made a huge choice between two men that she loved. It has been really hard hurting one of them to be with the other. TC would like her to relax now that they are alone and the drama of Julian and Liz is over. Her face looks very sad and TC is sorry to see that. He knows that she has feelings for Julian and he tries to be very respectful but it is really difficult for him to do that. This is his wife and another man still has a part of her heart. She wants to be able to be truthful with TC over Julian if they are going to be a couple again. She wants there to be no deceptions from either of them. TC gives her the option to be with Julian if she wants to change her mind.

Julian is at the restaurant having a drink alone. He argued with his father earlier and Eve has left him, so here he is alone and drinking to drown his sorrows. Facing life without Eve is going to be hard. They were going to get married but now it is all over for them.

Alistair sees Julian and he comes over to talk to his son about drowning his sorrows over Eve and what a waste of time that is. Julian asks his father to leave him alone. Alistair will not. Alistair tells him that women like Eve are a dime a dozen and that he can get one just like her anywhere. Julian is close to getting angry again like he did at the house. His father is really pushing him again. He rises to hit his father but doesn’t. Alistair warns him that he had better not hit him again if he knows what is good for him. Julian takes the warning well. He knows what his father is like when someone gets one up over on him. Alistair already told Julian that he would pay for that mistake that he made at the house in time. Julian has no idea what he is talking about. “What revenge are you talking about father,” Julian asks. “You and the others in this town are going to understand the true meaning of revenge when I am through with you.”

Theresa has made her way back to the house after that terrible date with Alistair. She tried to go through with her part of the deal to have sex with Alistair but he turned out to be a horrible molester. He touched her everywhere and they were in public.

She sees Ethan and Gwen making love outside by the pool when she goes there searching for Ethan. She was hoping that he would run to her and listen to her story of how Alistair pawed her, but he isn’t worried about her being out with Alistair at all it seems.

Ethan and Gwen are not aware that they are being watched and they continue their lovemaking out in the night air. Theresa can’t move. She loves that man over there. It should be she that he is making love to. This hurts more than what Alistair did to her. Theresa stands off to the side hurting inside.

Gwen suddenly looks up and sees that they are being watched. Gwen is horrified that Theresa would spy on them in this way. Theresa stands by the trees frozen where she stands. She hears Gwen and knows that she has been found out. She pushes Ethan off her. He is confused. “Theresa! What are you doing there?” Ethan looks over in the direction that Gwen is looking. Ethan looks over and sees Theresa standing there watching them crying and upset. What could be the matter? Ethan and Gwen pull the blankets to cover their bodies. How much did she actually see? How long was she there?

Fancy says that this night is wonderful. She really thought that she would end up hating this date when it started, but it really is wonderful. She can't believe that she is saying that. “It has been nice. It is perfect.” It is just what she asked him for. He has more surprises for her to come. “You ready?” She is ready. He tells her to follow him. They walk off hand in hand.

TC asks Eve if she is having second thoughts about being with him. She is really upset over the decision that she has made. He felt that she would be happier but she is not. He promises that he will not be angry with her if being with Julian is what she wants. She will not change her mind. She is sure of it. “I am only feeling funny right now because things have just changed for everyone because of the decision that I just made. I just have a shaky heart right now. I am not going to act on my feelings though. You have to know that it is going to take me a while to get over that.” TC is just glad that she is telling the truth and not pretending that things are okay. TC tells Eve that he will not bend over to be nice to the Julian if he doesn’t have to, but he will give Eve up if she wants to be with the man.

A waiter comes to tell the couple that their table is ready. He walks ahead of them passing the bar where Julian is drinking with his father standing with him. They don’t know that Julian is in the bar yet. Julian also has no idea that Eve is there with her husband.

TC tells Eve that they will not talk about Julian or their problems tonight. He knows that she is under stress about how things are just now but he is sure that things will be better in a little while. They just need a little time. Tonight, TC will try to make Eve happy with this night out together. They walk to their table.

Alistair tells Julian that he may feel bad about losing Eve but that is nothing compared to what he is going to feel in a few seconds. Julian doesn’t understand that. There is something else that is going to cause him more suffering. Alistair gives Julian an order. “Turn around Julian.”

Julian turns and sees TC and Eve standing together looking back at him. His heart hurts seeing them together as a couple. He used to be a couple with Eve just a few short hours ago. Alistair takes pleasure in seeing his son hurting so. Serves him right. Julian turns his attention back to his drinks.

Gwen freaks out. “What if she is saw us? What was she staring at?” Theresa has run off now. Gwen is sure that Theresa is hurt because she saw the man that she loved making love to someone else. Ethan feels that Theresa might have been hurt by Alistair and then came looking for him for help.

The baby cries and Ethan and Gwen hear her through the monitor.

Gwen will go and see to the baby. “Will you wait for me here Ethan?” He will do that.

After Gwen is gone, Ethan can’t stop wondering if something bad happened to Theresa tonight and if she really needs him right now. He gets up and moves off into the direction where he last saw her.

TC and Eve didn’t know that Julian was going to be at this particular restaurant. They walk by Alistair and Julian quickly to their table.

Julian feels that his father knew that TC and Eve would be there. He didn’t know that. He tells Julian that he looks pathetic pining over this woman. “What do you think that they will be doing when they get back to the privacy of their bedroom.” Julian is getting angry again. “You know Julian soon Eve will be behind bars where there aren’t any men, but I hear that if you get horny enough the women go with women.” Julian rises to his feet again in anger but his father warns him not to do that to him again.

Eve offers to go somewhere else with TC. He says that being there is fine. He knows that his anger has gotten in the way of their happiness, but he will make sure that doesn’t happen again.

As TC talks, Eve can’t help but peer over TC’s shoulder to where Julian is sitting alone, staring back.

Theresa enters the mansion. She is at the bottom of the stairs. She is crying.

Ethan comes in with a towel around his waist. She wants nothing to do with him after having seen him with Gwen just now. What does she expect? “Theresa… She is my wife…” He wants to know what happened when she went out with Alistair. Theresa tells how Alistair had his hands all over her. Ethan holds her. She clings to his naked upper body crying. “What have I done? He is everything that everyone said he was.” Ethan says that they will figure this out. She knew that he would help her. She had this fantasy. “I would come to you and tell you everything that then everything will be just fine. We can be together. We can be together the way that we are supposed to be.”

Ethan tells her ‘no!’ She doesn’t understand how he could say that to her. “What do you mean?” He makes it as plain as he can. “My happiness is not with you Theresa. It is with my wife.”

Noah and Fancy have changed their clothes. This is his next surprise for her. They are at the waterfront. There is a large boat waiting for them and Noah climbs aboard. They are both dressed in yellow raincoats and overalls with hats to boot. She looks a little disappointed at this surprise. He sees her face and asks what is wrong. She tells him that she is fine.

As Noah starts the boat to take them night fishing, Fancy can’t help but think that instead of fishing she really thought that after that kiss, they were going to be somewhere else, doing something else now.

TC and Eve are at the restaurant having a great talk and revisiting old times.

The phone rings, and TC answers.

When he gets off the phone, he tells Eve that his star player has had an accident and that he has to leave for half an hour. He kisses her goodbye promising to return as soon as possible.

On the way out, TC leers at Julian.

Once TC is gone, Eve comes over to sit with Julian at the bar. She tells that TC had an emergency and had to leave, but that he will be back in a while. She asks him not to be sad. He has been drinking a lot she can see. She asks him what he is going to do now. He has no idea. He had focus when he was with her and he wanted that. “Now, all of that doesn’t matter anymore. Not long ago, I was a very bad man and then I changed and then I changed more. Now look what happened. I lost you. I don’t think that it matters what kind of person I am now. I could easily go back to being the way that I used to be.”

Ethan begs Theresa to give up on this dream. “We are not going to end up together. I love my wife.” Theresa knows that he wants to be committed to Gwen, but she knows that he needs to follow his heart and end up with her instead. “Follow your heart now. Things are going to get harder and harder if you don’t.” He agrees and wants her to follow her own advice here. He wants her to stop this alliance with Alistair. “Leave and leave tonight.” Theresa will go but she wants to go with Ethan and the children. That is the only way that she will leave the house. Ethan tells her to stop this. “You have to give this up. You just have to. You and I will never be. Never.” She runs off and heads quickly up the stairs away from him.

Noah and Fancy are on the ship. She holds her fishing pole over the edge of the boat. She has never been fishing before. She hopes that he will not name the fish like he did the lobster that they were to have for dinner. Noah likes fishing. It leaves him alone with his inner most thoughts. He usually thinks about where he is coming from and where he is going. “Some day I plan to settle down, but you probably wouldn’t be interested in something like that… Right?” She might be. He wonders what really goes on in that beautiful spoiled mind of hers.

Something is pulling her line. Noah and Fancy jump up to keep hold of the fish and reel it in.

Eve begs Julian not to go back to the person that he was before. He would rather not make promises that he can’t keep. She is so sorry that she has hurt him. “I do love you.” Julian wants to know why she left him. She had to choose TC. “I saw firsthand what my choices did to the girls. I may be going to prison for a long time and this may be all that I can do for them.” Julian will not let that happen. IF he can help it, she will never go to prison. Eve still has to face the fact that she may be heading to prison whether it is going to happen or not. That makes her want to get her family back together before she goes to prison. Julian understands that. However, if she loves him like he loves her, she wouldn’t choose someone else. She does love him but she knows that it wouldn’t last. Her daughters would need her. Whitney could come out of the convent, and Simone really needs her mother like she never has before. “Julian, you have supported me for so long but I need you to support me a little longer to help me get through this.” Julian said it before and he will say it again. “I will help you, even if you are leaving me for TC.”

Ethan goes to his bedroom and finds Gwen there in a short silky pink robe. She tells how Jane really loves her now. Gwen hates that Theresa could ruin all that. Ethan tells Gwen that Theresa has probably seen the light. He learned that Alistair came on to her and that upset her. Gwen knows that Theresa probably cried all over her husband’s bare chest. Ethan told Theresa that it would be a good idea if she left the house right now and never came back.

Katherine finds Theresa heading to her bedroom. She calls out to the girl. She sees that she is crying.

At first Theresa doesn’t want to speak to the woman who ran off with her father, but Katherine offers to help. Theresa asks Katherine why she doesn’t leave the house. Katherine tells that she can’t leave. She knows however that Theresa can. “Theresa. Leave this house before something more unspeakable happens to you. Take your little boy and leave.”

Noah and Fancy have caught a big one. They manipulate the pole to get the fish, and they pull too hard snapping the line and falling backwards on the bottom of the boat. As they are falling, Fancy’s bracelet breaks off her wrist and falls into the water. She is on top of Noah and soon they are kissing.

Eve strokes Julian’s hair. “I love you so much.” She leans in and they share a passionate kiss.

Katherine tells Theresa to go and save herself. “Alistair’s cruelty is why I left the mansion years ago. The man is a ruthless monster.” Theresa feels that she can control Alistair. Katherine knows that she can’t. “This whole house is built from the evil that comes from Alistair. You have to leave now before you are unable to get out. Like me. Do it for you son.” Theresa is doing this for her daughter and that is why she stays. Katherine laughs. “Alistair is not going to give you your daughter. He is doing this because he wants something from you. It isn’t about sex. Do you know what it is that he wants from you?”

“Get away from her Katherine… Now!” Alistair is at the end of the hall looking down at the women as they talk. Katherine doesn't move an inch. Alistair will be obeyed. “I said now!”

Noah and Fancy are kissing and Fancy is really enjoying it. This was what she really wanted to do every since they went dancing. He tells them that they should try again for another fish. Fancy sits up and sees that her bracelet is missing. “I have to find it. If my grandfather sees that it is missing, then he will go crazy.” They can’t find it anywhere. They give up and get back to their fishing. They sit in their places and set up the pole again. Fancy has done a lot in her life but she hasn’t ever had so much fun as she is having with Noah tonight. That means a lot to him. He turns to the side of the boat and tosses the fishing pole overboard. Who cares about fishing. Next, he turns to Fancy and starts kissing her passionately.

Julian and Eve can’t keep away from each other. The attraction that they have is too strong. Her reasons for choosing TC still leave room in her heart for feelings of love for Julian, and there is nothing that she can do about that. They are kissing madly at the bar.

TC enters the bar and can't believe that he is witnessing Eve with Julian in a passionate embrace. He was only gone for thirty minutes. What on earth happened during that time? He is so surprised that he can’t even react at first. The scene is too shocking. Eve is an into it as Julian is.

Ethan is sure that Theresa is on her way out of the mansion and out of their lives now. Ethan and Gwen would like to get closer now that they are sure that they are alone and no one is going to walk in on them. They start kissing and start walking to the bed at the same time. Gwen says that they need to lock the door to make sure that Theresa doesn’t come in. Ethan isn’t afraid of that. He is sure that Theresa is over and done with.

In the hallway, Alistair orders Katherine to go to her room and leave he and Theresa alone. She refuses to go. When she stands up to him telling him that she isn’t his slave, he reminds her that she is his slave and has to do whatever she is told. “Remember our agreement Katherine?” Theresa asks Katherine what it is that Alistair has on her. He; has so much control on Katherine that it has to be something big. Alistair tells Katherine to go to her room again. Katherine knows that this is out of her control now and she walks to her room down the hall, leaving Theresa and that ogre alone. She has to remember why it is that she is there. She is saving her daughter’s life and she will continue to do that.

Theresa starts heading into her room as she really doesn’t desire to be alone with Alistair, especially after witnessing the way that Katherine was just treated. Spending time with him right now with him can’t be a good move. Alistair is almost inside the door to her bedroom but she doesn’t quite make it. Alistair grabs her arm to stop her leaving. “And where do you think that you are going?” She tells him that she was just heading into her room now to go to bed. Alistair holds her roughly now with two hands and pushes her into the bedroom. He comes in behind her closing the door behind himself. The lights are off. He leaves them that way. He looks at her angrily. She cowers as she looks up at him. She seems so small right now. She asks him what he is doing. “It is time to pay Theresa. You have to pay for the generous things that I have done for you. You are going to pay right now.” Alistair stands back and gets his hand firmly on the bustier area of Theresa’s strapless dress and he yanks hard to get it off in one fell swoop. The whole dress rips right down the middle exposing Theresa’s black strapless bra the rest of the dress hangs limply from her waist. She struggles to cover herself with her hands, but that is not going to save her from him this time. He moves towards her again, and by taking her by both arms, he tosses her onto the bed and then climbs up her body as he climbs on the bed. With every second, Theresa’s ability to move gets increasingly difficult. Theresa struggles and fights, but her attempts are futile.

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