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By Glynis
Pictures by Amanda

Eve tells Julian that she can’t leave him or her family to go to prison. Julian will do something. Her attorney isn’t able to help more than this. He wants to plead her out or she will be in prison until she is an old woman.

TC is alone looking at a picture of Liz.

In his mind, he wishes that he were looking at a picture of Eve.

During the Tsunami, TC asked Eve to tell him that she knows that they should be together.

Liz comes into the house with books. “I have been making plans for our wedding.

Tabitha tells Endora that it is time for bed. She and Endora have bananas before bed. “We need our rest. We have created all sorts of trouble in town haven’t we? I wonder what Kay is doing?”

Tabitha goes to the window and sees Fox and Kay smiling at each other in the Bennett yard.

Fox and Kay discuss their lives. Fox tells how he has learned that Miles isn’t really his. Kay learned that Miguel is never going to love her. He likes her and she likes him. That is progress. Fox wonders what happens between them now.

Out in the park, Sheridan sits alone and thinks to herself. “Marty is gone, Luis is gone and now Mark. I have nothing to live for. Nothing at all. What am I going to do?”

At the Bennetts’ Sam and Ivy are cleaning the house when Noah enters. Sam hugs his boy and tells him that everyone is fine and now he is too. “Jessica is here too,” Sam proudly tells his son. Ivy asks about Fancy. Noah tells that he was with her during the disaster and that she is home now. “Crane Security brought her home.” Ivy was worried about her. Noah can tell. Ivy asks if Crane Security brought him home as well. Noah tells that the man that picked up Fancy said that he could only take Fancy as that was Alistair’s orders to him. Ivy finds that typical of Fancy not to insist that Noah be taken too.

Fancy is home now outside her house. She dismisses the man that brought her home. He tells her where he will be if she needs anymore assistance.

Fancy hopes that Noah made it home safely too.

Theresa is being brought into the house by Alistair. Ethan and Gwen hate that idea. Theresa is going to move in there. Theresa decides that she will go and see her baby now. Gwen tells Theresa that she will not be going to see that baby. Theresa tells Gwen that she lives in the house now and that Jane is her daughter and there is not a damn thing that Gwen will be able to do about it.

Sam is happy that Noah is safe. He heads upstairs to get Jessica.

Ivy is angry still that Fancy didn’t make sure that Noah was brought with her when she was rescued. Ivy touches Noah’s arm but he flinches. She wonders what happened to him.

Noah remembers that he was electrocuted there when the live wire hit the water he was swimming in. Fancy insisted on going home and so Noah offered to help her get out of there and that was the only reason why he was in the water and got electrocuted.

Ivy wonders if Fancy is responsible for Noah being hurt. He assures her that the accident was totally his fault. Ivy says that Fancy is someone that causes a lot of trouble to everyone else. “She is like the character ‘Daisy’ in THE GREAT GATSBY. Everyone gets hurt around her and nothing ever happens to her. Take my advice Noah and stay away from Fancy.”

Fancy is out in front of her house and she sees a flower. She picks it and has memories.

She remembers being in Las Vegas with Noah…

…Kissing Noah…

…Living out their fantasies in the department store with Noah and then finally…

…Finding the letter that showed that he was promised to someone else, and wasn’t available, although he pretended that he was.

Fancy wonders why it is that she always gets the wrong guy.

Theresa and Gwen have an argument. Alistair stops it and walks Theresa into the house, past Ethan and Gwen.

Gwen says that this is just great. “I told you that this would happen Ethan but you wouldn’t believe me. Now she is just going to waltz in here and take over.”

Alistair and Theresa hear Gwen talking to Ethan. Theresa thinks to herself, “… From your lips… To God’s ears…”

Tabitha wants to now what is happening with Fox and Kay. She gets the big blue pot.

Fox and Kay are talking and he has a question for her. “Now that we like each other, what do we do?” She isn’t sure. He thinks that they are smart, so maybe they should go their separate ways and lick their wounds. She has to agree that they are adults and should probably take time for themselves to get past the hurt and the pain of their past relationships before delving into another. Kay says that two people on the rebound trying to get together is a recipe for disaster. Fox has to agree. This way they will be avoiding disaster. Fox rises and shakes Kay’s hand like a good friend. “Good luck to you Kay Bennett.” She wishes him good luck too. The friendship thing isn’t working too well for them. They kiss.

The attorney tells how the trial will go if they try to fight Eve’s case. Julian wants a lawyer to fight for Eve not the coward before him. “I will tell you how it is sir. Get out of here. I will find better advice from a better lawyer. Get out! You are fired!”

Liz wants to pick a date to get married. “I am thinking mid-October…” TC cuts Liz off. “I need to talk to you. Please listen to me a minute.” Liz sees that TC sounds serious. TC says that the wedding should … “Well… I think that we should just slow down a bit with things Liz.”

Sheridan can see that it is going to start raining soon. She will have to leave the park bench now. “You have to move on Sheridan and take charge of your life,” she tells herself. “When Luis returns with Marty, I will have to be ready to take care of him and Mark as well. I have to start my new life.”

Ivy hopes that she didn’t sound too harsh when she talked about Fancy earlier. “It is just that Fancy has been trouble since the day that she was born.” Noah tells Ivy that she shouldn’t worry about him getting together with Fancy. Fancy takes the wind out of him. “Don’t worry. Fancy and I will never get together.” Ivy is relieved. “You seem like a really nice young man. You are caring and kind and you remind me a lot of your father.” Noah sees that she is getting sad. “I know that you have a history with my dad and care for him,” Noah says. Ivy says that Sam is a good man and she hopes that he gets through this situation with Noah’s help. Noah says that he would like to help Sam but… Ivy worries about the but in the conversation. Noah feels like a burden to his father because he can’t find a job. Ivy knows that is because of Alistair. She might be able to help as she knows one person that can call of the big dog.

Fancy takes her flower and plays the ‘He loves me… he loves me not…’ game. Her game ends with the last petal being the “He loves me not” petal. Fancy is crying now. “Why can’t I stop thinking about Noah?”

Alistair and Theresa continue to listen to Ethan and Gwen try to come to terms with Theresa coming to live in the house. Ethan has an idea. “If Theresa will not move out, then we will move out Gwen… with Jane!”

Theresa hears what Ethan has said and she panics. That will ruin everything. “No!”

Fox and Kay finally stop kissing. They decide that they should reconsider their decision to stay apart. They start kissing again.

Tabitha fans herself as she watches Fox and Kay from the big blue pot. “Get a room you two.”

Eve worries that they shouldn’t have fired the lawyer. “Who are we going to get to represent me now that the lawyer has been fired?” Julian has an idea. “Just trust me. Come with me. I will always be here for you.” She follows him without another word.

Liz is upset about what TC is saying. “So much has happened Liz. Our life has been hit by a whirlwind and we haven’t talked about our future.” TC’s heart really is not in it. “What I am trying to say is that I am not sure that we have a future together.” Liz laughs at what he says. TC says that he proposed to her too soon after breaking up with Eve. “I was devastated when I found out about Julian and Eve, and Chad being their son. What I know is that I didn’t get over Eve.” Liz can see that once again this is all about Eve. TC admits that it is.

Sam offers Noah food but he is full. He tells how he and Fancy had wine and paté while stuck in a basket shop during the storm.

The doorbell rings. Sam lets Sheridan in the house. He hugs her. She greets everyone. Sheridan is introduced to Noah. He makes a joke when he realizes that Sheridan is Alistair’s daughter. She doesn’t mind. She doesn't care for Alistair either. Sheridan is there to ask a really big favor. “I can’t go back to the cottage. There are too many memories and I will not go to my father’s house after what he has done to me. I need a place to stay but I also need a job. I need to keep busy.” Sam has no job to offer her. “I am not the chief of police anymore. Sheridan is sorry about that. “My father is despicable. Maybe I could work at the B&B now that Grace is gone. I just want to be busy.” Sam will work something out with her. She wants to start now. She thanks Sam for this. He walks her out.

Theresa tells Ethan and Gwen that they can’t take Jane out of the house. Ethan and Gwen say they can do whatever they want. Alistair tells Ethan that if he leaves the house, he will find that he will have trouble working. Ethan has a contract but Alistair will break it and he will have all the lawyers in his pocket. Things will become very difficult. Alistair pours himself a drink and excuses himself and Theresa. They walk out.

In the other room, Theresa says that she doesn’t trust Ethan and Gwen. Alistair says that there is no worry. Ethan will not do the wrong thing here. Theresa thanks Alistair saying that she owes him. He knows that. They will have to figure out a way for her to repay him. She walks up the stairs.

The door opens and Fancy enters. She hugs her grandfather. He would like her to come up to his study with him and have a chat.

Ethan and Gwen discuss what has just happened. Ethan tells Gwen that no matter what; they will leave the house now that Theresa is there. He isn’t afraid of Alistair. They will have to worry about money later.

Liz wonders if her wedding is being stopped because Eve is threatening TC in some way. Liz says that Eve is just the type of person that would do something terrible like that. TC smiles at that. She has Eve pegged so wrong at times. “TC tells that the proposal was premature and shouldn’t have happened in the first place. He made a mistake. He is sorry for that.” Liz reminds him that Eve has destroyed his world. “Did you forget all that? You said that you hated her and then you divorced her to get away from her. End of story. That should be the end of her. What has happened here TC? What have I missed?” TC says that the truth is that he never stopped loving Eve and can’t move on to loving someone else.

Julian and Eve enter the house and find Ethan and Gwen there. These were just the people that Julian wanted to find. Julian wants to ask Ethan something important. “Eve’s case is about to go to trial.” Gwen is sure that this case will be thrown out. She knows all about it. Julian tells that the lawyer that they had said that Eve should plead out. Julian will not do that. He wants someone that believes in Eve. Ethan understands that. Julian tells Ethan that he would like the man to handle this for them. Ethan is a corporate lawyer and isn’t sure that he should be the one to do this for them. He would like to help but he has a lot on his plate right now. Julian begs him. “Please say that you will help us with this.”

Theresa is with her baby in her room. Little Ethan is there too. He looks up at his mother as they talk about the life that they will be living soon. Theresa promises her children the world. “We are going to be one big happy family just you wait and see.”

Fox and Kay stop kissing for a while. They decide that they would like to be alone somewhere. The mansion is out of the question. Tabitha’s house won’t work either. They can’t even go to a hotel. They are full because of the storms. People have nowhere to live right now. Fox suggests that they go to his car, but it is a stick shift and that just isn’t a good idea. Kay has to agree. Kay has an idea on where they can go.

Tabitha is listening to Fox and Kay and she panics when she realizes where the two are heading. She has no time to move the big blue pot so she camouflages it. She grabs some bananas nearby and empties them all into her big blue pot until there is nothing to see in there. The pot reveals all. If she fills it with bananas, no one will be able to see that she has a magic pot. She pretends that she is cooking using the potato mashing utensil to mash the bananas in the pot.

Fox and Kay enter the kitchen and see that Tabitha is pretending to cook MASHED BANANA SOUP. Fox peeks into the pot. He sees nothing but mashed bananas boiling in the pot. He lies to Tabitha telling her that it looks really good. Fox and Kay decide to get out of there. Kay says that they just stopped by to she how she was doing. They run off.

Tabitha stops faking her cooking now that she is alone again. She ruined her good pot to hide her secret. At least it worked. She breathes a sign of relief. Kay is familiar with the pot, but not Fox. “Mashed banana soup… Huh!”

Noah tells Ivy what he has to leave town even if he gets a job in town. He had some trouble up in Las Vegas. “There was some money and it is gone now and two guys followed me to Harmony and now I am afraid for my family.” Ivy guesses that Fancy is involved in this. She knows that Fancy was in Las Vegas before she came to Harmony, and Ivy was suspicious of Fancy suddenly showing up in town the way that she did. This must be the secret that Fancy was hiding. “Did she take this money Noah?” Noah doesn’t want to get her in trouble and so he says nothing. Ivy knows her daughter and guesses correctly about Fancy’s involvement. Noah wants to leave town so that his family will not suffer because of him. Ivy makes him promise that he won’t leave yet. She has an idea.

Alistair has Fancy in his study. He is so desperate to talk to her that he wouldn’t even allow her to change her clothes before meeting with him. He offers her a drink but she has had enough of that. She says that she was with a friend during the storm and that all they had to drink was booze. Alistair demands to know who Fancy was with. “I was with Noah Bennett,” she tells. Alistair gets angry. “The Bennetts are scum”. Fancy knows that but Noah was useful during the disaster. He actually saved her life a couple of times. “You know that problem that I had in Las Vegas that I told you about grandfather? Well these two goons showed up and kidnapped me. Noah followed them and rescued me. I am scared grandfather. More goons are going to come after me.” Alistair offers to check into this and do what he can for his granddaughter. “I will do anything to help you but I will never help Noah. Not ever.” That is fine with Fancy. She says that she couldn’t care less about Noah Bennett either.

Sam has Sheridan over at the B&B and he shows her how to work things over there. She wants to start right away with her new life. She wants to be self-sufficient for her son and Mark. She will not let her father get on her mind and ruin her confidence. She will spend the night and be ready to start work in the morning. He suggests that she goes to bed now and have an early night. Sam will send the kids over the next day to help clean up. Grace used to love to keep the place spotless Sam remembers. Sam says goodnight and leaves the B&B.

Sheridan starts cleaning up. There is broken glass at her feet. She bends over to start picking up the pieces. She is stooping now looking at the floor, and starting to feel useful having something productive to do for a change.

Someone in dark clothes and shoes quietly enters the B&B. The door was left open after Sam left, and no one bothers to knock before entering. The person has soft-soled shoes and carries a briefcase in his hand. He knows exactly where Sheridan is in the B&B and he walks directly over to her.

Sheridan feels that someone is over her and she turns, as she stops cleaning up the floor. She looks up and when she sees who is behind her, she pulls her breath quickly. She is caught by surprise. She is still stooped over on the floor.

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