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By Glynis
Pictures by Amanda

Fox tells Kay that he doesn’t understand what is going on with her and her changing moods. She apologizes for sending him mixed messages. She is just glad that her sister is home. “How can I ever thank you for what you have done for my family?” They kiss.

Chad is holding Miles while alone at his apartment.

Whitney walks in. Chad is happy to see her. He offers to give her the child but she will not take him. “I can’t be with you or our son ever again.”

Julian and Eve are at the hospital. He is feeling much better now. He is worried about Eve. She just learned the Whitney is leaving Harmony to go to a convent. “What if Miles has to grow up without her. That girl is as stubborn as her father. It is just that when I think that things can’t get any worse, they do.”

They turn to see an official in Eve’s office. The man is connected to Eve’s murder case. “This is about your murder case, please sit down.”

Ethan tells Gwen that he has spoken to Theresa and she will not do anything to hurt them or take Jane from them. He is sure of it. Gwen doesn't believe him.

Theresa is in her room with Alistair talking about the deal that they were going to make.

The door bursts open. Pilar, Martin and Katherine enter the room telling Theresa not to make any deal with Alistair.

Over at the department store, Noah has been electrocuted and he has fallen into the water. Fancy sees him and goes into the water to save him. The electrical live wire hangs suspended over the water where Noah and Fancy are. Fancy manages to get to Noah underwater and she brings him to the surface. Soon he wakes and can swim by himself. Fancy keeps an eye on the wire about to fall into the water and kill them. She panics. They don’t have enough time to get out of the water to safety. Suddenly the wire drops into the water, and the shock is so strong, it picks Noah and Fancy up and tosses them backward into the department store from where they first came. They lay on the ground unconscious from the blow that they have suffered.

Noah is the first to wake up. He calls to Fancy.

Soon she is up too. They kiss.

Fox and Kay are still kissing.

Kay loses reality for a minute and thinks about what is really the situation between she and Fox.

It takes Fox waving his hand in front of Kay’s face to get her back to reality. Kay has to get going but Fox really doesn’t have to get over to see Miles. He is okay over at Chad’s place. Chad is sure that Whitney is with Miles anyway. Kay mentions that Fox is probably worried about Whitney seeing as she is Miles’s mother. Fox says that she must be worried about Miguel at times too. Kay really isn’t worried about Miguel. He hurt her when he went off to be with Charity, so she is working her way to get over him. Fox asks about what would happen if Miguel returned without Charity. “Would you get back together?” Kay isn’t sure what would happen if Miguel came back. Fox is in the same boat with Whitney. He has no idea what he would do if Whitney wanted him back. He sees that he should be going now. She walks to her door and Fox leaves.

Chad puts the child down. “Whitney how can you say that you are going to leave your child?” Whitney says that she is the one that made her baby sick because of the incest. She didn’t know that she was Chad’s sister when she slept with her brother, but she knew the second time. “I am not going to let anyone know that we slept together and I am not going to do it again. Promise me Chad that you will not tell anyone that we made love ever again.” Chad can’t do that. Whitney wants him to make this promise. He hears something in her voice. “Why does it sound like you are never going to see us again?”

Ethan and Gwen discuss Theresa and what she is going to try to do to them. Gwen suspects that Theresa is going to try to get Ethan from her as well as Jane. Ethan doesn’t believe that will happen.

Alistair ignores all that have come into Theresa’s room to dissuade her from making a deal with him. “Theresa. Do you want your child back or not?” Pilar tells Theresa that Alistair is lying. She believes that he will not help her with this. Theresa listens. Alistair tells Theresa that if she wants, she can be under the same roof with Jane and Ethan immediately. Katherine begs Theresa not to fall for this. Alistair’s plan to get this done is simple. “All that you have to do is move into the Crane mansion. You will be there with Ethan and Jane day and night. You can live in my house for as long as you want Theresa.”

Eve learns that the DA wants to see her the next day at the courthouse. The DA wants to proceed with the 3 murder charges immediately that are against Eve. He must be sure of a conviction if he wants to try Eve now. The evidence against Eve is pretty strong, but Eve can’t see how. There isn’t any. She really didn’t try to kill anyone. The official tells Eve that if she pleads guilty she will get 10 years, and have to give up her license to practice medicine. Eve will not do this. This offer is all that Eve will get. She could get sent to jail for more than 10 years if she loses this on her own.

Noah and Fancy pick themselves up off the floor. It is surprising that they are not hurt anymore. They fell on broken glass. Noah asks if she is still mad at him.

Fancy remembers that he has a love interest from before now. She remembers the letter that she was reading about he and the girl.

Fancy cools to him immediately. “I am still mad at you Noah.” He laughs at her. She was kissing him when she woke up just now. She can’t be all that mad. He knows that she still has to care about him. Fancy still wants to get out of there. He was going to make a raft for them but then they got electrocuted.

“Fancy Crane!” Fancy and Noah turn to find a man in a boat coming towards them. She waves. She is finally going to get out of here.

Whitney tries to make Chad see that they have to keep this secret about Miles. People can’t find out the truth. “It will ruin everything.”

Fox walks in behind Whitney and he hears when Whitney asks Chad to keep the secret about Miles really being Chad’s son.

“What?” Fox asks. “What did you just say?” Chad and Whitney turn around to find Fox in the doorway standing behind them. It is clear that he just heard something that he wasn’t supposed to have heard. “Did you just say that Miles really isn’t my son Whitney?” She stares up into his eyes. She hasn’t got a clue what to say to him. This is the moment that she has been fearing all along. Now it has happened, and quite by accident. she never planned on telling him and even if she was going to, it wouldn’t have been like this.

As Fancy gets into the boat that is going to take her home, she says that she will not see Noah again once she gets home and that makes her happy. She is happy to get home now. she orders Noah into the boat. “I will get you a ride home.” The man in the boat says that he had his orders to take Fancy back home and only her.

Kay is on the phone. Miguel has called to see how Maria is. Kay tells that Maria is fine. Miguel doesn’t ask about Kay and she hurts over that. She got his last check and she thanks him for that. She wants to know if there is any chance that Miguel might be coming home. He will not be coming home. She offers to give Maria a big hug, and tell her that her daddy loves her. She hangs up the phone.

“After all this time, I thought that Miguel would come to his senses and see that I am the one that he loves, but there is never going to be any hope for me and Miguel. Not with Charity in his life.”

Fox sees now that Whitney lied to him. “You lied from the moment that you knew you were pregnant. You used me into believing that this boy was mine and that I had a future with you. It all makes sense now. Your mixed feelings about me and Miles. One minute you are ready to marry me and the next you can’t stand to be near me. Do you hate me? Why did you let me believe that Miles was my son? Did the two of you plan this from the beginning? I loved you Whitney and I still love that little boy. I understand everything now. you had a baby with your brother, but that didn’t give you the right to lie to me.” Whitney said that she did all she did to protect Miles. Fox only sees that Whitney was protecting herself. “If this is all about Miles then I am finding this hard to believe. You have to be the most heartless, selfish bitch that I have ever known.”

Katherine tells Theresa that she has to believe that Alistair will hurt her. “He will get pain out of you. You will be his slave.” Alistair doesn’t need a slave, as he already has Katherine. “Just think of it Theresa. you can have the opportunity to tuck Jane into bed and you could make her breakfast. Gwen has club meetings and appointments. Ethan on the other hand works quite often from the mansion. Pilar tells her daughter no. Alistair wants Theresa to make up her own mind on this. “Give this idea of mine a try.”

Julian is angry that Eve’s attorney is trying to scare her. The attorney tells Julian and Eve that Liz is the star witness and she seems to be a very convincing witness. Eve has a checkered past, and so Liz’s claims are stronger. It has been a long time since Eve was a terribly person but people seem to hold grudges about things like this. Eve has lost her temper in public as well and that couldn’t have helped. Eve wonders what will happen if she goes to trial and loses. She is told that she could spend the rest of her life in jail.

Fancy fights to have Noah ride in the boat with them. The driver of the boat can’t do this. He has orders to take only Fancy in the boat. Noah is okay with this. I will just find my own way home. Fancy gets angry with him. “Fine! Then find your own way home.” The driver starts the boat and Fancy and the man start leaving.

Fox tells Whitney that this is not okay what she has done. “Whitney what are you made of? You could have let me believe that I lost you and my child?”

Fox picks up the baby when he gurgles. He kisses the baby’s head. “You will never know how much I wanted you. You will never know.”

Theresa tells Alistair that it is time for him to leave. Alistair warns that this is a one-time offer. She knows that. Martin orders Alistair out of the house. “Get out now.” Alistair leaves the house.

Theresa goes to the bedroom window.

She watches as Alistair leaves the house.

Alistair turns and looks back at Theresa’s window.

Pilar is thrilled. “Teresita. You did the right thing. You have made the right decision. Theresa is sure that she has too.

Fox demands to know how Whitney could do this. She keeps telling him that she is sorry. Fox gives the child to Chad. Fox is the one that is sorry. “I trusted you. Now you have your work cut out for you. I can see that you both still love each other. I can see it in your eyes. Good luck to the both of you. You are going to need it.” Whitney tries to stop Fox from leaving, but he will not stay. There is nothing that she can say that he wants to hear now. Fox leaves.

Chad tells Whitney that he is sorry that Fox found out like this. “It is for the best though.” Whitney worries. Everyone in town is going to know that Miles has siblings for parents.

Ethan is there when Alistair arrives at the house. He tells Alistair that he wants him to leave Theresa alone. “I don’t want you to do this to my wife.”

Gwen comes out hearing Ethan shouting. “Can we please stop this? The baby is sleeping.” Alistair has the answer to that little problem. “I know what will make the baby feel better…” Alistair walks to the front door and opens it.

“…His mommy!” Theresa enters the front door carrying a small suitcase. She has changed and looks beautiful in a spring dress. Gwen sighs at the sight of her. This can’t be good for them.

Eve’s lawyer says that he can’t see how they can win this fight. “It is my opinion that Eve will serve 3 consecutive life sentences with no chance of parole.” Eve starts crying.

Whitney tells Chad that what just happened with Fox is the reason why she has to get out of there. “I came here to tell you that I have to go and join a convent. We are not going to see each other again."

Kay is outside and she is talking to herself. “I would like to find someone that is just for me and me only.”

Kay turns and finds Fox behind her. He tells that he went to see Miles and he is fine. Fox is really confused here. “It turns out that Miles isn’t my son. He is Chad’s son.” Kay isn’t sure of what she is hearing. “She has been lying.” Kay understand now. “No wonder. I can't believe this. All this time she let you think that Miles was your son?” Fox was ready to be a father and he could have done it. Kay wishes that there was something that she could say. Kay isn’t having a great day either. “Miguel called today. He was just calling to check on Maria, but as far as his love life goes, he will always love Charity.” They both have gotten their freedom today whether they wanted it or not.

Noah watches as Fancy rides off in the boat. he removes the letter from his wallet and sees that it hasn’t been ruined. “At least I will always have this.”

Fancy is riding off in the boat to go home. The man with her says that he is sorry that he couldn’t take her boyfriend with them. She says that Noah isn’t her boyfriend.

Pilar, Martin and Katherine look everywhere for Theresa but she isn’t in the house anywhere.

Over at the mansion, Ethan and Gwen demand to know what is going on with Theresa. Alistair tells that Theresa will be moving into the mansion as his guest at the mansion.

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