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Written By Glynis
Pictures by Amanda

Noah and Fancy have finished cleaning the bathroom and they try to leave.

The owner tells them that they are nowhere near being finished.

Simone tells her parents and Liz that she saw Spike and Jessica and then someone hit her hurting her head. TC will take care of this.

Sam worries now. He has to find Jessica.

Spike shows Jessica some drugs. She really wants the drugs but Spike will not give it to her unless she turns tricks for him. She hates turning tricks but that is the only way now that Spike will give her the drugs that she craves.

The phone rings. Spike sees by the display that is it is Sam calling. Spike answers mocking Sam. Sam demands to know where Jessica is. Spike tells Sam that he is with Jessica and she is deciding where she wants to live.

Spike puts the phone in video mode and then tells Jessica to tell her father who she wants to live with.

Theresa is alone. She feels that her plan is working.

She had a chance to hug Ethan and to be close with him before. She will have to keep doing that.

Alistair is behind Theresa in her room now. "It is time for what I want Theresa. You!"

Sheridan gets the whole story now from the adoption agency. Chris is really Markís father and Markís name is really ĎJames.í Chris knows that Maureen is dead. He tells how she ran off and now he has found his son finally. Sheridan wants to know why Chris broke up with Maureen. Chris will not talk about that. That is water under the bridge now. Sheridan finds this all very pat and dry. "I want answers. I want better proof that you are really Markís father before you leave Harmony with him.

The adoption agency is sure that Chris is Jamesís father. He has met all the requirements for proof of notification and there is no question in their minds that Chris is who he says that he is. He has all the proof that the needs and so the child will be released to his father. Sheridan knows that documents can be forged. She demands to see the file. The agent for the agency tells her that all the files in the office are confidential and that he canít just show her whatever she wants to see in there. Chris tells the agent to show Sheridan the file and if she finds anything wrong after that, she can have James back. He will willingly turn the child over to her. Sheridan leans over the desk waiting for the agent to give her the papers she needs to see. Sheridan is finding it awfully convenient that Chris has shown up there in town to work and magically stumbles on his son who has been estranged from him.

Fancy really needs to go now. She has been at this dive long enough. Her hair and nails are a mess from this hard labor that she and Noah have been subjected to. She canít stay another moment. The owner of the bar smiles at the couple telling them that he was just joking. Noah and Fancy have worked off Noahís debt and more. The man offers the couple dinner for doing the work they did.

The waitress comes by with hamburgers and hotdogs in baskets for Noah and Fancy to eat. "Here you go you two. I left the wieners on extra long to make them extra crispy for ya!" Noah loves it, but Fancy is repulsed by the way the food looks. "You donít expect me to eat that do you?" Noah is going to eat it. This is what real people eat. Fancy was expecting a more grand gesture from the owner maybe getting food from somewhere else for them. That apparently isnít going to happen.

Ethan reminds Theresa that it is time to pay up for everything that she has gotten from him. "I have put you in a position where you can be close to Ethan, and Jane. You walk the halls of my mansion freely and where expensive clothes. Now you need to get close to me. That is your end of the bargain and I am holding you to it."

TC wants to go over to smash Spike in the head right now. Who cares about his anger-management classes? Any mild-mannered man would do what TC is going to do to that kid when he gets his hands on him. Simone isnít even really sure that Spike was the one that hit her. Her dad is really going off half-cocked her and he shouldnít. TC will go talk to Sam about this to figure out what to do. He leaves the house.

Simone would like to go to her room now and just relax, but Eve will not let her go anywhere until she gets answers from her youngest. Eve has patched up the girlís head and she will be fine in time. "Where have you been when we thought that you were in California all this time? Who were you staying with?" Simone really canít answer these questions as her head is pounding and her mother shouting at her isnít making her feel any better. Eve doesnít care. This is a very important issue.

Sam shouts on the phone to Jessica to come home. Spike still holds it out in front of him so that Jessica can scream her answers to her father. Spike knows that Jessica is going to choose, and so he doesnít worry. Jessica decides that she isnít coming home again. "I am staying with Spike daddy." Spike hangs the phone up. That was all that he wanted her to say. Sam can go stuff himself. Jessica stays with him. Spike knows that Sam is seething over at his house, not knowing what is happening with Jessica. Sam canít come anywhere near Spike. The cops have a restraining order out and Sam will go straight to jail if he makes any moves towards Spike.

TC enters Samís house without knocking, and tells him that Spike just sent his daughter home all beat up with a cut on her head. He didnít mean to be rude bursting in like this but he was just so mad. Sam isnít surprised to hear that. That is just the kind of scumbag that Spike is. TC demands to have answers as to where this bastard is. "He is going to pay Sam for what he has done to my daughter." Sam tells that Simone isnít the only one that Spike has hurt. "He put his hands on Jessica again, Sam says that if he sees this man, he will surely kill him.

Noah sits down and starts eating the grub before he. He obviously loves junk food. Fancy is stunned at him actually devouring the beer without using any manners either. It gets all foamy and it dribbles all over the table. She really isnít used to this. She stands holding her dog as she watches him. She wonít touch that beer. How can she? It is domestic. Noah asks Fancy what it is that he owes her for her help. "How do I pay you back Fancy? You really did help me out and you came out to look for me and I appreciate that." She tells him that he has to do a little favor for her. "You have to give me something that I need. Something that I want and havenít had in days." Noah smiles when he thinks that he knows where this is going.

TC wants to go to Spikeís place and get that kid that hurt his daughter. He wants to teach the kid never to touch his precious Simone ever again. Every once in a while, TC takes his fist and punches the palm of the other hand to show his anger over everything that has happened. Sam tells TC that Jessica has gone back to the man after all the progress that Sam had made with her. "Spike pumps her full of drugs and gets her to do what he wants and she just does it." TC sees that they got to stop this man. He is ruining their families and has to be stopped. Sam doesnít care about the restraining order anymore. "After we are through with him, he will not be recognizable."

Spike is still trying to get Jessica to turn tricks but she doesnít want to. She will not do it. "You know what JessicaÖ I donít need you. Go back to your daddy." He gets up off the couch away from her to show her that he means business here. She says no. She canít stand the thought of him leaving her. "I promise that I will do whatever you want."

Theresa isnít in the mood for this right now. She tells Alistair that she doesnít want to go out with him thinking that he will listen to her and do as she tells him to. She tries to dismiss Alistair with a silly excuse but he will not go. He wants his payback and he wants it now. Alistair has been watching her as she has been living under his roof and she has it all now. Before she came to live there, she wasnít even allowed in the house much less near her daughter. She learns that he has been spying on her and he knows that she has been with her daughter, on many occasions. It is time to pay up now. "That earthquake ended our first date and now we will have another tonight. It will be a night that you will never forget.

Eve has Simone alone and she demands to know where Simone has been hiding all this time. Eve knows that her daughter wasnít in California like she said she would be. Simone says that she took good care of herself and that her mother shouldnít worry about where she had been while away. "I was with friends," she says. Eve demands to know what friends these are that her daughter talks of. Simone says that she was in good control of her life and was sensible while away. "Sensible people that are in charge of their lives donít act like this. Where is the money that we gave you for the trip Simone?" Eve asks. Simone says that she spent it. It was $1,000. What did she use the money for her mother wants to know.

Eve goes to the fridge and she sees a note on it. It is an envelope from TC with money on it to pay for Simoneís trip. Eve realizes that Simone has been lying to her father as well about things, but giving a different story to cover the use of the money. Simone definitely has to be hiding something and Eve will get to the bottom of it if it kills her. She is very concerned now. Simone has played a horrible prank on her family and anything could have happened to her while she was pretending to be somewhere where she wasnít. What did she spend the money on?

Liz and Julian are alone now in the Bennett living room now. TC is off looking for Spike to beat him up, and Eve is in the kitchen trying to sort Simone out. She knows that Eve will make a big decision soon. She knows that Julian worries about the outcome of all of this. "Will it be you Julian, or TC that Eve picks?" Liz cackles. Julian says that he will be happy if Eve picks the man that will make her happiest. All he really wants for Eve is her own happiness. That is what love is. Liz sees that Julian is a sap. "She is going to pick TC you dummy, because that will makes me angry. I donít care that she wants you and that is why she will not choose you. All my life, it has been about hurting me. She is a self-centered whore and you should know that. You turned her into one." Julian tells Liz that she disgusts him.

He turns his back on Liz to walk away from her. Her constant griping about a sister that has done nothing to her is tiring. She grabs his arm and turns him around, giving him an open-faced slap on the face that snaps his head to the side in no time at all. "Donít you ever turn your back on me Julian." Julian hauls back and slaps Liz on the face harder than she did to him. She is left stunned that he did that to her. She canít even talk for a moment. Not only did it hurt but she never thought that he would do something like that to her. He is slowly unhinging.

Chris tells Sheridan more about him and she feels better about things. She has seen the file and the papers that the adoption agency has used to verify that Chris is indeed Jamesís father and Sheridan accepts the proof.

Chris gets a call and walks off to the corner of the office alone to take it on his cellphone. He listens for a moment and then he talks. "I have the boy with me now," he whispers. James is safely sitting in Sheridanís arms as she chats with the representative for the adoption agency. They are waiting for Chris to return from his call so that they can end this meeting and leave. Sheridan will miss the child but at least he seems to be getting the happy ending that he deserves. He should be with his father.

Spike decides that he will let Jessica stay after all. He doesnít really want her to go. He has many self-serving reasons for wanting her to be with him. It is just fun to yank her chain from time to time and to remind her that she wants to be with him more than anything. They hug now. She is happy again. He wants her to get going now and turn some tricks for him. "Come on Jessica. You have to get going before it is too late. It is going to get dark soon. You should get a move on. And try not to kill the john this time." She will do it but she will need a little help to get her head in the right space first. He knows what she needs. He gives her a happy-faced tab that is laced with drugs. She smiles as she takes it from him and puts it in her mouth.

Spike starts walking Jessica to the door to get her out on the strip. The door flies open before they can get to it. "Where do you think you are going?" Sam demands when he sees the pair heading to the door. TC comes in behind him. "Jessica. You are coming with us."

Noah and Fancy are in the dive still, and Noah tries to warm up to Christine but the dog hates him. Fancy wants to go now. She has had enough of this place. She really doesnít fit in here, and the patrons know it. She gets her dog to leave and catch a cab out of there. Noah stops her. He knows that he owes her something for all her help but what does a spoiled little rich girl want? She has everything. She what could she want? She tells him that she wants one night with him that she will never forget! He canít hear her. She talks louder. "I WANT ONE NIGHT WITH YOU THAT I WILL NEVER FORGET!" she shouts at him. He thinks that he hears her this time and so to confirm what he heard, he decides to repeat what she said. The music stops before he finishes her his sentence. "YOU WANT ONE NIGHT OF SEX THAT YOU WILL NEVER FORGET FROM ME?"

Everyone in the dive hears what Noah asks Fancy since the music has stopped, and they all laugh at Fancy thinking that she had been asking for sex. That is not at all what she meant. She canít bother trying to explain herself to these people. She doesnít even know them. She is embarrassed and she falls into a chair that is nearby putting her head down as she blushes. Everyone thinks that she is desperate now. The two Hill Billy girls that have been eyeing Noah all night find Fancy especially humorous.

TC and Sam are with Spike and Jessica at Spikeís apartment. Spike and Sam trade words until Sam sees Jessica laying on the bed behind Spike. Sam sees that his daughter is high and he goes to her to make sure that she is okay on the bed where she is. She is back on this junk after he worked so hard to get her off it. Everything is ruined and now Sam is back to where he started with this whole mess.

TC stands before Spike realizing that this is the scum that hit his daughter in the head and seriously hurt her after the Tsunami. Spike says that he has no idea what TC is talking about. "Oh waitÖ You must mean that Simone who keeps getting in my business," Spike says. "You are going to pay for what you did to my daughter," TC says. Spike does remember seeing Simone. He tells TC that he needs to keep his daughter off the streets as she should get hurt. He hits Spike punching him and that is when the cops come running in to control the situation.

The police grab TC and Sam to hold them back from doing harm to Spike as Jessica watches in horror. The police know that Sam has a restraining order on him and they know about the troubles that Sam has been experiencing with his daughter. This incident was bound to happen. Once again, Jessica sees that she is the cause of her father getting in trouble on her behalf. She wants to stay with Spike but she loves her father deep down and doesnít want him to have any difficulties like this. TC is her fatherís best friend and she doesnít want him to suffer either by the hands of the law.

Liz canít believe that Julian hit her. She was fine slapping him with everything that she had in her, but she never thought that he would retaliate the way that he did. That hurt! "How could you hit a woman Julian? I hate you!" Julian says that he wouldnít hit a woman but he hates Liz so much that on this special occasion he has no problem with it. Liz tells Julian that they are both going to be dumped now that Eve and TC have found each other again. Julian has had enough of Lizís chatter. She wanted to get him angry, well now she has done it. He grabs Liz by both arms and gets angry with her shaking her and telling her to shut her mouth about the negative comments that she makes. He taunts her and she really is afraid of him seeing how angry he is at this particular moment. He looks murderous even. "Eve was put on this earth to love and care for people. She has spent her life doing that. You donít even come close to what she is. Even TC can only take you for a couple of months. Now he is running back to Eve." He shakes her and shakes her for being so hateful. Her head flops back and forth as he slams her around to make her shut her crazy mouth.

Simone and her mother are talking and Simone doubts that she can have the kind of relationship that she wants with her mother. Too much has happened. It is too late for Simone to get what she wants from her parents, although Whitney is gone now. Eve says that she hasnít been there for her daughter but she will be there for her now. She wants to listen if there is something that Simone would like to say to her. Simone laughs. She has been so ignored over the years it is hard to believe that she will finally get the attention that she needs. Simone will talk to her mother but she knows that her mother will not like what she hears. "Sit down then. I will tell you everything mom."

Simone talks to her mother about her problem and Eve tells her that it doesnít matter what is going on, they will work things out. Eve doesnít care about Simoneís problem. "I am not mad at you, I am just happy that you told me. I just wanted you to be happy. Thank you for trusting me. I am here for you, you know that right?" She has one daughter left and she will take care that she gets all the support that she needs here. She will be there for her children when they need her. They hug.

Liz is pushed away from Julian and she smirks at him. "I will get the last laugh." doesnít understand why TC and Julian care so much who she wants to be with. That is because Eve isnít going to be with anyone. She knows that whether or not Julian likes it, Eve is going to jail no matter what man she chooses.

Spike tells TC and Sam that they are both going up on charges now. They both will be hit with assault for sure and anything else that Spike can come up with when the idea comes to him. The officers that are there have to file the charges as the victim asks. The officers apologize to Sam for having to do this. He was one of them, a leader in the police force and it hurts them to have to do this but they must. Sam knows that even this insignificant gesture comes from Alistair as well. These men wouldnít turn against him if they had their way.

Jessica takes Spike to the side asking him to let her father and his friend go. "Please let him go Spike for me. I donít want them to go to jail. One day the both of you are going to like each other and this will just get in the way." Spike asks her if she is thinking about her wedding and having Sam walk her down the aisle. She nods her head. That is just what she was thinking. "I know that one day the both of you are going to be friends. Spike says that he that case, he will not press changes on Sam and TC.

The officers leave Sam and TC alone as Spike has instructed them to. Spike tells TC and Sam that he doesnít want to see the two men ever again or they will really be sorry. TC hates this kid that has hurt his best friendís daughter and now Simone. He lunges for Spike but Sam stops him knowing that Spike really has all the power at this moment to put them both in jail. Sam begs his daughter to please come home and be with her family again. She will not do it. She wants to be with Spike. Sam and TC head to the door to leave. Sam tells Spike that this isnít over yet, not by a long shot. Spike tells Sam that the next time that anything like this happens; he will go to prison.

Two sexy girls that are flirting with Noah as they stand around with the rest of the bar chanting and taunting Fancy for begging Noah for sex. "I want sex! I want sex! I want sex! I want sex!" The people in the club clap their hands as they move in closer and closer to Fancy with their chanting. Earlier Fancy denied that Noah was her boyfriend so this must be her way of asking Noah for sex.

Fancy is embarrassed. She leaves the bar running out with her little dog. She stands outside the bar alone feeling like a fool.

Noah follows Fancy and asks her what she really wants to do now. She has been really stressed out with all the disasters in town and people trying to kill them. She says that she is going to Paris ASAP, but before she goes she would like one great night all dressed up with Noah. They would dress formally in a gown and tuxedo. They would have a grand fancy dinner and all the trimmings that go with a night like that. It will be her farewell to Harmony and she would like to celebrate it with him. She thinks that it would be nice to see what it would be like between she and Noah if they werenít fighting for a change. She is sure that they would get along just great if given the chance. She reminds him that he owes her anyway and canít say Ďnoí to this request.

Sheridan, Chris and James are back at the B&B now after having been to the adoption agency. Sheridan is really happy for James. Sheridan has learned that her boarder at the B&B is in fact Markís father. She has also learned that Markís name is really James. Sheridan is happy for him and his father. She will not get to be with James anymore but the story still seems to have a happy ending if James can be reunited with his father this way.

His phone rings and he answers the call while Sheridan waits.

After he hangs up, he tells Sheridan that he has to go to work now, but what should he do with James? He asks Sheridan to please watch James for him. She would love to do that. She happily takes James from Chrisís arms into hers. There is nothing that she would love to do more.

Alistair and Theresa are alone in her room now, and she finds that she isnít feeling very well all of a sudden. She says that she canít go out with him. It is like she canít stand up or something. Alistair has plans for her and this will never do. She has to get well so that he can get what he wants from her.

Alistair gets on his phone to call his personal physician to come and see to her. She tells him to hang up. "That isnít necessary Alistair." She isnít that sick she says.

That is what he wanted to hear. He quickly hangs up. He orders her to get dressed now and get ready for him. She tells him that she has nothing to wear here. She wasnít expecting anything like this to come up. He says that there are many designer dresses in the closet that she can choose whatever she wants from there. He tells her that it doesnít matter what she wears anyway. "You wonít have it on for long anyway when I get my hands on you." He grabs her head roughly and turns it so that he can kiss her face. She fights him off but she is weak. When he decides to have her, she will not be able to resist him as she does now.

Jessica asks Spike if he really loves her. He tells her that he loves her more than anything in the whole world.

In his mind he tells himself that he actually loves money more than Jessica but she canít hear that. That would spoil everything.

Noah offers to give Fancy the one night that she desires before leaving Harmony forever. The will get together and make it really happen for her just one time.

The two Hill Billy girls from the club come out of the dive and get Noah to reenter the club leaving Fancy all alone by herself. She looks into the club through the windows seeing Noah being led around by the blonde and brunette that are so different from her, but very much like Noah.

Sheridan tells Chris to go ahead and do whatever he has to and she will take James to get ice cream and fun with him until his father returns to the B&B from work. Sheridan walks of with James. Chris watches after her smiling. She really does love children.

Chris calls his friend back now that he is alone. He says that everything is going well and that he had to cut the conversation short before and he is sorry for that.

Alistair plays it rough with Theresa. He has her where he wants her, so why pretend anymore. He grabs her and throws her roughly to the bed. She lands hard on the bed, looking up at him in surprise. He doesnít care how she looks at him now. He tells her that this is going to be the night and so she had better get ready for it. He orders her to, "Get dressed!"

Once alone, Theresa wonders what she has gotten herself into here. He is the horrible being that everyone warned her that he would be.

At the Bennett house Julian and TC ask Eve again to make a decision about which man she will be with for the rest of her life. At first, she has no idea what they are asking. Her mind is all over the place. Liz tells her that each one of these bastards wants to see which one of them is going to be the lucky one to be with her for the rest of her life. TC asks Liz to stop speaking this way. There is no need for this. Things are hard enough as it is. He does admit though that he and Julian would like to know what Eveís decision is here. It has been long enough. Eve tells the men that she has made a decision about the both of them and she will tell them what that decision is now.

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