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By Glynis
Pictures by Amanda

Chad and Whitney just made love. Now reality is hitting Whitney hard in the face. She regrets everything that they did and said to each other. They are dressed now. Whitney is angry that they have done this again. “We can’t be in love Chad. We were wrong. We are going to go to hell for this for sure.” Chad says that God is the one that brought them together in the first place. “So why would he punish us for being together? That doesn’t make sense to him. He tries to get near her and touch her, but she moves away. Even that contact is too much for her. They made love again thinking that the world was ending, and it hasn’t. Now she has to live with the reality that she made this horrible mistake twice.

Eve wants to know how Julian was going to rape Liz if he had his back to her. Liz is telling a horrible lie about Julian, and Eve sees that TC seems to be falling for it. How could he? Liz came up with a self-defense story for stabbing Julian, but if there were true, then the ice pick would have been in Julian’s chest, not his back. That seems to make sense to TC although he says nothing.

Liz panics when she is presented with this fact about the stabbing. She remembers stabbing Julian when he was trying to get away from her and after he refused to make love to her. Eve is right about Julian not attacking her at the time of the stabbing but she keeps quiet about it.

Liz lies saying that Julian lunged at her and she darted away. Then she saw the ice pick. “I had to stop him and so I stabbed him in the back before he could turn around.” Julian says that she is lying. TC is confused now.

Jessica and Simone are safe now. They are on the roof of some place by the waterfront. The friends hug each other. Simone couldn’t let her friend die like that. Jessica is amazed that Simone risked her life like that to save her friend. She thanks her friend. “Thank you for being here for me.” Jessica is confused. “Why are you hear?” Simone says that she only wanted people to think that she left town but she never did. Jessica is curious. “Why lie? What are you hiding?”

Rebecca and Gwen are at the mansion worried. Gwen looks out at the town and the devastation.

Rebecca brings her into the house and closes the door. She has checked on her donkey and is fine. “Those damn sirens though are really irritating.” Gwen tells her mother to lighten up. “People almost died tonight.” Gwen worries about Ethan. Rebecca says that Ethan is surely with Theresa somewhere.

Ethan is with Theresa in a boat. She will be transported to the hospital for care. She thanks him for coming with her to the hospital. He tells her that he wouldn’t be anywhere else. He kisses her forehead.

Tabitha watches on her big screen. She sees Ethan and Theresa. “True love.”

The spirits rumble and roar from under the house. Red smoke comes out of the vent from the basement.

Sheridan, Katherine and Martin are in Martin’s house looking at the casket in the room wondering who is in there. They are sorry that this coffin has been moved. The family would be horrified if they were to learn that a loved one had been interrupted this way in death.

The nameplate is on the coffin, but it is facing the wall away from Sheridan, Martin and Katherine. No one has realized yet that the name on the nameplate affixed to the coffin is ‘Rachel’. The name of Katherine’s sister. The woman that Sheridan had killed.

Katherine feels a connection to whoever is in the coffin. “I guess that it is because the coffin saved my life and transported me here."

Martin leaves to get Katherine and her daughter some sherry.

Pilar returns with Mark who is now wearing dry clothes that belong to Little Ethan. Pilar puts the child in Sheridan’s arms. Pilar remarks that Mark looks a lot like Marty. Sheridan has to agree. “His mother died and now I have been charged with taking care of him.

Martin returns with the sherry for the guests. Sheridan says that she has to keep Mark and take care of him. Katherine tells her that she can’t just keep the child. Sheridan promises to call Children Services later but until then, she will keep the child and take care of him.

Tabitha thinks about how crossing beams have caused all of this trouble. This whole tragedy started when both Tabitha and Endora were about to individually zap Edna for threatening them and when they sent out their spells, the ray beams from their hands collided and everything went wrong. They will have to be more careful in the future with their spells. “So many bad things have happened to good and bad people. We have to limit out disasters in future to only one at a time Endora.” Tabitha turns her attention back to the big screen on the wall.

Rebecca reminds Gwen that Ethan still has feelings for Theresa and although he fights it, the doe-eyed monster still gets to him when she gets a chance. Gwen believes in her husband and she is sure that it is only the storm keeping them apart. What are the chances of him being with Theresa anyway? Rebecca knows that Theresa will use anything to get her hands on Ethan. Rebecca feels that something is going on right now.

Ethan and Theresa are moving along in the boat with the rescue soldiers. They tell how there haven’t been any deaths in Harmony because of the Tsunami and earthquake.

Theresa cries out in pain. Ethan strokes her cheek to calm her and keep her still. She is laying on her back in the boat. “Theresa! We are going to be okay so rest.”

Jessica and Simone see that the water has gone down but it isn’t all the way down. Still Simone thinks that they should get some sleep and worry about getting home in the morning. They will have to curl up on the roof somehow. Jessica wants to know more about why Simone has everyone thinking that she was out of town when she was here all along. “It has to do with a guy, but it is complicated. I will tell you all about it some other time.” Jessica will let her have some room. She knows how Simone feels. Simone doesn’t understand what happened with the storm. “Things are going to be a lot different now.” Simone asks Jessica why she is dressed in thigh-high boots. Jessica admits to helping Spike. “My brother Noah torched my boyfriend’s club. My dad and Ethan told Noah a whole lot of things about Spike and Noah burned down his club. Now I have to help him. I didn’t want him to go to Alaska, so I agreed to have sex with men for money. I didn’t actually go through with it though.” Simone is appalled. “I know that you don’t have to lower yourself to help Spike. That is beyond low.” Jessica gets defensive again. “You don’t know him. He loves me.” Simone gets really angry. “That is twisted. That is not love Jessica.” Jessica says that Simone is wrong. “He was with me, and the current was so strong and it carried him away. I don’t know if he drowned or if he is still alive. Simone hopes that Spike is dead.

Chad asks Whitney what she is talking about. How can she actually believe that God is going to punish them for loving each other? That is just silly. Whitney points out that a lot of people have been hurt by this. Her family hurts and Miles hurts too. Chad doesn’t understand how it is that Miles hurts. Whitney points out that he was born sick. Chad doesn’t really see the connection there, but she stops explaining.

Miles starts crying. What lousy timing but right on cue. Whitney gets angry when she hears him. “Stop him from crying Chad! Stop him!” The secret is controlling her again.

Liz continues her lies. She sees that TC is having a hard time believing her right now. She looks at TC telling him that Eve is the one that hates her and not the other way around. TC is not sure what to believe. Eve knows that Liz threw herself at Julian just like she threw herself at TC. Liz tells TC not to listen to Eve. TC sees that Eve has a point with all this. “Why were you hiding in the closet if you needed to escape from Julian? Julian tells how she came at him like she was crazed. TC looks over at Eve. Something is wrong with this story.

At the hospital, the soldiers wheel Theresa in with Ethan there. The soldiers leave.

A doctor comes and sees that Theresa’s pulse is elevated. “The job with the tourniquet was excellent.” Ethan thanks her for the compliment. The doctor says that Theresa will be just fine. She gives Theresa a number. She is patient number 64. She will have to wait in line behind many others before she is treated. The doctor leaves.

Ethan tells Theresa that he has to go now. She wants him to stay. He has to get to Gwen and let her know that he is okay. He can’t call as there is no cell service.

Gwen tries calling Ethan again but there isn’t cell service. Rebecca knows that Ethan is with Theresa again. “How many times has Ethan been caught with Theresa?” Gwen says that she believes her husband is fine. She grabs her purse. “I am going to find my husband.” Rebecca says that Gwen needs to stay in the house. “What about the sex-starved men… Roaming… The streets? Wait a minute honey I will go with you.”

Katherine warns Sheridan not to get attached to a child that she may not be able to keep. Pilar knows that what Katherine is saying is right. Sheridan defends what she is doing here. “There is no one to take care of the boy okay! Therefore, I am going to keep him. Alright?”

Jessica doesn’t understand why Simone doesn’t like Spike. “I offered to have sex with men for money, Spike didn’t force this on me.” Simone tells Jessica that there are freaks out there that could attack her.

Jessica thinks back to when the john got stabbed. He got angry and hit Jessica.

Spike showed up and asked what was going on.

Later Spike checked up on the john and said that he was dead.

Jessica has a frightened look on her face. Simone notices it. “What is wrong? Did something happen?”

Eve says that Lilz is lying again when she tries to say again that Julian was mad for her with desire. Julian denies attacking Liz. He isn’t interested in Liz at all. TC has to see that Julian is telling the truth. Eve looks up into his face to see if he can see that this is just another of Liz’s tricks. TC can’t see that. “Julian is a lowdown jerk. He is full of it.”

Chad holds the baby and when he comes near Whitney, she moves away. “Stop that baby from crying please.” Whitney can’t get over the incest. Miles calms down. Things are still bad. “I can’t believe that I made love to you again. I can’t do this. How pathetic am I? I can’t resist temptation. Now you know what makes this worse? We made love without protection. I can’t believe that we made this mistake again.” Chad hears ‘again’ and has to wonder what Whitney is talking about. Whitney can’t hear him. She is ranting. “I can’t have another sick baby. Not again.” Chad is definitely interested now. “What is all this about ‘again’? What are you talking about Whitney?”

Rebecca and Gwen are in a boat and Rebecca orders her to row. Gwen wonders why she is the one that is doing all the rowing. Gwen thought that her mother was going to help her with this. Rebecca says that they should go to Pilar’s house and if Ethan isn’t there, then Rebecca offers to row the both of them around town. “Deal!”

Gwen starts rowing again. They past the people that have been devastated by the storm.

Rebecca thinks quietly that if Ethan is with Theresa, he will be a dead man.

Ethan tells Theresa that he has to get home. She looks up at him as if she is going to die. Gwen is going to be looking for him so he has to get going. “I have to go Theresa. Gwen is going to freak out.” Theresa looks up at Ethan. “You love me. I know it.”

Tabitha and Endora see that Sheridan is with Mark now. “The little lad’s mother is dead and now he has no family. We know that someone is going to come out of the woodwork and cause trouble. Sheridan’s life has always be trouble right from the start.

Tabitha has a big screen TV floating near the ceiling. “What is that? Is that a coffin in Pilar’s living room?” She sees the name plate and zooms in on it. “Oh my! Let’s hope that someone in Pilar’s house sees the name on the coffin.”

Pilar offers to take the child to bed. She will take good care of the child. Sheridan gives him to Pilar who walks him out of the room.

Sheridan goes to the coffin. She can’t believe that this saved her mother’s life and Martin’s. Martin decides that the coffin has to be moved. Sheridan offers to help him move it, but Martin tells her that he can do it himself. Katherine doesn't like this. “Martin leave it. We will just cover it with something and have it moved later sometime.” Martin is already at one end of the coffin starting to lift it. The box slips out of his hand while he is trying to pick it up. The ladies scream. The lid of the box is broken. If someone pulls at it, the corpse if there is one in there will be revealed.

Simone asks Jessica what the scary look on her face was for. Jessica says that 2 disasters in one night has made her uncomfortable. Jessica would like to get out of there now. “We will be fine. You can go home and I will look for Spike. I love him so much.” Simone wonders if Jessica cares about her own family. Jessica says that Spike is her family now. “I might be able to save him.”

Spike jumps out of nowhere. He grabs Jessica. “I have been looking all over for you.”

Eve would believe that Julian would kill Liz before he would rape her. Liz tells her sister that she really doesn’t know Julian likes she thinks. “I had a relationship with Julian before you. He took advantage of me. Oh yes. Julian seduced me too.”

Chad holds the baby as he faces Whitney. “What do you mean about not having protection again? Whitney says that she can’t talk about this again. “I am scared that we will make the same mistake again. This is about Miles. This is about Miles and us. If I tell you something will you promise me that you will never tell a soul? Swear!” Chad swears it. Whitney tells Chad that Miles is his son. Chad knows that. “I adopted him.” Whitney says that he has it all wrong. “Miles was your son before you adopted him. Fox is not the biological father. Miles is our son.”

Tabitha is happy about the doom and gloom in town. “Soon more secrets will be out and about.”

Theresa begs Ethan to stay with her. “I need you more now than Gwen does.” Ethan can’t fight her anymore. “Okay, I will stay with you.”

Rebecca and Gwen are still in the boat rowing. Gwen is really rowing as fast as she can’t. Rebecca tells her to save her strength for beating up Theresa when they find her.

At the Lopez-Fitzgerald’s Martin is over the coffin where the lid has broken. Sheridan, Katherine and Pilar stand by as they watch Martin try to fix the lid temporarily.

Suddenly, the corpse in the box springs to a sitting position as if it were a jack in the box toy. The women jump back in horror. The body is rotten to the core. The skeleton has obviously been in the box for many years. The shoulder-length hair is old and matted. The corpse is a horrific sight.

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