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By Glynis
Pictures by Amanda

Ethan and Theresa are safe now that the water has receded. They are lying in Ethan’s old tree house. They were stuck in a tree, but then it fell. He laughs. Theresa had no idea that he even had a tree house. No one knew that the tree house was there. Alistair used to go up there and spy on everyone. Theresa is glad that they are there now. They might have died instead had they been elsewhere.

Ethan sees another wave coming in from far off. “It has hit the beach, but this time it looks like it is heading in a different direction from where we are.” Theresa doesn’t answer him and he turns to see why.

Ethan goes to her where she is laying, and sees that she is unconscious. He panics. He tries to wake her.

Chad and Whitney see that they are lucky to be in a sturdy apartment building. All of Chad’s things are intact and safe. Whitney is dressed in one of Chad’s shirts now. She has taken off her black gown that she was singing in over at the Blue Note. Whitney is glad that her sister isn’t around to see this. “AT least she will be safe.” Whitney worries for her parents. She knows that they were on their way over there and hopes that they still make it. At least Miles is resting and not crying anymore. Chad tells Whitney that Miles is only comfortable because his mother is around. Chad finds that this is the time to approach a subject that he has been avoiding. He tells Whitney that she needs to be a part of her baby's life. He can see that she wants that. “That is what you want. I have been watching you throughout the storm, and you did everything in your power to protect that child. Why won’t you be with him?”

The water level is really high in Maureen’s house now that the second wave has hit. It was waist-high before the second wave hit, and now it is up to Sheridan’s neck. Sheridan holds Mark and makes her way to Maureen to make sure that she is going to be okay. Maureen is definitely hurt. She is conscious but sick for some reason that Sheridan can’t see. The evening has been too much for her. She has a cut on her head and she is very weak.

Sam and Ivy are with Fox and Kay on the roof of a building. Sam is careful to secure the children and their coaches in the building which seems to be quite sturdy. Sam, Ivy, Fox and Kay are outside on the roof when the wave hits the building. They are all soaked.

Jessica is really floundering out in the water now. She is out of her element for sure this time. She has nothing to hold on to here. She is sure that she will die this time for sure. She cries out and struggles to keep her head above water. She is swimming and screaming for help although there doesn’t seem to be anyone around to help.

Suddenly a hand comes down and reaches for her. Jessica stops screaming for a moment. She looks up. She has a brief moment of surprise at who she sees before her. “You!”

Pilar has just asked Martin if he was thinking about Katherine and worrying for her. He says no. She seems relieved. She has told him that she never wanted to hear that woman’s name or see her ever again. She also warned Katherine to stay away from Martin so that they could rebuild their marriage. Martin agreed to do this but has been having trouble getting Katherine off his mind. He worries about her up at the mansion with Alistair. Pilar knows that he has feelings for her, and she wants that to stop.

Pilar goes and tends to Little Ethan who is nearby and calls to her. She accepts Martin’s answer to her question. She will believe that he hasn’t been worrying over Katherine if he tells her that is the truth. She is happy to see that Martin is making an attempt at putting her first instead of Katherine all the time. She wants her marriage to work.

Martin is sorry that he just lied to his wife about Katherine. He hopes to himself that Katherine is fine wherever she is. He was thinking about her and whether she is safe out in the storm or not but he wasn’t about to tell Pilar that. She has a real sore spot where Katherine is concerned. She hates the woman for being the apple of Martin’s eye. Martin is careful to give all of his attention to Pilar now as he promised he would. He is doing this not only because Katherine has asked him to, but also because it protects Sheridan and that is something that he, Pilar and Katherine want. They want Sheridan to be safe from the truth about her aunt. Knowing that she killed the woman could drive her crazy and send her to jail even after all these years. So Martin will do this for Katherine who is risking everything by going back to Alistair.

Tabitha and Endora are at home wondering how Edna is doing out in the storm. They watched her for a moment from inside the window. She was having a terrible time. She was warned to stay in the house but she didn’t listen. She said something about being tired of living with evil and refusing to do it anymore. Now she swims around like a goldfish outside the house.

Tabitha whips up the giant screen on the wall to see how Edna is doing in her new environment. She is still in a bad state of affairs. Tabitha laughs at the scene on the wall. She sees Edna in water, with her head above the surface. She treads water and shakes her head. There is a slight current out there that threatens to drag her away. She fights it and shouts out for help.

Tabitha and Endora wonder if Edna is ready to come back to the safety of their house yet. They look and listen to her for a bit and then decide that she isn’t ready. Tabitha laughs at Edna. She is out there when she didn’t have to be. She picked a fine time to get high and mighty about living with evil. Tabitha thinks that it will be a good lesson for Edna to go out and experience the natural disaster.

TC and Eve are trying to escape the storm. They discuss whether they should get into the car for cover or not, and as they talk, water comes flooding into the area over TC and Eve, and the car. They run into a covered parking area and they find a car there. They jump into the driving and passenger seats, hoping that they will be safe from the water.

Julian and Liz are still in the Blue Note locked in a room as the water rises again. It went down quite a bit, but then the tide hit again after receding. Now they are in the same predicament that they were in at the start of all this. The water is rising to the ceiling again, with Julian and Liz trying to stay above it where the air is. It threatens to kill them and Julian and Liz have to face the fact that they could be dead very soon.

Katherine is on the coffin that she found floating by her in the street earlier. Although it was morbid to do so, she climbed on top of the coffin seeing that it floats and provided some type of safety. She has lost all control now of the box. It moves quickly and freely on its own. She hangs on for dear life, screaming as she flies along at a pretty good clip. She was fine with it at first, but now she sees that she could be in real danger. She can’t control the speed or where it takes her.

Chad goes over the things that Whitney did during the storm to save her child when she thought that he might be killed. The fact that she had shown up in the middle of an earthquake speaks of the love that Whitney must have for her child although she may deny having it. Whitney doesn’t are about Chad’s observations. “I have to keep Miles out of my heart and I will.”

Julian and Liz are in the room with the waters rising. Liz wants him to kiss her in spite of the danger. She has one thing in mind and she wants it now, even if she is going to die. She talks about the love that they made once. She can prove that they did it once.

Eve is in a car with TC with the doors and windows closed. The water is rising around the car and they worry about whether they are making a good decision or not by staying in the car. They are not sure what to do but they are together and that is what is most important. Eve seems like she wants to cry. TC comforts her being strong for the both of them.

Simone is the one trying to get Jessica out of the water. Everyone thought that she was out of town, but she has returned somehow and she is ready to help her friend any way that she can. She pulls on her friend’s hand but she can’t get Jessica out of the water for some reason. Something is wrong. Jessica pulls herself upwards but nothing happens.

Ethan can’t figure out what is wrong with Theresa. One minute she is fine and the next she isn’t talking and unconscious. Ethan is suddenly very concerned for her safety and health. He has no idea how to help her and he can’t even call for help. Ethan tries to revive her and when he pulls his hand back from her leg, he sees that there is blood on his hand. “Oh Theresa!”

Katherine is floating on the coffin still riding through town hanging on for dear life. She straddles the coffin like a jockey would ride ‘Sea Biscuit’ when he was in his glory. The box is out of control and floating madly on its own. Katherine screams for help but sees no one around that can help her with her problem. She is on a runaway casket with no idea how to stop it or where she will end up.

Martin happens to be looking out the window at the storm, where he sees something that he can’t take his eyes off of. He doesn’t recognize the woman on the coffin, but he knows that whoever it is, she needs help. If there ever was a lady in distress, this is it. That coffin could take her anywhere or crash leaving her stranded in this dreadful sea.

Martin calls Pilar over to the window to look at what he is looking at. He points out the window to show Pilar what he is seeing. They both see the woman on the coffin struggling to stay on top of it. Pilar is horrified. That poor woman is in very bad danger our there. They can even hear her screams. She needs help, but no one is around to give her that. What will become of her?

Martin can’t let this happen. That woman needs help. Pilar watches as Martin puts on his shoes and coat and prepares to go out into the storm. Pilar is horrified that he would leave the house as he plans to, but she can understand his need to assist this woman who is clearly going to come to a bad end if she doesn’t get help soon. She ignores her better judgement and lets Martin leave the house.

Pilar prays for the woman’s safety as soon as Martin’s feet leave the house. She prays that her husband will be safe in the storm that he will have to face tonight. She also prays for Teresita who is also outside somewhere in this horrible storm. She hopes that God will take care of her and protect her wherever she is. Things are looking bleak for the citizens of Harmony.

Katherine falls off the coffin while it is tearing along. It is wet and slick and Katherine had trouble holding on. She is in the water now, holding on to the handles of the coffin so she won’t get stranded out there. She has to get back on top of the casket but is tired and having trouble.

The water in the car is rising on TC and Eve. They are now up to their necks in the Tsunami water. There is no telling when or if the water will stop at any point, sparing their lives. If it gets any higher, they will be goners for sure. Eve is afraid of dying this way. She hopes that her children will be okay out there in the world. TC has the same thoughts that she does. They smile in spite of their peril.

Julian and Liz are almost in the position to drown. Julian can’t get what Liz told him off his mind. Julian demands that Liz tell him what the proof is that she and he slept together. Now that he is interested in what she has to say, she pulls back. Liz says that she will tell him what he wants to know later first she wants them to concentrate on getting out of there. Julian demands to know the truth now.

Chad and Whitney discuss what is going on with the storm. They don’t know what to make of it. They have never seen anything like that before in their lives. Chad thinks that this could be it for all of them. “What if this is the last night on earth for everyone? Would we be together Whitney? Would it matter that we were brother and sister in that case?”

Noah and Fancy are in a building that they have come across. They enter through the back way easily enough, but can’t see very well. They are finally out of water and safe for a while. It would be nice to just dry off and relax for a while. Fancy has hurt her toe with all that has happened to them that night. Noah looks around for a light so that they can see what is around them. Fancy thinks that he will not find light as the whole town seems to be out of electricity and everything is dark. Noah finds a bottle of wine, matches and a candle. Fancy smiles. That is the best news that she has heard in a long while. Noah lights the candle and they can see their surroundings. They are in Nancy’s shop! Fancy knows it well! She sells baskets with wine and cheese and caviar in it. What luck! There are all types of baskets around prepared for sale. Noah gets a bottle of wine so that they can have something to drink and relax.

Sam, Ivy, Kay and Fox have survived the wave hitting them a second time. This time they were better prepared due to the recognition of the sound before the wave hit the second time. They are now safely in the building with the soccer kids and their coaches. This is a good situation for them to wait out the storm. Sam will have to get out there soon though and help the townspeople get back on their feet. There are a lot of people out there that will need a lot of help.

A coach from the soccer team comes over to Sam and his group, saying that there is a kid missing from her soccer team. The coaches didn’t get a chance to do a head count earlier because of all the trouble with the storm, but now that it has stopped, counting heads has shown that someone it missing. Sam perks up immediately. They will have to find that child and save him or her.

“Help!” The adults leave the building and look out over the roof in the direction of the voice they all hear. The child is there but in the water, struggling to stay above the water and not get dragged under. Sam jumps in to save the kid and Fox follows suit.

Ethan tries to talk calmly as he looks for the cut on Theresa. He finds it. It is gushing blood. “Oh my God. She is going to die. Oh Theresa. Oh my God.”

Theresa wakes up and looks into Ethan’s eyes. “I am dying aren’t I?” Her eyes are closed as she speaks. Ethan tells her that she will live

Edna is out holding on to the side of the house. The water threatens to drag her away. Edna starts praying. “Oh Lord help me. Give me a sign. Give me a sign!”

Suddenly, the sign at the exit of the town floats over to Edna. She smiles but then she sees what is writing on that sign. “You are exiting Harmony. Goodbye” She frowns. Is the good lord trying to tell her something? No matter, she can float on this. She climbs aboard the big white sign and rides it like a surf board.

Jessica is still trying to get out of the water. Simone is trying to pull her out of the water but she can’t. Jessica tells Simone to give up. Simone will not do that.

Noah and Fancy sit around with most of their clothes off drinking wine and eating caviar. Fancy gets sad. “Everyone that we know could be dead and we are sitting around drinking and eating.” Noah knows that there isn’t anything more that they can do. Fancy sees that it is the end of the world when she looks out the window. They can’t leave until the water goes down. Fancy wishes that she knew where her family is. Noah does too. Noah worries that Jessica is in trouble out there somewhere. Fancy asks Noah is they are related. They are both related to Ethan, but the bloodline stops with him. Fancy says that she would hate to be like Chad and Whitney. She heard about them. Noah takes that as a sign that Fancy would like to be in a relationship with him.

Maureen is very ill. She coughs and looks weaker than she ever has. She makes Sheridan promise that if anything happens to her, she will take Mark and take care of him. Sheridan doesn’t understand the question. Maureen explains nothing more. “Promise me,” she orders of Sheridan.

Fox and Sam are in the water trying to save the little boy. They swim as fast as they can.

Kay and Ivy see that there is something like a heavy metal tank floating right towards the child. If it hits him, it will kill him. Sam sends Fox forward to get the tank, while he gets the kid.

Sam and Ivy shout a warning to Fox so that he will see what is happening and not be hurt.

It is too late. The tank hits him right in the head, and he is knocked out and underwater in a second.

Martin is in the water now, rushing to the coffin to save the woman that he has seen through the window.

When he gets to her, he sees that it is Katherine. She tells how she was looking for Sheridan. They hang on to the coffin and Martin is the first to climb aboard. He then helps Katherine atop the casket.

Fancy tells Noah that he is out of his mind. She denies that she would like to be hooked up with him. “Pour me more wine, would you?” Noah complies. Fancy likes how Noah really cares for his father. Noah wishes that he came from a perfect family, and that he was Mr. Super Duper. “I had this scholarship for a boarding school, and then college, but it was too expensive to come home and then things got strange. My mom left my dad for some guy that I never even heard of and I was afraid of the change. I was accepted at Grad School, and I let my family think that was what I was pursuing. My parents were writing that they were proud of me, so I let them think that I was still at school. The gambling started at the Frat house. I was playing with the boys and I was pretty good. I figured that this was how I could make the money that I need.” Fancy asks what he needs money for.

Ethan works on Theresa’s leg. She is weak. She lies on her back and talks as if she is going to die. Ethan will not listen to this. She stops talking. He is afraid that she is giving up and dying. He kisses her face. “Don’t you go!”

Liz demands that Julian make love to her. “I want to lord it over Eve. It will destroy her. I will rip you two apart if I have to die doing it.”

TC and Eve are still in the car with the water rising. TC tries to leave, but Eve tells him to stay. They are safe so far. They always take care of each other. TC tells Eve that he always loved her. Eve looks at her engagement ring. Eve remembers that Julian asked her to marry him, but what difference does it make now? Eve is sorry that she lied about her life all those years. “Whitney is suffering because of me. Look at Chad and what is going on with Miles. I never thought that I would be the one that would cause my daughter so much pain.”

Chad and Whitney discuss making love. She considers it. “What else could happen that hasn’t happened already?” She moves in to kiss him.

Fox is sinking fast. He is unconscious.

Sam has managed to get the child out of the way of the metal tank. He and the child are safe.

Ivy and Kay are looking out from the roof for Fox. They can’t see him anywhere. “Where can he be?” “I can’t see him anywhere.”

Underwater, Fox is sinking and he doesn’t move.

Ivy and Kay see Fox finally. He has awakened.

Sam and the kid swim over to Fox and they all swim back to the ladder together.

Fancy asks Noah what he needs money for. Noah says that he wants to live up to his family’s expectations. Noah asks Fancy about her family. Fancy barely knows her family. “My father is wrapped up in Eve and my mother thinks that I am messed up. I barely know Ethan anymore and that is all.” Noah feels sorry for her but she will not accept that. “I am living the American dream.”

Julian tries to get out of the building. The water is down now. Liz grabs Julian telling him that he will not go anywhere until he makes love to her.

TC explains that when he dumped Eve he was letting his anger get the best of him. Eve sees that this is the past and she will marry Julian now. TC begs her to come back to him. The water is down now.

Simone is still trying to get Jessica out of the water. She will not let go of Jessica.

Jessica’s foot is stuck under the water. A filing cabinet is sitting on it and it is holding Jessica in the water.

Jessica tells Simone that she can’t get out. Something is holding her.

Maureen begs Sheridan to say that she will take care of Mark. Sheridan agrees to do that.

It is then that Maureen’s face relaxes and she puts her head back in the water and just dies. Sheridan and Mark look at her.

Sam, Fox and the junior soccer player come back on the roof and are met by Kay and Ivy with hugs and kisses.

Jessica is trying her best to get out of the water. Suddenly she is free. Simone gets her out of the water. The water is so high, that they end up on a roof when Jessica is finally free.

Edna is surfing the waves on the exit sign. She is doing just fine. Her prayers were answered.

TC wants Eve to tell him that they belong together and that she will not marry Julian.

Liz demands that Julian make love to her or she will kill him. He can see that she is truly mad. He pushes her roughly away from him.

He turns to the door and keeps trying to get out.

Liz falls to the floor and sees an ice pick.

Chad and Whitney are kissing and soon the kissing gets increasingly passionate. She is on the couch now and he is on top of her.

Sheridan puts Maureen in her bed and covers her with a blanket. Mark is very sad that his mommy has died. The child is cold. Sheridan knows that. She promises the child that they will get out of there somehow. Sheridan looks outside.

She can’t go anywhere. Water is too high outside.

Sheridan has to save this little boy somehow.

Over at Pilar’s house, she happens to be looking out the window. She can’t believe her eyes.

She stands back and opens the door quickly. A coffin comes rushing into the house with Martin and Katherine on top.

When Pilar realizes who the woman is that has come into her house with her husband, she gets an angry look on her face.

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