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By Glynis
Pictures by Amanda

Sam and Ivy are at his house and they find a note from Noah who has left town.

Fancy walks into the Bennett house dressed like the rich, spoiled brat that she is. “Hi all! I have come over to see Noah.”

Noah enters a dive hoping the play some pool or hang out.

A man grabs Noah and holds him in a chokehold, putting a knife to his neck. “Noah Crane. I can’t believe that you would show your face in here again.”

Sheridan and Gwen are out getting papers for Sheridan to look about getting the adoption papers for Mark. Gwen tells that Theresa has moved into the mansion and she wants Ethan and Jane. She will not stop until she gets them.

Ethan is working on Eve’s case for him. Rebecca doubts that Eve can be saved. “She is guilty as sin.”

TC and Eve are together in her office. They discuss Whitney saying that she is joining a convent. TC reveals that he knows about the baby and that Fox isn't the child’s father. Eve is so relieved that he knows now. TC is upset that Eve didn’t tell him this from the very beginning. “Why didn’t you?”

Liz hears them talking and she answers for Eve. “Oh of course she didn’t tell you the truth. She is nothing but a lying whore.”

Whitney is talking with her friend Theresa and telling her about her plans for the future.

Theresa misunderstands what Whitney is telling her and thinks that her friend is going to kill herself. Whitney says that she wants to end life as she knows it but not by killing herself. She wants to join a convent. “I went over to Chad’s during the storm and I ended up sleeping with him. I thought that the world was coming to an end. I wanted Chad to know how I felt about him. So we slept together. You know what? I liked it. I love him. I know that it is sick and twisted and that is why I have to go to this convent. I can’t be alone with Chad ever again.”

Chad walks into the Book Café with baby Miles.

Theresa sees him first.

Whitney turns and her eyes lock with Chad’s. He smiles at her.

Julian is angry that Rebecca is trying to say that Eve is guilty of attempted murder. He knows that has to be a lie.

Liz can’t understand how TC can still love Eve when she lied to him repeatedly. Liz tells Eve that TC loves her and that she is totally honest with him. Eve says that she only kept her daughter’s confidence and wasn’t intentionally lying to anyone. A test was done and that was how Eve knew that Fox wasn’t the parent of that child. “I begged Whitney to tell the truth but she wouldn’t do it.” Eve sees that Liz shouldn’t be throwing stones here. She has more secrets and has told more lies than anyone. “You apparently seem to have kept a deep dark secret yourself about Julian all these years, if what you say about him can be believed.” Liz wonders if Eve is still lying who knows the truth about Fox not being the Miles’s father. It seems that Eve has told everyone the secret except TC. Eve admits that she is keeping another secret. Someone else did know the truth.

Sheridan tells Gwen that she shouldn’t worry so much about Theresa. She has changed a lot over this Ethan issue. Gwen asks about Luis. Sheridan says that Luis is still hot on the trail of their child. Sheridan will not let Luis back into her heart unless he has their child with him. Sheridan is concentrating on getting Mark now. Gwen wonders if Sheridan will be able to take care of another child that isn’t her own. Sheridan feels that Gwen should know the answer to that more than anyone. “You are looking after Jane. Do you really love her or are you pretending for Ethan’s sake?”

Fancy ass again about Noah. Sam, Ivy and Jessica are before Fancy. Sam says that Noah has left town. “Do you know anything about that Fancy?”

The man holding Noah in a chokehold demands that he gets all the money that Noah owes him by tonight or he will not live to see another day.

The man still has his knife on Noah and he removes it when Noah tells him that they can score big by doing something else and they can even get more money than ever. The man releases Noah. “Talk fast. This better be good.” Noah will have to think up something good or his butt will be grass.

Sam is suspicious of Fancy and what she knows about his son running off. “Are you sure that you don’t know why Noah left town the way that he did?”

Chad comes over to Whitney and Theresa. He wants to talk to her about their son. Theresa sees that Whitney has been revealing all about Miles. Fox knows the truth now too but he is starting to accept things and he will be fine. Whitney doesn’t want to hear Chad discuss their future. He wants to be with Whitney and their child. Whitney will have nothing to do with this. “I am leaving Harmony forever. I am joining a convent and I am never coming back here.”

Ethan asks Rebecca about the attempted murder in the church basement. Rebecca says that she heard a commotion in the basement. “I got down there as Liz collapsed.”

Julian remembers that Eve recalled that Rebecca was in the church basement when the poison was supposedly administered to Julian’s drink. Rebecca was rambling on and on about something unimportant when it suddenly came to Eve’s mind that Rebecca was in interesting places as well in order for her to be saying so much. The accuser actually was in the wrong place at the wrong time here. The accuser, who says that she saw Eve put the poison in Julian’s drink, could easily be the person at fault here. There was no one else there to say what was what. Rebecca’s word is all that they have here. Julian’s gives no credence to anything that Rebecca says. He has been with her for a long time and he knows what a desperate liar she can be at any time.

Ethan sees that Rebecca is assuming a lot here about what really happened. She has to be. It was like she was a fly on the wall when all this occurred. How could she have been so close? She must be hiding something. Ethan is skeptical about what he writes down about what she says. There are a lot of loopholes in her story. She is so positive that she saw so much. Her story is really sounding strange. It absolutely makes Eve the

Rebecca quietly remembers poisoning the drink herself.

She gets that guilty look on her face. Ethan can tell that she is hiding something. So can Julian. “Rebecca. What are you hiding here? Do tell!” Rebecca rolls her eyes.

Julian hopes that Rebecca is not fabricating stories here. She tells him to settle down if he wants her signature on the divorce papers. He knows that any court that hears about Rebecca and her donkey will not listen to anything that she says.

Eve admits that Theresa knew about the baby, and then later Eve told Julian about the baby. TC feels slighted by Eve. Liz loves this. “See! She is still the same lying whore that you divorced.”

Whitney wants Theresa to come with her and get away from Chad. Chad has a lot of questions. Whitney leaves telling Theresa that she will meet her in the car. Whitney leaves.

Chad wants Theresa to help him with this. Theresa tells Chad that Whitney seems to have made up her mind here. She leaves.

Chad tells his baby that he hopes that they can persuade Whitney to stay with them.

Fancy is short with Sam, and Ivy tells her to stop it. Ivy knows that it was Fancy’s interference that has caused the Bennetts so much trouble. Sam and Jessica go off to figure out how to get Noah back home.

Ivy asks Fancy what she is doing in the Bennett house. “I know that you promised Alistair that you wouldn’t see Noah anymore or he would be hurt. I heard you talking to Alistair. Don’t you see that you have put Noah’s life in danger by coming here?” Fancy knows that if there is trouble, Noah has no trouble finding it himself.

Noah and his old friend work on a scam. Noah says that he can scam a guy that they both know named ‘Tiny’.

They both look over to the pool table where Tiny is playing pool. If Noah is caught running a scam on Tiny, the man will be back in prison where he came from for murder… Noah’s murder.

Sheridan shows the worker at the adoption agency her paperwork and he looks at it. He immediately closes the file and tells Sheridan to leave. “I can’t help you.”

Sheridan tries again to get the man to look at her application. Sheridan starts getting angry but Gwen steps in and gives Sheridan’s name. The man got it wrong the first time. He tells Sheridan that her application to adopt Mark has been approved.

Ivy and Fancy argue in the corner of the Bennett kitchen. She sees that Noah is gone and that once again Fancy is behind it. “All that you do Fancy is cause pain to people.”

Sam and Jessica are at the other end of the kitchen trying to phone Noah. Sam says that Noah’s phone must be off. He can’t get through to him.

Noah hears his phone ringing and looks down to see that his father is trying to reach him. He will not answer that call.

Noah turns to his cohort and they put together a plan to beat Tiny at pool. Noah feels that he should do something like pretend that he is drunk and angry. The man with Noah offers to bankroll Noah’s plan. “You better win or I will cut you up.”

Noah is alone now. He needs traveling money to get out of town so he will just have to take his chances with this Tiny guy and hope for the best.

There is a commotion over where Tiny is playing pool. Noah looks over there and sees that Tiny is angry. The man is about 7 feet tall and maybe 250 healthy pounds of sturdy frame. Someone has upset Tiny and the rest of the bar stops what they are doing to see what is going to become of this poor smuck who has gotten on the wrong side of Tiny. Tiny drops his pool cue and grabs the man that has offended him. The poor fool isn’t even half the height or weight of Tiny. Tiny picks him up easily with both hands holding the man’s collar. Tiny slams the man down on the pool table. The man lands hard on his back. Tiny moves his head closer to the offender and shouts at him. This man is going to get a beating like he has never experienced before.

Theresa and Whitney are in Theresa’s car and Theresa tells Whitney that she can still be with Chad and Miles. “All you would need is someone to always be there. That way nothing will ever happen between you and Chad. You seem to be punishing yourself for being in love.” Whitney wants to be punished. “I have to stay away from Chad so that I will not be tempted again.”

Eve tells TC that she told Julian the truth because he was there and she needed to talk to someone that wasn’t angry with her like TC was. Liz believes nothing that Eve says. Eve asks Liz to tell about the story that she told about Julian asking her to be his wife. TC tells the women to stop arguing. He moves to Eve and thanks her for being there for Whitney when she needed her mother. He hugs Eve as a horrified Liz watches.

Fancy feels that Noah will come back. “He can’t be gone.” Jessica and Sam were getting used to having their bother and son around. Ivy sees that Fancy has done some real damage here.

Noah starts pretending to drink irresponsibly.

He then staggers around the bar pretending to be drunk and wanting to play pool for money.

Noah’s friend watches from the sidelines. Noah is putting up a pretty good show.

Noah goes to some guy that is sitting around and he asks the guy to play a game with him.

Tiny sees this as an excellent opportunity for him to get some easy money off a drunk Noah Bennett. He pushes the other man out of the way.

“Hey Noah! How about playing me a game of pool eh?” Noah agrees to that.

Before settling in to play, Noah shouts to the entire bar that the next round of drinks is on him. Everyone loves that kind of announcement. The entire room starts chanting. “No ah! No ah! No ah!” Noah smiles a fake smile that he hopes shows him to be a drunk ready to lose all his cash in a poorly played game of pool.

Sam and Jessica head to the other room to call for Noah again. Jessica tells Fancy that it was nice meeting her and that they should go shopping some time. Fancy tells her sure. They leave the kitchen.

Fancy can see that her actions have ruined everything for Noah and his family.

Ivy confirms that fact.

Fancy turns to her little dog that she carries with her. “Come on Christine. Let’s go. We have to find Noah.”

All the money it piled up on the bar. Noah has to make this next shot or he is going to be dead meat.

Ethan tries to get more out of Rebecca, but she will not cooperate. She leaves the room giggling.

Ethan can’t shake the feeling that Rebecca is hiding something.

As the men talk, Rebecca sneaks back to the doorway of the living room and listens to Ethan and Julian talk.

Rebecca tells herself that she will make sure that Eve goes down for this. “Too bad as I was the one that poisoned Julian’s drink.”

Julian turns to the doorway and sees a very happy Rebecca smiling back at him like she has a dirty little secret.

TC tells Liz that he should still be with Eve. “If I had honored our wedding vows Liz, I would still be with my wife.”

The door opens and Chad comes in with the baby. He apologizes to TC and Eve for making love with Whitney again. He tried to stop her from leaving town, but she left. “She is on her way to a convent where she plans to live out the rest of her life.”

Whitney comes to the door of the convent and Theresa follows. Whitney knocks on the door.

A nun answers the door. Whitney tells her that she is Whitney Russell and that she is there to join the convent.

Sheridan has all her hopes and dreams answered as far as Mark is concerned. She is told that she can pick up her new adopted child. Sheridan runs off to get Mark.

While Sheridan is gone, Gwen hopes that Sheridan isn’t hurt anymore now that she has this child. She hopes that Sheridan will actually get to keep the child.

Sheridan is with the administrator, signing the final papers for possession of her child. She has no idea that she is being watched, but there is someone in a dark room nearby who watches Sheridan closely as she smiles and bounces Mark on her knee. Her prayers have been answered.

She is finished her dealings with the workers at the adoption agency. Now she proudly trots out of the agency with Mark on her knee and the biggest smile that a woman could wear. She has become the proud, new mother for Mark.

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