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Written By Glynis
Pictures by Amanda

Fox and Kay give the kids a bath.

Tabitha doesn’t like it. She thinks to herself that this is not a good thing. “I am afraid that I am going to have to nip this romance in the bud before it goes any further.”

Noah and Fancy are ready for their date. Fancy made him wait far from her house so that her grandfather wouldn’t find out. His family isn’t too keen on her either. Here they are though. Romeo and Juliet! They are going to a beautiful spot for lobster tonight it seems. It is time to take her on her last glorious night on the town.

Ethan sees that Theresa is wearing a bracelet with diamonds and rubies in it. Ethan hopes that the cost for it will be worth it for Theresa. He doesn’t bother to ask her where the bracelet comes from. It doesn’t take a genius. Ethan walks off from Theresa and gets back to the pool where Gwen and Little Ethan are waiting for him.

Theresa feels that she has no choice. She will do whatever it takes to get Ethan and Jane back.

Alistair is behind Theresa. He has a red face and Theresa notices. He tells that Julian just got in his way but has been dealt with. He hopes that Theresa sees that it is very unwise to cross him.

Before leaving with Alistair, Theresa turns and sees Ethan kissing Gwen in the pool.

Sheridan is sleeping with James by her side her bed in the B&B.

She dreams while she sleeps. She shouts at someone who is trying to take James from her. “I will not let you take him. You can’t! I won’t let you.”

Sheridan continues to dream and she mumbles in her sleep.

Someone hears her and pushes her door open to peer in on her as she sleeps with James beside her.

Fox and Kay are coming out of the bathroom now and Tabitha rushes off so that she will not be caught watching the couple from the doorway.

Fox and Kay enter the kitchen with the babies. When Tabitha offers them tea, they don’t want it. Tabitha takes Endora from Fox. She is sure that the babies are really tired now. she knows that Fox is probably tired and really ready to go home now. Fox is not tired at all he says. Tabitha feels that she and Kay should really get the kids ready for bed now.

Fox whispers to Kay that he wants to stay longer. She tells him that will be fine.

Fox would like to take Kay out for dinner but he has no money on him. He had a mystery $100 but he spent it all when he and Kay took the kids out that day. Fox is embarrassed. He had a trust fund, but he spent it all. $2,000 for a pair of shoes or $5,000 for a suit and soon the money was all gone. Kay can’t believe how the Cranes spend money. She has some money stashed away. She would be glad to pay for them to go out tonight. Fox will not let her do that. Fox will be glad to have Kay teach him how to be frugal though. He will have to learn that if he wants to take Kay out for dinners in the future.

Noah and Fancy are walking in the dark now. They are making their way to their dining location. Fancy has her shoes off now and they walk through a grassy place. They are at the beach. She is confused. She sees no buildings around. Just where are they going to dinner anyway? He tells Fancy that they have arrived. “This is where we are having out wonderful lobster dinner.” A cooler and other treats sit in the sand in front of them.

Sheridan still dreams as she sleeps. She has James with her in the dream and she tells him that she will not let anyone take him from her. “I will fight for you first James.”

Sheridan wakes. She sees that she was just having a scary dream.

Someone is in Sheridan’s room. She isn’t aware that anyone is around. She looks over at James and he is still fast asleep.

Suddenly, Sheridan hears a noise near the door to her room. She looks over there. It sounds like someone is there.

Gwen sees that Ethan is worried over something. He tells that he is worried about Theresa. “She is over her head with Alistair.” Gwen is tired of this. Theresa chose to be with Alistair. “She is trying to take Jane from us, and you away from me. I wish that you would stop this worrying about her all the time. Theresa is not worried about anyone but herself. Why do you care anyway? She is determined to break up our marriage and take our baby girl. If Alistair is going to help Theresa with this we are in big trouble.”

Alistair and Theresa are at the fancy restaurant now having champagne. He has been waiting for this for a while. She smiles at him. He tells her to relax. “I am going to make you feel good and give you pleasure.” She reminds him that he needs to stop. They are in a restaurant. He tells her that she should try making love in a restaurant some time. He tries to feel her up under the table but she pushes his hands away. She tells him that she can’t make love to him under the table as he would like. She thinks that is disgusting. He reaches for her legs again. She pushes him away. “We are in a public place, not stop it!” He tells her that she had better give him what he wants or she will not get what she wants. She will do what he wants but she will do it in private. He tells her that she is wrong. “you will do what I want, when I want… Got it?”

Fancy sees that Noah is serious. They are going to have dinner on the beach. She really thought that they were going to be at a nice restaurant. He tells her that this is better. He has made a fire. she manages to smile at the idea of a romantic dinner on the beach. She has done this before and it was a lot of fun.

Noah goes off into the corner for a moment.

She wonders if there is going to be a waiter. Noah reappears with bubbly and a fake moustache. she gets it now. He is the waiter. He spreads a blanket for her to sit. He goes into the cooler. He gets two lobsters out of there. “May I present, Gus and Cindy. Cindy is Gus’s girl of his dreams.” As Noah holds the two lobsters in both his hands, he pretends that they are attacking him and he falls to his knees in the sand crying out. Fancy comes to him on her knees and kisses him. Noah decides that it is time to cook the lobster. Fancy loves lobster but now that they have names she can’t eat them. She begs Noah to let the creatures go.

Noah rushes off to the sea with the lobsters and tosses them away.

He returns having no idea what they are going to have for dinner.

Tabitha sits between Fox and Kay at the table. They discuss dinner. Tabitha mentions that Kay brings fish from the cannery every single night and Tabitha is sick of it. The fish is free and that way Kay can save money. Money is pretty tight for her. Fox didn’t know how rough things were for Kay. He can’t take Kay out tonight but he would like to do it another time. Kay suggests that Tabitha make them something special.

Endora zaps with her hand! Fox’s cellphone starts ringing.

Fox answers his cellphone and a man tells Fox that his business card has been drawn and he is a winner of a special dinner. Fox doesn’t have a business card. Still if he wants he can come to the SeaScape for dinner for free.

Fox gets off the phone and tells Kay the good news. They will be going out tonight.

Tabitha goes over to her daughter and wonders what she is going to do with the girl if she is going to misbehave so.

Sheridan gets out of bed and heads to the door of her bedroom. She is sure that someone is out there.

Chris appears. He says that he appreciates Sheridan taking care of his son, but he would really like James to come to his room now. Sheridan tells him no. “You can’t!”

Theresa asks Alistair for more champagne. She doesn’t really want it, but it keeps Alistair’s paws off her.

Alistair calls the waiter and asks him for another bottle of champagne. He also orders the man not to interrupt them again. He makes the order very sternly to show the man that he is not joking.

The waiter leaves and Alistair starts touching Theresa again. She pushes him off. “Let’s dance,” she says. He likes that idea. He and Theresa go to the dance floor to dance. The music is slow and Alistair holds Theresa close to him. Too close for her comfort. She made the mistake of thinking that if he were in public he would behave better but that is untrue. He is just as nasty as ever. She stands back from him and slaps him hard on the face with her open hand. Alistair simply smiles back at Theresa.

Chris finds Sheridan’s reaction strange. He wants to take his son with him to his room but Sheridan insists that he shouldn’t. Sheridan says that Chris should leave the boy sleeping in her bed. She says that if he gets up now, he will never get back to sleep and he will be up all night. Chris is finding this very strange indeed. Sheridan is there some other reason why you don’t want to let me have my own son?

Fox tells Kay that he will go home and take a shower so that they can go to dinner. He will pick her up later. Kay will get ready while he is gone. This is going to be a great night out for them.

Fox leaves and Kay can’t believe her fortune. She kisses Tabitha feeling that the woman is responsible for this. “I know that you did this for me Tabitha. You arranged the dinner thing didn’t you?” Kay kisses Maria and then heads to her room to get ready for her date.

Tabitha turns to Endora. “Kay has the wrong little romantic doesn’t she Endora? You were really the one that did all this for them weren’t you? Oh where did I go wrong?”

Ethan and Gwen discuss what Theresa has done by joining forces with Alistair. Gwen knows that Alistair is a ruthless monster, but Theresa did what she wanted to. Ethan sees that his wife is right and he is finished talking about Theresa. Ethan would like to put the kids to bed and then spend some quality time with his wife. They could go for a swim later and maybe get rid of the bathing suits. She likes the way that he is thinking.

Alistair sees that Theresa has a lot of fire from that slap that she has just delivered to him. He hopes that she has it as well in the bedroom where it will really count. She runs off from him.

Alistair goes back to the table and asks Theresa what it is that she thinks that she is doing by slapping him and then walking off from him while on the dance floor. She tells him that she can’t be with him. “I thought that I could do it Alistair but I just can’t. Ethan is the only one that I can ever be with. Fate is going to bring him back to me. I don’t need you Alistair. He loves me.” Alistair laughs at Theresa. She really does believe in this fate nonsense with all of her heart. He finds her stupid. He can make things happen for her, not fate. She tells him that her heart has love in it and that he knows nothing about it. She tells Alistair goodnight and then she leaves the restaurant.

After she is gone, Alistair lights up a cigar. “I know much more than you do Theresa… Much more.”

Noah and Fancy eat as they sit on the beach by the fire. They have wine and other delicacies besides the lobsters that were planned for the evening. She loves this. They didn’t have lobster but dinner was still great. They will always have this memory of being together for one special night. He wonders if she is mad at him for not taking her to a fancy restaurant. This is different for her but she likes it. He has plans for her now that they have eaten. They are going to go dancing. There will be a 30-piece orchestra playing for them as they dance he promises. She loves that. They get up to go to the next phase of their date. As they stand, they face each other and are standing close. He could even kiss her if he wanted to. He sees that she really is beautiful. He might not always admit it but it is true. “Let’s go. The orchestra awaits.”

Theresa returns to the house.

Ethan sees her and goes to her, hugging her. “What is it Theresa?” She tells how Alistair wouldn’t’ get his hands off her. She couldn't stand it anymore. Ethan knew that she couldn't be with Alistair. Ethan tells her that he loves her now that he sees that she couldn’t go through with this thing with Alistair. “Gwen knows that I have always loved you Theresa and she will have to stand to the side.” She tells him that she loves him too and then they kiss.

It has all been a dream. A wonderful, beautiful dream. Theresa isn’t home yet. She has to walk home since she left Alistair in the restaurant. Theresa is on her way and she knows what when she gets there, Ethan will be there waiting for her and he will be so upset that he will just take her in his arms and make her his own. “I know that he will give up Gwen and be with the woman that he really loves. I know how it will be. I have to get to him now. He is waiting for me. He loves me and he will be with me when I get to him.” She starts walking again with purpose to get to the mansion. This will be the night when she will claim Ethan for her own.

Fox arrives to pick up Kay. She looks amazing and incredibly beautiful. He is wearing a suit and she wears a lovely fuchsia colored dress. Her hair has been brushed and her eyes sparkle. They are ready to go now. Kay turns to Tabitha and Endora and tells them goodbye.

After they leave, Tabitha remarks that the couple seems to be walking on air. She tells Endora that happiness is something to be destroyed and not enjoyed. “We are supposed to cause pain. Oh no… Could it be? Is it true? Could I have given birth to a good witch instead of a bad one? Say it isn’t so. You can’t be a good witch. If the boys in the basement hears that, who know what they would say, or what they would do.”

Noah and Fancy are walking still to go dancing now. She thought they were going back to the car, but they are heading away from it instead. Noah tells them that they are at their destination now. She looks around. She sees nothing but more sand. Noah goes behind a rock and turns on a ghetto blaster. Romantic music comes out of it. “Your 30—piece orchestra…” Fancy gets it now. Noah and Fancy dance and hold each other close. They stare into each other’s eyes. As they dance, he turns her to him and moves his face close to hers. He dips her gently. Then they kiss.

Sheridan and Chris are still talking about where James will sleep now. Sheridan says that there is a reason that she wants to keep James with her. She says that James doesn’t know his father yet and Sheridan doesn’t want him afraid. She would like Chris to take things a little slowly and give James time to come to terms with the changes in his life. Chris has to insist on this. “I am his father and I will take him now Sheridan.” Sheridan watches as Chris picks James up in his arms and heads to the door. He thanks Sheridan for watching his son and he tells her goodnight.

After Chris and James are gone, Sheridan goes over to the place where James was sleeping on her bed and she touches it with her hand. It is still warm from her little body.

Theresa arrives home hoping that Ethan is around for her, waiting for her to return to see if she will be okay after having been with Alistair. She needs him now.

She turns a corner and sees a sight that hurts her more than anything that she has ever experienced. Ethan and Gwen are on a lounge chair making love. Ethan isn’t worried about her at all. They have no idea that Theresa is behind them, watching them. They are covered with a towel but she can tell what she is seeing here.

Theresa just cries at the sight of them. This wasn’t what she expected to find at all.

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