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By Glynis
Pictures by Amanda

Simone watches as Spike questions Jessica about where she has been. “I have been looking for you everywhere. Have you been trying to hide from me?” She tells that she was about to come looking for him. Simone pipes in that it sounds like Spike is blaming Jessica for the storm. He is holding Jessica in a rough manner and Simone doesn't care for that. “Get your filthy hands off my friend!” Spike wants to know what she will do if he doesn’t do what she says. He glares at Simone in a threatening manner.

Liz tells TC and Eve that she is another notch on Julian’s bedpost whether they all want to believe it or not. Eve tells Julian to tell her that she is a liar about their having slept together many years ago. He can’t tell Eve any different. Julian can’t remember anything like that. He was always in the bottle back then. Eve is sure that he can’t remember because Liz is lying and it never happened. TC is getting angry now. Really angry. Liz says that Julian was too high and drunk to remember what he did to her many years ago.

Tabitha sits with Endora happily watches scenes of the town from their living room on the magical big screen. Endora shouts, “Happy!” at the sight of the trouble in town. “Chad and Whitney are in a pickle now aren’t they? Isn’t that right boys?” She directs her comment to the vent from the basement at the side of the room.

Red smoke comes out of the vent and there is a low roaring sound from the spirits that reside down there.

Whitney has just told Chad the truth about Miles really being his son. “I couldn’t say that he was born out of incest. To me that was the worst thing ever. I let Fox think that he was the father and then I figured that the best thing is for Miles to grow up with some other couple who was not from around here. Now you have adopted Miles and you are his adoptive father. I had to tell you the truth. I know that I deserve to die for all that I have done. I just know it.”

Ethan and Theresa are in the hospital. Theresa is on a stretcher while Ethan stands over her. Theresa tells Ethan that she loves him, and he tells her that he loves her too but that means nothing. He holds her hand and kisses her forehead.

Outside, Rebecca and Gwen are in a boat rowing their way over to Pilar’s house. They are looking for Ethan and Rebecca is sure that he is with Theresa somewhere.

In the Lopez-Fitzgerald’s house, Martin has just dropped a coffin that he was trying to remove from the house. When he dropped it, the lid broke and the corpse inside popped up into a sitting position. Katherine, Pilar and Sheridan scream at the horrible sight of the rotten corpse. Martin explains that he was only trying to get the body out of there when he broke the lid of the box by dropping it. It was so disturbing to have the box in the room and he was trying to get it out of there. Then he dropped it and the lid popped open.

Rebecca and Gwen enter the Lopez-Fitzgerald’s house and jump back in horror at the remains in the middle of the floor. With the jack-in-the-box body inside. Rebecca asks, “What is that?” Katherine answers that is her dead sister Rachel.

Ethan asks the doctor if there is a chance that Theresa will be seen soon. It is very busy now. Theresa will have a long wait. There are others with worse injuries than hers. Ethan wanted to go and see his wife who must be worried about him but he promised Theresa that he would stay for a while. The doctor says that they are lucky that more people were not killed in the Tsunami. She heard that there wasn’t notification that this was going to happen. There was a warning but it didn’t go out. “I feel sorry for the guy that is responsible for having to do that. He must feel terrible.”

Ethan thinks that this couldn’t possibly be something that was done intentionally could it? Who would be evil enough to do a thing like not warn the public about a disaster coming to town?

The doctor leaves the area, while Alistair enters from the same door. He gives her one of his charming smiles, and drools at her when her back is turned and she can’t see him anymore.

Tabitha and Endora are watching the scene at the Lopez-Fitzgeralds’ house as it unfolds. Another secret is about to unfold. First Whitney’s secret and now Katherine’s.

Katherine says that she recognizes that the body is her sister’s because of the jewels that the corpse is wearing. Rebecca can’t believe that all that jewelry has been buried all those years. She wonders if Katherine would mind if she just had a couple of those baubles for herself. Katherine is furious at the suggestion and she tells Rebecca that. “Have some respect. This is my sister.” Sheridan looks closely at the nameplate on the coffin and confirms that the body really is that of her aunt from long ago. Imagine that. Of all the bodies buried, her aunt’s was the one that got uprooted and saved her sister’s life.

Katherine whispers to Martin that he really should move Sheridan from the coffin because she may get too curious and start remembering the past. They are sure that the memories will be too strong for Sheridan to deal with. Martin knows that she is right about what she says.

Sheridan feels like she has seen this body before. She feels a connection to it. Katherine tells her that is silly. This body died a long, long time ago there is no way that Sheridan would be able to recognize this body now. Sheridan goes to touch the corpse, but Katherine stops her by holding her hand.

Spike asks Simone if she is going to cry if he doesn’t take his hand off Jessica. He belittles her. Spike tells Jessica that they have to get back to work. Simone will not let her go. “Spike you will not take my friend to the streets.” He turns around shouting to Simone to shut the hell up. He grabs Jessica and starts walking away.

Simone grabs a metal pipe on the floor and whacks Spike on the back of the head with it while he is walking away from her. He is out cold now. Jessica can’t believe that her friend did this. Spike is going to be furious. Simone grabs Jessica and pulls her along as she screams at Spike getting knocked out.

Liz says that back in the past, Eve was in her foggy frame of mind when the sex with Julian happened. “You were singing at the Blue Note and I went to see you. I wanted to talk to you about something important, but you weren’t there. I waited to see you, but Julian was there instead. He took me to an empty apartment that night and got me drunk intending to use me. That is why he can’t remember what he did to me. We were drunk that night and did unspeakable things to me. He used me and then threw me away.” TC will make Julian pay for this. He will make the man pay for everything that he has done to ruin every aspect of his life.

The baby is sleeping now and Chad puts him down so that he can talk to Whitney quietly. Whitney tells Chad that he should kill her. She feels that she keeps screwing up and should be dead. “I lied to you, I lied to Fox and I brought a sick baby in the world. I even made love to you again when I knew that I shouldn’t. You deserve to kill me and I deserve to die.” She turns and grabs a knife from the table. She hands it to him telling him to kill her. “Just do it. Just kill me.” Chad thinks about all the lies that she has been telling all this time. He takes the knife from her and hugs her. He is holding the knife in his hand with the blade unintentionally pointing to her back. She waits while holding him, expecting to feel the sharp blade in her back at any moment. He throws it to the floor and hugs her even tighter. She cries in his arms.

Tabitha calls to the spirits in the basement. She knows that they are happy with her work and the work of the young demonette Endora. She carries her daughter over to the vent where the spirits make themselves known. “We have come to pay our respects oh dark ones. We see that you light is burning brighter red than ever. You must be very happy with the events that have occurred in town due to our actions.” The spirits are happy and they send confetti out of the vent into the air along with a playful low roar. The confetti covers Tabitha and Endora. It is like a party in there. “Tabitha tells the spirits to rejoice and be happy with what she and Endora have done. She is finally getting to be the type of witch that they want her to be.”

The nurse tells Ethan that she is moving as fast as she can to get to Theresa so that she can get checked out. She is number 64 in a long line of others who need treatment as well. She may have to wait for others who have come in after her to get treatment, if they are in worse shape than she is in. For now, Theresa seems fine and will be okay.

Ethan goes back to Theresa telling her that the news is that she will be just fine soon enough. He kneels beside the stretcher holding her hand and staring into her eyes. “I didn’t know if you were going to make it Theresa. “ She had to make it for her kids. “They need me as much as I need you Ethan. You love me Ethan and I know that there is a part of you that knows that one day we will be together. You will see.” He says that he loves her very much but he is married and he will not leave Gwen at this point. Not ever. “I can’t and I won’t do it.” Theresa is getting sleepy now and she wonders why. She tries to fight it so that she can stay awake and talk to Ethan some more. It is the sedative. “Don’t fight it Theresa. You need some rest to help you get better. Go to sleep now.” She asks if they will be together when she wakes up. He can’t tell her that. She knows that it s going to happen. “My love is too strong for you. It has to happen.”

Katherine tells Sheridan not to touch the corpse. You may get sick from the bacteria and germs.

Rebecca finds all this really icky. Sheridan is worried that they shouldn’t have the body out like that. It seems disrespectful somehow. Rebecca says that they should just prop the body up with an umbrella. They can’t do that. Rebecca is really insensitive about this.

Pilar brings a blanket and covers the corpse. It still sits upright but at least no one can stare at it anymore.

Katherine wonders privately with Martin what the odds are that Rachel’s body saved her when there are all those other bodies buried in town.

Rebecca and Gwen notice that Theresa isn’t there at her parents’ house. Rebecca knew it. She is sure that Theresa is out there with Ethan somewhere. Rebecca and Gwen learn that Theresa was on her way to the mansion and never made it. Rebecca and Gwen would have seen her. Rebecca and Gwen decide that it is time to keep moving and find Ethan and/or Theresa.

Martin and Katherine know that this body in the room is going to affect Sheridan somehow if they don’t get it out from there.

Sheridan kneels by the coffin and touches it. Memories come flooding back to her through her hands.

Sheridan is there! She sees in her mind that she is a little girl. She was wearing a white robe and had long golden hair. There was another woman in the room with her and Sheridan was stabbing her with a knife, hurting her badly. The woman fell.

Sheridan comes out of the dream state and screams a horrifying scream when she removes her hands from the coffin.

Whitney feels it is best for Chad to just kill her and end her misery. He will do nothing of the sort. She is being silly and definitely overreacting. He loves her and he knows after the night that they shared that she loves him too. She can’t have him loving her though. It is wrong. “The three of us can’t be a family. We are freaks!” Chad says that they are not freaks and that Miles is a beautiful child like any other. He would like to raise Miles with her. She will not raise the child with this over their heads. She couldn’t ever live with the guilt. Chad sees now why Whitney was acting the way that she was before. She was protecting Chad and Miles. “No wonder you were drinking like you were.” She is getting things in better perspective now, but knows that being together now will not happen. She can’t let it. Chad doesn’t care what she thinks. “I love you and Miles, Whitney. I want us all together as a family.”

Liz is glad that TC finally believes her. She says that Julian was after her like he was crazy. TC knows that the Crane men take whatever they want. He likes that Liz stood up to that crazy bastard.

Julian tells Eve that Liz was coming on to him. Eve believes that. “She is lying and has been since she got to Harmony. In her sick mind, it makes perfect sense that she should take you away from me too.”

Eve thinks back to TC telling her that she knows that they belong together and that she should admit it. Yet here he is supporting Liz.

Simone tries to make Jessica see that Spike used her as a whore. “That is the worst way that a man can use a woman.”

Spike has gotten up after having been knocked out, and he grabs Simone from behind. He hears what she is saying to Jessica about him and it really gets him angry. He grabs Simone by the jaw, and rams her head hard into the roof behind them. He bangs her head repeatedly. Repeatedly while Jessica watches and screams for him to stop. “You meddling little bitch! I am going to kill you,” he shouts directly into Simone’s face. Jessica hears what Spike is saying and sees what he is doing and she starts screaming at Spike to stop this.

Gwen has Rebecca rowing the boat now. She promised that she would do it this time. Rebecca can’t do this anymore. She is pooped. Gwen will have to take over again. She needs help. Gwen will help. She sits beside her mother, as opposed to in front of her and they each take an oar and synchronize their rowing to get the rowboat moving just right.

A rescue boat comes by. Rebecca and Gwen hear the motor. They stop rowing and look behind them. There are two shirtless slabs of beefcake sitting on it with tiny little shorts and baseball caps. Good lord! They are rescue men who are obviously working very hard, and had to take their shirt off from the heat. They are probably sweating like pigs. Rebecca loves this. Rebecca slides into flirt mode. The men ask if the ladies are okay. Rebecca says that they need help. They are having trouble rowing their boat and need help. Gwen knows what her mother is up to. She thanks the men for their help and tells them that she and her mother are fine and can get to where they are going easily enough. Rebecca is fanning herself. She is in heat for sure. She doesn’t agree with Gwen. “Actually, I am not feeling very good could you two perhaps her a me to the hospital?” The men can’t stop to do that. They are headed out to see for a rescue. There are others out there that are in worse shape than these two. They do however point out the hospital straight ahead. “You ladies are almost there. Sorry. We have to go.” Rebecca watches the glistening muscles disappear into the distance and sighs.

Rebecca really wanted to go with those two guy just now. They were gorgeous. Gwen understands her mother’s frustration. She could see as well that the men were easy on the eyes, but they have to find Ethan. Gwen wants her to concentrate on what is really important here.

Ethan holds Theresa’s hand kissing it periodically as he stares into her eyes. She looks back at him feeling the love that he keeps telling her isn’t there.

He has no idea that Alistair is behind him listening to what Ethan is saying to Ethan. Ethan is so engrossed in Theresa that he doesn’t notice that he is being watched and that someone is listening to his every word as he speaks his heart to Theresa.

Ethan tells Theresa that in spite of the fact that he can’t be with her, she is to stay away from Alistair at all costs. “He is mean and evil and no good will come from her spending time with him. He is sorry that he can’t be with her but that would be impossible. “Maybe in a different time and a different place, we could find each other and be together, but that isn’t the cards that we were dealt. So I have to live out my life with Gwen while you go on with yours.”

Alistair leaves the area quietly.

Rebecca and Gwen enter the hospital. Ethan runs to them while he is a few feet away from Theresa’s stretcher. Gwen is so glad that he is okay but wonders what he is doing there. Ethan explains. “I told you that I was coming out to help people tonight when I left the house.” Gwen remembers that.

Gwen and Rebecca look around and see that Theresa is sleeping on a stretcher not far off. Rebecca knew it! Ethan knows what they are thinking. He defends himself right away. Ethan says that Theresa was having trouble and he had to help her.

Tabitha smiles at the episode in the hospital just now. Now she wants to see what is going on with Pilar and the others there.

Sheridan removes her hands from the coffin and tells that she remembered there being blood on her hands when she was a little girl. “When I touched the coffin, all these visions came to me.”

Katherine tells Martin to get rid of the coffin. “Sheridan is starting to remember,” she whispers.

The phone rings. Pilar answers to Luis.

Sheridan chimes in when she hears Pilar call his name. “Did he find Marty?” Pilar just sighs at her. She will get to that. Right now she would like to find out how her son is doing.

Luis called because he heard of the Tsunami in Harmony and wanted to make sure that everyone was okay. Pilar tells that the whole town looks like it has been destroyed. “I wish that we had a warning so that we could have been better prepared for the storm.” Luis finds that hard to believe that the authorities didn’t properly handle things from the start. He would like to come home and help clean up, but he has to look for Beth and Marty before coming home. He has to get going now. Pilar stops him from hanging up. “Hold on Luis.”

Pilar covers the receiver and turns to Sheridan. “Sheridan, would you like to talk to Luis for a minute?”

TC wants to go out and see if there is a rescue team that can get them out of there. Eve wants TC to help get Julian get to the hospital. That is the most important thing here right now.

TC whispers to Liz that when they get out of there, she is to keep her mouth shut about Julian attacking her in the bar. She is upset about what he says; thinking that he doesn’t believe her. He says that he does, but it would be too hard to explain to the cops. “It will be too hard to explain why Julian has been stabbed in the back if he were trying to rape you. Besides, this whole thing could be turned around and look like ‘attempted murder’ on your part.” Liz’s mouth drops in horror. She can’t see anyone not believing her about this. She wants Julian in jail for what she says he did.

Julian is angry now. He will not rest until this has been straightened out.

Whitney sees Miles as a reminder of their incest. “You should be mad that I have been lying to you and saying that Fox was really the father of this child Chad.” Chad cares nothing about that. “I love you and I want to raise Miles in a family with you.” Whitney sees that Chad is not paying attention to what she is saying her. He thinks that they are an automatic family because of the secret that she has told him. Whitney starts to panic. Whitney hopes that Chad will not tell anyone that they had a child together and that they made love again. She couldn't bear the embarrassment. “Promise me Chad! Promise me that you will not say anything about what we have done today, or about Miles really being your biological child.”

Spike backhands Simone and roughs her up for mouthing off to him, and trying to put him in a bad light in front of her friend. Jessica watches and screams as her friend is getting slapped around and bashed by the man that she loves. Spike knocks Simone out. She falls to the floor with her eyes closed. A pool of blood forms and gets bigger around Simone’s head where she has fallen.

Jessica is screaming now. She tries to go to her friend but Spike grabs her dragging her off while she screams. “I have to help my friend! I have to help my friend!”

Ethan tells that Theresa had a serious leg wound and he had to help her. She is better now though. Rebecca and Gwen see no reason for them to be there anymore if Theresa is going to be okay. Ethan can’t disagree with that. He leaves with Rebecca and Gwen.

Theresa wakes up and sees that Ethan is walking out the door. She is so sad now. She really wanted him to stay with her.

Alistair comes from nowhere rubbing Theresa’s head as she cries. “You don’t have to worry about him Theresa. I will take care of you from now on.”

Tabitha loves what is going on at the Lopez-Fitzgeralds’ house. She laughs at Rachel’s body popping up there and frightening everyone.

Sheridan will not talk to Luis on the phone. She longs for him but she meant it when she told him to come back to her only when he has Marty with him. Pilar tells her son that he is to go ahead and she will talk to him another time.

Sheridan is out sitting near the body of her dead aunt. “Aunt Rachel. Why do I feel so connected to you?” The blanket is off the body now, and Sheridan stares at it only sitting a few inches away from it.

Pilar, Katherine and Martin stand by and watch as Sheridan continues to make a connection with her dead aunt against their better wishes.

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