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By Glynis
Pictures by Amanda

Fox and Kay are kissing out in the open, on the building where they were safe from the storm. They have been fighting their attraction to each other but it is getting more and more difficult to stay away from each other. The chemistry is too strong between them. Things are much better in town now. The water levels have lowered considerably. Things are going to be okay. The storm is over. The two are alone now. The others have gone on to sort out their lives now that things are better.

A woman comes to Fox and Kay and brings them towels to dry off. She finds them kissing and is apologetic when she finds them kissing. Lovers at a time like this. The woman interrupts and Fox and Kay are quick to separate, embarrassed at getting caught being so wrapped up in each other.

The woman hands over the towels and smiles at the couple. Fox and Kay take the towels gratefully from the stranger. She is just one of those around town that are helping others who need it. “It is nice to see a married couple like yourselves so in love. Makes one believe that things can truly work out even after a storm like we just had.”

Julian is stabbed in the back and holding on to the doorknob. He was working his way out of that room when Liz stabbed him in the back for not wanting to get it on with her. He slowly falls to the floor as Liz watches with a big smile on her face. She gets on the floor beside him taunting him even as the life seeps out of him. She leans on his body, careless to the fact that he may be uncomfortable.

“I told you that I would do it Julian. I told you that I wouldn’t stop until I got all the happiness that Eve has out of her life. Now this is justice Julian. This will ruin my sister and hurt her deeply. This is true justice,” Liz says. Once again Liz has stopped Eve from being with the man that she loves. This will make her miserable.

TC and Eve are in the car where they waited out the storm. The water isn’t a threat anymore. The car is almost empty. Now that they are out of danger, TC moves to the next thing of priority on his list. TC pours his heart out. “I have never stopped loving you and you are always in my heart. Tell me that we will be together again.”

Chad and Whitney are alone and they feel that this might be the last day on earth for them. That is the reason that they use to get closer than they should. Whitney can’t help it. She forgets all the pain that she has been through because of her incest with her brother the child that she had because of it, and she is at it again. They start kissing and soon she is on her back on his desk with him moving on top of her.

Ethan waits for some emergency teams to find he and Theresa. He checks on her periodically to see how she is doing, but she floats in and out and that just confuses the issue for him. He saw the wound on her leg, and that worries him. Theresa is losing a lot of blood and she feels that that she might die.

Theresa moans waking up. Ethan is glad to see that she is waking. Each time she goes out, he worries that it will be the last. Ethan tells Theresa that the rescue teams are coming but that she has to stay with him and try to stay awake. Before he finishes his sentence, she falls out of consciousness again and into that deep slumber that keeps calling her.

Pilar is furious to see Katherine in her house and near her husband again. The woman that her husband saved from the floating coffin is Katherine. Martin says that he didn’t recognize her through the window when he saw her riding the coffin. She is now safely in Pilar’s house. Pilar is suspicious that Katherine planned to come here all along.

Sheridan has Mark with her now in her arms. Things are looking really bleak. The house creaks from time to time. The water has weakened the foundation of the place, and although the storm is over, this is still a dangerous place to be. It is just the two of them left now. She assures him that she will take care of him. Sheridan looks back at the body of the boy’s mother dead under a blanket on the bed when Sheridan put her. Her passing was so sad. She didn’t even know Sheridan but still trusted her with the care of her son. Sheridan promised to take care of the child for her. It was only then that the woman let go and died, trusting that her son will be taken care of. Sheridan wonders what she will do now. She picks up the child now and puts on a bright face for him. He is being very brave after having seen his mommy die. He trusts Sheridan though, and clearly likes her. “We will be alright. We will be fine sweetie,” Sheridan promises the child. He doesn’t cry, he doesn’t do anything but cling to her. Sheridan moves a few steps from where she is standing with the child. BANG! At that moment, a sharp piece of wood slams to the ground where Sheridan and Mark were just standing. Sheridan screams as the movement of the wood and the noise startle her. They would have been seriously hurt or even killed had Sheridan not moved away just now. The creaking of the house continues eerily. Sheridan has to get out of there and she has to save this little boy as she promised his mother. She clutches Mark closer to her bosom. She will do everything that she can to protect him. She can’t lose another child. It is very dangerous anywhere that they stand. She looks up to the ceiling wondering what will come down next and where it will fall. She has to figure something out to save them. She has to figure out something and fast.

Kay laughs at the thought of she and Fox being thought of as married. Fox says that her kissing him must have brought the idea of marriage to the woman’s mind. He could tell that she was really into it. Kay says that he was the one that was doing the kissing, not her. Fox remembers it differently. Kay finally admits that she was excited seeing Fox save that child earlier when he dived into the water with Sam. She liked what he did. It was really selfless and courageous. Fox says that he accepts her apology for lying about kissing him first. She wasn’t apologizing she says. She finds him frustrating and childish. He knows that she enjoyed that kiss. He could tell. She denies that she enjoyed it and says that he was the one that liked it. “I have kissed a lot of guys and none of them enjoyed it as much as you did Fox.” The argue back and forth, and get closer and closer as the argument escalates, and in a minute they are kissing again and both are enjoying it.

Katherine really didn’t mean to hurt Pilar by coming there to her house today. “I didn’t even know where I was. The whole town was covered in water. I couldn’t find my north from my south out there.” She can see that she has really angered the woman and that wasn’t her intention. “I was trying to find Sheridan and a big wave swept me away and I floated here on a coffin that just happened to be nearby. It floated by and I grabbed it and held on for dear life,” Katherine explains. Pilar looks down at the coffin in her living room and wonders if there is someone in the box. How horrible would that be? Martin tells her that they will worry about what is in the coffin later. They have to all dry off. Katherine knows that she is not welcomed there. At least not by Pilar. Katherine wants to leave now and find Sheridan like she originally planned. She will tough it out with the storm. “Maybe the water has receded by now.” She heads to the door. Pilar stops Katherine from leaving. “You can’t go out there. Stay. It is too dangerous.” Katherine turns to her surprised at her big heart.

Ethan has Theresa’s head on his lap as he sits waiting for help to come. He knows that son enough, someone will be by for them. Theresa is unconscious now and Ethan has no idea how badly she is hurt. He talks to her anyway. “I know that you are a fighter and you are strong. That is why I love you. You hear me? You stay with me and you stay strong. Don’t you leave me.” He rubs her head.

The house is slowly falling apart around Sheridan. Sheridan cowers covering Mark with her body as considerable parts of the ceiling falls nearby also threatening to do them harm. Sheridan holds Mark telling him that it is okay and that he shouldn’t worry. She puts the child down on the bed where his mother lies under the blanket dead.

Sheridan makes her way over to the window and looks out to see how it is out there. The streets are still flooded. She could wade in it, but what if the Tsunami returned for a third time? What then? She has to figure a way out of there. “What am I going to do? I have to get us out of here. It isn’t safe. What am I going to do?”

Chad and Whitney are getting increasingly passionate with their kissing. They have the idea that the world is ending and making love one last time will not matter. Yes, they are brother and sister, but who cares about that? The baby is sleeping and safe, and his parents are expressing their love for one another just one more time.

Liz sits over Julian’s body pleased with herself and how things have worked out. She knows that this is going to kill Eve when she finds out. She wants Julian dead as that will kill her sister and make her very unhappy. Eve can forget about living in happiness with this man. “Ain’t gonna happen.” Liz smiles a crazy smile at the way things are going to work out in her favor. Julian lies with his eyes closed now that Liz has attacked him with an ice pick by stabbing him in the back. The ice pick sits upright as it protrudes out of Julian’s back. Liz loves this. “This is perfect justice, better than I could have planned myself Julian. I have waited years for justice and I am not going to miss a single moment of it. I am going to sit right here and watch you die.”

TC wants to know that Eve still has feelings for him. They are in the car still and TC really pressures her to give him an answer to his question. He wants her back. She can’t understand this push in a completely different direction from wanting to have nothing to do with her. He was the one that wanted the divorce. He was angry back then. “Honey, you know how I am. I get angry and then later I think things over and make a better decision” He did want the divorce, but now he is thinking clearly and has a change of heart about this. “I need to know if we could be together again Eve. Tell me that we have get back what we once had. Don’t marry Julian. We belong together.” Eve is feeling very confused here. She doesn’t like all the pressure that she is feeling from TC. This is all new to her. Eve’s cell phone rings. She smiles. She can’t believe that it works after being in all that water for so much time. TC tells her not to answer it. How can he say that? “TC I am a doctor. I have to answer the phone. Besides, it may be Whitney calling.” She can see nothing on her Display.

Eve answers the phone but no one responds and then the line goes dead. “Hello? Hello?” Eve says, but nothing is said back to her. She hangs up. Someone is trying to reach her. Something must be up. Eve says that they can’t drive this car but they can walk. She opens her door. “Please let’s go.

Sheridan removes the blanket from Maureen’s face to talk to her just one more time. She tells her that she is so sorry that this happened. She tells the corpse that she will take good care of her son and that there is no need to worry about that. Sheridan is sorry that she has to leave her new friend this way, but there is no other option. She covers the woman’s dead face again with the blanket. That is all the dignity that Sheridan can afford her at the moment. It is time to get going and chance it out in the streets, with the hope that there will be no more waves to fight with. Sheridan picks up Mark and walks out the door with one last look at the small frame on the bed beneath the green ratty blanket.

Katherine asks Pilar if she is sure that it will be okay for her to stay in the house. Pilar has opened her heart to the person that she hates the most. Katherine appreciates that. She would have gone on in the carnage outside, but knows that waiting at this point is the best option. The last thing that she wants to do is cause trouble for the woman’s marriage. She was Martin’s mistress and that has to disturb Pilar greatly to have to be around the woman now, although the affair is over now. They both know that Martin still has a soft spot for the woman. Pilar can’t help feeling jealous at times. Pilar knows that God would want her to help Katherine in this time of need. She is a Christian woman above all else and she will do what is right. Pilar will get Katherine some clothes. Katherine is very grateful. Martin is grateful too. Pilar hopes that she is not being a fool here.

Fox and Kay are getting too involved in kissing. They can’t stop. They want to be together. Really together. It doesn’t matter that they are not in a traditional place, or that they haven’t had a date. He asks her if she wants to stop this. She admits that she doesn’t want to stop. They start kissing some more.

Chad and Whitney have made love and are now naked under a blanket on the couch. She has missed him so much. More than he could ever know.

TC and Eve have made it back to the Blue Note. Eve and he move the rubble so that they can get through. They get to the room where Julian is. Eve runs to him. She sees the weapon in his back. Eve demands that TC get towels so that she can remove the ice pick. TC runs off. Julian was the one that called Eve but he couldn’t talk. She sees the cell phone beside him in his hand. She tells him that she received his call. “It is going to be okay. It is going to be okay. Who did this to you?” Eve asks. Julian can’t answer her. TC returns finding Eve crying over her fiancée. He has mixed feelings about what he is seeing.

Ethan cries over Theresa’s body as she lays there. “I will miss you Theresa and your wonderfully stubborn face. We are supposed to watch our little girl grow up. She is supposed to go to college and grow up. She needs her mother for these things. I need you too and that is why you have to stay with me. Don’t you leave me. Don’t you leave us.” A horn can be heard.

Ethan sees two military men in fatigues in a raft. They shout to Ethan that they will be coming to get him. Ethan tells Theresa’s sleeping body that they are going to be safe. “Help is coming Theresa.”

Katherine and Pilar are alone in the living room now. Katherine tries to take off her jacket but her body is sore and she can’t move her arm very well. Pilar asks what happened. Pilar tells how she bumped into some trees. Pilar sees bruises on the woman’s arm. “Someone has beaten you. I was there all those years ago. Alistair used to beat you then.” Katherine admits that Alistair was the one that hurt her. Soon Pilar drags out of her that Alistair raped her. Katherine starts crying. Pilar gives the woman her shoulder as she cries.

Sheridan gets Mark out of the house and into the street. She promises to find the child someplace dry. There is screaming from people nearby but Sheridan can’t see them. Sheridan hears the noises getting increasingly curious. “What is happening?” she wonders. She stands with Mark in her arms turning in the direction of the screams. In less than a second, she is mowed down while holding Mark by gallons of water that immediately floods the street. Mark has been swept from Sheridan’s arms. She calls out for him. She can’t see him anywhere. The water is going down now.

A man arrives with Mark in his arms. he tells her that the water is going down but he heard that things are better in the east. he gives her directions but cautions Sheridan about traveling. Things are perilous.

The soldiers come to get Theresa. One of the men climbs up into the tree to assess Theresa’s situation. The other soldier calls out about how it is up there. Things are not that bad. They will get Theresa to a hospital and Ethan too. Ethan says that he will be just fine. He only wants to make sure that Theresa gets medical help. he gives his name to the soldier. Theresa wakes and calls for Ethan. He is right there. He tells her that the rescue team is there and she will be in a hospital soon. Theresa begs Ethan to go with her.

TC and Eve struggle to get the ice pick out of Julian’s back. Julian grimaces as the weapon moves backward out of his back. They hear a noise. IT is more like a scuffling sound. TC says that something is in that closet. He rushes over to the closet and opens the door. He sees Liz. “She doesn’t look alright,” TC says.

Eve calls out to her sister. “Did you stab Julian?” Liz continues to sit in the closet. “Yes,” she answers. “I stabbed Julian.”

Katherine and Pilar discuss Sheridan’s plight. Katherine tells that she has to keep living with Alistair or he will tell Sheridan the truth about killing her aunt. That is the real reason why she has returned to the mansion. “I have to stay and take the abuse. I tell myself that Alistair can’t rape my soul or have my heart. He can never touch me. That gives me strength. I must survive this for Sheridan’s sake. If it were your daughter that was threatened, I know that you would do the same.” Pilar has wanted this woman to suffer for ruining her marriage but she never wanted this. Pilar says that they have to tell Martin, but Katherine says no. “If you tell Martin that Alistair has been hurting me, that will cause problems in your marriage. We can’t have that. Martin is a protector and he will try to protect me. You know that, and so Martin can’t be told about this…”

“Martin can’t be told about what?” asks Martin from the doorway. He has returned to the room quietly and wonders what the ladies have been talking about . He has only caught the tale end of the conversation but he can tell that something has been kept from him and he demands to know what that is.

Fox and Kay have made love on the roof of the building where they have had their terrible ordeal. They are tender with each other now lying naked out in the open. He lies on her kissing her repeatedly.

Julian is helped to a sitting position. TC takes Liz out of the closet. She has blood on her hands. She says that Julian attacked her. “He came after me and I had to stop him. He said that he wanted to have sex with me and he attacked me. He said that he wanted me, and he wouldn’t listen to me. I couldn’t do anything. I had to stop him.” Julian says no. “That is not true.” TC believes Liz. “Why would she lie? I could rip his head off.”

Katherine lies to Martin saying that they were talking about Sheridan finding out about killing her aunt. Martin accepts that explanation.

The door opens. Sheridan enters the house with a little boy. Katherine, Pilar and Martin all run to Sheridan. She tells how the little boy with her lost his mother in the storm. Sheridan had to come there. Pilar is so happy that Sheridan found her way to their house. Katherine hugs her daughter. “You are going to be safe now.”

Two rescue men arrives, one looking like President Clinton. They call out for anyone that might be there. Fox and Kay hear the men calling for people and she and Fox get their clothes on very quickly.

The rescue men come around the corner and finds Fox and Kay dressed and pretending to be doing nothing. The men just warn Fox and Kay to be careful. “There might be another wave.”

Chad and Whitney are sitting up naked now on the couch. She is under a blanket. They share a glass of wine. Whitney looks as if she is about to puke. Chad asks her what is wrong. She turns from him. He tells her that they are soul mates and that he never wants to lose her. Whitney suddenly sees that they have done something wrong. “What we did her is evil and we are going to go to hell for it.”

TC moves to Julian in a threatening manner. “He tried to rape Liz.” Eve says that her sister is lying. Liz knows that her sister wouldn’t believe anything that she says anyway. She feels that Eve wants her dead. Liz wants her sister and Julian to go to jail. Eve isn’t stupid. If Julian had really tried to rape her, then he would have been stabbed in the front and not the back. “Isn’t that right Liz?”

Ethan and Theresa are alone now. The soldiers shout out that they have to get going now. Theresa begs Ethan to promise that he will be with her at the hospital. He can’t do that. A soldier climbs up to Ethan and Theresa. He is ready to transport Theresa to the hospital. Ethan decides to stay with Theresa. She loves that. “I need you.” It is time to go. Ethan and the soldier start lifting Theresa to get her moving.

Katherine is so happy to see Sheridan and the little boy. Sheridan tells that the boy’s name is Mark. Pilar will get Mark some of Little Ethan’s clothes. Little Ethan is sleeping now but Pilar will get some of his things. She walks off with the boy. Katherine says that she ended up at the Lopez-Fitzgerald’s floating on a coffin. Katherine points to it at the other end of the room. Sheridan wonders whose coffin that is and who is inside. On the side of the coffin, there is a nameplate. The name on the plate is ‘Rachel’

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