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Written By Glynis
Pictures by Amanda

Rebecca has just been caught by Julian and Ethan with her foot in her mouth.

Gwen is there and tries to support her mother to help her lie her way out of admitting that she really did the poisoning that Eve has been accused of. They are not really sure what it is that Julian and Ethan have heard in the doorway.

Theresa comes to the doorway. “What is going on here?”

Tabitha and Endora are at their house wondering what is going to happen next in Harmony.

Fox and Kay are in the other room making goo-goo eyes at each other.

Whitney has come home from the convent to say her good-byes but her family feels that she is returning home for good. They all rejoice in her coming to the house. They were worried that she would run off to the convent. Chad makes her hold her baby.

At the bar, Fancy has found Noah at the bar playing pool. She has screwed up his most important shot and not he is threatened with death by the man that bankrolled his game.

The man Chris that has come to the B&B where Sheridan is working is on the cellphone outside having a very private conversation with no one around. He has a secret task and he promises the person on the phone that he knows what it is that he has to do here and that he will do it.

Ivy comes running in the B&B with the cordless phone telling Sheridan that it is Luis on the phone and that he would like to speak to her. Sheridan doesn’t run to the phone to talk to him.

Sheridan wonders if Luis has found Marty. Ivy tells her that she knows that Luis hasn’t found the child yet. She has already confirmed that much. In that case, Sheridan will not talk to Luis. She will not talk to Luis until he has found her son.

Rebecca tries to cover her tracks. Julian says that what he heard Rebecca saying just now was very interesting. She demands to know why all these people have come into her boudoir. Ethan would like to go over her statement again. Rebecca will not do it. She has already gone repeatedly the statement with him. Why should she do it again? Rebecca wants Theresa out of her bedroom most of all. Theresa sees that one-day soon, Ethan will see that he has made the wrong choice by picking Gwen over her.

Noah tells the man with the knife at his throat that he can get his money if only he will be let go. The man will not let Noah go. Fancy offers to pay Noah’s debt. She hasn’t got a lot of cash on her but she has credit and can have cash delivered if the man wants. The man looks Fancy over. “I just got a great idea as to how you can pay off your debt Noah. No cash required.”

Chad sees Whitney holding her son and he knows that she will never leave him. She loves her son but that isn’t enough to make her stay. Eve tells her daughter that she has to stay with them. Whitney says that she is still going to the convent and hasn’t changed her mind. Chad can’t believe that she is really saying goodbye to her son forever.

Tabitha and Endora are alone when Tabitha does her spell to bring heartache to Fox. He and Kay are entirely too happy. Tabitha wants to put a stop to that. She does her spell. Nothing happens…

She tries again. “Pestilence, poison…” Tabitha suddenly sees that Endora is blocking her mother’s work. She is trying to protect her brother from her mother’s spell. Tabitha wants Endora to see that they have to make pain on mortals. That is just what they do.

Fox and Kay come into the kitchen with Maria. They are going to take the child out and they want to bring Endora with them. Tabitha says no. She is sure that Endora wants to stay home. Fox looks at his baby sister and sees that she wants to come with them. She loves her big brother although he knows nothing about their relationship. He says that they have no money but they will find something fun to do.

Zap! Endora creates a wad in Fox’s pocket.

Fox digs deep and finds $100 in his pocket where he thought that there wasn’t any money. “Alright!” Fox exclaims when he sees the cash. Tabitha turns to her troublesome daughter with an angry look.

The man with the knife has a great idea on how Noah can clear his debt and it has to do with the blonde. He will need her too in order for this to work. They all walk off together with the stranger in the lead.

Theresa pokes her nose where it isn’t wanted and then she walks off as Lady of the Manor. Gwen only finds Theresa to be Alistair’s latest bimbo in a long line of others and nothing more.

Ethan assures Gwen that there is nothing to be worried about as far as Gwen is concerned. He hugs his wife. He and Julian have to get back to work now to see what they can do for Eve’s case. Julian assures Rebecca that there is no way that he will let Eve go down for something that she didn’t do. He wants her to know that.

Whitney sees that her family wants her to stay but she has to leave, she has to leave forever.

Sheridan refuses to take the phone. She has nothing to say to him until he has Marty.

Ivy tells Luis that she can’t get Sheridan to the phone and then she hangs up assuring him that they will talk another time.

Ivy tells Sheridan that she knows that she loves Luis, so why does she do this to the man that she loves. Sheridan wishes that everyone would see her point of view for a change. She has to believe that her son will come home some day and that is the day when she will resume her relationship with Luis. She will just keep care of Mark until she can get her own son to join them. Then she will take care of both her boys. Ivy knows that Marty is a part of Sheridan but what about Luis? He is the love of her life. How can she just forget about him? No one will walk in the door and replace him.

The door opens and Chris walks in. Ivy and Sheridan turn to face his handsome face. His timing is impeccable.

Sheridan offers to help Chris if he needs something. He asks her to assist with something in his room. A light bulb has gone out. Sheridan introduces Ivy to Chris and then she leaves get a light bulb.

Ivy and Sheridan share pleasantries until Sheridan returns with the light bulb as promised. She likes that Chris has had a chance to meet someone else in town. He knows no one at all but Sheridan so far.

She has a light bulb with her that she hands to Chris to take to his room later. Ivy leaves now. Chris can see that something is upsetting Sheridan and asks her what it is. She says that she is missing someone very much and it breaks her heart to think of him. He asks her if this is about Marty. She turns a wrinkled brow to Chris. She asks him how he knows that she has a son called Marty.

The man with the knife has taken Fancy and Noah into the back of the bar and he orders them to wash and dry the dishes in the sink that he has back there. There are tons of them. Fancy will not do that. The man threatens that if they don’t do as they are told, there is going to be a lot of blood on the floor.

Gwen panics. Theresa seems to have a lot of pull in the house. She has just moved in and seems to be a force to be reckoned with everywhere that she goes. Rebecca and Gwen know that they can’t kick her out. Alistair has put his seal of approval on her, so messing with her is out of the question. Gwen knows that this could mean that she could lose Jane.

Whitney wants to know what is going on with the family. She sees that more is going on than just people being upset that she is leaving Harmony forever to live in a convent. Liz tells that Eve is wrapping TC around her finger again. Chad tells Whitney to forget about that. He only wants to talk about Whitney and her life. She will leave no matter what. She begs Chad to leave her alone.

Kay talks to Tabitha about meeting Fox and how she feels that he is the right one for her. Tabitha thinks that this is a mistake, but Kay thinks otherwise and will continue to do so. She walks off and goes over to Fox to kiss him.

Tabitha tells herself under her breath that the kids should enjoy their times alone and blissful as long as they can. Things are not going to be as easy as they think. In addition, Tabitha knows that their time together will be short-lived. Not everyone wants to see them together. Tabitha isn’t the only one in the town of Harmony that is against this relationship.

Ivy comes walking in the door, finding Fox and Kay standing holding Endora and Maria. “Well! What has been going on around here?” She is unhappy to see her son with Kay of all people. She warned her son not to go near Kay, but she sees her warnings have fallen on deaf ears.

Fox gives Endora to Tabitha and goes to see his mother who seems like she would like to talk to him. Ivy is clearly distressed over seeing her son with Kay holding two toddlers. Fox knows that his mother doesn’t like this and so he prepares himself for what she has to say.

She warns him about spending time with Kay again. She doesn’t wait to see why he is not listening to her, she just starts in right away. “She is trouble Fox. Please don’t get involved with her. I am telling you that this is a terrible mistake getting involved with that girl Fox. She is not for you.”

Kay comes over asking if there is trouble. She sees that Ivy is having a private talk with Fox and she wonders what the problem might be. By coming over, Kay has stopped all discussing with Ivy. Fox says that he was only considering where to take the children. Kay suggests the park. Fox and Kay run out of the room with Maria to prepare for a trip to the park.

Ivy is furious. She seems to have lost all control of her son because of Kay. Her worst fear is coming true. Fox is smitten with that girl and she with him. It is going to be next to impossible to stop them falling hard for one another now. They already seem so close. She goes after Fox and Kay out the door.

The man threatens to cause someone serious bodily damage if they don’t start doing the dishes now. Fancy decides that she will help after all. She really has no choice in the matter at this point. He leaves them to it. The place is a pigsty. It is hard to believe that dishes actually get clean after being washed here.

Fancy turns and sees something moving when she is ready to get to work. She jumps into Noah’s arms screaming from horror. Noah holds her and turns to the plate that she was frightened by. He sees nothing frightening, but then he sees something moving out of the corner of his eye.

He sees that it is a cockroach that she is afraid of. It is sitting on a plate eating leftovers from someone’s plate. It is truly disgusting. Noah buys the idea that the roach was the reason that Fancy got freaked out but it also could be and excuse for her to jump into his arms where he suspects she really wants to be.

Julian worries about Ethan. He sees that the boy is in between a rock and a hard place with Gwen and Theresa living in the same house. That as to be difficult. He wants Ethan to see things from her point of view as he is living out his life. Ethan tells Julian that he has been trying to be more compassionate to his wife but at times it is hard for him. That is not what Julian meant. He wants Ethan to be more compassionate to Theresa, not Gwen. Ethan sees what Julian is saying here. Julian leaves the room

Theresa is in Jane’s room with her children. “I love you two so much. I don’t know how Whitney is going to leave her child to join a convent. As children, we were always going to have children and be happy. How did our lives get so messed up?”

Ethan enters the room and sees the hurt in Theresa’s eyes. “What is the matter?” She hugs him. “Nothing is the matter Ethan. Nothing is the matter when I am in your arms.”

Simone understands her sister leaving. Whitney is glad that Simone can see things her way. Whitney gives her sister a necklace that TC’s gave to her. It is from his family. Simone promises to take good care of the necklace. One day, Simone promises to give it to her daughter. They hug.

Whitney goes to her Aunt Liz next. “I just want you to know how much you meant to me. Especially with my singing.” Liz knows that Whitney is a talented young woman. They hug.

Whitney turns next to her mother and hugs her.

She goes to her dad and hugs him.

Then she turns to Chad and the baby. Whitney looks into Chad’s eyes. He starts to tell her to stay but she won’t hear it. “Let me do this for my son. It is the only thing that I can give him.” Whitney leaves the house.

Chris tells Sheridan that he knows about Marty because he is a reporter and knows these things.

A baby sound comes from somewhere. Sheridan things that she is hearing Mark from somewhere in the B&B, and she turns to go and find him. Chris stops her from leaving the room. “I found this in the yard, and I brought it in. I was going to write my first article about the Tsunami and use it.”

Sheridan looks at the toy. she remembers that Marty had a toy like that. It brings back so much memories. Sheridan can’t help missing her baby so. She takes the stranger in her arms and holds him close because she hurts so much.

Sheridan apologizes for throwing herself at this stranger. He is fine with her upset. he tells that he too has a child that he hasn’t seen in a while. Sheridan asks why he hasn’t seen the boy.

Fox and Kay are in the living room and they realize that they don’t have any transportation to take the kids anywhere. Even if they had a couple of bikes, they could go out with the kids.

Endora zaps the closet. A noise is heard over there.

Fox goes to look and finds bikes inside. This is great. “Now if only we had a couple of helmets.”

Endora waves her chubby arm.

Helmets fall from the top of the closet on his head. “Hey! Where did that come from?”

Ivy and Tabitha are watching and they see that everything that they both don’t want to happen is happening.

Noah and Fancy get down to work. They start trying to wash the dishes but Fancy isn’t used to doing that. She breaks a dish.

The knife-wielding man shouts from the other room that if they break anything, they will have to pay for it!

TC and Eve are upset now that Whitney is gone to the convent forever. Simone reminds her parents that she is still there. They never remember her and that angers her. She walks off.

Liz comes over to TC and Eve. She reminds TC of the hurt that is in his life and how Eve is responsible for most of that. She sees that Simone is angry and she is sure that Simone will not be able to forgive her mother for the hurt that she is feeling. She walks out of the room.

Eve has to wonder how she and TC ended up this way. They are alone now.

Noah and Fancy do an excellent job of washing the dishes. Fancy feels that she has saved his hide again.

The man enters the washing room. “You did it! Now you have time to start on your next job. This is for you.” They all turn to face the door.

There is a mop and bucket there.

The bikes that Fox finds have attached baby seats and helmets. Tabitha lies saying that she was planning on bike riding with Kay and the kids at some point. He leaves to put the bikes outside.

Tabitha warns her child to behave herself while out with Fox and Kay.

Whitney is back at the convent. She looks at a picture of her baby. “This is your only chance for a normal life.”

Whitney goes to the convent door and knocks. A nun answers. Whitney tells how she has decided to live at the convent for the rest of her life.

Eve takes all the blame for what has happened to her girls. TC tells Eve that she is not lost. He wants her there. She looks into his eyes. He kisses her lips and she lets him.

Julian enters the Russell house and she sees TC and his fiancée hugging and kissing.

Rebecca tells Gwen to settle down about Theresa. “Don’t worry about her so much.”

Theresa stops hugging Ethan now. She says that it seems that everything is going to work out for her after all. “Still, without you Ethan, things are bound to fall apart, but will I be able to put it back together again?” She reaches for Ethan again and hugs him.

Chris tells Sheridan a bit about his son and how he has been carrying a piece of fabric from his shirt all this time to remember him by. He looks down at it. It is Grey with a bit of embroidery on it.

Sheridan leaves to put Mark to bed. She covers him and the bit of gray fabric that he has with him with the bit of embroidery on it. – top of 7

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