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By Glynis
Pictures by Amanda

Fancy remembers reading the letter from some girl that Noah had some great affair with. She was snooping in his wallet and saw it when he went off to find them some champagne. The girl who wrote the letter said that he had promised her that she would be the love of his life and that he wouldn’t’ love anyone else like he had loved her. She got upset by that and now she wants nothing to do with Noah.

Now he tries to make nice with her as they are stranded in the department store due to the Tsunami blocking all the exits. She wants out of there, and away from him. She tells him to get away from her for now and forever. She never wants to see him again.

Eve and Julian are in the hospital now as she watches over him carefully. He is doing much better now that the ice pick has been removed from his back and he sits up comfortably. He thanks her for saving his life. He still can’t get over the fact that Liz is telling this wild story that he made love with her long ago.

Whitney arrives in Julian’s room at the hospital. Her mother is glad to see her. She has been worried about her ever since the storm first started. Whitney has an announcement to make. “I have made a decision that will change my life and it will affect everyone I know.” Eve is happy to hear this. She is sure that she knows what the announcement is. She feels that maybe the storm has caused Whitney to rethink her situation and that now she will tell her secret. “Oh honey. You are going to tell Fox that Chad is really the baby’s father right?”

Fox and Ivy talk alone in the Bennett yard. He is confused about something. He just can’t figure it out. Something just happened that he doesn’t understand and it really bothers him. Ivy can guess what that is but she stays quiet. He is upset that Kay flipped out on him all of a sudden after being kind and nice to him all day.

Ivy thinks back to her conversation with Kay and how she got Kay thinking that Fox isn’t really interested in her.

Ivy says that she was right about Kay being the wrong girl for Fox. “I told you that she would be all wrong for you.”

Sam and Kay arrive where Ivy and Fox are in the yard. He tells that he has found out that Jessica is still with Spike. He isn’t sure where they are exactly but they are still alive and out there somewhere. That is all that he knows.

Spike brings Jessica to a place where they are going to live now. It is a real dump and no one has cleaned it up since the earthquake and Tsunami. There is broken glass everywhere. All the furniture is broken and there is nothing to sleep on or sit on. This was the best that he could do for now, he says. She wants to know what they are going to do for money. He tells her that they are going to have money as soon as she gets back to work on the streets.

Alistair is in Theresa’s bedroom and he tells her that they have to iron out their arrangement. She says ‘no’. She can barely walk from the injury she sustained during the storm, and can’t believe that she is having this conversation right now. He reminds her that the deal was that he would get Jane back for her and she would in turn be his very special friend.

Sheridan is upset again. She has managed to lose a child twice in a very short amount of time. Gwen and Ethan try to comfort her.

Martin, Katherine and Pilar see that Sheridan is hurt all over again by her father taking Mark from her. This can’t be good for her. She is breaking down and they can see it.

Sheridan begs that Mark not be taken from her. There is nothing that the worker can do about this for her.

Noah sees that something has made Fancy mad. She says that she is only bored. He knows that she wasn’t that way a short while ago. He could tell that she was feeling the same way that he is feeling now but something has changed. “I thought that something was happening between us Fancy. You are not interested in me now?” Fancy can’t be interested in someone that can’t even buy her a nice dinner. Her words sting. “I am getting out of these clothes and then I am getting out of here.”

Sam hasn’t any idea how to get to Jessica. “The restraining order is still in effect and he shouldn’t even go near her. If I get my hands on Spike then I swear to God…” Sam can’t finish his sentence as he is so angry. Fox walks off suddenly.

Kay follows him. “Where are you going?” Fox tells her that he is going to find her sister. “Do you want to come with me, or do you want to play superior and stay here with an attitude?”

Jessica tells Spike that she loves him and that she knows he loves her. He says that he hates to ask Jessica to do this but they have no other way to get money. He really needs her to go out there and peddle her wares for them. Spike fishes in his pockets and pulls out some drugs. She isn’t feeling like working now, but she will soon enough. He doesn’t tell her what the pills are, he just orders her to take them. She swallows them. “Good girl. Now I am going to go out and get you a date. Wait here.” He walks out.

Martin asks the social worker if she could leave Mark for a while with Sheridan until they figure out what to do with the child. The child obviously has an attachment to Sheridan and he has lost his mother. This has to be the best place for Mark at this time. The woman can’t do that although she sympathizes with Sheridan’s situation. Mark says, ‘No!” when he realizes that he will not be with Sheridan anymore. He struggles. The worker puts Mark down and he runs to Sheridan where her arms are open wide for him.

Alistair touches Theresa’s face in an intimate manner but she tells him to stop. There will be no more touching or intimate behavior. He warns Theresa that she had better get used to her touching him if they are going to be good friends.

She remembers what she agreed to before the Tsunami. She did tell him that she would grant him special favors if he were to get her Ethan and Jane.

Now, Theresa has a change of heart about the deal. When Alistair pushes her she turns on him fiercely, “No! I am calling the deal off Alistair.”

Eve is thrilled but she has things all wrong here. Whitney isn’t going to come out with the truth about Miles to anyone. Whitney tells Julian and Eve that there is something else going on with her that they have to know about. Eve wants her to stop these lies about the baby and face up to it. “You will be freer than you have ever been Whitney!” Whitney finds that to be a joke. Look who is talking! Whitney will not be reprimanded by her mother after her mother has been lying all these years about her own child. She may regret what she did now, but at the time that was what she felt that she had to do to survive. Well now, Whitney feels the same. That secret about Miles will be kept as quiet as possible if she can help it. She moves to her reason for coming there. “I came here to tell you that I have decided to join a convent. I am leaving Harmony forever.”

Fancy has her old clothes on that they are dry, and she hurries to find a way out of the department store. She can’t get away from Noah fast enough. She has been having feelings for him and the whole time there is some other girl out there that thinks that she as his heart. She feels like she has been played for a fool. Noah has changed back into his clothes as well and he follows her to see what foolish plan she is going to put into play in her quest to escape the department store. “There are power lines down all over the place outside Fancy. It is very dangerous and I can’t let you leave her on your own. I want you to stay with me here until it is safe to leave,” Noah tells her. She doesn’t want anything to do with him and insists that she can get out of there herself without his help. “I am leaving no matter what.” Noah tells her that if she wants to go, she can, but he will help her. She doesn’t want his help. Too bad. He orders her to follow him so he can help her with this. She sees that she will probably need some help, so she dutifully follows him.

Jessica is alone in the dump that Spike has brought her to. This is supposed to be their new home. Jessica hates it already.

She thinks about everything that everyone has been trying to tell her. Her family and her friends have all been saying the same things to her repeatedly. Maybe they were right. “Spike doesn’t love you.”

“He has been just using you all along.”

“He doesn’t care about you”

“What you have with Spike isn’t love.”

Jessica sees that what she has been told is the truth by the people that really love her. “I have to get out of here,” she decides. Jessica makes it to the door to leave.

She opens it and finds Spike coming in with a john. He has found Jessica a date. The man is ready for action. He looks Jessica up and down. “You were not lying Spike, she is hot. Let’s get it on baby.”

Spike takes Jessica to the side to tell her what is up here. She tells him that she is leaving now.

The man who is waiting for his trick wonders what the big hold up is about. He wants to get a move on with this deal.

Jessica says that she will not do this. “I can’t Spike.” Spike reminds her that if she leaves him, she will have nothing and no one.

Ethan and Gwen tell Sheridan that she has to give Mark up. Gwen knows that holding on to Mark will ruin her chances for a future with Mark. She will just anger the authorities and they will hold that against her in future. Sheridan knows that her friends are right about that. Sheridan tells Mark to go with the lady and that they will see each other soon.

The social worker takes Mark and leaves the house with him.

Sheridan lost Marty and she feels that she will lose Mark now too.

Alistair can’t believe his ears. “You are reneging on your deal Theresa?” Theresa says that she made a very big mistake before agreeing to be with him for her child. Alistair hears that Theresa is in fact saying that she doesn’t want Jane or Ethan back. “Is that in fact what you are telling me?” That is not what she was saying. She wants Jane and Ethan and will get them. She is sure of it. “The Tsunami and the earthquake were trying to tell me something about fate. It was a warning that I shouldn’t make a deal with you Alistair.” Alistair tells Theresa that she will in fact lose Jane and Ethan if she doesn’t make this deal with him. “Are you willing to lose everything over this Theresa? Everything?”

Theresa will get her daughter and Ethan back by revealing with Rebecca and Gwen did to her with the tabloids. “I will find the evidence that is needed to expose Rebecca and Gwen. I will get the evidence out of the mansion where they live.” Alistair threatens to never let Theresa get that evidence. He will prohibit her from entering his home to search for it.

Noah and Fancy arrive at a window and Fancy decides that she will break the window to get out. She grabs a golf club and starts pulling back to break the window with the club. Noah sees real danger in doing that. He breaks the window open. There is a pool of water before them. Noah offers to swim out first. He gets in the water. It is deep. He warns Fancy to stay in the store and not come out into the water. There is a lot of junk in the water and he wants to check things out first. While he is in the water, a live wire dangerously hangs from a pole, threatening to hit the water. If it does, the Noah will be dead.

Noah sweet-talks Jessica and finally she agrees to turn the trick.

The john asks if the deal is going through or what. Spike assures the man that he can have Jessica now. He leaves.

The man tries to kiss Jessica but she will not allow that. There is no bed, so the man figures that they will have to do this on the floor. He pulls Jessica down and starts mauling her.

Someone taps the john on the shoulder. Jessica thinks that Spike is back.

“Wrong move again pal.” The man turns around and Fox punches him in the face knocking him out. Jessica sees that Fox and Kay are there to save her. She gets to her knees and the three of them head to the door with Fox in the lead. When Fox gets to the door, he opens it to Spike who is holding a gun out in front of him. “Now all of you are dead.”

Eve tells Whitney that she can’t leave town and her son. Whitney says that Chad will take care of Miles now that he knows that Miles is really his. Eve is glad to hear this. “Just tell Fox the truth now and then things will be easier.” Whitney admits that she made love with Chad again the night before. “I liked it.” Eve holds her head as if she is going to faint.

Jessica listens as Spike tells her again that he loves her. He has a gun on Jessica and the others. Fox grabs Spike and fights him, getting his gun from him and knocking him out.

The sisters and Fox head to the door. Jessica stops. We can’t just leave him here. We have to help him. Fox and Kay stop and look down on Spike.

Alistair tells Theresa that if she does against him in this, she will lose. “In order for you to get Ethan and Jane back, then you have to be my friend. if not. Well you know what that means right?”

Fox takes Kay aside telling her that he would like to talk to Jessica for a minute alone. She says that would be fine.

Fox goes over to Jessica who is stooping over Spike. “The guy says that he loves you, and so he sells you to a guy like that one lying unconscious over there? Look at this place. Is there where you would be if he really loved you? If I loved a woman, I would scrub toilets for you. Whatever that guy is feeling, it isn’t love. Your sister loves you and your dad loves you. They wouldn’t ever expect you to do something like this. You might be doing this Jessica because your mother left with David Hastings, but still you can’t do this to get back at your dad and your sister. They care about you. They really care about you. You are a smart girl but what I am seeing is not right. You tried to leave him before right?” She admits that she did try to leave.

Kay comes over. “What do you want your life to be?” Jessica looks over at Spike lying unconscious on the floor.

Katherine knows that Ethan is a wonderful lawyer and that if anyone can get Mark for Sheridan it will be him. Sheridan doubts that anyone can win against Alistair. Sheridan wants her father to get what is coming to him soon.

Ethan is on the laptop and he finds something that is very bad for Sheridan.

Sheridan sees his reaction as he sits on the computer. “What is it Ethan? Can I get Mark back.?”

Alistair tells Theresa that she has to agree to be with him if she wants her baby back. She will not do that. “Not ever.”

Noah is in the water and the wire hangs dangerously over the water. Noah is on a piece of wood and he wades his way over to the wire that hangs only a couple of feet over the water in which Noah floats.

Fancy has no idea what is going on. She entertains herself by practicing her golfing. They broke the glass in the window of the sports department, so while Noah is trying t figure a way out of there, she decides to amuse herself by teeing off.

Meanwhile, Noah continues trying to get over to the live wife to control it hitting the water.

Fox and Kay return to the Bennett yard where Sam is.

Sam asks them where they have been?

Jessica comes running in, “Daddy?” She runs into his arms.

Fox takes Kay aside and asks her what was wrong with her before. She says that he got some bad information and now she is better.

Ivy comes over to ask Fox how he got Jessica home. He gives the credit to Kay, but she returns it to Fox. Ivy can see that things are horribly wrong again, as the two are all gooey-eyed again.

Whitney says that she slept with Chad again and that she knows that it was wrong. Eve is sorry that this happened to Whitney. Whitney is just mad that she has to give up her life because of what she has done. “I have to do this. I have to join a convent and I will never see either of you again.” she walks out of there.

Julian tells Eve that Whitney doesn’t really mean what she said. Eve knows that she does mean that, which in turn means that she has lost her little girl.

Ethan finds on the net that there are several married couples who have already applied to take Mark. As a single mother, Sheridan will not get the child over a couple. Sheridan can’t lose another baby now. Ethan can’t do anything about this. Sheridan thanks Ethan for his help but she has to be alone right now. She walks out.

Katherine follows her daughter out of the house.

Gwen tell Ethan that this wasn’t his fault. Sheridan had her heart broken again. “God help us if Alistair helps Theresa. We will lose our baby.”

Theresa tells Alistair that there is nothing that can be done. She will not go with Alistair and have sex with him. Alistair offers to get her child back that very day if she will promise to be his little friend.

Noah is on his makeshift raft and he grabs the live wire in a place where he won’t be shocked.

Fancy decides that she has waited long enough for Noah to prove that things are safe out there. She decides that she will jump into the water and swim away from there. Noah sees what she is about to do and he shouts at her to stop. While trying to look at her and keep himself from falling into the water, or getting electrocuted, or both, Noah makes a wrong move and his body connects with both the water and the wire making him a conductor for electricity. The force of the electricity picks him up and slams him into the wall a few feet away; knocking him out and dropping him like a rag doll into the water. He falls to the bottom unconscious. Fancy screams as she sees what has happened to Noah. He was right. It wasn’t safe for them to leave the department store.

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