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By Glynis
Pictures by Amanda

Fox and Kay are staring at each other though the windows. She is in Tabitha’s house in the living room; and he is in Sam’s house in the kitchen. He was with her all through the storm and now he can’t stop thinking about her. In a short amount of time, they have fought, argued came to the brink of death and made love. All of this without even a first date. They both pretend to be disinterested in the other, but the signs are all there. Anyone around them can see it.

Fox thinks back to the love making that they made earlier. It was totally hot. They were both so into each other and it was just so good. Fox can’t shake it from his mind. They were out in the open making wild passionate love and they even risked getting caught by some military personnel who were helping the citizens if they needed it. (One of the men who found them looked a lot like President Clinton by the way.)

Tabitha brings Maria to her mummy at the window. Kay doesn’t even know that Tabitha and Maria are behind her for a moment as she is so tied to the window staring at Fox, and wondering what is going on over there. She really enjoyed her time with him after the storm especially.

Tabitha sees that Kay is staring at the young blue-blooded buck next door and that she couldn’t tear herself away from the window if she wanted to. She hands Maria to her mother to properly get her attention. “It is all over your face dear. He might be falling for you too dear Kay.” Kay seems pleased to hear that.

Ivy sees that Fox can’t tear himself away from the window where he is staring out at Kay Bennett in the house next door. She comes up behind him and he has no idea that she is even there. Ivy doesn't like this one bit. Her son acts like he is hypnotized, and over Kay Bennett!

Ivy tells herself that she will not stand by and let Fox and Kay get together as a couple. No way. She feels that she would be doing her son an injustice if she were to let that happen. She has seen Kay at her worst and her son isn’t going to go through that. Just the antics that Kay got up to when she set her sights on Miguel should be enough for Ivy to be able to convince Fox that Kay is not the woman for him.

Whitney is sleeping. She suddenly awakes. She is alone on Chad’s couch. “Thank God.” She looks over and sees that Chad is sleeping in the chair across the room. Whitney wonders if she dreamt making love to Chad and telling him the truth about being Mile’s father.

The more that she thinks about things, the more she realizes that she did in fact make love to her brother… Again! The horror! She starts getting her things together. She has to get out of there. This is a nightmare. She gathers her things. The baby is still sleeping. Her movements cause Chad to stir.

Chad wakes up and smiles in her direction. She doesn’t want that. He makes a move towards her but she quickly moves out of the way. She will not even allow him to touch her ever again. Chad is happy to see her but the sight of him disgusts her and she tells him that. “I can’t live with myself after what we have done Chad. Just stay away.”

Noah and Fancy are stuck in the wine shop until someone comes to get them. The way that they came in is blocked and there is no other way out of there. They have all the liquor that they can wish for, but even after a while a person gets tired of that. Fancy is mad that there is nothing to eat and drink but liquor, paté and cheese. Noah laughs at her tantrum. He can just see her kicking her feet and stomping to get her way back at the mansion in her own little world where everyone else bows down to her. She will show him kicking. He kicks him and then loses her footing, falling on top of him. He remarks that she will do anything to get on top of him it seems. They have a lot of time to kill. Noah wonders how to make the best of it. They start kissing.

Ethan and Gwen can see that there is trouble now. Alistair and Theresa are clearly a force to be reckoned with. They sit together on the couch looking into each other’s eyes and whispering secretly as everyone else interacts. Theresa has quickly gotten herself into the inner circle with Alistair.

Sheridan is telling an officer that she will not let him take the child from her. “You can not have him. He is staying with me,” she says. “His mother made me promise that I wouldn’t give him up and I won’t!” Pilar, Katherine and Martin watch as Sheridan holds Mark in her arms and refuses to give him up.

As Noah and Fancy are kissing, a fixture from the ceiling falls on top of Noah’s back as he moves on top of Fancy to protect her, forcing her to the ground on her back. She screams. The mood is ruined but they are alright. His back is a little bruised and he would like her to look at it for him. He pulls up his shirt for her to look at it. She longs to touch him but fights herself not to do so. The urge is so strong. He is so gorgeous and attractive but she doesn't want him to know that she feels that way about him. His head is big enough as it is. Noah fell on Fancy to protect her from getting killed by the ceiling fixture. He has saved her life yet again. She appreciated him doing that for her and she tells him that. He knows that she probably enjoyed it.

Whitney needs to get out of Chad’s apartment. Chad wants her to stay and be with him and their son. This is not okay with Whitney. It has to stop now. Chad loves her and he sees nothing wrong with this arrangement. Not anymore. “Last night was beautiful for me Whitney. You were there, and you know it.” Whitney says no it wasn’t beautiful at all. To her it was a horrible act that can never happen ever again. He remembers that she was right there with him and they both knew what they were doing it and she liked it and was fully enjoying herself, as he was. Now that he knows that Miles is his son, being with Whitney means the world to him. Whitney wants him to promise her that he will keep the secret about Miles from everyone else. She asked him to keep the promise the night before, but he wouldn’t answer her.

Alistair sits with Theresa on the couch and he touches her hair in a very personal way. They are like two peas in a pod. He only has eyes for her and watches her as I concerned boyfriend might watch his girl. Everyone is surprised at how comfortable that Theresa has become with this man.

Ethan and Gwen whisper about Alistair and Theresa and how Theresa seems to be working an angle with Alistair to get Jane. Ethan hates to admit it but after his conversation with Theresa while they were out in the storm in his tree house, she did indicate that she would do anything to get Jane. She said that it would be up to Ethan to stop her from making a terrible mistake with Alistair that she would regret. She actually told him that if anything happened as a result of her connection with Alistair, she would hold him responsible for not having returned her child earlier. Gwen knows that if Alistair can’t take Marty from Sheridan, then he can certainly get Jane too.

Sheridan still tells the officer that she will not give the child to him. The officer has to take the child to Protective Services. That is the law. “I can’t leave him here now that I know that his mother has died and that there are no blood relatives here. We don’t have a choice Ms. Crane. We either take him now, or we have to call Child Protection. If they come, then you will not see Mark again, not ever.” Sheridan still refuses to give the child up.

The officers move to the front of the house to make their call to protective services in private. They were hoping that they could do this the simple way, but that is just not possible anymore. Sheridan will not give the child up. Things are going to become a lot more difficult now.

Sheridan looks down at Mark. “Don’t you worry. I will not be giving you up. You will stay right here with me.” The child stays silent, not really understanding what has gone one here. All he knows is that his mother is gone and that Sheridan has been taking care of him ever since.

Fancy really wants to get out of there now. Enough is enough. Noah says that she is with him and so what more could she possibly want? She should be happy to be with him. She finds him so common in his behavior. She isn’t used to that. “You get on my nerves Fancy, you know that?” he tells her. He finds that all that she does is complain about this and complain about that. She does that because she isn’t used to living in squalor like he is. She is used to living by another standard. Noah taps on the walls from place to place. It is time to make things happen and get a move on with this situation. She hates that he plays Morse code with the wall. What is he doing anyway? He tells her to be quiet while he listens to the wall. He has had enough of her and wants to get out now. “I am going to put an end to your whining once and for all.

Ivy reminds Fox that he said that he wouldn’t get involved with anyone so soon after Whitney. Fox denies that he is interested in Kay. Ivy sees that his actions are speaking louder than his words. He can’t keep from looking over at Kay next door. Ivy sees that she is going to have a serious problem here if she can’t make Fox see sense. Ivy warns that Kay is devious. Fox has no idea what she is talking about. “I am worried about you honey. I think that you are vulnerable and you may get in the wrong relationship too soon after having your heart broken by Whitney the way that it was. I hope that you don’t get involved right now. I don’t want to see you get hurt again dear. If you get involved with Kay, you will wish that you hadn’t trust me. Kay may seem like a nice person, but she is far from it. The right girl is out there for you and it is not Kay Bennett.”

Kay pretends not to be interested in Fox. Tabitha knows better. Kay tells Tabitha to go brew a potion and leave her alone.

The doorbell rings. Tabitha wonders if that is the prince at the door for Kay. Kay puts her baby in the pen and goes to the door.

She opens it to Simone. Kay seems disappointed. Simone enters. She takes off her hat. She has a huge scratch at the top of her head. She tells that she was with Jessica and that girl is in trouble deep. “I saved Jessica from being washed away in the Tsunami. That was when she told me that she has been prostituting herself for Spike. Spike beat me up and when I woke up they were gone. I am hiding from my family right now and don’t want them to know that I am in town by the way.” Kay really wants to know why Simone is hiding from her family. “What has been going on with her?”

Simone says that she was in California and just got back. Kay doesn’t believe her. The storm has been on for hours. She couldn’t have just gotten back. Kay wants to know why Simone didn’t go home after arriving in town whenever that was. Kay can see that she has been hiding out. Kay knows that something is up. “What have you been up to?”

Chad can’t make the promise that Whitney wants him to. Chad knows that there may be a time when Miles will need to know the truth about his biological father. “I can’t make a promise that I might break later. I won’t tell anyone intentionally, but that doesn’t mean that I won’t ever tell someone.” Whitney begs him. He can’t agree to this. Whitney sees that she shouldn’t have told him the truth and that she shouldn’t have come there.

Noah decides that he is going to break through the wall and see if thy can get out that way. Noah holds a sledgehammer in his hand. Fancy is scared when she sees him holding that hammer. He can see that she is scared that he might use the hammer on her. That wasn’t his plan. He takes off his shirt and Fancy smiles as she watches him. She offers to help, but he isn’t interested in hearing her complain or worry about a boo-boo. She offers to let him kiss her boo-boo if he wants. He tells her that he needs no reason to kiss her if he wants to. He kisses her. Then he is back at the wall hammering at it. Noah makes a hole and tries to look through it. He can’t see. She moves him over and then tries to make the hole bigger.

Sheridan says that she has to keep Mark. She looks to Ethan for help with this. Ethan says that this would be easier if there was something in writing that said that Sheridan was to have the child. There was no time for that though. Sheridan can try to adopt the child later but that might be difficult if there are other relatives out there.

The doorbell rings. Pilar opens the door to Protective services. A woman in a business suit walks in. She panics when she sees the coffin. Katherine explains that it is her sister’s coffin that floated in there during the storm.

The woman goes to Sheridan holding her arms out. “Ms. Crane. If you would be so king as to hand the child over please.” Sheridan clutches Mark even closer to her.

Noah keeps working on the wall and then when he is able to look in, he sees a locker room of some sort. It is probably for the store. Maybe a department store. Fancy hopes that it is a high-fashion store. Noah doesn’t care about that. They will be able to get clothes and food and makeup. They head into the hole they have created.

The social worker asks for Sheridan to give up the child. Katherine pleads with her daughter to do the right thing. Ethan says that just for now, she should cooperate. Sheridan likes the woman but she can’t let her woman take the child. Sheridan actually doesn’t have a choice in this matter. Actually she does. She has a trick up her sleeve. She turns to Alistair. “Father. Can you make sure that Mark is never taken from me? Ever?”

Theresa hears Sheridan’s question, and she leans in to Alistair whispering in his ear about the situation. Sheridan watches them wondering what is going on over there exactly.

Noah and Fancy find showers in the department store. They will clean up and then go shopping for stuff. Fancy finds something magical about a place like this being quiet. They wonder if the showers work. Noah tries the faucet and sees that there is running water. They have no towels though. Noah will try to find some towels for the both of them in the store. She will get in the shower while he is gone and he promises not to look at her naked when he gets back. He doesn’t need to see her naked body. He has seen plenty of hot babes in his times. She knows that she is especially hot though, and that is the difference. The paparazzi has followed her many times, trying to get a picture of her naked body. Noah leaves.

Once alone, Fancy warned Noah not to look at her naked, but wonders what it is like to see Noah naked. He has a really great body. Fancy knows that the sight of Noah’s naked butt must be really cute.

Ivy and Fox discuss Jessica and what might have become of her now that Spike has his grip on her again. Ivy really hopes that the girl will be okay out there. “We lost her and then the Tsunami hit making everything difficult. She could be anywhere out there. Sam is a wreck over Jessica. He has been stripped of his job and the resources to find his daughter. He feels totally helpless. I hope that we get some word on her soon. Jessica was a handful but still Ivy wants to know that she is okay.” Ivy hasn’t heard anything about Fancy either and that is a huge concern as well. Ivy hopes that at the very least, Fancy has been able to find shelter during the horrible disasters. At least Fox is fine and safe. Fox tells his mother not to worry. He will be fine. Fox leaves the house.

Ivy knows that as long as there is any chance that Fox will be interested in Kay Bennett of all people, there will be reason to worry. She knows what Kay can be like. She remembers when she first brushed up against the girl the wrong way. Kay proved to be a manipulating force, who made her parents lives a living hell. She was a huge part of the reason why Sam and Grace separated.

Fox is outside Sam’s house looking at Tabitha’s home next door. “I wonder what Kay is doing next door,” Fox wonders out loud. He gets to work, helping to restore Sam’s house to its previous state. There is a lot of yard work that has to be done here. Fox removes his shirt and gets to work.

Simone hears from Kay how Fox saved her. Simone is surprised to hear all that. Fox only had eyes for Whitney when she was last at the house. Simone didn’t realize that Fox could tear himself away from Whitney long enough to do anything. Kay tells that Fox and Whitney are not together anymore. Simone listens to that. They may not be together anymore, but Simone is sure that Fox still has a lot of feelings for Whitney in spite of that. “No, I am quite sure that Fox is over Whitney.” Tabitha smiles to herself. Kay is sure of what she is saying. “I think that Fox has moved on from Whitney Simone. She did some things that he couldn't’ deal with. She gave up his child. He really loved her once but I am sure that he hasn’t got those kinds of feelings for Whitney now.”

Tabitha knows that Kay secretly wishes that Fox would have ‘those kinds of feelings” for her instead. He just might. Nothing has been ironed out yet between them. Who knows what Fox really feels inside?

Whitney has made her way to Father Lonnigan’s at the church. “I have done something evil. I went to Chad’s during the earthquake to make sure that the baby and Chad were fine. Chad and Miles were both fine. I was glad but also afraid for them. The storm wasn’t over and Harmony was being turned upside down. I thought that our lives were over forever anyway. I let my emotions get the best of me Father. Before I died, I wanted to let Chad know how much I still loved him, but not as a brother. I made love to Chad again, knowing that he was my brother. I didn’t plan for this to happen and now I am so sorry for what I have done.” Father Lonnigan shakes his head at Whitney. She has sinned in the eyes of the church. I was there with Chad and we were kissing and then we got closer and things felt right and natural. I was weak and afraid.”

She remembers the kissing and how good it felt. She was aware of what she was doing and she did it anyway. She wanted to be close to Chad, as close as she could get. She did that. Now she is haunted by her actions. The world didn’t end and things are ten times worse because Chad knows the truth about Miles and won’t promise to keep that secret.

Father Lonnigan is not happy to hear this horrible story again. “I told you and Chad not to live together when Chad suggested it the first time. You were to resist temptation and that was the best way to do it.” Whitney knows that he is right but that advice only has meaning now that she has sinned again. “It just felt so natural and we couldn't resist temptation Father. I am evil and I shouldn’t live for what I did. I know it. God should kill me as I am afraid that I might do this again. I would rather lose my life than have this happen to me again. I am afraid of my own feelings Father. I have no control over my desire for Chad. I should die right now. I need to kill myself. It would be better for everyone else if I were dead.” Father Lonnigan hears Whitney but killing herself is not the answer and she has to know that.

Kay wants to tell her father about Jessica and what happened to her during the Tsunami. Tabitha would like to come but Simone will go instead. Simone hopes that her secret that she is back in town will be kept a little while longer. Simone and Kay leave the house to go and see Sam.

Once the girl is gone, Tabitha looks out the window at the girls as they walk over to the Bennett’s house. “I know that you are going over to Sam’s place to see Fox!” She isn’t stupid. She knows how the affairs of the heart work. Fox and Kay are being drawn together and the chemistry is strong.

Fox is out in the yard, working with no shirt on. He stops for a moment, wiping the sweat from his brow. “I wonder where Kay is,” Fox wonders out loud. He looks over to the window in Tabitha’s house. He sees no one there. He goes back to his yard work, but can’t seem to keep his mind straight.

Tabitha sees that the attraction is getting strong between those two. “This could be very fascinating to watch.” Tabitha has to wonder how things will end up. She knows that Ivy is going to hate the idea of Kay dating her precious son. Ivy and Kay have not really been the best of friends in the past.

Fancy is confident that she is alone, and so she shimmies off her clothes and heads into the shower closing the curtain behind her for privacy. She has been dying for a shower, and now she can finally have one and get clean again. She will dry off later and have something new and exciting to wear when she is finished.

Noah walks through the store and finds where the towels are. There are more towels in there than he and Fancy could ever use. He starts picking some out to take back to the little princess. He complains about Fancy a lot, and he pretends that he isn’t attracted to her, but she actually has the best body he has ever seen on a woman.

Noah is still picking out towels for he and Fancy when he suddenly hears screaming. The sound is sharp after al the quiet that has been around Noah and Fancy since they entered the wine, cheese and paté shop. He recognizes that voice. “Fancy?” The scream rings out again. Something has to be wrong for sure. Noah backtracks running to the showers as fast as his legs can take him.

Father Lonnigan tells Whitney that she has no right to kill herself so she really needs to stop talking such silly gibberish. “Only God has the right to decide when it is time to die. No one can decide that above his wishes. Pray for the strength to resist temptation Whitney. That is the best plan that you can make to get yourself back on the right track again.” Whitney has to do more than that. Just confessing her sin and hoping that it won’t happen again isn’t going to work and she knows it. She was strongly against what she did and now she has done it again. “I know what you say is right Father. I cannot take my own life. That would be a sin as well. I know. I will give up my life to God. I will become a nun. That is the only way that I can guarantee that I will never ever make love to Chad again.”

Sheridan begs her father to help her to keep Mark with her. She knows that over any judge, over any government agency, over anyone, her father is the one that can keep Mark with her if he so decides that it will happen. Theresa knows how Sheridan feels and tells her that she sympathizes over the situation. Sheridan thanks Theresa for her heartfelt words. Sheridan knows that Theresa has suffered too for her children. She knows exactly what it feels like to have a child taken away. Theresa really hurts for the woman deep inside. Sheridan stoops before Alistair, humbling herself to him. She knows that this is what he wants and has always wanted from her. “Father, you already have taken Marty from me. Please let me keep Mark for my own. Please father.” Alistair seems to be seriously considering her request.

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