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Written By Glynis
Pictures by Amanda

Sheridan puts Mark to bed now. He falls asleep on the couch in the back room.

Sheridan returns to Chris telling him that Mark is asleep now. Chris can tell that she really misses her own child. Chris asks about Luis and if he will really find Marty by going after Beth. Sheridan wants to know how he knows about Luis going after Marty.

The man that owns the dive where Noah and Fancy are working are shown the restroom where they will be working next. They cover their noses when they hit the restroom and see the mess that they have to clean up.

Fox and Kay are out with Endora and Maria. Kay talks to Simone privately when she sees her, and Simone tells how Whitney is leaving town.

Fox comes over to Simone and Kay and greets Kay with a kiss. Simone likes the way that Fox treats Kay and the kids.

Jessica starts acting up again. Sam wonders why Jessica is angry again.

Ivy enters the house. Jessica demands to know why Ivy is always there.

Liz comes into the room where TC and Eve are. She has champagne and glasses with her. She is giddy. She feels that there is something to celebrate. She tells that Julian is at the doorway and he can finally see for himself what a two-timing whore Eve really is.

Eve and TC turn to see Julian at the doorway watching them all.

Fox tells Fancy that he will clean the restroom and that she shouldn’t have to. She is glad to get out of there.

The man who owns the place is behind Fancy and tells her that she has to help. He feels that she is probably the person responsible for Noah losing his money in the first place. “Get moving.”

Noah and Fancy go back into the restroom and they have no choice. They walk deeper into the restroom to clean it. The man who owns the place smiles as he closes the door behind them.

Fox has ice cream for everyone. He offers Simone some but she refuses it. Simone apologizes to Fox for all that Whitney put him through. Fox is sad about it but he is trying to get over it.

Kay asks Simone if she has told her parents why she really stayed in Harmony all this time. Simone says that she didn’t have to tell her parents anything. Kay would still like to know what happened, but Simone will not talk about it right now.

Sam tells Jessica that she should be nice to guests in the house. Jessica tells Ivy that she is sorry… that she is still there. Ivy feels that she should leave so that Jessica will calm down, but Sam will not let her. He tells Jessica not to be smart with the guests. Jessica demands that she be left alone. Sam tells Jessica that she needs to help in the house like everyone else. “Mom was the maid when she was here but I will not be that. Screw you and your rules.” Sam grounds Jessica, but Jessica will not be held prisoner there. Sam orders her to zip her mouth. Jessica will not listen. Sam reminds her that he has given her a safe haven, clothes and food. He only sees that Jessica continues to be a brat. Jessica decides that she is out of there. She walks to the door with Sam running after her.

Chris tells Sheridan that he knows about her life from the television stories that he has watched. Chris says that his son is great, and that he sounds like Sheridan’s child. Sheridan says that if she didn’t have Mark to worry about, she would be just lost and alone.

The phone rings and Sheridan answers. She tells whoever it is that she can bring Mark right away.

Sheridan tells Chris that she has to bring Mark to the agency to sign more papers. She was worried that she had to return the child but signing papers is not a big deal.

Eve tells Julian that she ended up kissing TC after talking about their lives and their family. Liz loves this. “You never thought that Eve would cheat on you did you?” She knows that Julian thought that the whore would have changed by now. Liz says that she didn’t have anything to do with this happening. Eve managed this one all by herself. She tells Julian that TC wants Eve back now as well. Julian didn’t know that. TC confirms that. “Yes, Julian. I want to have Eve back.”

Simone can see that Fox and Kay really have something great. Simone would like to talk to Kay privately, but Fox is always around.

Endora makes a pony off in a corner and Kay and Fox hurry off to give the kids rides on it. Kay will talk to her friend later.

Eve admits that TC wanted her back and that she has known about that for a while. She was only kissing TC because they were talking about their family and got all caught up in things. Liz says that if Eve really has changed from her slutty years, then she will tell Julian just how long TC has wanted her. Eve says that when they were trapped in the Tsunami, TC revealed his love for her. Julian is hurt that he hasn’t found out the truth till now. Liz loves this. Eve didn’t mean to hurt Julian but not telling him the truth. “Eve, you are still the same lying slut you always were.”

Ivy is alone in the Bennett house with Sam. She feels that they should go and look for Jessica, but Sam will not go yet. “Give her some time to cool off. The therapist told me to handle things this way. I can give her advice but she will live her life the way that she wants. All that I can do is be here for her and I will be. Let’s just pray that she will come back.”

Jessica goes running out to the wrong side of town. She finds a hooker and asks her if she has seen Spike. The hooker is looking for drugs and cares about nothing else. When Jessica says that she has none, the girl trudges on to continue her search. Jessica looks around to see where to go next.

Jessica then finds a homeless guy that she knows from the area. “Have you seen Spike?” The man has no idea where Spike is. He has been looking for his shopping cart all day. He walks off.

“So Jessica. Why are you looking for me?” It is Spike’s voice. He knew that she had been looking for him.

Jessica turns to find Spike standing behind her. She runs up to him. “Oh Spike. There you are.” Spike demands to know what it is that she wants from him. He seems hurt. He is upset with her.

Noah and Fancy work on the restroom in the dive as ordered to. Fancy says that she can see why her father calls the poor the great unwashed. This place is filthy. Noah realizes that Fancy has come there to save him. She admits that she did try to save him. He likes that she did that. She tells that her grandfather has agreed to help stop the Las Vegas mobs from trying to kill them. Noah sees trouble here. “Thanks! Now you have made a bad thing worse.”

Sam never thought that he would be living like this. “I used to go into homes where there was trouble like I have now. I never thought that this would happen to my family. How did things get so bad?” Ivy can’t answer.

Spike asks Jessica again why she is there. Jessica says that she was taken home. “Everything was okay at first, but then my father was treating me like a kid again. I want to be a couple with you. Can I come back?” Spike tells Jessica that she broke his heart. He has been under a lot of pressure and now he can see that she is too. Jessica asks Spike to help take the edge off. He knows that she wants drugs.

He thinks to himself that she is getting hooked. She is not only hooked on him but the drugs as well. That is just how he needs her. This is going to work out. He gives her the drug and she takes it.

It puts a smile on her face. “I am really sorry for the way that I treated you Spike. So sorry.” He asks her if she is sorry enough to work the streets again.

Liz tells Julian that Eve lied to him. She tells Julian that if he marries Eve, she will buy him a lie detector for a present. Julian doesn’t care about this. TC as well understands the pressure that Eve is under. Liz can’t believe what she is hearing. Both men are letting her off the hook. The men see that they have put Eve in an awkward position. Julian offers to step aside if Eve decides that she wants to be with TC. TC thanks Julian for that. TC is just crazy in love with the woman and just wants to be with her. Julian will always be as well.

Sheridan can’t stop thinking about Marty no matter what she does. “I miss him so much.” She is sorry that Chris only sees her when she is a basket case. He has no problem with that. He offers to drive her to her appointment. She doesn‘t need a ride as she can take Mark herself. Chris leaves for an appointment that he has and will see her later.

Mark comes running to Sheridan from the other room. “Oh Mark! You got up all by yourself.” They hug.

Sheridan shows up at the agency as requested. She is told that something has changed since the last time she has been there. “We have found Mark’s father.”

AT the waterfront, Endora is placed on the pony for a ride and pictures. Kay calls to Simone to take a picture of Endora on the pony. Simone is gone.

Simone is alone now. She wishes that she had been able to talk to Kay privately. She didn’t want to interrupt though. Kay seemed so happy with Fox and the kids. That is the way that true love should be.

Simone is on the wrong side of town and she sees Jessica with Spike. She runs over to them. “Get your hands off her you sleaze.” Jessica is fine with Spike. Simone can see that. Jessica is leaning on him like she can’t stand up.

Liz has had enough of this. Eve can’t do any wrong. TC and Julian tell Eve that she is free to make up her mind. TC tells Eve that he will spend the rest of his days making her happy if she chooses him. “Think about our home and the wonderful memories that we had here. Remember how we used to listen to music and drink wine?”

Eve remembers that. They would sit by the fire and they would talk about their family and the hopes the dreams that they had for the family. The would have wine and cheese and sit in the dark together. He would profess his love for her and she would tell him that he was the only man in the world for her. She thought that it was the relationship of her dreams.

TC begs Eve to remember their history and their love. “Look around the house Eve. There isn’t a corner that doesn’t have a memory in it of our love. It was great then and it can be great now. If you take me back, I will spend the rest of my life proving to you that being with me is where you belong.”

Noah is angry now. Just when he thinks that Fancy is doing something to help him, he realizes that she has screwed up again. Fancy feels that she has saved Noah and herself, and that he is being terribly ungrateful to her. Noah knows that for Alistair to do this there is a price to pay. Fancy finds him very ungrateful for what she has done. Noah wants to know how Alistair did this. He can but why would he help Noah? Fancy says that she asked her grandfather to help with this. Noah is touched. She tells that she spoke with her grandfather about Noah. All Noah wants to know is if Fancy admitted that she cares for him.

Noah asks Fancy again if she has admitted to her grandfather that she cares for him. That matters to him and he really wants to hear it. He moves closer to her as he talks. Their faces are almost touching; he is so close to her.

Christine the dog starts barking loudly when Noah gets too close to Fancy. Noah tries to shoo the dog, but there is nowhere to shoo him to. They are in the restroom cleaning up and they are stuck with that dog until they are finished. That makes Noah back off. Fancy denies that she admitted that she cares for Noah. Fancy says that she only tried to protect Noah to stop the bad press that her family is getting over the Bennetts and all their troubles. “I am also starting a new jewelry line and I don’t need all this to mess it up.” Noah is only upset now that he owes Alistair. That man would expect a ridiculous payback for his payback. Fancy corrects that line of thinking. “You don’t owe my grandfather Noah. You owe me.”

Jessica is gone long enough now. Sam has to go and find Jessica. He hopes that she has had a chance to think things over and that she will easily return with him to the house. He leaves.

Ivy feels responsible again for Jessica being in trouble. Jessica had ordered her out of the house and Sam told her to stay there. Maybe if Ivy had left, Jessica would have stayed. Ivy hopes that her relationship with Sam isn’t what is causing Sam so much unhappiness. That is not what Ivy wants for Sam.

Spike tells Simone that she better back off unless she wants another bump on the head. Simone asks Jessica what she is doing. Jessica looks back at her friend with that dopey drugged look. She tells Simone that she is interfering. Spike walks off with Jessica.

A thug is watching Simone from the shadows. When he sees Simone walk off by herself he follows her. He has a tire iron in his hand.

Liz mocks everything that she sees. She tries to play TC and Julian against each other. Eve has a decision to make. TC and Julian want to know who Eve is going to choose.

Sheridan will not give Mark up. “He is mine.” The man at the agency has asked Mark’s father to come to the agency to deal with this. “He is here now. He is behind you. This is Mark’s father.”

Sheridan turns around and stares into the eyes of Mark’s father. “What?” Sheridan says. “You are Mark’s father?”

Noah doesn’t want to be in Fancy’s debt any more than she wants to be in Alistair’s. He wants to pay her back. She wants him to do her a favor and then his debt will be paid.

Kay tells Fox that she is worried about Simone. Fox says that she probably had somewhere to go. Kay can tell that Endora really loves Fox. Maria really does too. Fox admits that he is a babe magnet.

Sam returns to the house. He can’t find Jessica. He tells ivy that he has done everything that the therapist has told him to do. “If Jessica loses herself in a life of drugs, then there is nothing that he can do. I just pray that someone will watch over her.”

Spike brings Jessica to his place. He says that he is scared to bring her back into his life. She promises that she will not hurt him again. He wants her to promise that she will do whatever he tells her. She knows that he wants her to walk the streets. He tells her that she has to do it to pay for the drugs he gives her and the new club that he wants. If she can’t promise him that, she will be sent home to her father.

TC and Julian wait to see who it is that Eve will pick to be with for the rest of her life.

The door opens and Simone stumbles in. She has a huge gash on her head. Blood is pouring out of it.

Sheridan sees that Chris is the father that the agency has found for Mark. “You are Mark’s father?” Chris takes the child from her arms. He is there to make sure that his son doesn’t come to any harm ever again.

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