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By Glynis
Pictures by Amanda

Sheridan turns on her father who is sitting by Rachel’s casket. She tells Alistair that she will no longer let him treat her badly anymore. He has just finished telling her what a useless piece of flesh she is. He said that no one will ever love her, not ever. He even suggested that :Luis allowed Beth to take Marty on purpose because he wasn’t convinced that Sheridan could take care of Marty the way that he needed to be cared for. His insults mean nothing to her she tells him now. she was crying before, but now his words roll off her back much like water does off a duck’s. Alistair claps at Sheridan’s display of strength.. “Finally! You have some backbone after all these years. You are a Crane! It is a pity that this has come too late though. You are nothing but a disappointment at this point. You are still nothing but a whinny little coward and you always will be.” She finds that funny and isn’t hurt in the least by it. She finds him the same way actually. A coward. She walks off smiling at her triumph.

Katherine loves what she is seeing here. Sheridan has stood up to her father and is not afraid of him anymore. She is stronger than they all thought. She is a survivor. Alistair hasn’t been able to break Sheridan down by belittling her. She is still standing. He was sure that he could make her crazy and mentally ill by attacking her consistently on several levels. How wrong was he? Katherine smiles at Alistair’s failure. Alistair knows that he could break Sheridan if he wanted to. “All I would have to do is introduce her to her Aunt Rachel and the past. Maybe she could survive this other stuff but she couldn’t ever live with the truth about her aunt.” With that said, he throws back the blanket to reveal the horribly remains of Katherine’s sister. Katherine knows where Alistair is going with this. He wants to show that no matter what Sheridan does or says he still has control of her and what happens to her.

Noah and Fancy are in the department store still stranded from the rest of the world. They have moved over to a vibrating bed now in the furniture department. Fancy panics thinking that the earthquake is back to get them when the beds starts moving. Noah laughs. She hasn’t ever been on one of these things before. It is a new experience for her. Noah tells her that they are on a vibrating bed and shows her how it works. “You flip the switch and on it goes.” He turned it on by accident and that is what got it bouncing. He makes her lie back and enjoy it. She does like it. He can tell that she hasn’t had a good massage if she hasn’t experienced this before. He offers her a Bennett massage. “Now those are the best ones ever. One of a kind. Turn over and relax while I do this to do. I will give you the best massage that you have ever had in your life.” She has had massages all over the world so she knows what she is talking about when it comes to massages. His might be good, but it can’t be the best ever. She will be the judge. He will have a lot to live up to here and he looks forward to the challenge. She turns on her stomach and Noah stands over her staring down at that beautiful back of hers. In just a couple of seconds he will be touching that gorgeous, soft skin. The second that he touches her, she moans in pleasure at the contact. He can see right away that she is pleased. “How am I doing?” he asks. She tells him that he is doing okay, as she tries not to sound too excited by his touch. No sense in him getting a big head over this. He unzips her dress and she panics jumping up at the sound of her zipper. “Just what is he up to now?” He tells her to relax. He isn’t trying to hurt her or anything like that. I can’t give you a decent massage with this dress on. He sees her bare back. He can tell that she isn’t wearing anything on under this dress.

Fox and Kay are in the Bennett yard together where they were working on getting things orderly again. They remove branches, and debris from the yard, while Sam and Ivy work inside. Fox has been helping out as well, since his mother is over there and Kay is next door. The day started with Fox and Kay staring at each other from Tabitha and Sam’s house through the windows, and now they are finally together sharing the same space and breathing the same air. They are enjoying one of those few moments alone again with only each other. He is holding Kay in his arms as he stares into her eyes. They are so wrapped up in each other that nothing else really matters there. Not anything, not anyone. He holds her in his arms like she is a feather and weighs absolutely nothing at all. He could stand like this all day, just as long as he can be close to her and look into those eyes that hypnotize and seem to go on forever and ever. They have spent the better part of the day trying to maneuver some way to be together… Alone. Now here they are. Alone. The feelings that have developed between them have suddenly come from nowhere but who cares? They can do all the regular things that people usually do later on. Now, it is going to be first things first. That is the way that it is. They didn’t plan it; things just ended up that way and has been moving very quickly.

Ivy sees them and hurries over to ask Fox to go and get them some bottled water as they are completely out of water in the house. He doesn’t hear her at first. He is lost in Kay’s eyes. Ivy has to try twice more before Fox will hear her, and Kay too pays no attention to Ivy and whatever it is that she seems to be saying. He puts Kay down and hurries off to get the water that his mother so desperately needs right at this moment.

Ivy has put part one into play and now she moves to the next step in her plan. She moves closer to Kay. Kay looks at Ivy suspiciously. She seems to be up to something, but Kay isn’t sure what just yet. Ivy is a slippery one, so Kay takes care and listens to everything that the woman says carefully.

Ivy is proud of her son saving that boy during the Tsunami. “Wasn’t he great back there Kay?” Ivy sees that Kay is spending a great deal of time with her son and mentions that. Ivy remembers that she and Kay have a lot of history together. Kay rattles off the terrible things that Ivy has done in the past. “Oh we have a horrible past alright. You went after my father, broke up his marriage, lied about my mother’s connection to another man and his son…” Ivy shrinks a little at all her shortcomings being summed up this way. Ivy is glad that Kay hasn’t told Sam any of Ivy’s secrets. Ivy knows that Sam wouldn’t be happy if Sam knew that Kay had been keeping secrets about Ivy like she has. Ivy says that she is really there to warn Kay about Fox.

Some military rescue men arrive at the Lopez-Fitzgeralds’ house to remove the casket from the house. Pilar breathes a sigh of relief and gladly lets the men into the house. The casket is right in the living room, so the men don’t have far to go to find it. It has been very uncomfortable having that dead body in the house, especially when Sheridan has been having flashbacks, and Alistair keeps threatening to tell Sheridan how she really killed her aunt. There are children in the house and this frightens them. This casket belongs back where it came from. It needs to be buried, and this time for good. The military men, get their equipment and start strapping up the casket for transport back to the graveyard.

Alistair taunts Katherine asking her if he should tell Sheridan the news about her Aunt Rachel before it is too late and the coffin is taken out of there. She says nothing. she has learned how to deal with hi over the years. He really can’t hurt her anymore, not when the alternative is having her daughter hurt or possibly ruined forever. She will suffer anything to save her child. Any good mother would do that. He sees that she keeps her mouth closed and that is just the way that he likes her. As long as she is subservient to him, he doesn’t care what she thinks or what she feels inside. As long as she pleases him and does his bidding, he will keep his part of the deal. He will not tell about Sheridan’s crime. She will remain safe. At least from that anyway. Alistair has plans for her later at the mansion in his bed. Katherine moves from him.

Martin sees the tension on Katherine’s face and comes over asking if Katherine is alright. He saw Alistair whispering to Katherine and torturing her about something no doubt. Martin is ready to beat that man to a pulp if necessary, but Katherine never allows things to get out of control when it comes to Martin and Alistair fighting. She has made her bed and she will gladly lie in it. Alistair simply says that he and Katherine have to get back to the mansion now. He grabs her arm roughly and pulls her along. He knows that Martin hates that and probably wants to kill him right now for roughing up Katherine the way that he has been.“ We have plans Martin… Intimate plans back at the mansion, don’t we Katherine?”

Pilar watches disturbed at how her husband is dealing with the way that Katherine is being treated by Alistair; and also by the way that Katherine is being treated. She understands Martin’s need to protect her. He is just like that, but he will have to stop that now. Someone else needs to take care of Katherine, not Pilar’s husband. She hates the woman, but has to sympathize with anyone that has to suffer like that to save her child. She can’t be all bad if she can do this. It is the ultimate sacrifice.

Ethan wants Theresa to see reason and to stay away from Alistair. “He will only get you into his bed and then God knows what else.” Theresa says that she will never sleep with Alistair. She has been around long enough to know the score anyway. He shouldn’t have to explain this to her. She knows Alistair and that he can’t be trusted in any scenario. Theresa says that there are people that get what they want and then there are others who wish that they could. She wants to be a winner for a change. The odds are stacked against her and she wants to change that. She wants her daughter back and sees this as a sure way to get her. “I need to win Jane back and Alistair is the only game in town.” You will not help me. Ethan says that he can’t do that. This is in the hands of the courts now. She doesn’t believe him. she knows that he could help her if he wanted to.

Tabitha is trying to find out what Simone has been up to all this time that everyone thought that she was out of town. It must be something juicy. Simone can’t even bear to talk about it with her good friends Jessica and Kay. “Don’t worry Endora. The big blue pot will tell us everything that we want to know. Simone can hem and haw with the others, but we will get to the truth without having to wait. Tabitha waits for her big blue pot to do the work and tell her Simone’s secret. It sure is taking a long time. So much smoke comes out of the big blue pot. Tabitha waves it away. “That must be some secret that Simone is keeping. The pot has to work overtime to get the info that we need Endora.”

Endora zaps up a can of air freshener to help her mummy out. In the twinkle of an eye, she helps whenever she is needed. Tabitha loves that. She is mother’ s little helper in a time of need. Tabitha sprays the can all around and manages to get rid of most of the smell of fire and brimstone as well as the smoke. “There, there. Now things are bearable again Endora.” Endora squawks at being a good helper and being praised for it. Endora tries again to look into the deep dark murky waters of the pot. “Hmmm… Nothing yet! Oh well, we will give it time. I wonder what is going on over at the Bennetts house. I wonder how Kay is doing with Ivy over there. There is no doubt that Ivy will hate the idea of her son ca-noodling with Kay. Those two hate each other and for good reason. No good can come of this.” Tabitha makes her way to the window.

Tabitha sees Ivy and Kay talking in the Bennett yard. That must be some conversation. Ivy is the master at manipulating. She will wangle this situation to make sure that Kay and Fox stay away from each other for sure. Tabitha can’t stand that Ivy. She is a force to be reckoned with all on her own. She is gifted with the true gift of evil as one might say in the spirit world. Then again, Kay is no pushover either. That girl has calmed down considerably but she is still to be feared, and she doesn’t give up easily. Now that she has decided that Fox is someone of interest, she may very well fight for him. Tabitha wonders what poison Ivy is dripping into Kay’s ear.

Ivy says that she wants to give Kay a friendly warning about Fox’s faults. She approaches Kay as if she is a friend and needs some insight into how things really are, instead of how they appear. “Kay dear, Fox has quite a past with women like all the Crane men do as you well know. Look at Whitney and what has become of her life. Lord knows how many other grandchildren I have out there. He is a player Kay. He will use you. I think that he had an opportunity to take advantage of you. If that happened, I am glad to you but if you have any elusions about Fox then don’t. He said that you were a sweet kid and nothing else.” Kay is hurt by hearing that. Ivy says that Kay should still be happy though. Fox only dates the most beautiful women when he does. “Just don’t end up being another one of those notches on his belt.

Fancy closes her eyes and enjoys her massage as she lies on the bed in the department store and allows Noah to work his magic on her. “Hmmm… Hmmm…” She groans at his kneading fingers probing the flesh of her back softly, but strong all at the same time. He is just getting started here. She hasn’t seen anything yet. She will be putty in his hands before long. She admits to him that this is the best massage that she has ever had. She was sure that he didn’t know what he was talking about when he first offered to massage her, but she sees now that she was wrong. This massage is suddenly number one on her list of memorable massages, and she has had many over the years. Noah says that if he had to be trapped with someone after an earthquake and a Tsunami, he is glad that it is with her. “You drive me totally insane, and you are insane in fact, but you are also the most exciting woman that I have ever met Fancy Crane. You have an unbelievable sense of fun about you like no one else I have ever known. Whenever a volcano erupts in Harmony from now on, I will think of you and smile. Do you hear me Fancy?” He waits for an answer but gets none. “I had an amazing time with you I said.” She doesn’t respond. He looks at her face by leaning over her body, and sees that she is fast asleep. He shouldn’t be surprised. He knew that his massages were the bomb. She must be totally relaxed now. That is good. He has been talking to himself all this time and he feels a little silly about it. He smiles anyway. The one time that he decides to pour his heart out to her, and she is out of it. “Oh well. Maybe next time. You are amazing anyway Fancy Crane. You really are. Even in your sleep.” He kisses her head gently. Next he lies beside her and also decides to catch some shut-eye and rest. He has enjoyed living out a fantasy with her.

She has heard everything that he has said to her. She just pretended to be sleeping for fun. She laughs inwardly about her trick on him. She opens her eyes as he falls asleep on the other side of her. She knew it. He is crazy about her. He just admitted it. That makes her very happy. Maybe there can be something between them after all. She isn’t ready to admit it out loud yet, but she knows already that he is very interesting to her too. Although they come from different lifestyles, they seem to have so much in common, and enjoy the same sense of fun. She will go to sleep now, for real and have a nap while he rests with her on the other side of the bed. Later when they get up, they will live out more of their fantasies together.

Ivy tells Kay that she loves Fox but that she is aware of his faults. “The time that I spent living with your family taught me that time is precious, and that you should spend that time with someone that you love if you can. If you expect love from Fox, you are going to be disappointed. Nothing more will happen. I am glad that we had this chance to talk. I would like to think that we are friends. We are not yet but we are a lot alike. You kept my secret and now I would like to think that I have paid you back for that.”

Fox arrives with bottled water as he was instructed to do. “Here mom. I got everything that they had available.” Ivy thanks him for the errand and she goes into the house happy as a lark leaving he and Kay to it. Kay is looking a little uncomfortable for some reason. Fox notices right away that something is wrong with her. “What is the matter?” She shakes her head at him indicating that nothing is wrong and that everything is fine. Her face says differently though. Simone is a few feet behind them helping pick up branches from the storm. She works alone back there. Kay isn’t really interested in talking to Fox and he can sense it. He wonders what has happened since he was last there. He has her in his arms and now… Nothing. He doesn’t understand. She doesn’t seem like she is about to explain herself either. What can he do about it? Nothing.

Fox offers Kay some water. He puts the bottle forward in his hand expecting her to take it. She is cold to him, saying that she doesn’t want any water from him. She ignores his offer and marches off to be with her friend at the other end of the yard. Ivy isn’t Kay’s favorite person but Kay can’t ignore what the woman said to her about Fox and how he treats women. The Cranes do have a certain reputation in town and have over the years. It wouldn’t be unheard of to learn that Fox was the same way or worse. Maybe she had just been fooling herself all this time about the chemistry she felt they shared. It might have been all in her mind. She covers her hurt with anger and attitude.

Fox wonders what it is that he said to upset Kay. Things were fine when he left to go to the store for the bottled water. He didn’t do anything that he can think of to upset her. He isn’t able to figure this out. He decides to leave her alone then if that is what she wants. What else can he do? He continues to work alone in the yard at the section away from Kay and Simone. He thought that they had something special, maybe they really don’t after all. Maybe his mother was right about Kay not being the right kind of girl that he needs. She indicated that there were things about Kay that she felt were not indicative of a good match for someone like him and now he feels like he seeing some of that. If she can blow hot and cold for no reason, then she probably won’t do for him. When they made love, he really felt that he was starting something but he can see that he was wrong.

The social worker is trying to get Sheridan to give up the child and she is having a really hard time doing that. She is sure that Sheridan is a nice girl, but that is not enough for the child to be left with her. Other things come into play in a case like this. Sheridan is not a relative and so blood relatives will have to be found first before the child can be given to anyone. Only if there is no one to claim the child will Sheridan be allowed to take Mark and that is with the approval of a legal process that may take some time. Sheridan asks for some time alone with the child to say goodbye. The worker grants her that time. Sheridan promises that she will not try to run off with the child. The worker leaves the room for a few moments to give Sheridan some privacy.

Sheridan promises Mark that she will be by to get him as soon as she can. She wants him to be a brave boy and go with the nice lady. He will be taken good care of until Sheridan can see him again. Mark listens to Sheridan as carefully as he can for his age. Gwen has no idea why Alistair is doing this to his own daughter. It is frightening how little regard Alistair has for anyone but himself. Sheridan sees more and more that she is just a pawn in her father’s game and will never win unless he wants her to. Sheridan also sees that her father is leaning towards Theresa and her desires for some reason. That can only mean trouble for Gwen who desperately wants to keep Jane in her household. Gwen knows that what Sheridan is saying is true. She sighs. If Sheridan is having this much trouble with Alistair, then what is to become of she and Ethan?

Ethan tells Theresa that he has been watching Alistair for years and he knows just how the man operates. No one wins with him. Whether you are against him, or with him, he doesn’t care. Everyone gets screwed in the end, so to speak. He uses the people that are with him until they are of no use to them and then he hurts them. He hurts the people that are against him just because he can.“ You are going to end up in bed with him Theresa, and in the end he will desert you and scrape you off his shoe and then walk on. You will not get Jane Theresa. He knows that is what you want to hear. Jane is just the thing that he will use before he draws you in to crush you to a fine powder.”

Tabitha is dying from curiosity about Simone. She has been snooping in on Simone’s conversations but Simone will not say anything to anyone about what she ahs been up to lately. She wants to know what has been happening with Simone all this time. Where has she been staying? Why all the secrecy? She is waiting for the big blue pot to be ready to reveal the secret. The secret must be a whopper cause even the big blue pot is having trouble working it out. Suspense is killing her. Finally! The pot is ready to reveal all. Tabitha talks to her pot of knowledge. “Show us what Simone is hiding…” Tabitha looks into the pot. Her face turns several shades of red. “Oh no! Not Simone! What? I can't believe it! Why this can’t be!” The shock is too much for her. Tabitha can’ t even bring herself to say the words. What she learns fascinates and surprises her.

Noah kisses Fancy’s hair and then he gets off the bed to go and continues their fantasy. They have been napping for quite a while now. Soon she will be up. He walks off down the aisle of the department store to make more magical things happen for them. Living out your fantasies can be fun. When she wakes, she will find a big surprise waiting for her. He will make this a time to remember. This is turning out to be a great time for he and Fancy. Better than he ever though that it would be. Best of all, it seems like they are getting to know each other better and to like each other better. He finds that he is falling for her, and he feels that although she hasn’t told me so yet, she might be falling for him too.

When he is gone she wakes up and calls for him but he is not there. She wonders where he has gotten to now. Not far. They are still stuck in the department store and can’t get back. She sees his jacket on the bed, and wants to look in it. She tells herself not to look but she can’t help it. She is dying to see what is in there. “His driver’s license picture is worse than mine,” she says laughing. She finds a picture in there. “Who is this pretty girl?” Fancy wonders. Why is he carrying this picture around in his wallet?

Fancy remembers that Noah spoke once of a girl that was the love of his life. They were in the cheese, paté and wine shop next door and they were talking about things but not getting along very well. He mentioned a woman that he cared for that was very special but he really didn’t get into it much. He felt that it was none of her business to hear about something so personal. She was curious but didn’t press him for more information. She was giving off the air that she didn’t care. This girl in the picture must have been who he was talking about. Why else would he have the girl’s picture in his wallet? Fancy wants to know more about the girl. Who is she really? Where is she? How can she find out more without Noah finding out that she is doing it? She can’t appear interested in this too much or Noah will read into it. This is interesting timing though.

Fancy wonders if this could be the same girl that he was talking about. It has to be. Why else would she have her picture still? She needs to know more. How can she find out more? Noah isn’t around so maybe she can look through more of his things. She continues to snoop in the wallet and finds a letter folded up in there in the back of everything else he has tucked away. She pulls it out and starts reading. It is from a woman. “My dearest Noah…” Seems like Noah had a great love affair out there at one time. The words in this letter are very meaningful. Fancy feels a little jealous as she reads these private words that were obviously meant as a private message between lovers.

Alistair tells Katherine that if she wants he can easily tell Sheridan where it was exactly where Sheridan pierced Rachel when she killed her so many years ago. The body is still in the house and Katherine worries that Sheridan will make a connection. Now that Alistair is there too, the secret about Rachel’s death could easily come out. Katherine keeps her mouth closed. She knows how to deal with this. She has been doing it for many years. Every time that it seems that Katherine is about to step out of line, Alistair reminds her of his power that he has over her with the secret about Rachel. Martin wants to rush to Katherine’s rescue, but Katherine calms him. He has to pay attention to his wife now. There is no sense in Martin fighting to protect her. She will only end up going with Alistair anyway. she promised him she would. Alistair leaves the room heading to a back room in Pilar’s house.

Pilar hates Katherine but she tells the woman that she really does feel sorry for her. She is doomed to have a horrible life with Alistair all for the assurance that her daughter will be safe. When Katherine arrived at her house, she was bruised and battered and that wasn’t just from having ridden a coffin in a flood and then into the Lopez-Fitzgeralds’ house. Alistair had beaten and raped her. Katherine never complained. She was willing to suffer and seems still willing to continue suffering. That is a noble thing for anyone to do. Living with Alistair can’t be easy. There has to be some good in Katherine after all. Maybe Pilar and Katherine have a lot more in common than they thought.

Theresa sees her chance to have her daughter and she will take it. She has tried to reason with Ethan but he gives her no choice in the matter. He offered her visitation with her daughter and then he gook it away. What else was she to do? Rebecca and Gwen have all the power. In the process of getting her child and Ethan back, Theresa also wants to expose Rebecca and Gwen for setting her up with the tabloids and making a mockery of her so that Ethan wouldn’t have anything to do with her again. They were successful with that. Theresa plans to search the mansion for the evidence that she needs, but with Alistair helping her, she is sure to win out and get what she wants. Ethan wishes that he could help Theresa with this. She tells him that he can help her. “Give me my daughter back and I will stay away from Alistair Crane.”

Fancy continues to read the letter that she has found in Noah’s wallet. “…You vowed that you wouldn’t ever love another girl the way that you love me…” Noah is obviously heavily involved with someone. If this were an old girlfriend, then why does he still walk around with the letter in his wallet? Earlier when Noah had been massaging Fancy’s back, he had said some very sweet things to her. He had no business doing that when he had someone else on the hook. She was starting to buy into his ideas about them getting together one-day, but now it seems that he was just playing with her. At least she hasn’t told him how she was starting to feel about him. She was saved that embarrassment at least.

Fox comes over to Kay and Simone to talk to them and touch base with Kay again. They are all in the yard but Fox has been working in another section than where the ladies have been working. Fox tries again to speak to Kay to see how she is feeling about him now. Maybe she is in a better mood now that some time has passed. Maybe she will be friendlier to him now. Simone is uncomfortable being there with the both of them. Something must be up. Maybe Kay will tell her about it later. Maybe it is just like Simone thinks. “Men always treat women badly,” she said. She was so angry when she talked about men before. Fox doesn’t take long to see that Kay is still in a stinky mood. The mood only seems to rear its ugly head when she is talking to him though. That is a clear sign for Fox to beat it. He can take a hint.

Simone instinctively leaves the yard to let Fox and Kay talk about whatever their problem is. Kay seems to want Simone to stay although she says nothing. This morning Kay was crazy about Fox, sure that they were starting something together. They even connected on a really deep level after the storm. Simone remembered Fox being head-over-heels for Whitney. He was crazy for her. Simone found it hard to see that Fox might have moved on with someone else. Simone felt that Fox and Kay were just two ships passing in the night, but Kay told her that a lot more happened between she and Fox to convince her that they were going somewhere together. Now she is cold to Fox. He is trying to talk nicely and she is completely blowing him off.

Ivy is in the yard and she listens to how Fox and Kay interact. Kay is short and almost rude to Fox. He is hurt of course, but she knows that he will get over it. She knows that separating the two will be the best thing for all involved. Her talk with Kay earlier worked like a charm. She had to put her son in a bad light to get Kay to see things her way but now having Kay loathe Fox, believing that Fox only used her the other night as a little plaything has rewarded her. Ivy is confident that Kay will not have anything to do with her son now. That makes her smile.

Fox would like to talk to her about what happened to them before when her mood suddenly changed towards him, but she will not do that. She owes him no explanations about anything. She wants to forget about the past and the times that they shared during the earthquake and the Tsunami. To her that all never happened. It was just two people in a desperate time. She will not let him torture her by dwelling on a couple of interesting moments that they shared during a tragic time in history when their lives might have ended at any moment. Ivy has spelled things out for her and she can see Fox being just what she painted him out to be. “Leave me alone Fox. I don’t want to talk about what happened before, or anything else. Not with you. I don’t want to see you anymore Fox. Do you understand what I am telling you?” She walks off quickly leaving Fox confused and hurt by her treatment of him.

Fox is very hurt by this reaction and can’t understand it. Where is it coming from anyway? Nothing happened between them that was bad since they made love and have been spending time together. His mother mentioned that Kay could be difficult and warned him to get over her and leave it alone. Maybe this is an example of what his mother was talking about. Maybe she was right. Fox doesn’t like it but at the same time, he wonders if there is something more going on with Kay that he needs to know about. Fox would like to know but if she doesn’t talk to him then how can he fix things with her? Before they couldn’t stay apart and now she can’t stand the sight of him.

Ivy smiles from the side of the house. She has been listening in secret to everything that has transpired between Fox and Kay. Everything happened just like she wanted it to. Kay is soon to be a memory to Fox, and he is already a memory to her. It is beautiful to have set it up and get to watch it all at the same time, in the same day. Her little talk has worked like a charm on Kay. She has convinced the girl that Fox only uses women and Kay believes her. Kay has ended whatever was going on with she and Fox. She will believe that Fox had been using her and she will not go near that man again. Kay will have nothing to do with her son and that is just the way that she wants it. Kay knows too much about her and the things that she has done in the past. Ivy can’t give her anymore control in her life than she already has. Being Fox’s girlfriend isn’t an option.

Fancy is still looking at the letter that she found in Noah’s wallet. She is trying to figure out exactly what this all means. She feels like Noah made a fool of her by wooing her when all the time, he has a woman on the side who is in love with him and thinks that he feels the same about her.

Noah is coming back to the bed where he left Fancy now. Fancy can hear his footsteps as he makes his way up the aisle to the furniture department. She puts the letter back in his wallet, and then in his jacket. Fancy gets back on the bed where he left her sleeping, and she sits sadly on the edge of it.

He arrives with champagne and finds Fancy sitting up on the side of the bed. He still wears that tuxedo and looks doggone good in it. He has two glasses with him and is ready to pour when she is ready. “It is time to continue the fantasy. We will start things off with a little bubbly first.” She wants nothing to do with bubbly he has brought with him. She wants to get back to reality and her home and family. He wonders if she has napped enough she seems a little grumpy. “Maybe you would like to rest a little longer Fancy? We can continue our fantasy later.” She doesn’t want to have another nap and she doesn’t want to have more fantasies with him. “I want to go home and I want to get away from you more than anything else. I am going to change out of these ridiculous things and then I am going to find a way out of here and away from you.”

Simone sees that something is wrong with Kay. She is a lot different that she was earlier in the day. She asks her to spill the beans and tell all. Kay tells that Fox used her. He only wanted to sleep with her and make an ass of her. Kay is angry about the way that she has been treated. Apparently, he treats all women that way. She is in a really bad mood now over finding all this out. He really had her fooled. “How could I fall for a Crane of all people? They just use women and then move on to the next one.” Kay feels like she has been discarded like many others before her probably have been as well. Simone says that men are like that, and maybe it is better that Kay finishes with Fox now before he hurts her anymore. She hugs her friend.

Tabitha understands everything now. All has been revealed to her. Simone wouldn’t fess up to what has been going on in her life, so Tabitha had to find out for herself. That explains the big blue pot taking so long to pull this secret out. It is huge. She sees the truth about Simone. No wonder she has been ducking everyone that knows her. This could change everything for Simone. “This is some development. No one is going to believe this when they hear it. Simone’s parents are going to be furious when they learn about this turn of events. They will never get over this. TC is going to pull his hair out when he gets the news.” She covers the big blue pot with a blanket to keep Endora from seeing what she sees. That sight that the big blue pot revealed to her isn’t fit for the eyes of the innocent. “This is for mature audiences only Endora. Don’t peek.”

Pilar takes a moment with Katherine to have a private word. “I don’t think that I will ever forgive you for what you have done to my marriage and to my family Katherine. I know that what you did was wrong but at least I know now why you were desperate to get away from Alistair and leave your child when she needed you so much. I understand. We will never be friends but I admire the sacrifices that you have made for Sheridan. I would do the same for my children. We have that in common. You have come back to hell for Sheridan and that is a noble gesture on your part.” Katherine loves her child and will do anything for her. She tells Pilar that she admires her and that she sees that she is a great woman and role model to everyone that knows her. “I left Harmony and was wrong to leave Sheridan. I see that now and will make up for that by staying with Alistair and keeping Sheridan safe.”

Sheridan has said her good-byes to Mark now. She understands that she has to give him up and that this is the best way to handle things so that she can be with Mark in the future. It is time to be strong now for Mark. He will be going with strange people and staying in a strange place and she can’t have him afraid while he is alone. She has to help him understand that it is going to be okay. “Be a good boy now okay Mark? You have to go with the nice lady but I will see you later. We will be together again, I promise.” Sheridan hands Mark over to the social worker.

The worker walks to the door with Mark in her arms, and she leaves the Lopez-Fitzgeralds’ house. She will be looking for relatives of the boy in the meantime. They are gone quickly to social services. Mark is off to start a new life without Sheridan, at least for now. Sheridan will have to come to terms with this. She hasn’t been able to keep her promise to Maureen and that troubles her. She knows her father and it appears to be clear that she will not get that boy back under any circumstances. Her father isn’t in her corner which means that he is against her. She will never win. He will see to it. She has lost two children. It is like she shouldn’t be able to have any children ever. Her father was able to help her keep Mark and Marty but refused to help. Now she has nothing. Alistair despises her and always will. She is sure of it now.

Sheridan has a flashback to the moment when she realized that she had lost Marty forever. Losing Mark right now fells just like losing Marty all over again. Sheridan hurts inside. Everyone that she has come to care for leaves her or is taken from her at some point. It is like she isn’t worthy of love from anyone. Even Beth can have a child while she can’t. She fell to the floor crying when she and Luis realized that Marty was gone forever. The pain of it hurt so bad. She feels that same way now. She wants to cry out and wail, but she tries to control that part of her. At least she got a chance to say goodbye this time. Ethan is a good lawyer. He will figure out something for her to get her child back.

Sheridan is feeling like her heart is being ripped out now. “No!” she screams out at the pain that she feels over Marty being gone. She can never really be happy. She can never really love anyone or have them love her back. Her father will ruin everything until she is a broken old lady waiting to die. Gwen sits by and watches the torture that her friend suffers. This is unbearable for her too. Sheridan deserves a child more than anyone. Alistair must really hate her. Ethan standing up for her is going to make Alistair hate him too. This can’t be good for anyone. Alistair just showed everyone how ruthless he can be. Alistair’s reign of terror is stronger than ever. Even those who are friendly to Alistair will see that he is not a good ally and doesn’t return favors. Theresa has his ear now, but that will not last long. However, before Alistair turns on her what damage will she do to Gwen’s household?

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