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Written By Glynis
Pictures by Amanda

Sheridan comes into the house with James. They have ice cream cones. They share everything. She will even share her heart with him.

Sam is alone asking himself why Jessica went back to Spike.

Noah enters the house. Sam is surprised to see his son. “I thought that you left town.” Noah says that he isn’t going anywhere.

Fancy is in her closet looking at all her clothes trying to find something to wear. She finds a gorgeous green ball gown. “This will get his attention,” she assures herself.

Theresa is in her closet at the mansion looking through the gowns there. She can’t wear anything too revealing. Alistair will be on her in a flash. She finds a black number that covers all her skin. She looks at the picture of her children and Ethan. “I am doing this for you. I wish that I could be with you all but instead, I am with a man that I hate.”

Out at the pool, Ethan and Theresa are at the pool. Ethan is swimming.

Gwen sits alone by the pool.

Ethan comes over and tells Gwen that things are great for them and it is going to stay that way.

Gwen knows that if Theresa has anything to do with it, things are going to go wrong very soon.

Simone can’t believe the way that her mother took the news that Simone told her.

She hears arguing from the living room. Her family is in there with Julian arguing.

Eve is telling TC and Julian that she misses her children but what she wants most is a chance to reconnect with them.

Simone smiles from the kitchen when she hears her mother choosing her dad over Julian.

Eve has chosen the man that she will spend the rest of her life with. “I am sorry Julian.” He comes to her. “We told each other that we would not say that we were sorry anymore for anything that we felt that we had to do, so don’t say it now.” Liz can’t believe this. “You should kill her. Why aren’t you angry with her? You should both kill her. What is wrong with you two?”

Liz threatens to kill Eve for all of this. She was wanted until this whore wanted her bed back. Now Liz has no man and no life. Eve has stolen that from her she feels. Eve tells Liz that she doesn’t belong in the house anymore now that things are going to change. “I don’t belong here? Why do you want her TC when you could have me? She tried to kill 3 times. Eve you tried to kill me and you tried to kill Julian, and you stand here asking for her hand TC? I saw her put the poison in your glass Julian remember?” In spite of all this, Julian is still happy for Eve that she has made a choice that she thinks will make her happy. Eve will miss Julian very much. “I love you Julian and you will always be in my heart.” Liz laughs. “There is a foundation for a really great marriage I see.” Eve takes off her engagement ring. “I am sorry Julian.” She offers the ring to him but he will not take it. Liz takes it for him and puts it in his pocket. She is really angry with TC and Julian. “How can you stand to be with her?” Eve asks Liz to leave. “You don’t belong here.”

Simone is listening to everything from the kitchen. “I can't believe what has happened to my family.”

Ethan and Gwen are at the pool and they tell each other that they are not going to let Theresa bother them anymore.

Theresa is dressed for her date now. She has the turtleneck dress on up to her chin. “This will really turn off Alistair now. He is going to force me to do something that I don’t want to do and I will make sure that he doesn’t enjoy it.”

She hears knocking at the door. She opens the door to Alistair. He walks in asking who died when he sees her dress. He goes to the closet and starts looking through the dresses to find one that he likes. He finds a flouncy strapless number in black and he throws it on the bed. Theresa says that she isn’t comfortable wearing that. “I am not concerned with your comfort, I am concerned with my own pleasure Theresa. Now if you want to keep those kids of yours, you will put that dress on that I have given you,” Alistair orders.

Sheridan wipes James’s face to get the chocolate ice cream off it when there is knocking at the door.

Pilar is there with clothes that Little Ethan has outgrown. James thanks Pilar for the clothes.

Pilar asks why she is calling the child ‘James’ instead of Mark. Sheridan says that she will explain later. She can’t talk now as James is nearby and might hear what Sheridan has to say about his parents. She says that she will be looking after James while his father is working and that is why she is alone with him now. “I don’t know how long Chris and James will be in town.”

Sheridan turns to James and tells him that it is time to get ready for bed. “I am so lucky to have you as my roommate James, you know that?”

Pilar hopes quietly that Sheridan will not get her heart hurt again. She is obviously attached to this child already.

Sam tells Noah about the trip over to get Jessica at Spike’s place. “She was high. She has chosen Spike over her family now.” Noah offers to go over there and kill that guy. Sam tells him not to do that. “Spike pumps Jessica full of drugs and that is killing me to see my little girl like that.” Noah says that they will work things out together. He is staying now and won’t be leaving town as he had planned before. “I have my reasons for staying.” Sam wants no secrets between them. “Look what secrets did to Jessica’s life. Is this something about Fancy? She was here looking for you. What is it with the both of you?” Noah tells that while in Las Vegas with her, they stumbled on a dead body and it was a murder victim. “We are pretty sure that the guy was connected to the mob and there was this huge bundle of cash near the body and then Fancy took it.” Sam orders Noah to give the money back. Noah tells that instead of keeping the money, they gave it to some nuns. “The mob found us here and the earthquake took care of them. I was going to leave now cause I thought that the family would be in danger.” Sam finds it to be bad timing that this has happened while he is out of his police job. Sam heads to the phone to tell his friends on the force about the mob trying to kill his son. Noah tells his father that he doesn’t have to call the cops. “Fancy went to Alistair and got him to get the mob off our backs.” Sam knows that this could only lead to more trouble for Noah. Alistair will want something back for this for sure. Sam has to wonder why Fancy would do this for Noah. That is a selfless thing that she did and that just isn’t like a Crane.

Fancy is dressed in her gown now to go out on her big date with Noah. She applies her perfume, and just a touch of lipstick. “I have just enough war paint on to win the battle tonight. Noah Bennett will surrender for sure.”

Alistair calls for Theresa to hurry up. She is in the restroom getting ready for their date. She is stalling and he knows it.

She comes out and Alistair definitely approves. “This brings out your beauty and it will match the gift that I bought you.” She tells him that he doesn’t have to buy her gifts. He presents her with a ruby bracelet in a velvet box. She will not take it. He tells her that she should take it. “Consider it an advance. You will earn it.” He puts the bracelet on her arm. He senses her fear. “I like that. It excites me.” He tries to kiss her but she stops him. “You will smudge my makeup.” He tells her that he will do a lot more than that later on. He orders her to meet him downstairs and not to keep him waiting.

Once alone, Theresa asks herself what it is that she has gotten herself into. Everyone warned her but she wouldn’t listen.

Eve orders Liz out of the house now. She isn’t helping the situation at all with her smart remarks. Liz tells her to throw her out. Eve goes to her willingly. Julian and TC stop the catfight. Liz breaks an expensive vase. “You want me out? I will go, but don’t think that I will forget this. TC… I am good enough for your bed but not to be your wife? Here we go again. Whatever happiness I have, you manage to steal it Eve. When TC turned to me, you had to have him back to wreck my life.” Julian offers to take Liz out as he leaves. Eve calls to Julian to stop him from leaving. He smiles at her. “I said that I would let you go and I will but I can’t stay and watch this. You chose TC and you built a family with him long ago. It is noble of you to rebuild your life for your children’s sakes.” Julian grabs Liz by the arms and takes her out of the house as she fights him and screams. He manages her quite easily.

She turns to Julian. “You fool. Why do you let Eve walk all over you like that?” He tells her to lower her voice. “I will not. You don’t like my voice? Well then, that is too bad cause you are going to hear it all over the place when I go to court and tell them how she tried to commit murder.”

Sam really wants to know why Fancy would help Noah. “I really hope that there is nothing going on between you two Noah. That girl is nothing but trouble.” Sam has noticed that Noah spends an awful lot of time with that girl for some reason. Noah says that the time that he spends with Fancy is just a coincidence. “Besides she is going to Paris and I will not see her after tonight. I am taking her on the town tonight.” Sam doesn’t like it. Noah asks if his father has a tux. He tells how Fancy has asked for one night on the town and he will give it to her. Noah rushes off.

Sam hopes that his son knows what he is doing.

Alistair knocks on Fancy’s door.

She opens to her grandfather. He loves the dress that she is wearing. He asks about her date for the night. She says that it is just a fellow that she met somewhere. “It is no one important,” she says. Alistair really insists that he be told who the man is that her granddaughter is going out with tonight. She knows that she cant’ tell him. He hates Noah and will be furious if he hears that she is going out on a date with him. He made her promise that she not have anything more to do with Noah and she agreed that she wouldn’t. She assures her grandfather that the guy is from the country club. Alistair says that he will back off for now. “I guess that I will just have to give you your gift later.” He starts walking to the door. She catches up to him. He gives her a sapphire bracelet. He tells her that you don’t see blue like this unless it is in a glacier. “I love you Fancy. You don’t disappointment me like the others in the family. That is something that I would never expect and never forget.”

Pilar and Sheridan put James to sleep. Sheridan changes the child, putting on the pajamas that Pilar had brought over from her house. Pilar is a little worried over this association that Sheridan is in with the child and now the child’s father. She says nothing as they are sitting over the child who is just falling asleep. Sheridan is clearly happy with the arrangement of having, any child to take care of. She misses Marty a great deal.

Pilar asks more about James and his father finally when they move from where James is sleeping. Sheridan says that Chris is a reporter and he was having problems with his wife and she left with the child. He was searching for the child and the mother but couldn’t find them for the longest time. Pilar finds the whole thing a little strange as Sheridan relates the story to her. He was notified that the mother had died and that the child is here in Harmony. He is also doing some work reporting on the Tsunami and the effect that it has had on Harmony, so they came up with this arrangement that Sheridan would watch the child when he had to go out to work. Pilar wonders what the problems were in the marriage. Sheridan doesn’t know. She is curious as well though. “He has been evasive about his problems with Maureen, and I haven’t asked a lot of questions. I don’t want to scare Chris off and make him leave Harmony with James too soon. I will really miss the when they go.” Pilar worries that Sheridan may be substituting James for Marty. Sheridan gets her back up when she hears that. “I know that Marty isn’t dead. He is out there somewhere. I wouldn’t substitute him with someone else.” Sheridan says that she really does know the difference between Marty and James here. She walks off and goes back to James to watch him sleep.

Pilar really hopes that Sheridan does in fact know the difference between Marty and James. She thinks to herself that Sheridan has really suffered a great deal over this issue and it needs to stop or she will in real pain over this child that is not hers, and who will be leaving town soon as soon as his father is finished his work. Sheridan will be experiencing her pain all over again. She will have ripped open the wound that has been healing since Marty left.

TC tells Eve that he has made her very happy tonight. It was hard for her to make this choice. She knew that someone that she loved was going to be hurt and that disturbs her. TC hates hearing that Eve still misses Julian and worries for his hurt in all this. TC tells her that he loves her and he is sorry that he didn’t listen to her when her secrets first came out. They wouldn’t ever have parted if he had dealt with this better. He understands that he needs her and is sorry that he put her through all of this with Liz. The worst thing that he did was get together with his wife’s sister when all of this went wrong. She had TC believing that Eve was the devil and he fell for it. He should have known better. Eve promises that there will be no more lies in their marriage from now on. “That is why it is important that you except that I have feelings for Julian. I will not be able to forget about him and get over him easily. Julian was my life and then we broke up and then –” TC stops her from talking. “Right now, I just want to hold you and count my blessings.”

Simone is still listening in the kitchen to her parents. She has heard everything. She hears her parents talking about the children being so important to them, but all they really care about is themselves. She doesn’t believe anything that her mother had told her earlier now. She feels like she has already been forgotten. She feels so alone. She is sure that they have probably even forgotten that she is in the house with them. Simone has felt this neglect so many times. She is used to it. If only she had a friend that she could confide in.

Simone thinks back to her time with a friend when everyone thought that she was in California but she was really nearby. She connected with someone and had a great time with this person. At some point, Simone felt that she could trust this person and she opened herself up. “It is my first time. You won’t hurt me will you?” Simone asked that night. The person that she was talking to touched her face with a gloved hand as a friendly but intimate gesture.

Theresa is outside now. She is ready for her date, but wants to see where her children and Ethan are first before going out on this date from hell. She sees Little Ethan with Ethan and Gwen splashing around in the pool having fun. That is where she should be right now. Not dressed up to go out with a man three times her age. She sees that Gwen is with her children. She should be there, not Gwen. This plan that Theresa has agreed to isn’t really working out the way that she planned. At least while she is out she will not have to worry about her children. Ethan will watch over them.

Gwen sees Theresa and tells Ethan that she is nearby over on the grass. Ethan looks over to where she is and calls out to her. She smiles back at them. They look like a happy family all together like that. They have right now what she wants for herself. Ethan and Gwen see that Theresa is dressed up for the evening. Looks like it is going to be a special night for her. Ethan tried to stop Theresa from doing whatever it is she is doing but his pleas have fallen on deaf ears.

Little Ethan calls out to his mother. “Hey mom. Where are you going dressed like that? You sure look pretty!” She tells him that she has to go out for business tonight. Gwen rolls her eyes at that. She knows exactly what is going to happen and what is worse is that Ethan knows it too. Theresa promised herself that she wouldn’t get all caught up in anything physical with Alistair and she meant it. No one seems to believe that she can keep Alistair at bay and get what she wants but she will try to do so. The thought of him in the throes of passion makes her ill.

She goes over to the playpen to check and see if Jane is there. She sees Jane lying happily there on her back while the others swim and enjoy the afternoon sunshine. Theresa has nothing to worry about. Her family will be just fine. They don’t even seem to miss her. Theresa reminds herself that she is doing this for her children and Ethan. “It will be worth it in the end,” she tells herself. Theresa asks Gwen to please take care of Jane for her. Jane will do just fine with the kids she shouts out. Theresa doesn't like Gwen but she knows that she will do a fine job.

Ethan comes over to Theresa and he sees the expensive bracelet that she is wearing. “What is this?” he asks. Theresa doesn’t answer him. She knows that he will not like the answer to that question. Suddenly it becomes clear to him where the expensive bracelet came from. “I guess that I know where it came from. That was a silly question.” Theresa still doesn’t say anything. Ethan sees that all his advice has fallen on deaf ears.

Alistair is in the house alone having a drink while he waits for Theresa to come to him for their date. It is going to be a night to remember. He is alone in the living room now as he sips his liquor.

Julian comes into the room and goes straight to the booze. Alistair asks what is wrong. Julian tells that Eve dumped him that night. Alistair finds Alistair hilarious. “You can’t even hold on to your black, druggie, drunken whore…”Alistair says as he laughs. Julian doesn’t find this funny. “Shut your racist mouth Alistair.” Alistair will do what he wants here. Julian turns and punches his father in the mouth hard, knocking him from his feet.

Noah comes downstairs in his tux. It is not a bad fit at all. Noah offers to stay home if Sam needs him but Sam says that they have to just sit tight. It breaks Sam’s heart that Spike has this hold on Jessica. Sam asks Noah to get the matches for the fireplace. Noah heads to the kitchen.

Sam will do the only thing that he knows how to do. He will pray.

Noah returns. Sam says that he will put a candle in the window. That way Jessica will know that whatever happens, she will be able to come home anytime.

Fancy looks at her bracelet. “I hate lying to grandfather, but nothing will ruin this evening. Perfect, hair, prefect dress and makeup. Noah you don’t have a chance.”

Liz is outside the house looking in the window of Eve’s house. She sees them there. Eve and TC. “This time you are going to pay big time.”

TC and Eve are alone in the living room and Eve is still upset over the events of the evening.

Simone makes a call to a friend. ”I could really use some comfort tonight. Can I come over? Thanks.”

Ethan sees that Theresa is doing things that are going to ruin her. He is finished with her. He turns his back on her and walks back to Gwen and Little Ethan at the pool.

Theresa is hurt by the way that he has left her so sharply, almost as if he really didn’t care for her anymore.

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