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By Glynis
Pictures by Amanda

Noah is in the department store looking for towels and he finds them. Lots and lots of them. He and Fancy broke the wall down in the wine shop where they were trapped. They discovered that they were next door to a department store. Everything that they could ever need is in there. Fancy is taking a shower while he picks up a few things in the store. They will be able to get a little more comfortable now, and everything that they need will be at their disposal until they can figure a way out of the building.

There is screaming suddenly out of nowhere. The sound echoes throughout the entire department store. Noah recognizes the pitch of that voice. He pauses for a moment. The scream is heard again just like before. That is Fancy crying out. She must be in trouble over where the showers are. Noah knows that has to be Fancy screaming. No one else is around. He drops the selection of towels that he had chosen for them. “What if something is wrong and she is hurt somehow?” Noah goes running back to the showers as fast as he can to see what the problem is. He will rush to her rescue once again. That seems to be all that he has been doing anyway.

Tabitha and Endora are in their house alone now. Simone and Kay were just there, but Kay found some excuse to head over to her father’s place. Kay says that she wants to tell her father about Jessica and what Simone has seen. Tabitha knows that Kay is smitten with Fox and just wants to be near him. She came into the room earlier and found the two smiling at each other from the two windows of Sam and Tabitha’s houses. Tabitha decides to check on the activities next door to see how Kay is progressing with Fox.

She goes to the window and sees that Kay and Simone are over at the Bennett’s house. They are not talking to Sam at all like they said they would. They are watching Fox hard at work in the yard with his shirt off. Fox and Kay can’t stop staring at each other. The chemistry is thick as smoke between them. Tabitha knows that no one is going to approve of this union. Ivy is going to hate this the most. She and Kay have secrets that both will not want anyone else to know about. Ivy hates Kay as she got the better of her once. Ivy had no idea that Kay could be such a formidable enemy, but she couldn’t fight back. She wanted to be with Sam and couldn’t rock the boat.

Kay and Simone walk over to Fox who is in the Bennett yard working hard to make it nice to look at again. Kay tells him that he looks really hot working out in the yard. She realizes how that came out and she corrects what she means. “I don’t mean that you look hot. I mean that you look like the temperature is too hot for you.” She says that she came over to talk to her dad. Fox tells her that Sam is in the house on the phone. She will be going into the house now to see him. Fox decides that he will go into the house too to have a break.

Simone has been watching the pair interact, and she wants to talk to Kay about it in private. She stops Kay from entering the house behind Fox so that she can find out a couple of things first. Kay looks at her as if she is crazy.

Fox enters the house and leaves Simone and Kay alone in the yard. He can tell that they would like to talk privately. Simone demands to know what Fox and Kay have going together. She can see there is something. She has just witnessed the cute looks back and forth between Fox and Kay, and something is definitely up with them.

Ivy is at the side of the house being sneaky, and she hears Simone’s question to her friend Kay about what has been going on with Fox. Ivy is as curious as Simone is about Fox and Kay. She can’t ask Fox about this; so this is actually a really good opportunity for Ivy to find out just how deep this cut goes. Ivy will not let this girl get her clutches into Fox, no matter what has happened between them.

Sheridan is begging her father to let her keep Mark. The social worker is there to take Mark and not the police, or anyone can stop her but Alistair. Sheridan even got on her knees to beg her father to let her keep the child. Alistair will have to consider this. The social worker that came to take the child takes Mark into the other room so that Sheridan and Alistair can talk about this.

After Mark has been taken out of the room by the social worker, Sheridan pleads with her father some more. “I love Mark with all of my heart father. You have the power to stop Mark from being taken from me and I am begging you now to help me with that. Will you do this father? Will you please do this for me so that I can take care of Mark like his mother asked me to?” Alistair thinks over what she has asked him. The others at the Lopez-Fitzgeralds’ home stand by to see what Alistair will do here. Will Alistair make his child happen this once, or will he let her down again? Sheridan is a nervous wreck. She can only take so much, and she has taken so much already. Alistair decides that he will let Sheridan keep her child after all. Her face breaks out into a big smile. The others in the room look at each other in shock. Alistair has a heart after all. Who would have thought?

Noah has made his way back to the showers where he heard the screaming coming from. He sees no one, but he hears the shower running in one of the stalls. That must be where Fancy is in trouble he figures. She is quiet now wherever she is. Not a human sound comes from anywhere. Noah can’t even fathom to consider what that may mean.

Noah gets to the shower where Fancy is and he opens the curtains thinking that he will have to save Fancy yet again. She is fine. She is naked and her back is to him and she is soaping herself all over. Noah can’t tear his eyes away from her beautiful body. And that tush. He can’t help staring at that tush. She suddenly feels like she is being watched and she turns around to find Noah staring at her. She grabs the curtain and hides her body from him wondering what it is that he thinks that he is doing. Noah explains that he heard screaming and came to rescue her. “Oh that,” she says. She was only screaming because the water wasn’t the right temperature and it surprised her when it came out freezing cold on her body. He just stands staring at her although all that he can see is her face now. She tells him to go and get her some expensive towels with the highest thread count that he can find. She also wants him to find her something in a size 2 that she can wear. She closes the curtain and resumes her shower.

Noah stares at her silhouette through the shower curtain. That is some shape that Fancy has on her. Even behind a curtain he can tell that she is burning hot. Noah hates to admit it but he can’t get his mind off her. “She drives me crazy,” he admits to himself. Then he turns and is off running back to the towel department to get them some towels, and then to find them something to wear.

Kay tells Simone that she and Fox got together after the storm, “if you know what I mean…” Simone figures it out and is really surprised. The guy was head over heels for her sister not too long ago. This is an interesting development. Simone understands two people getting together in the middle of a storm like that, but does Fox really care for Kay? Kay hopes that there is something between them now. She will find out, but she is sure that her radar is reading him right.

Ivy listens to this secretly from the side of the house where she is hidden from view, and gets upset while she listens. Things have obviously gone on in a very short time with Fox and Kay. This is exactly what Ivy wanted to avoid.

Kay and Simone head into the house now to find Sam and report to him what it is that they know about Jessica.

Ivy is furious about what she has learned from Simone and Fox’s conversation just now. She comes out of hiding now, from behind the house. She is alone in the yard and finds it particularly disturbing that Fox and Kay have already slept together. Kay has already made headway with Fox and that would explain why he can’t stay away from her. This has to be stopped any way possible. Ivy wants Fox to see Kay for what she really is.

Tabitha is laughing at Ivy’s unhappiness. The scene is being set for problems she sees. Ivy is already plotting to keep Kay from her son. “Well, Kay is not that easy a pushover. We all know that about her.” The tricks are already starting over there. It will be interesting to see who wins. She goes over to Endora. It is time for something to eat dear.

Endora zaps up a bowl of junk for them to eat. Just like a kid. Tabitha says that they should really eat something that is a little healthier than sugary or salty treats. “Get something else dear. We have a long day ahead of us, watching the citizens of Harmony and what they are up to out there.” Endora makes a sad, pouty face, but does as she is told.

Endora takes away the junk and conjures up a bowl of fruit instead. Tabitha smiles her approval at the new snack. “That is better dear.” The bowl sits on the table ready for consumption when Tabitha and Endora are ready for it. Right now, Tabitha is more interested in the big blue pot and what it reveals to her. Everyone everywhere is having trouble now that the storm is over.

Sheridan throws her arms around her father and thanks him for saying that he will let Mark stay with her. She continues to hug him as thanks for doing this for her. He has never shown her any kindness her whole life, and for him to do so now, is nothing short of a miracle. He must really love her after all. Everyone else in the room looks at each other not believing their ears. Alistair actually said that he would help Sheridan keep Mark.

Theresa watches this scene and thinks that there must be something good in Alistair after all. He sees him being gentle with Sheridan and treating her like a parent really should treat a child of his. It warms her heart to see Alistair like this. Sheridan depends on Alistair to stop everything to let her raise Mark, and she has seen him do it. Theresa’s faith in Alistair’s power is reaffirmed now.

Martin and Pilar see that this is something new. They look at each other smiling as this could very well be a turning point for Alistair. There might be hope for him after all. Maybe the old guy is softening in his old age. What Alistair has proposed to do for Sheridan is just about the nicest thing that he has done in years, or maybe even ever.

Alistair takes Sheridan’s arms from around his neck. “That is quite enough. I will make the call to make sure that you… don’t get that child Sheridan.” Sheridan is horrified at what Alistair now says. He has completely changed his tune. “You said that you would help me father,” she says. Alistair will not help her. He lied. “I will not give you someone else’s child. He doesn’t need you Sheridan. No one needs you. Look at you. Mark needs to be with his own kind. He wouldn’t be a full breed if he stayed with us. He is not one of us. I will not lift a finger to help you keep that child Sheridan.” Sheridan is crying now. Alistair has played an awful trick on her just now. Ethan and Gwen are quietly uncomfortable with the way that this scene is unfolding for very personal reasons.

Simone tells Fox, Ivy and Fox about how Jessica and Spike were out there somewhere together after the storm. She could see that Spike is nothing but trouble and that Jessica is in real danger. She wants her friend to be brought back home right away before something terrible happens to her. Simone wants Chief Bennett to do something but Sam isn’t the chief anymore and can’t do anything. Simone hasn’t got a clue what he is talking about. The others confirm that it is true. Sam has been kicked off the force and can’t use those resources like he would normally to find his precious daughter and get her home. Sam knows that Jessica will never be safe until she is away from Spike. Simone feels that Jessica wanted to come home with her but she never said it. It was more something that Simone saw in her actions and by some of the things that she said. Later Spike knocked her out and now she has no idea where Jessica and Spike is. Simone can’t understand why Jessica would bother with someone that treats her so badly. Sam says that she is brainwashed and on drugs.

Tabitha is looking into the big blue pot as she has been all day. She switches the scene from Sam’s house to where Spike is for a minute. She sees him, but nothing different is really going on there. “All this talk about Jessica. I don’t think that anyone can save Jessica from the life that she is going to fall into. With any luck, things will get worse for Jessica and the rest of the Bennett clan for that matter.”

Fancy calls out to Noah. She is dressed in a gorgeous silk gown looking through the ladies department for Noah. “I found the dress that you chose for me. It is to die for. Why did you pick something so formal for me to wear anyway?” She makes her way to the escalator. She gets on it and waits for it to take her to the next floor.

As she rises on the escalator to the next floor, she sees that Noah is waiting for her at the top of the escalator. He looks positively charming. He is wearing a tuxedo and holding a red, red rose. He is waiting for her and he greets her gallantly when she finally gets to the top of the escalator. He hands her a single rose. She takes his arm and he leads her to the furniture department. There is a table there set and ready for them.

He pours them some wine that he has thoughtfully put on a dining table in the furniture department. The table is set beautifully for them to enjoy. This isn’t such a bad thing after all Fancy thinks. “I have been making the most of things so that we can enjoy our bad situation as much as possible,” Noah brags. She could get used to this treatment. The department has all the things that she really cares about in life. “New clothes and makeup! Still I could use some shoes though.” They look down at her feet and see that she is wearing flip-flops that poke awkwardly out from beneath her designer gown. They laugh at that. He points to the shoe department nearby. She gasps at the beautiful shoes nearby. Noah knows that she will be over there soon enough picking out shoes. If that makes her happy, then so be it. “You can have whatever shoes you want Fancy.”

Sam wishes that he could be out finding Jessica right now. That was what he and Ivy were doing when the earthquake hit. They had to give up their search for the girl and deal with other things. Fox offers to help to search for Jessica if Sam wants him to. Kay is really happy to hear him say that. “How sweet of you Fox,” she beams in his direction. Fox warmly smiles back at her. Sam tells Simone that if she sees Jessica in future, she is to tell the girl that her family loves her and misses her. He wants her back home where she belongs. Sam just thinks of something that suddenly occurs to him. “Simone. How did you get here if all the airports are closed? Weren’t you out of town during the storm?” Simone clams up saying nothing.

Tabitha watches Simone as sits in the Bennetts’ house at the kitchen table. The big blue pot tells Tabitha everything but not what Simone has been up to all this time. “She has been acting really mysterious ever since she met up with Jessica. Something has to be up with her. What is the secret? She doesn’t go to her parents, and she has them thinking that she is out of town where she has been here all along. Just what is it that Simone has been hiding? It must be really juicy for her to keep it from Jessica and Kay. They are the people that Simone confides in the most. I think that it is time for me to do a little investigation of my own and pull out the secrets to that mystery.”

Alistair tells that Sheridan would make a bad parent. Alistair is sure that Luis let Marty be taken by Beth on purpose. He knows that Sheridan has had this fear herself and Alistair twists the knife when he tells Sheridan that really must be the case here. Ethan and Katherine are upset that Alistair talks to Sheridan this way. Alistair knows Sheridan better than anyone. “It wouldn’t take much to push Sheridan over the edge. She is so weak.”

Katherine thinks quietly about Alistair telling her that Sheridan was the one that killed Rachel. They were in the family mausoleum standing over Rachel’s body. Katherine had begged Alistair to tell her what it was about Sheridan that he had been hiding.

Alistair turns to Katherine saying that he knows that if he pushes Sheridan a little, she will fall right over the edge. “Katherine… Should I try? Should I push Sheridan over the edge?” Katherine stays quiet. She knows that this is the time to be quiet. Alistair would love to crush Sheridan with this horrible truth about her having killed her aunt.

Fancy feels very warm all of a sudden with all the preparation that Noah has gone through to make their stay comfortable in the department store. Noah told her that they could play out all their fantasies tonight. He knows just where they should start with their fantasies too. He makes her close her eyes and wait. She does. After a while she gets tired of standing there with her eyes closed. She calls out to him and no one answers.

She opens her eyes and he is gone. She is all alone and not appreciative of that at all. He seems to have played a trick on her. “You have got to be kidding Noah! Where are you? This fantasy doesn’t involve me? Is that what you are trying to tell me?” She looks around and sees that she really is alone. She is all dressed up with nowhere to go.

Ethan tells Alistair to shut up. He is angry with the way that he has treated Sheridan. He will not tolerate this any longer. “Since you are not going to help Sheridan keep the child, then be quiet and stop torturing everyone. If you are not going to be part of the solution, then you are part of the problem.” Ethan’s outburst angers Alistair.

Theresa can see that Alistair is a monster when he wants to be. He frightens her right now. Moments ago he was sensitive and sweet, and now he is the epitome of evil. Everyone is stunned in silence. She watches as the man that was just tender and caring to her wreaks havoc in Sheridan’s life. She feels for Sheridan but dares not say anything.

Alistair tells Ethan to stay out of his business and to mind his own for a change if he knows what is good for him. What he does with her daughter is his affair. This is private. Ethan has been allowed to run freely for a long time but that could stop. He makes a couple of menacing steps in Ethan’s direction, but Ethan is not intimidated. He stands strong in the face of this menace. Gwen asks Ethan to please leave this alone and stay out of it. She has her own reasons for wanting to stay on Alistair’s good side, and all of them have to do with keeping Jane. Alistair cautions Ethan to listen to his wife. “She is very wise. You would do well to listen to what she tells you to do.” Katherine tells Alistair to stop this now and not to go any further with this. Alistair hasn’t even begun yet. He has more to do here. He has just laid the groundwork for what he plans to do next.

Fancy tries on some of the shoes in the shoe department, while she waits to see what Noah has in store for her, if anything. He mentioned something about living out fantasies, well trying on shoes will do for her, for now. She bends over putting on and taking off shoes one after the other. That makes her happy and will keep her entertained for now.

The sound of a motor can be heard in the distance. Fancy stands trying to figure out where the sound is coming from. She pinpoints the general area where the sound is coming from and turns her head that way. The sound is getting closer now. “What is that?” The motor sound gets louder and louder. It is almost upon her now.

Noah rides up on a motorcycle. He comes from a corner near where Fancy is standing and he stops the bike in front of her. “Hop on. This is part of my fantasy. I want to have a woman on the bike behind me. Her breath will be on the back of my neck as we take the dangerous curves.” Fancy smiles. There are no dangerous curves here. Noah tells Fancy that she is the one that has the dangerous curves. The smile leaves Fancy’s face.

She thinks back to Noah finding her naked in the shower. She turned around to find him staring at her bare-naked butt while she was showering. He was just standing there. She grabbed the curtain to hide her body from him, but she knows that he saw everything that she hides under her clothes. She smiles. She knows that he was pleased with what he saw.

He goes back to his fantasy sharing it with Fancy. “It goes like this. We ride the bike until we get to the desert, then we stop and get off the bike to enjoy some time alone.” With that said, he takes her in his arms and they dance to some mall music that is playing in the background somewhere in the mall. She likes this part of his fantasy and she easily moves in his arms as he leads her.

Simone says that she arrived in town right before the Tsunami hit when asked. She sees now that everyone knows that she couldn’t have come recently because the airports were not in operation. That means that she was there all along. Well whatever story Simone is using, Sam realizes that Simone’s parents have no idea that she is back and they should be told immediately. Sam wants to call them right now to tell them that Simone is back.

The phone rings and Simone breathes a sigh of relief when she hears it. This will give her a break from all the questions about where she has been and what she has been doing. Sam leaves the table to answer the phone.

Simone takes that opportunity to try to sneak out of the house. Kay grabs her arm. “I told you about Fox, now you tell me about what you are hiding.”

Tabitha has been listening. “Simone’s secret has to be a doozie.” Tabitha does a spell to have Simone’s secret revealed. Tabitha stares into the big blue pot “Hello! We need to know the secret so that we can know what Simone is hiding.”

Ethan demands that Alistair leave Sheridan alone. He will not. Alistair taunts Sheridan. “You are not worthy of love. Luis doesn’t love you. You don’t deserve it. Men keep running away from you. Even the love of your life left you. Your mother left you.” Katherine tells Sheridan not to listen to him. “Trust yourself.” Alistair tells Sheridan that this child Mark wouldn’t love you either. “The boy would use you and then leave you like everyone else does.” The tears fall freely from Sheridan’s eyes as she listens to her father’s assessment of her and seems to accept it.

Tabitha orders the big blue pot again to reveal the secret that Simone is hiding.

Zap! Something is happening.

Zap! Endora gets a bowl of popcorn for the blessed event.

Kay keeps working on her friend, trying to get secret out that she is keeping.

Sam comes over the others. He has to go. He asks Fox to clean up the yard. Sam asks Kay to help him. Kay is only too glad to do so. Sam leaves.

Ivy tells Kay that she should go and look after her baby and let Fox clean the yard himself. Kay says that her baby will be just fine. Fox takes Kay’s hand and walks her out to the backyard.

Ivy sees that this is going to be more difficult than he thought.

Noah and Fancy have finished dancing now. There is one more thing that they need to do to make the fantasy complete. He leans in to Fancy to kiss her.

She sees something over his shoulder though. “Oh my God!” She goes rushing off.

Noah turns to follow her.

Alistair tells Sheridan that she is no good.

Theresa thinks to herself that Alistair is very cruel to his own child.

Alistair knows that in a few years, Sheridan will lose her good looks and be alone in the cottage. People will talk about her. She might start taking drugs or drink. Maybe she will throw herself at some guard on the estate. “This whole scenario is worthy of Tennessee Williams.”

“Mommy! Mommy where are you?” It is Little Ethan calling for his mother.

Before she leaves the room, Ethan asks Theresa if she really wants to be associated with someone like Alistair after this. Theresa leaves the room to see her son.

Alistair pushes Sheridan to say something. She turns to him. “That little person that you have been torturing all my life is dead. You abused me, gave me a life of belittlement and torture. Well hear this. Enough. I have came through all this and I am fine. There is nothing wrong with me. I am just fine. And as God is my witness, I will not let you hurt me again.”

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