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By Glynis
Pictures by Amanda

Tabitha heads into her kitchen but sees that Fox and Kay are there. It is first thing in the morning and they are still kissing.

“Ahem…” Tabitha says. Tabitha enters the kitchen and Fox and Kay stop kissing. They were kicking up a ruckus all night. She mentions that she never got any sleep thanks to them.

Rebecca worries that Ethan and Julian didn’t believe her story of Eve being the one to try to kill Julian. She is alone in her room and getting scared of what might happen to her.

Rebecca takes a canister of booze out of her cleavage and unscrews it. She tells herself to keep her story straight or she will be going to jail for long time.

Gwen comes into her mother’s room and sees that she is shaking like a leaf. “Are you alright?”

Ethan is trying to get Eve off the charges and saved from prison. Julian lost Eve once and he can’t lose her again.

TC and Eve are at Chad’s and they find out that Whitney has gone to join a convent. TC and Eve rush to the door to go and get their daughter.

Simone is at the doorway telling her parents that they should let Whitney go. “We are all better without Whitney.”

Whitney and Theresa are at the convent now. The nun hears that Whitney would like to join and wonders why.

The door opens and Whitney enters.

Theresa walks off to wait and see what the nuns will do with Whitney and if they will accept her or not.

Whitney has to admit that there is no turning back now.

Ivy is looking for Noah and she gets on her cell phone to try to find him.

Noah is at the bar trying to win a pool game against a guy that could easily kill him if he loses. He makes a shot that is bad on purpose giving the opponent the idea that he did that on purpose.

Tiny comes to the table now. He is a really good player and he sinks every shot to prove it.

The man that is bankrolling Noah’s game reminds him that he better win this game or he is going to lose, and lose big. The man takes out his knife and shows it to Noah to remind him of how he will die if things don’t go well.

Fancy gets a call from someone that has been able to find Noah. He is at a roadside bar. She will go there and find Noah for herself. She has her dog Christine with her and she will go there with him to bring Noah back to his family.

Noah watches as well as the rest of the bar as Tiny puts a beating on him, like no one has ever in a pool game.

The man who bankrolls Noah’s game worries that Noah really has no plan here and is going to lose the game and all his money.

Tiny keeps making all his pool shots easily.

Rebecca tells Gwen that she is fine and that nothing is wrong with her. Rebecca takes a drink from her canister. Gwen reminds her mother that they are going to the spa later. Rebecca really doesn’t feel like going today. Gwen knows that her mother loves the spa. “That is your favorite place in the world. What is wrong? Have you done something wrong?”

Ethan needs to find some reasonable doubt to save Eve but the way that things look right now, Eve will be going down. “The DA will rip Julian to shreds on the stand. You will have to admit that Eve hated you at the time of this incident.” Julian doesn’t care what the court system tries to do to Eve. He will fight this.

Eve is glad to see her daughter home now. Simone isn’t glad to see them. Eve asks if the airport is open now. Simone says that it is and that is how she got home just now. She has a bump on her head. She says that she just bumped it and that nothing more happened to her. TC tells Simone that she is lying about just having come home. TC knows that she wasn’t out of town where she should have been. She was in her bed the night before. He saw her there sleeping. Eve asks Simone where it was that she has been all this time

Theresa enters the convent with Whitney to see if the convent will accept her application and let her be a nun.

The Mother Superior comes in to see what Whitney wants from the convent. Whitney tells that she slept with her half-brother and that is why she wants to join the convent. “That is why I want to be a nun here. It can’t never happen again and this is my way to stop my behavior.” The sister makes the sign of the cross on her chest and head and then sits at her desk heavily.

Kay can’t take her eyes off Fox who is in the other room now with the kids. Tabitha has to say that she is really surprised at Kay’s behavior. “I am just worried about you dear. Do you know where this is all going to end? Is he your night in shining armor?” Kay only knows that Fox is great with kids and he loves Maria and Endora.

Fox is over in the living room playing with Endora and Fox.

Tabitha wonders to herself if Fox will ever find out that Endora is his half-sister. She sure hopes not.

Simone admits to pretending to be in California. She knew that her parents wouldn’t know the difference anyway. She knows that her parents don’t have time for her anymore. “Whitney gets all the attention. First it was her tennis career, then her singing career.” Simone learns from her parents that they are not together anymore and that makes her even more upset. She wants an explanation but the family will explain later. That is not the main issue here. Simone’s main problem is that Whitney gets all her family’s love, attention and time and she gets nothing. “I thought that I would be doing you a favor by going away so that you would have more time for your precious Whitney. I am the second rate, second class daughter.”

The Mother Superior gets the full story of how Whitney slept with her half-brother. She still loves her brother and admits to it freely. “I was alone with him during the Tsunami and we slept together again. If I had the chance, I know that I would do this again. That is why I have to become a nun and live here forever." The Mother Superior tells Whitney that she can’t come to the convent and hide from her life’s problems. Whitney panics. “If I can’t come here then where can I go to keep away from my brother?”

Julian knows that his testimony will be a problem but what if they can get around that? Ethan decides that he will have to find a way to poke holes in the case. “The same poison that was used to try to kill Alistair, was also used to try to kill Liz. Rebecca is keeping something from this story. Still, the real problem is Liz. From what I can see, Rebecca poisoned Liz, or Liz poisoned herself. Which is the more likely story? Why would Rebecca try to poison Liz though? If I can find some of the answers that I need, we might be able to win this.”

Gwen worries that Rebecca is worried about the tabloid information getting out because she knows something that Gwen doesn't. Rebecca tells Gwen that information isn’t going to come out. “That secret is safe.” Gwen worries that there might be more secrets. Gwen wants to help her mother for a change if there is something that she needs advice with. Rebecca tells that she said that she was in the church basement when Eve poisoned Liz, but that might not be the total truth. “There is more. Liz lied. She didn’t see Eve try to poison anyone. I actually meant to poison Eve so that I could have Julian all to myself.”

TC admits that he was trying to make a tennis pro of Whitney and he did spend a lot of time with Whitney back then. Eve too did work at the hospital a lot to save the sick and in the process ignored her daughter. Chad tells Simone that Whitney has a lot on her plate right now and that she should give her sister some slack. ***“Fox isn’t the father of Miles, I am.”

The Mother Superior tells Whitney that she can stay at the convent with them but she can’t be a nun for now. The Mother Superior says that Whitney should go back to Harmony and say her good-byes to everyone. “Make peace with those that you have to and then you are welcomed back here.” The Mother Superior leaves the room.

Whitney turns to Theresa. “I will do as the Mother Superior has asked me to but then I will return her and live out my life.”

Noah and Tiny are playing their pool game.

It is his last chance to win the game. If Noah can sink the last few balls on the table then he wins all the money and the man that bankrolled the game can get his cash back.

While Noah is setting up to play, Fancy walks into the bar. She takes off her sunglasses and looks around to see if Noah is in fact there as she was told.

Tabitha and Endora are playing in the kitchen. Endora is happy as a lark. That is probably from spending time with her brother Fox.

Fox and Kay are talking about Chad really being Miles’s father. Tabitha comes out of the kitchen and hears what the kids are talking about. She pretends not to have known anything about that. Fox and Kay start talking about their time together. Endora zaps a bowl of cereal on Kay’s lap to stop the smooching over there.

Ethan and Julian end up talking about Rebecca’s sex capades when they try to pull her personality apart to understand what type of person she really is.

She loves to dress up and play sex games and Julian remembers them all.

Julian needs to show what kind of person Rebecca really is. He will do it even if it brings the law down on him.

Simone can't believe what Chad has told her. Whitney causes a lot of trouble in life and she continues to do so. Simone is over all that now, more than ever. Simone wants to go and meet some friends now. TC and Eve demand to know what kind of friends Simone is off to see today. She will not tell them anything.

Whitney and Theresa are driving back to Harmony. They discuss what happened to Theresa in the Tsunami. “Ethan was with me after I was hurt and he took care of me and then took me to the hospital. Gwen freaked out when she realized that Ethan was with me. Then Alistair told me that he was going to get my baby and Ethan back. I am going to get my baby and Ethan back and then I will have everything.”

Gwen listens as her mother confesses to wanting to kill Eve. She did that because blackmailing Julian wasn’t working. “Eve will have to go to jail forever now and I will get to stay with Julian as Mrs. Crane and I will be able to keep everything that I have including Julian. Eve will be out of the picture, so there will be no reason for Julian to divorce me now will there? He can’t marry at woman that is doing hard time for 3 attempted murders. Eve will lose Julian and he will remain with me and we will not have to split any of our shared community property. Things will go on as always. That is the way that I want it.” Gwen is horrified at the way that her mother’s mind works. She knows that things are not always so cut and dried as she puts it. This is going to be a lot more difficult for her mother to pull of than she thinks.

Theresa and Whitney continue their discussion. Whitney knows that what she did is bad, but what Theresa is doing is dangerous.

Ethan will try to get Rebecca to answer some follow-up questions to get to the bottom of what is really going on here with Eve’s case.

Rebecca just wants Eve to go to jail and get out of her way. Gwen knows that Ethan is a brilliant lawyer and he will find out what her mother did. Rebecca is sure that Ethan and Julian will never find out about her plan.

Fancy goes over to the bar and orders, “Sex on the Beach.” The place is a dump and gives Fancy a cheap beer to drink.

The bankroller for Noah tells him to make this shot and they will have it made.

Tiny tells Noah that he can’t make this shot. Noah gets ready to hit the ball.

Fancy sees Noah and she heads over to see him as she hugs her little dog closely to her breast. “Look Christine. It is Noah! Hi Noah!” She trips and falls on Noah’s back. He falls forward and the balls on the table go flying in all directions. Noah turns and finds Fancy behind him. “Fancy!”

Fox thanks Kay for helping him to start his day off right. He tells her that the night before was delightful.

Tabitha and Endora are in the kitchen and she hates that Fox and Kay are getting along so well. “Tabitha hates that Fox and Kay are getting along so well. It is time to get a little magic involved in this.

Rebecca is talking to her daughter about what she did when it occurs to her that Julian and Ethan are in the doorway listening to her talk about her part in the poisonings.

Whitney and Ethan are at the Bennetts’. Theresa hugs her friend and tells her that she should really be sure about her decision to go to the convent.

Whitney enters the house. Her whole family is there and they run to her to greet her. Eve tells her daughter that they are so glad that she has decided to stay home. They knew that she would reconsider and not go to the convent. Whitney stays silent. She has to give them the bad news. She is in fact going to the convent and is about to reveal that to them.

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