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By Glynis
Pictures by Amanda

Whitney is feeling sorry for everything that is wrong in her life and the life of those around her. She begs God to please help her. “I am going to pay for my sins, and I know how to do it.”

Liz has just been told that her fiancé is still in love with Eve. TC is sorry that he has to hurt Liz like this. Liz gets angry. “Eve lied to you the entire time that you were with her. She had a baby with Julian Crane. She tried to murder me, so how could you still be in love with her?” TC doesn’t believe that Eve could murder anyone. “This is the first woman that I have ever loved. Eve is a good woman.” Liz is hysterical now. “ Eve is not a good woman. She is evil. You and Julian are out of your minds.” TC has to be honest here. “I still love Eve and I want her back”.

There is a thunderstorm raging outside. Julian and Eve beg Ethan to please take Eve’s case. Ethan would like to help but he has problems of his own. “Gwen and I have to leave Harmony. Theresa is living in the house now, and that is causing us trouble. We can’t live with Theresa.” Julian offers to hire a bodyguard to keep Theresa from Ethan and Gwen. “I will do anything. Anything that you need. Just please stay in Harmony so that we can use you to help use with Eve’s case.”

Theresa is in Jane’s room with both her children.

Theresa thinks that soon she will have Ethan and then she will have everything that she has ever wanted.

Tabitha and Endora are in the house wondering what Kay is up to. “She just may forget to keep our secret and tell Fox everything about how we are both witches. “Everyone will find out about us. We can’t have that. We have to watch her carefully.”

Tabitha goes to the big blue pot, but it is full of bananas from Tabitha trying to hide what was in the pot from Fox earlier. She pretended to be making banana soup to muddle the view that the big blue pot would have been sure to reveal to Fox had he looked into it when it was operating properly. “Endora could you please clean up this pot?”

Endora zaps the pot and it is immediately clean and Tabitha can see into it again clear as day. “I wonder where Kay is going with Fox…” Tabitha wonders out loud.

Kay takes Fox to the attic. There are a lot of strange things up there. Kay warns Fox not to touch anything up there in Tabitha’s attic. “Something might jump out at you.”

A bat flies at them from somewhere and they duck to avoid it.

Alistair is with Fancy and he warns her that he will help Fancy if she ever needs him, but he will not help Noah with anything. Fancy says that Noah means nothing to her. She says that she doesn’t even care if her grandfather sends out a couple of goons to finish Noah off.

Noah is in the house alone wondering what is going to happen next in his life. Should he stay in Harmony or should he go?

Sam comes into the kitchen and connects with his son. “I am so glad that you are staying in Harmony now. We can be a real family again.” Sam grabs his boy and hugs him heartily. Noah worries about his dad’s expectations of having him in the family and at home. He had plans to get out of town to spare the family anymore troubles from the killers in Las Vegas.

A man has come into the B&B where Sheridan is cleaning up. The man is a stranger to this part of the world.

The man is from South Africa. He needs a room. She has one for him. He tells her that he has no idea how long he will be staying there. “That all depends on what I find here.”

Alistair warns Fancy to stay away from Noah. “His whole family is beneath you. Sam has been trouble to me for years. He is nothing but a troublemaker. Fancy you are a beautiful woman and one day you will meet the right man who is the right breed.”

Ivy is walking past the study and she hears Fancy talk about Noah as if she can’t stand him.

Sam and Noah discuss where they were when the earthquake hit.

Noah remembers the earth opening and almost swallowing Fancy…

…running from the thugs from Las Vegas who wanted to kill he and Fancy…

…being in the wine shop with Fancy…

Sam is worried that Noah might be attracted to Fancy. Sam just doesn’t like that girl. She is nothing but trouble. Noah denies that he is attracted to Fancy. There used to be another girl that Noah was smitten with but that is long over now. Sam remembers her. Noah says that she is long gone.

Tabitha has found Fox and Kay in her big blue pot. “They are in my attic? Well of all the nerve!”

In the attic, Fox and Kay are ducking the flying bat that is in the attic. Fox isn’t sure that this is the right place for them to be alone. It surely isn’t romantic. There is a bed there but the attic is really an eerie place. They get back to business anyway. Kay interrupts the kissing wondering if they should be connecting this soon after having both their hearts broken. Fox knows that it is too soon but he wants to do this anyway. They start kissing and he leads her over to the daybed. Fox climbs on top of her, still kissing her.

Then something drops from the ceiling. It is a skeleton that seems to have come from nowhere and has fallen on them as they start making out. Kay screams when she sees the bones falling on them. Fox turns and sees what frightens Kay.

Tabitha laughs. “That will teach them…” she chuckles into the big blue pot as she watches Fox and Kay struggle to escape the skeleton.

Liz is dying inside. “The sister that I adored as a child, the one that betrayed me repeatedly is the one that you really love?” TC tries to make Liz calm down. She can’t. “I can’t calm down.” Liz takes off her ring and throws it at TC’s feet. “You and Eve are both going to pay for this.” Liz marches off. TC calls to her but she is long gone.

The front door opens and Whitney enters the house. TC goes to his daughter. “Whitney. What is the matter? You look so upset.” Whitney goes to her father and hugs him. “There is so much that I have to tell you daddy.”

Fox and Kay are creeped out by the attic now. Fox feels like he is in a haunted house. Kay says that the house is just unusual. “Tabitha just collects weird things. We have to just ignore all this unless… You think that we are getting some kind of spiritual message that we shouldn’t be getting involved.” Fox ponders that idea for a moment.

At that moment, a stuffed cougar’s head swings out from the wall and falls straight at Fox and Kay. They both scream and decide that it is time for them to get out of there.

They head to the door to leave but the door is locked. They can’t get out.

Fancy has finished talking to Alistair now and she leaves the study.

Her mother is out there waiting for her. “I want to talk to you Fancy. I want to talk to you about Noah Bennett.”

Noah tries to see what things are really like for his father at the house. He wants to be sure that his leaving will not make his father sad. “Dad, do you think that mom will ever come back?” Sam says that he is sure that Grace isn’t coming back.

Sheridan is with the handsome stranger in the B&B. He offers her a credit card that looks spanking new. The man tells that he is a reporter who will be staying for a while. The man says that his name is Chris. Sheridan introduces herself to the man. The storm rages around them as they talk. Chris says that if the girls in town are as pretty as Sheridan, then he might have to stay for quite a while indeed. She is ready to take Chris to his room now and she stoops to pick up the one bag that he has with him. The case has the initials, “MJR” on it. Sheridan finds that funny. “’MJR’? That can’t be your initials Chris.” The man says nothing to her as she waits for an explanation.

Theresa has her daydream all about Ethan and how eventually she knows that he will be happy about her having come to live in the mansion. He would tell her that he loves her and only her and they would have the family that they always wanted.

Theresa can hardly wait for her dreams to come true.

Ethan and Gwen decide that they will stay in the house and help Eve with her case. Julian will be eternally grateful. Ethan will find out what the DA’s office has on EVE. She hugs him for this. Julian and Eve thank Ethan and Gwen and then they leave the room.

Gwen knows that Ethan wants to help Julian and Eve but she isn’t sure that she can stay in the house with Theresa constantly lurking about and making their lives hell.

Liz is having a tantrum now that she has been rejected. She is furious. After all the things that Eve has done to TC, he still wants her back. Liz was on the verge of happiness with TC, and now this. She gets nothing. No wedding, no husband and no family. She is destroying the kitchen. “She thinks that she is going to take my man from me? I don’t think so Eve. You are going down. You are going down for the rest of your life!”

Whitney sits with her father and tells him that she is a sinner and has terrible things to tell him that he will not want to hear. TC knows that Whitney didn’t know that Chad was her brother when she went to bed with him so long ago. He has already come to terms with all that. What could be worse than that? Whitney tells that she knew though that she was sleeping with her brother when she did it the night before. TC shows his disappointment. His first instinct is to rush over to Chad’s place and beat him senseless, but Whitney makes him understand that she wanted that to happen too. “Now I have to leave Harmony forever. I can’t face the people out here and so I need to leave. I can’t stay away from Chad dad, but that is not the worst of it. I need to tell you the truth about Fox. Fox isn’t the baby’s father daddy like I had everyone think.” TC is really confused now. If he is not the father then who is? Whitney confesses. “Chad is Miles’s father. I was trying to keep the secret but people have found out and so this will not be a secret much longer. Soon everyone will know about Miles.” TC rolls his eyes. He looks like he is about to throw up.

Tabitha is happy to see that Fox and Kay are in the process of leaving the attic. She certainly doesn’t want them doing any funny stuff in her attic. “The door seems to be locked and they can’t get out. Endora! You are keeping them in there aren’t you? You little dickens. Who would have ever thought that I would give birth to such a romantic little witch with such thoughtful ideas?”

Fox and Kay are in the attic unable to get out. Kay is really jumpy now. Fox tells her that she has nothing to worry about. “I am here.”

Endora zaps!

Music plays in the attic.

Tabitha comes to her little daughter laughing at her thoughtful ness.

Up in the attic, Fox and Kay hear the music and have no idea where it is coming from, but they relax and enjoy it anyway, swaying in each other’s arms.

Ivy tells Fancy that she is upset that she is not treating Noah right. Ivy tells that Noah is going to leave town, and that he can be stopped if Fancy asks Alistair to do so. Ivy will force Fancy to do this. “Now you get in there and get your grandfather to help Noah as he has been helping you.”

Sam and Noah talk over beer. Sam offers to build a place for Noah in the house so that the can have a place of his own. Noah is fine with his own room. Noah says that he will get a job and set up his life so that when he meets that special someone he will be ready for her.

Chris can see that Sheridan is suspicious of him. he tells that the case that he has with the different initials to his name belongs to someone else. Sheridan hopes that the power doesn’t go out because of the storm. Thunder claps loudly all around the B&B. Chris says that it might be fun to be caught in the dark with such a lovely young woman like her.

Fox and Kay and kissing again and listening to the mystery music. He gets his shirt off and he climbs on the daybed with Kay.

Theresa tells herself that she will be a family with Ethan and it is going to happen sooner than she thought.

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