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By Glynis
Pictures by Amanda

Fancy and Noah are sleeping in the little basket shop they found during the storm. They were lucky to find cheese, paté, crackers and wine in there. They took off their clothes to get warm, and they even had candles in there to give them light. After that, things were just cozy as ever. They really lucked out. Now their stomachs are full and they are sleepy after fighting a storm all night.

Fancy is dreaming about being on the beach with Noah thinking that they might die night. In the dream, this is the last night of their lives and they wonder how they should spend it. Both are smiling coyly at the other in the dream. It is clear what they want to do, but no one has said it. Noah would tell her that they should make their last moments count and they would make love right there on the beach.

Fancy smiles as she dreams. She is laying on the floor on one side of a table, while Noah sleeps on the floor, on the opposite side.

Sam and Ivy are trying to clean up the Bennett house and make it presentable again. They are in the kitchen area with yellow kitchen cleaning gloves on. They scrub and pick up as they go along to get the house back to its previous state. Sam and Ivy have changed and are ready for hard work to get the house in ship shape. There has been some damage, but nothing that can’t be salvaged.

Fox arrives and walks into the house. He knew that his mother would be there. He was hoping that he could help his mother with the Bennett house and get it all sorted out. They have had no word on Noah and Fancy. Fox asks about Kay. He learns that she is over at Tabitha’s.

Kay is talking to Tabitha hoping that the storm wasn’t real and that it was all just a horrible dream instead. Tabitha confirms the worst. “It was real alright. Two tidal waves and an earthquake!” Kay sees that Tabitha and Endora are not worried at all about the storm and the trouble they have caused in Harmony. That angers her. People have been ruined because of it. They should be a little more remorseful over this than they are. Tabitha admits that they need to be careful about the beams and the troubles they can cause in the future. Tabitha says that she saw that Kay had a great time the night before with Fox. “I saw you and he having your own private Tsunami last night.”

Kay thinks back to her lovemaking with Fox and the butterflies come to her stomach just like it was when she was with him. She realizes that Tabitha had been spying on her the day before and that makes her angry. “I am sick and tired of this big blue pot that shows you everything. I want some privacy.” Kay knocks the pot over onto the floor.

Theresa is in the hospital. The nurse tells her that she will be leaving the hospital soon. “Who will take me home,” she wonders.

Alistair walks in. “I will take you home.

Katherine comes into the room at the Lopez-Fitzgeralds’ and sees Sheridan sleeping and holding Mark in her arms.

Katherine hopes that Sheridan doesn’t get too attached to Mark. She might lose him.

Martin and Pilar walk into the room and greet Katherine.

Martin and Pilar answer to knocking on the door. It is Ethan and Gwen. They wanted to make sure that everyone was okay. They are let into the house.

Little Ethan comes running out of his room calling out, “Mommy! Mommy!” He goes rushing over to the blanket that is covering the coffin and its contents. He pulls the blanket from the coffin revealing the dead body underneath lying in its coffin.

Sheridan jumps up and grabs Mark who has awakened. She covers his face from the horrible sight. Ethan and Theresa jump back in horror. “What is that?” Gwen asks.

Alistair tells Theresa that he stayed at the hospital all night to make sure that she was okay. He confirms that her children are safe. Theresa is happy that her mother’s house was built on firm ground. Alistair asks if Theresa would have another date with him. She can’t agree to that right now. “I am in such pain.” Alistair agrees to wait on her. He will take her home and make sure that she will be okay. Alistair reminds her that she told him that she wanted certain things and that he can help her with that. “Have you changed your mind,” he wonders. She tells him no. He is glad to hear that.

Martin puts the blanket back on the coffin. Pilar takes Little Ethan back to his room.

Sheridan takes Martin to a far corner from the coffin and the corpse within it.

Ethan has questions about this dead body. Where did it come from? Who is it? Katherine tells that the body is that of her sister Rachel who died many, many years ago, and has risen to save her sister from the storm. The whole thing sounds very eerie to Ethan and Gwen.

Ethan and Gwen go over to Mark and visit with him and Sheridan. Gwen is glad to meet the acquaintance of this lovely child. Sheridan tells that she was with Mark and his mother before the storm started. They fought to stay alive, but Maureen didn’t make it. She passed and made Sheridan promise to take care of the boy before she died. Sheridan did make the promise and has been taking care of Mark ever since. “It is a miracle really. I have lost Marty, Mark has lost his mother, and we have found each other.” Gwen and Ethan share a concerned look.

Tabitha tells Kay to watch her temper in the house. “Tossing that big blue pot over on the floor was uncalled for. Now clean up the big blue pot at once Kay.” Kay will not do it. Tabitha reminds Kay that the big blue pot has shown her things that she wanted secretly know in the past, so why should she be upset that Tabitha used it to do the very same thing? Tabitha can see that Kay is getting serious over Fox. She hasn’t been interested in anyone but Miguel for a long time. When Kay refuses to clean up, Endora waves her hand and makes the mop clean up the mess.

Tabitha turns to Endora telling her to stop helping Kay clean up. She warns Endora that she needs to listen to her mommy and obey her. Endora knows that she should listen to her mommy. Her intentions were good. She was only trying to help out a bit.

Endora waves her hand and the mop and bucket rise over Kay’s head. It moves slowly to the ceiling and Kay has time to move out of the way but she doesn't. Kay sees what is going to happen but is certain that it won’t. She warns Endora. “Don’t you dare!” With that said the bucket turns over and dumps dirty water on Kay’s head.

Fancy is dreaming and having the time of her life as she writhes on the floor like a snake, moaning and groaning in pleasure over what is happening in her dream. She has been having these erotic dreams about Noah ever since she met him in Las Vegas.

In the dream, Noah is telling her that she is so beautiful to him and he can’t enough of her. They are on the beach where they first were when the storm started but things take a very different turn with them making wild love on the beach.

Fancy is moaning out in her dream but perhaps a little too loudly. “Don’t stop! Please don’t stop!” She rolls from side to side with her eyes closed on the floor of the basket shop. The dream is amazing.

Noah wakes because of the noise coming from the other side of the table and sits up. He sees and hears that Fancy is having a dirty dream and he guesses correctly that it is about him. That makes him smile. He had a feeling all along that she had a crush on him. He continues to listen. Whatever it is that she thinks that he is doing to her, she doesn’t want him to stop. “No. Don’t stop! Don’t stop!” Noah calls out to her telling her that he will not stop if she really doesn’t want him to.

Fancy gets up and sees that Noah has been hearing her moaning. He smiles down on her. He knows that the dream was about him and tells her so. She calls him a liar when he tells her that he heard her dirty calling out his name. “There is no way that I would waste my time thinking about you even in my sleep,” she says. Noah is fine with that. “Whatever you say Fancy.” Noah takes his shirt off claiming that the one he has on is still wet from the storm. He is going to go and find some dry clothes. She knows that he is just doing this to get her attention, and he does. He throws his shirt at her. He walks off.

She thinks that the he has left the room and that she is alone, but he hasn’t. When he sees that she thinks that she is alone, he tiptoes back and sees her with his shirt in her hands. She has her eyes closed and the shirt up against her face. She is smelling his scent on it.

She quickly turns and finds him behind her smiling at catching her enjoying his scent, thinking she is alone. She gets angry with him for playing this trick and catching her. She repays him by throwing his wet shirt back at him.

Noah sees that he irritates Fancy and that gives him enjoyment which explains the smile on his face. Even caught red-handed, Fancy still fights the idea that she finds Noah attractive. She insults him by telling him that he thinks a lot of himself when he shouldn’t. Noah shakes his head at her. “You have more nerve than most guys that I know. I saved your life once again, and I found you food and shelter to keep you safe. Still you are not grateful. You are like a frivolous party girl you know that?” She has had enough of this. She wants to leave now. “I am out of here,” she says. Noah stands in her way. “No you are not.”

Sam and Ivy continue to clean up in the Bennett kitchen. Sam worries about getting a job now. He has to do something about his life. “What are the chances that Alistair died in that storm?” Ivy jokes. Fox says that Alistair could have died in the storm that would certainly take the pressure off for him. Somehow Ivy doubts it. Sam has to get his job back now. He can’t wait for Alistair to die. He takes off his cleaning gloves and throws them in the sink walking away.

Fox can’t help looking out the window at Tabitha’s house. Ivy knows that Kay is over there, and she knows that Fox knows it too. He is smitten. “Just how close did you too get last night?” Ivy asks.

Fox thinks back to the lovemaking with Kay.

Tabitha asks Kay what she is going to do now about Fox? Kay has come to the realization that Miguel is never going to love her like he loves Charity. Tabitha has to admit that Fox was very nice to Kay and he saved her life. Kay felt the whole thing was natural. “It was like we were meant to be together.” Tabitha knows that things could be nice for Kay and Fox, but Ivy would be a facto that would have to be dealt with as well.

Sheridan tells Ethan and Gwen that she has to take care of Mark as there is no one else. Gwen takes Sheridan into another room to talk.

Katherine tells Ethan that she is really worried about Sheridan and her attachment to this little boy. Ethan knows that the courts will search high and low to find blood relatives before giving Mark to Sheridan.

Theresa and Alistair walk into Theresa’s house together when his arm around her. The room is full of people. Theresa tells how Ethan saved her life. Pilar wants to know why Alistair is there. Theresa says that she owes Alistair a big thank you for bringing her from the hospital. Theresa asks about her children. Little Ethan is okay, and Gwen confirms that Jane is fine. Alistair is glad that everyone did okay during the storm. Pilar thanks Alistair for bringing Theresa home. Martin tells Alistair that he is not welcomed there. Alistair says that he is. Theresa says that she has invited Alistair to her house. “I invited him.”

Ethan goes over to Theresa to talk to her in private. He takes Theresa’s hand and walks her into a corner.

Theresa, this isn’t funny at all. Are you crazy or what?” She says that she knows what she is doing. “I want my daughter back. If you don’t like me with Alistair, then give my daughter back.” Ethan only sees that Theresa is playing with fire here. Theresa feels that she knows what Alistair expects from her and she can handle it. Ethan hears that Theresa will be willing to sleep with Alistair to get her child back. She tells him that if he doesn’t like what he sees, then he should stop her. “You can stop me at any time. This is in your hands as much as it is in mine.”

Alistair sees Mark wondering who he is. Katherine tells that the child is the son of a woman that died in the storm. Sheridan has nothing to say to her father. Alistair tells Sheridan that she needs to stop blaming him for Beth stealing her baby. Sheridan knows that Alistair helped Beth escape with Marty. Martin mentions that Katherine nearly died the night before. Alistair guesses that Martin was the one that saved Katherine but he is wrong. Alistair remembers seeing a coffin in the foyer. He runs back to the front of the house.

“Well, well, well. Katherine’s dead sister in the Tsunami. Interesting considering Sheridan’s part in Rachel’s demise.”

Noah tells Fancy that it is dangerous going out walking just now. She could get electrocuted if the power lines are down. She says that she hates being stuck there with him. “I have hated you ever since we met.” He tells her that he doesn’t want to be around her anymore than she wants to be around him. He looked for dry clothes but there wasn’t any. He is staring at her, and she hates it. She feels that he wants her. He laughs at her. “In your dreams.” They sit quietly. She wonders what he is thinking about. He tells that there was a girl that he used to know and she was the love of his life. When Fancy asks about her, he tells her that is none of her business.

Fox tells Ivy that he and Kay are just friends. Ivy knows that there is more to tell. Ivy always thought that Kay had a selfish streak in her. Fox feels that Kay has a good head on her shoulders. “She takes good care of her child, she works and she goes to school.” Ivy asks about Miguel. Ivy isn’t sure that Kay isn’t over Miguel. “He was her first love. Sort of like you and Whitney. He broke her heart as he couldn’t get over Charity.” Fox knows that Miguel will never get with Kay.

Kay is sure that nothing could really happen with she and Fox. “We only had a one night thing and now we are just friends.” Tabitha tells Kay to keep just a friendship with Fox so that Ivy will keep away.

Kay is rude to Tabitha telling her to can it.

Endora waves her hands and Kay suddenly slips on the water on the floor, falling on her backside. Tabitha warns her again to stay away from Fox if she wants to steer clear of Ivy.

Ivy warns her son to watch his back with Kay if he knows what is good for him.

Fancy doesn’t want to hear anything about Fox’s love life in the past. She is leaving. Noah bends and admits that he doesn’t want her to go. She knew it. She knew that she was getting under her skin. He doesn’t want to spar anymore. “Let’s just go and find some breakfast.

Ethan and Gwen talk. Gwen is worried that Alistair will be helping Theresa get her child back.

Martin answers the door to two police officers. He tells the officers that this coffin washed in and needs to be returned to the graveyard. The officers can’t move the coffin yet. They will send for it later. The officers are on their way out, but Alistair calls them back.

Alistair tells the officers that the child in the room lost his mother the night before. The officers listen and decide to take Mark with them. Sheridan says that she has to keep the child. “He will stay with me.” The officers tell her that they will have to find blood relatives for the child. That is the first thing to do here. Sheridan turns to her father. “Thank you father,” she says sarcastically.

Kay denies that she is interested in Fox romantically. Tabitha saw something else when she was spying on Kay the night before.

Ivy tells Fox to stay away from Kay. Fox assures her that he isn't ready for a relationship, and that Kay isn’t either. Ivy hugs her son.

Fox looks out the kitchen window after his mother is gone. He looks at the window over at Tabitha’s house.

Suddenly Kay opens a window and sees Fox looking in her direction. They smile at each other.

Ethan and Gwen are scared that Theresa has been scheming to take Jane from them now that she is with Alistair.

They look over at her and see her playing up to Alistair as he kisses her cheek gently. The sight is sickening to watch.

Sheridan stands before an officer holding Mark in her arms. She has been ordered to give the child over to him. The officer thanks Sheridan for her hospitality to the child and for caring for him but he tells her that at this point, the child has to be taken from her. Sheridan will not hand the child over. “He isn’t going anywhere. He will stay with me,” Sheridan says.

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